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					                           SHARE PROJECT
           Parking Lot & FAQ’s – Human Capital Management

The following questions are a result of the agencies reviewing the transaction
universe documentation packet. To get a copy please click on the Agency
Readiness Team Tab – scroll down to universe of transactions – Human Capital.
There you will be able to print out the business process flows.

Q 53: Are non-classified orgs exempt form DFA Central Payroll approval process?
A 53: DFA will continue to approve items that require approval in the current system. (Posted

Q 52: In the Time & Labor matrix, box 10--Inform Employees as to workgroup to use--please
A 52: Example: If an employee’s FLSA status changes, you will want to inform him/her. (Posted

Q 51: In the Time & Labor matrix, box 5, Inform Employee of Changes, does this include shift and
days off schedules?
A 51: Employees will need to be informed of schedule changes – who does this within the agency
will vary. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 50: Request New Workgroup creation-DFA has approval on the work groups? What is
considered a work group and how far down in detail can agencies go. With DOH having 4000
employees this could get very detailed. We have a variety of ways now to determine work groups
that include account codes, payroll sort keys. If an agency does a re-organization, which we do
often, will DFA have to reset the agency work groups?
A 50: Workgroups are groupings of "like" employees for time processing. (FLSA, Non-FLSA,
Firefighters, etc.) Workgroups are used for time-reporting. All this and more will be covered in
our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 49: Request New Schedule Creation-need additional information as to the terminology and
what this means. Is this the same as creating a work schedule? Is this a payroll schedule? Is
DFA going to be responsible for setting up all work schedules with the many deviations?
A 49: The schedule: is the employee's work schedule--the number of hours that an employee is
scheduled to work and days off. This has been set up in PeopleSoft. All agencies were asked to
forward the types of schedules their employees work. The supervisor will select the employee's
schedule from a drop down list. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 48: Table Maintenance-Request and Enroll employees in new workgroups and schedules. Not
sure what this is--if this is really table maintenance then it would be DFA. Is this system
maintenance to be used by our current payroll function? Is this a high level function that needs to
be reviewed closely or a function that could be delegated to the division/bureau?
A 48: This is a high level function, the agency will determine if a new schedule or workgroup
needs to be added. They will forward the request to DFA. Once it has been added the agency will
be able to select the schedule or workgroup from their established drop-down list. (Posted

Q 47: There is only one level of approval of time identified by the Managers/Timekeepers. Can
additional levels be created? Need this for a check and balance system. (This has previously
been identified as an issue.)
A 47: PeopleSoft delivers one level of time- approval. An agency may want to establish a
business process to capture any needed additional levels of approval. (Posted 02/27/06)
Q 46: What’s the difference between Agency HR/Payroll and Manager/Timekeeper?
A 46: HR/Payroll = the person responsible for forwarding the time to Payroll.
Manager/Timekeeper= the person approving the employee’s reported time. In some cases it may
be the same person. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 45: Is there an Agency HR/Payroll process to verify time submitted?
A45: There is an approval process. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 44: Non-classified org needs flexibility to accommodate frequent schedule changes. Will
PeopleSoft provide this?
A 44: Schedule changes are done at the employee level and can be done by the manager.
(Posted 02/27/06)

Q 43: HSD/GMB requires access to run queries for time entered by the above group of
employees on both a monthly and quarterly basis; and to run queries for T&L for specific Bureaus
within HSD on both a monthly or quarterly basis.
A 43: Queries are possible in PeopleSoft. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 42: HSD/GMB requires that Family Assistance Analysts enter from a selection of
projects/grants or general administrative four randomly selected times per month. Will we be able
to do this?
A 42: Have met with Donna Sandoval at HSD and discussed their needs. PeopleSoft will not
replace their Random Moment Sampling (RMS) Process. However, the costs allocation can be
determined from their RMS and updated as needed for this group of employees. Other
employees can report time and cost allocation on the timesheet. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 41: In the Time & Labor matrix, does box number 6 mean "Entering missing timesheets"?
A 41: Employees will be set up as exceptions time reporters, which means that they only need to
enter time when there is an exception to their scheduled work day. The system automatically
creates time for employees based on their work schedule. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 40: Collect time sheets, time cards--will there be standardized forms for everyone to use or will
it be whatever the agency is currently using?
A 40: Most employees will use the on-line time-reporting system. If an agency needs an
employee to report his time on a "paper form" the agency will have to develop the form or they
can use the same forms that are currently being used. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 39: Our agency will have both exception and positive time reporting, can the system handle two
pay systems within one agency? How about our current KRONOS time keeping system, how will
this feed SHARE?
A 39: Yes. SHARE has worked with your agency to be sure we capture the KRONOS time.
(Posted 02/27/06)

