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					                             Academic Affairs 2010
                                   An Academic Affairs weekly newsletter, co-sponsored by
                                   MU-ADVANCE, featuring updates on program events,
                                   projects, and faculty achievements.

                             W E E K L Y               U P D A T E
News: Professor of the Year                                       Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr. Bonita Lawrence, Professor of Mathematics at Marshall, was honored as the West Virginia
Professor of the Year at a ceremony held Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Dr. Lawrence was one of
five nominees for this prestigious award given annually by the Faculty Merit Foundation. More...

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Bonita Lawrence

Dr. Bonita Lawrence is a Professor in the Department of Mathe-
matics. Dr. Lawrence has spent the last several years researching
and developing a Differential Analyzer (DA). The goal of the DA is
to improve teaching and learning of mathematics. The project
involved a research team of undergraduate and graduate stu-
dents, faculty, and two mentors. Dr. Lawrence is currently creat-
ing a kit so that high school students can build their own DA.

Faculty Publications and Presentations: Birke Fine Arts Symposium

                                           The 2010 Birke Fine Arts Symposium, “Giving Voice:
                                           Social Justice and the Arts,” seeks to expose social
                                           injustices through the arts. Spanning more than ten
                                           weeks, this symposium includes student art exhibits,
                                           a concert series, lectures, and theatre perform-
                                           ances. The Birke Fine Arts Symposium was en-
                                           dowed in 1979 by a mother-daughter duo interested
                                           in cultural and educational activities in the Tri-state.

 Resource: The Marshall University Community Psychology Clinic
 As a result of a generous donation, The Marshall University Psychology Clinic is now open,
 offering services and accepting referrals. Amy and Jack Ingles, both Marshall alumni, donated
 3,000 square feet of office space to be used as a training facility for doctoral and masters-level
 students in clinical psychology. More...

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