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					                          Maureen Sweeney MacGillivray, Ph. D.
                           Professor of Apparel Merchandising and Design
                            Department of Human Environmental Studies
                                     Central Michigan University
                                       Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
                         Phone: 989 774 2229 Email:

Areas of teaching: Functional apparel design, textiles, socio-cultural aspects of dress and
appearance management, fashion production, promotion, and merchandising

Areas of research: Functional apparel design for sports, health, safety, ergonomic and other
applications; use of body scanning and infra-red themography to map the body surface and
examine heat exchange under various environmental and metabolic activity levels; appearance
management in adolescence

Degree   Institution                           Date          Specialty
 PH. D.           Oklahoma State University    1988          Clothing, Textiles,
                  Stillwater, Oklahoma                              and Merchandising

M.A.              Michigan State University    1980          Clothing and Textiles
                  East Lansing, Michigan

B.S.              Michigan State University    1978         Retailing of Clothing
                                                                    and Textiles
            Internship   United States Army, Natick Research, Development and Engineering
                         Center, Sensory Analysis Branch, Behavioral Sciences Division, Science
                         and Advanced Technology Laboratory, Natick, MA.


Dates                    Employer                                   Position

8/99-present Department of Human Environmental                     Professor
8/91-8/99           Studies                                        Associate Professor
8/88-8/91    Central Michigan University                           Assistant Professor
8/82-8/88*   Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858                                Instructor

8/86-12/87        Department of Clothing, Textiles                  Graduate Research
                          and Merchandising                             Associate
                  Oklahoma State University
                  Stillwater, OK 74074

1/81-8/83        Department of Human Environment                    Specialist
                         and Design
9/78-12/80       Michigan State University                          Graduate Research
                 East Lansing, MI 48824                                  Assistant

* Leave of absence from CMU granted 8/86-12/87 to complete doctoral studies
Courses taught at Central Michigan University
HEV 140      Clothing Construction and Design
HEV 141      Apparel Design Analysis
HEV 240      Advanced Apparel Construction
HEV 252      Dress and Culture
HEV 256      Fashion Merchandising
HEV 255/155 Textiles for the Consumer
HEV 340      Couture Design
HEV 350      New York Fashion Field Study
HEV 352      Trends and Issues in Fashion Retailing
HEV 355      Textiles
HEV 357      Fashion Production and Promotion
HEV 447      Functional Apparel Design
HEV 450      Seminar in Fashion Merchandising, Apparel Design and Textiles
HEV 555      Advanced Textiles
HEV 497F/P Fashion Production
HEV 497P Fashion Promotion
HEV 497 I    Anti-Fashion
HEV 497/597 (several individualized studies)


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estimation approach to the assessment of moisture sensation. Textile Research
Journal, 60, 447-452.


Ebony and Ivory, original design exhibited at the annual meeting of the International Textile and
Apparel Association, Kansas City, MO, 2001

The “New Look” in Silk Shantung, original design exhibited at the annual meeting of the
International Textile and Apparel Association, Kansas City, MO, 2001


2007 - $449,678 . Towards 2010: Exploration of functional design issues that
       interface with the human body. Co-applicants: Tanya Domina, Maureen MacGillivray,
       Terry Lerch, Patrick Kinnicut.

2006 - $236, 714 (Fall, resubmission). Towards mass customization: Thermal profiling the
       human torso. PI: Tanya Domina; Co-applicants: Maureen MacGillivray, Terry Lerch,
       Patrick Kinnicut, Moshe Rock (Malden Mills, Inc) National Science Foundation –

2006 – $70,499. Funded. Developing a body mapping process to guide the
       design of “Second Skin” thermal apparel. PI: Tanya Domina; Co-applicants: Maureen
       MacGillivray, Terry Lerch. Research Excellence Funds 2005-6 competition, CMU

2006 - $235,031 (under review). Thermal imaging as a novel anthropometric
       measurement device for health risk assessment. PI : Roschelle Heuberger; Co-
       investigators: Tanya Domina, Maureen MacGillivray, Patrick Kinnicutt, Terry Lerch
       National Institutes of Health.

2005 – $207,780 (unfunded). Body Scanning: An Anthropometric Measuring Device for Health
       Risk Assessment. PI: Roschelle Hueberger; Co-investigators, Tanya Domina, Terry
       Lerch, Maureen MacGillivray. National Institutes of Health.

2004 – $346,085.00. Funded. 3D Body Scanner. PI:Tanya Domina; Co-investigators: Maureen
       MacGillivray, Terry Lerch, Usha Chowdhary. National Science Foundation Grant.


Kinnicut, P., Domina, T., MacGillivray, M., & Lerch, T. (2007) Towards mass-customizable
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Domina, T., Kinnicut, P., MacGillivray, M. & Lerch, T. (2007) 2D/3D Thermal mapping for the
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Utilizing users' language of perception in the subjective assessment of fabric hand.
Association of College Professors of Textiles & Clothing. Denver, CO, November 1990. Textile
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International Textile and Apparel Association Student Design Exhibition, juried
Thompson, Jennifer (2002) “Leather and Lace” exhibited in NYC. Mentor/sponsor
Bowden, Michelle (2002) “Aunt Lucille” exhibited in NYC. Mentor

Industrial Fabric Association International Student Design Challenge, juried
Montpetit, Colette (2005). “Children’s Germ/Viral Protection Gown” exhibited in
       San Antonio, TX. Mentor/sponsor. Third Place
Caporale, Kristin (2004) “Little League Chest Protector” exhibited in Pittsburg,
       PA. Mentor/sponsor. Third Place.

Fashion Productions, Directed
Threads 2005. Fashion presentation of 25 student designers. Plachta Auditorium, CMU, audience
              of over 900. Documented on dvd.
Threads 2004. Fashion presentation of 32 student designers. Plachta Auditorium, CMU,
              audience of over 700. Documented on dvd.
Threads 2003. Fashion presentation of 24 student designers. Plachta Auditorium, CMU
              audience of over 500.

Associate Editor, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 1996 – 1999
Editorial Board, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 1992 - 1999
Reviewer, ad hoc, Clothing and Textile Research Journal, 1996 - present


Living Legacy Recognition, 2006. Michigan State University, Human Ecology Ecologue

Sabbatical Leave, awarded Spring 2006. Integrating the body scanner into the undergraduate

Emerging Leader, awarded at the 1996 centennial celebration of Human Ecology at Michigan
State University, for noteworthy accomplishments and significant contribution to the field of
apparel and textiles.


Industrial Fabric Association International (IFAI)
International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA)
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)
Michigan Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (MAFCS)
Oklahoma Home Economics Association (OHEA), 1986-1990


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