Q 38: Enroll in Compensatory Time Plans-what is the process and what are the choices? Will
each agency have separate parameters for comp time balances and maximum hours allowed?
How will the system be coded for an employee who is terminating, will they be paid for the comp
time? Some agencies pay comp time-others treat it as sick leave and clear out the balances.
A 38: The PeopleSoft system has been set up with maximum flexibility in mind. More on this in
our training sessions. There are different plans depending on branch of government. (Posted

Q 37: Assign schedules--Not sure what this terminology is referencing? Our agency has several
different work schedules. Is this the same as entering a work schedule in ATSS?
A 37: The schedule is the employee's work schedule--the number of hours that an employee is
scheduled to work and days off. This will be set up in PeopleSoft from information received
directly from the agencies. All agencies were asked to forward the types of schedules their
employees work. The supervisor will choose the employee's work schedule from a drop-down
list. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 36: Time Processing-Approve Time Is this at the supervisor level or at the global agency level
approving time for the agency? How many sign off levels will there be?
A 36: This is at the global agency level, depending on the agency size, one person may review
and process approved time! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 35: Time Processing-Review Time entered by employees. Is this at the supervisor level or at
the global agency level reviewing time for the agency?
A 35: This is at the supervisor level, depending on the agency size, one person may review and
process approved time! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 34: Who will identify workgroups? Will the SHARE team meet with agencies on this process?
Can workgroups be set up by org or division? 83 hour rule also applies to classified
commissioned officers; need to ensure this is accommodated in PeopleSoft.
A 34: The SHARE team will work with agencies to identify needs and establish workgroups.
(Posted 02/27/06)

Q 33: Will DFA and SPO approval have a given number of days to approve transactions, if not
are they approved by default? If DFA does not approve in the allowable time does it
automatically go to SPO, if SPO does not approve in the allowable time does a position still get
created? What are the time frames for SPO and DFA approval?
A 33: Actions requiring DFA or SPO approval will still require approval in PeopleSoft. The system
will be set up to give both DFA and SPO adequate time for approvals. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 32: Will positions have end dates in SHARE?
A 32: This will be covered in training. There will be flexibility to post those positions with high
turnover without end dates. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 31: Will SPO approve and GSD approve table updates?
A 31: This is referring to additional fields to be used in the screening of applicants. SPO will
review, approve and enter information into PeopleSoft. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q30: We only advertise in the newspaper, we don't use the SPO system, why do we show up on
the “Recruit Workforce – Non-Classified” page?
A30: There are a number of good reasons for orgs that do not require SPO approval to utilize the
SHARE recruitment module:
1. Advertising on the SHARE website provides an additional free form of advertisement.
2. Applicants that are directed to the SHARE recruitment site will enter their data which can be
transferred directly to HR (reduces data entry).
3. Enables the agency to add agency level screening questions to rank their own list.
4. Reduces the paper. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 29: The recruitment matrix refers to the “Agency applies rating criteria”--Need clarification of
process and what this means.
A 29: This will be covered in training. It is referring to an option that is selected in PeopleSoft--not
a big deal. The system does all the work! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 28: NMDOT has a RapidHire Program. This currently does not require SPO approval. Do we
need a separate flow chart for this?
A 28: No, the RapidHire Program is covered by the flow chart that does not require SPO
approval. (Posted 02/27/06)
Q 27: How will programmatic exceptions be handled for recruitment?
A 27: SPO may require a confirmation of exception approval, before go-live; then the agency will
use the Direct Hire Template. Exception approval is still granted by SPO and can be noted on the
recruitment template. This should mirror Line Authority. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 26: I don’t see Education & Experience listed on the recruitment transaction matrix, will they be
screened for in recruitment process?
A 26: Education and experience will be screened against the agencies Job Posting. (Posted

