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									  |Clothing Sponsorship|

10th Annual Commerce & Administration
   Students Charity Organization
                   Commerce & Administration Students
                   Charity Organization
                                                                                   Charity Number: 11892-1543-RR0001
                                                                         Registered Charity Business Number: 1362 9052

Friday, May 07, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the Commerce & Administration Students Charity Organization (CASCO) at the Desautels Faculty
of Management at McGill University, I would like to invite you to participate in this year’s “CASCO: Primetime”
Charity Fashion Show to be held on November 13, 2008. I ask that you support our goal of raising $30 000 for the
Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation by kindly lending your company’s clothing line to be featured in one of
the Fashion Show scenes. In turn, we will showcase your company’s clothing on a diverse group of models,
which will allow your company the opportunity to attract new customers through exposure at an event which
attracts a wide array of guests.

Over the past ten years, the fashion show and silent auction have repeatedly been named the Best Event of the
Year by the Students Society at McGill University (SSMU) and the Management Undergraduate Society (MUS).
The event attracts over 800 students, faculty, and members of the Montreal business community annually;
however, in order for CASCO to continue its success, the event requires the support of philanthropic members of
the business community such as yourself.

Your involvement will not only help to promote a great cause, but will also provide you and your business with a
great opportunity to increase recognition of your company amongst students of one of the best universities in the
world. Through the various streams of media coverage at McGill University, you will also benefit from its
association with the Montreal Children’s Hospital, affluent members of the Montreal business community, and

I ask that you review the package we have prepared to further educate yourself on our organization. Please do not
hesitate to contact myself or anyone else on our team if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Your
support will allow CASCO to maintain its reputation as one of the most talked about events of the year. I will
personally be following up with you within the next few business days to discuss this opportunity further. Thank
you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you.


Amelia Delva                    Vanessa Leung                    Emma Julian                       Man Li Que
VP Clothing                     VP Clothing                      Clothing Coordinator              Clothing Coordinator
(514) 502-9099                  (514) 402-4816                   (514) 475-3727                    (514) 885-6878
amelia.delva@mail.mcgill.ca     vanessa.leung@mail.mcgill.ca     emma.julian@mail.mcgill.ca        man.que@mail.mcgill.ca

                                        Fax: 514-398-8362 attn: CASCO

The Commerce & Administration Students Charity Organization (CASCO) was founded in 1998, by
two University of Ottawa students with a vision. They wanted to create an annual charity event that
would raise money for the local children’s hospital. It was to be run by business students who could
apply their knowledge and experience to create a successful and award-winning charity organization.

Seven years ago, the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University opened its own CASCO
chapter. The fashion show and silent auction has expanded each year and has raised increasingly more
money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the hard work of volunteer committee
members each year, the CASCO fashion show and silent auction has grown into the most popular event
of the year at McGill University.

Each year in November, the efforts of all the CASCO committee members culminate in the much
anticipated CASCO fashion show and silent auction. This exciting event attracts over 800 students,
faculty, business leaders, and other members of the Montreal community to attend the amazing dance
and fashion show with costumes and clothes provided by Canadian businesses and choreographed by
talented student volunteers. The event also features a silent auction with items donated by businesses
across the country including the Montreal Canadiens, Alcan, The Princeton Review, MAC Cosmetics,
Roots, Mentos, Unilever, Kellog’s and many more!


“To be a positive and inspiring example to fellow students, to businesses, and to the community by
being socially responsible through community involvement”.


The people who attend the CASCO fashion show are generally between the ages of 18-45. They include
McGill students, professors, parents, community, sponsors, and media. It is important to point out that
many of the guests at the event include leaders of the community with higher than average incomes as
well as many new students to McGill University who are also new to Montreal and are not aware of
many stores and clothing lines.


McGill students are driven, creative, educated and successful people on top of the latest trends in
fashion, arts, and music. Their parents are also successful and educated individuals with high disposable
income, which they spend on high quality goods and services such as clothing and travel.
 Sponsorship Benefits & Visibility

 We will also be holding a Silent Auction during the
 show for attendants to bid on during the fashion
                                                                                     QuickTime™ and a
 If your company cannot lend clothing at this time, but                        are neede d to see this picture.

 would still like to become involved in CASCO and
 take advantage of this opportunity – then why not
 donate your company’s products, services, gift
 certificates etc. to our Silent Auction? This is an ideal
 way for small local businesses to raise awareness
 about their company’s products by advertising to a
 large and influential audience for a minimal                    Check Presentation to the Montreal Children’s
 monetary cost.                                                          Hospital from CASCO 2007

 Sponsorship benefits and visibility will be determined by the fair market value of goods donated,
 following the same benefits as listed on the following page.

 Why should I Sponsor this Event?
                                                        The reasons are many:

                                                                You will be contributing to helping children in
                                                                You will showcase your company
                                                                You will receive extensive publicity and
                                                                 advertising through CASCO’s promotional
                                                                 You will be mentioned by us in the media kit
                                                                 and press releases sent to all media
                                                                You will be recognized at the show in the
                                                                 brochure, in the multimedia presentation as
                                                                 well as by the MC’s (we are flexible if you
                                                                 would like to discuss alternative forms of
                                                                 advertising at the show as well)
                                                                Your Logo can be placed on the CASCO
Student Volunteer Models for CASCO 2007
        Sponsorship Budget

                                      CASCO 2008
                                    As at May 20, 2008

Estimated Revenue

                     Sponsorship/Donations               $      18 000
                     Ticket Sales                               10 000
                     Hype Party                                  3 000
                     Silent Auction                              3 500
                     Bake Sales/Promotional Events                 800

                                                         Total Revenue   $   35 300

Budgeted Expense

                     Venue Rental Expense at Le Medley   $       3 000
                     Printing Expenses                             700
                     Visa Machine Rental Expense                   350
                     Dry Cleaning Expense                          200
                     Food Expense - Models/Volunteers              200
                     Decorations Expense                           100
                     Miscellaneous Expenses                        750

                                                         Total Expense   $    5,300

Projected Donation                                                       $   30 000
        Commerce & Administration Students
        Charity Organization
                                                                                  Charity Number: 11892-1543-RR0001
                                                                        Registered Charity Business Number: 1362 9052

                                  CLOTHING SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT

This contract is entered into by and between __________________________, and the Commerce &
Administration Students Charity Organization (CASCO).

The specific terms of this Contract are as follows:

1. The articles of clothing agreed upon by the Sponsor and the Commerce & Administration Students
Charity Organization representative shall be obtained on ____________ and returned on ____________.
                                                                          Date                                  Date
* (CASCO must receive the clothing no less that two days prior to the show on November 13, 2008)

2. The articles will be returned in equal condition as they were obtained.

3. Clothing will be provided for _______ Models.

4. The fitting session for the models will be scheduled for ______________________ at __________.
                                                                                  Date                        Time

SPONSOR:                                                      CASCO:

___________________________                                   ___________________________
Printed Name                                                  Printed Name

___________________________                                   ___________________________
Title                                                         Title

___________________________                                   ___________________________
Signature                                                     Signature

___________________________                                   ___________________________
Date                                                          Date

Any additional terms can be printed on the backside of this sheet and must be initialed by both the clothing provider and the
                                                 CASCO representative.

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