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QuickBooks Pro


									                      QuickBooks 2006/07

Features & Benefits
Increased efficiency with advanced tools
Save your business undue costs by utilising QuickBooks email functionality.
Invoices, statements, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, sales receipts,
adjustment notes, and reports can all arrive on your suppliers or customers
desktop within minutes. There is no need to seperately track your contact lists -
you can easily synchronise your contact information with Microsoft Outlook.

Comprehensive employee management
Gives you easy-to-use tools and the latest tax tables you need to help manage
and maintain control of your payroll. The payroll feature saves you time and money
by avoiding duplicate data entry and helps to avoid hassles associated with
incorrect payroll withholding.

Better tools to help you manage your business
Compare the performance of your products or services and measure the
profitability of different areas in your business. The Company Centre includes
reports that help you compare alternatives and analyse your financial position. You
can have QuickBooks remind you when it’s time to pay bills, print cheques, deposit
money in the bank, enter memorised transactions, act on overdue invoices, or act
on your personal To Do notes. QuickBooks can also remind you to print forms
such as invoices and purchase orders.

Easy to learn and use
QuickBooks has tools to help you get started quickly, answer your questions and
guide you through basic setup tasks step-by-step. Organise information about
your company, customers and suppliers in one place so it’s easy to find when you
need it. You will find QuickBooks speaks plain English - it cuts through the jargon
by using everyday terms. Even the navigator is designed to reflect the natural
workflow of your business.

Manage your business more effectively
QuickBooks is much more efficient than spreadsheets, word-processing or paper
ledgers. Quickly and easily manage basic tasks like printing cheques, paying bills,
generating reports, invoicing customers and tracking expenses. You’ll spend less
time and money on bookkeeping and paperwork - and have more time to work on
other important areas of your business.
                       QuickBooks 2006/07

New Features

Audit your company file
Now you can have all the important information about your company file in
one location, and prepare the file for a BAS or for your accountant.
The wizard will take you through the four steps. You can backup and verify
your data, get the latest tax tables and set a closing date - all from within
the one area of QuickBooks. Then simply audit your company file and have
peace of mind that it is ready to send to your accountant.

Quicken SuperLink
Take the headache out of Super Choice with Quicken’s new integrated
solution, Quicken SuperLink*. No more writing cheques, printing reports and
sending them to each super fund – simply create your pays, export to
Quicken SuperLink then go online to upload the exported file and process
the transaction.

Email a remittance advice
From your feedback, we’ve included the ability to email a remittance advice,
removing the need to print out the advice and post it to your supplier –
saving you time and money.

Letter Wizard enhancements
If you have large customer lists, make sure you take advantage of the Letter
Wizard. QuickBooks now provides greater flexibility when writing letters to
customers. Filter your customer list by customer type or job type, to easily
target specific groups.

Payroll Enhancements
Calculate your payroll liabilities more accurately – now you can track State
Payroll Tax, and produce Centrelink Declarations straight out of QuickBooks.

*You must first subscribe to Quicken SuperLink. Additional costs may apply.
                                   QuickBooks 2006/07

  Product Comparison
                                                     QuickBooks           QuickBooks     QuickBooks        QuickBooks          QuickBooks       QuickBooks
                                                     EasyStart            Accounting     Plus              Pro                 Premier          Enterprise

    Invoice, pay bills & track expenses                   ✓                  ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
                Track GST & prepare BAS                   ✓   1
                                                                             ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
          Easy to setup and access help                   ✓                  ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
               Weekend support available2                 ✓                  ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
   Integrated BAS & online lodgement                                         ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
        12 months support & upgrades3                                        ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
                  Import bank statements4                                    ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
          Process credit card payments5                                      ✓                   ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
      Payroll & employee management                                                              ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
                             Track inventory                                                     ✓               ✓                 ✓                  ✓
               Microsoft Office integration                                                                      ✓                 ✓                  ✓
        Estimates, quotes & job costing                                                                          ✓                 ✓                  ✓
                              Multi Currency                                                                     ✓                 ✓                  ✓
                         Multi user enabled                                                                      ✓   6
                                                                                                                                   ✓                  ✓
                Multiple licences included                                                                                          5                10
                Industry-specific versions                                                                                         ✓
                                      Multi site                                                                                                      ✓
                  Multi company reporting                                                                                                             ✓
1. GST Reporting on cash basis only.
2. Minimum call cost is $4.90 per minute. Higher from mobile and public phones. Call costs are subject to change
3. For full versions and upgrades of QuickBooks Accounting, Plus, Pro and QuickBooks Premier: bonus Advantage membership for 12 months from
   registration includes weekday support, product updates and upgrades. For subscription products: updates and upgrades are available as long
   as the subscription is current.
4. Check with your financial institution to see if they support this feature.
5. Additional fees and charges may apply for this service. An Internet Merchant Account is required - contact your financial institution.
6. QuickBooks Pro includes one licence - you must purchase multiple copies for a multi-user environment.
Features referred to may be available with this version only and may not continue or be available or offered on any subsequent or future versions of the product.

System Requirements
Processor:            350 MHz Intel Pentium (or equivalent) (1GHz Intel Pentium IV recommended)
Memory:               128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
Operating System:     Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP (Windows 2000/XP recommended)
Hard Disk:            425 MB of disk space for QuickBooks Installation
Browser:              Internet Explorer 6.0 (provided with CD; requires 70 MB hard disk space)
CD-ROM Drive:         2x CD-ROM
Printer:              Works with any printer supported by Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Monitor:              At least 256 colour SVGA video; 800 x 600 resolution with small fonts
Modem:                All online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps modem
                                                                  ®                                   ®
Multi User:           Multi-user mode is optimised for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 client-server networks, and
                               ®                                                             ®
                      Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP peer-to-peer networks. Novell NetWare is supported but not recommended.
                               ®                                                ®                                          ®
Integration:          Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word & Excel 97, 2000 or 2002. Microsoft Outlook synchronisation requires
                               ®                                      ®
                      Microsoft Outlook 97,98 or 2000. Symantec ACT! synchronisation requires Symantec Act 3.08, 4.02, 2000 or Interact ACT! 2000

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