Q 25: Need to ensure that Duty Injury leave of 180 days, Special incentives, Agent Pay, Specialty
Team Pay and Educational Pay is included for the State Police.
A 25: These items are set up as additional pays in PeopleSoft. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 24: Will there be a crosswalk of current payroll earnings codes and deduction codes and new
codes in the SHARE system. Will we utilize the same codes?
A 24: This is a training issue, there will be differences. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 23: Request new Earnings Code/New Deduction Code may also need SPO and GSD approval.
Who is responsible for table maintenance?
A 23: DFA (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 22: Payroll processing-Issue Final Check Isn't this automatic when the termination is entered?
Does this need to be requested? How is this different than request for manuals through DFA?
What would you do if the system showed incorrect data that needed updating before final check
is issued? Is there an allowance for corrections? Who is the final check issued to? Directly to
the employee via regular payroll warrant or direct deposit or to the agency?
A 22: All this and more will be covered in our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 21: Why would Additional pay requests require SPO approval? What is considered in
additional pay? Terminology needs to be clarified.
A 21: The flow chart allows for a yes or no answer. If an agency is required to get approval for an
additional pay it goes one direction, if not, it goes the other. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 20: What parameters will be set to define which actions will require SPO approval. This
process is unclear. What will the non-classified process be?
A 20: Any actions that currently require SPO approval will STILL need it after implementation,
unless SPO tells you otherwise. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 19: What is additional pay and does SPO need to approve it?
A 19: Any actions that currently require SPO approval will STILL need it after implementation,
unless SPO tells you otherwise. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 18: Request for Additional Pay--Will this be a new process? Not all requests need SPO
approval; some need DFA Budget if greater than 3 months prior. Will there be a list and edits
against what requires SPO approval?
A 18: Agencies can set up a one time deduction and allow the payroll process to take care of the
issue. However, if this involves an adjustment to the employee balance then DFA will need to
make the adjustment. Please attend training for additional information. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 17: Will all one-time adjustments be processed by DFA and not by the agencies? What will be
the criteria for processing and requesting one-time adjustments?
A 17: If this is truly a one time deduction then the resolution can be handled by adding the
deduction to the pay sheet and central payroll will process. (Posted 02/27/06)
Q 16: Receive request for Address/Name change on a check due to death of an employee--is this
only for payroll warrants? It would not be needed for direct deposit
A 16: In PeopleSoft you will have the ability to change the name or address on a check or advice
in the event of an employee death. The change will also affect the direct deposit advice this way
the recipient of the direct deposit will receive the advice copy. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 15: How does the final check fit in this process?
A 15: N/A This process is still under review (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 14: Right now SPO does not approve additional pays, under our definition of additional pays,
which is retro-pays or back payment of monies due.
A 14: True. There is no intention for SPO to approve them in the future. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 13: According to SPB rule, agency directors can authorize the transfer of Annual Leave, where
will this be entered into the system?
A 13: This will be entered through our Time Management System (PeopleSoft Time and Labor).
(Posted 02/27/06)

Q 12: Why do leave donations have to be approved by GSD/RMD and entered by DFA?
A 12: This was an error on the original document. Flow chart has been updated – thanks for the
input. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 11: The Benefits – Leave Accrual Management chart does not show leave accrual
A 11: Leave Adjustments will be done through Payroll and then Base Benefits will accrue those
adjustments. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 10: Agencies currently manage all leave accrual management. This must continue to properly
prepare the dollar amount of accrued annual leave for a statement of liability on the financial
balance sheet. This process is not accurate.
A 10: Per Mike Vaisa, DFA Payroll, the Judicial Branch will continue to have the ability to manage
leave systemically or through a manual process. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 09: Will GSD/RMD have the sole authority for correcting leave balances? There are times
when balances need to be corrected due to documentation of additional years of (state)
experience that was not submitted upon an employee hire. When documentation is submitted the
employee is eligible for a higher accrual rate for annual leave. This happens quite frequently.
A 09: All this and more will be covered in our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 08: When GSD audits enrollments-what is GSD/RMD auditing for and against? It seems that
GSD could audit against valid dates but what else would they audit for and how would they
correct mistakes if identified?
A 08: All this and more will be covered in our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 07: Can you explain the “Election Confirmation Statement”--where is this printed and who is it
sent to? Will this be an automatic process that a paper statement is printed and delivered to each
agency or will the agency have to run a report to view the confirmation?
A 07: All this and more will be covered in our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 06: Can you explain the “Eligible Benefit Form” for employees?. Is this based on each new
employee? Would this be entered by the staff entering new hires? Will this have the capability to
print to a remote area such as Tularosa NM? Would each employee have a separate benefit
form for switch enrollment? Would the standard forms be obsolete?
A 06: All this and more will be covered in our training sessions! (Posted 02/27/06)
Q 05: Is there a way to override the benefits automatically being terminated? This will not be
necessary if we are able to add another code to the termination codes that would indicate a
transfer of a temporary employee and the insurance should remain active.
A 05: The employee will be transferred into another position instead of terminated. (Posted

Q 04: Employees will NOT lose benefits due to a demotion "eg". Please correct this.
A 04: Changed by Team Management – Thanks for the input. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 03: What about employees working/reporting less than 27 hours?
A 03: The 27 Hour rule is going away! More about this in our training sessions. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 02: What does manage leave accrual mean?
A 02: Manage Leave Accrual is the process of accruing leave, entering exception time such as
sick, vacation, donated sick and donated vacation. (Posted 02/27/06)

Q 01: Will the Judicial Branch continue to manage their employees own leave accrual?
A 01: Per Mike Vaisa DFA Payroll, the Judicial Branch will continue to have the ability to manage
leave systemically or through a manual process. (Posted 02/27/06)