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					ProStart™ 2007 Series                                  QuickBooks® Pro 2007: Essentials

                      QuickBooks Pro 2007: Essentials
                      By Trish Hakola (Poway Adult School, CA)

                      ● Discover the Labyrinth Difference: Easy to understand, step-by-step,
                        hands-on, skills-based approach that insures student success
                      ● Behind the Scenes sections uniquely teach accounting principles as students
                        learn QuickBooks Pro, putting QuickBooks in an accounting context for
                        students; basic accounting principles are also covered in the appendices
                      ● Integrative small business case, on Skortis Landscaping, in each lesson
                        teaches students how QuickBooks can be practically applied to their small
                      ● Approximately 50 pages of new content, including additional coverage of
                        physical inventory, sales taxes, and reports and graphs
                      ● Enhanced payroll coverage, including the new Payroll Center
                      ● End of unit comprehensive projects available in instructor support material
                        packages at

                      Also available in two Briefcase editions for shorter courses and with the
                      identical text content as this book:
                      QuickBooks Pro 2007: Level 1 = Unit 1 – Lessons 1–5 Basic Skills ~235 pp
                      QuickBooks Pro 2007: Level 2 = Unit 2 – Lessons 6–11 Advanced Skills ~235 pp

                      ~475 pages ● $34.95 net ● ISBN: 1-59136-133-8

Preliminary Table of Contents                      Transactions
                                                   Exploring the Vendor List
                                                   Hands-On 3.1 Manage the Vendor List
Unit 1/Level 1: Basic Skills                       Entering Bills
Lesson 1: Introducing QuickBooks Pro               Hands-On 3.2 Enter Bills
Presenting QuickBooks Pro                          Paying Bills
QuickBooks Online Version                          QuickBooks Enhanced Bill Paying Features
Third Party Add-Ins                                Taking a Discount When Paying a Vendor
Google Business Tools                              Hands-On 3.3 Pay Bills
Understanding Basic Accounting                     Writing and Printing Checks
Introducing the Integrative Case Study:            Hands-On 3.4 Write and Print Checks
Skortis Landscaping                                Invoicing for Billable Costs
Managing Basic QuickBooks Files                    Hands-On 3.5 Create an Invoice for Billable Costs
Hands-On 1.1 Restore a QuickBooks Portable         Producing Vendor and P&L Reports
Company File                                       Hands-On 3.6 Produce Vendor and P&L Reports
Working with the QuickBooks Window                 Creating QuickBooks Graphs
Hands-On 1.2 Explore QuickBooks                    Hands-On 3.7 Produce Graphs in QuickBooks
Backing Up Your Company File                       Lesson 4: Banking with QuickBooks
Hands-On 1.4 Back Up Your QuickBooks Data File     Creating Bank Accounts
Lesson 2: Working with Customer                    Hands-On 4.1 Work with the Chart of Accounts
Transactions                                       Transferring Funds
Working with the Customer Center                   Hands-On 4.2 Transfer Funds Between Accounts
Hands-On 2.1 Manage the Customer & Job List        Managing Credit Card Transactions
Understanding and Creating Service Items           Paying a Vendor with a Credit Card
Hands-On 2.2 Create a Service Item                 Hands-On 4.3 Manage Credit Card Transactions
Creating Invoices                                  Reconciling Accounts
Hands-On 2.3 Create an Invoice                     Hands-On 4.4 Reconcile Accounts
Receiving Payments                                 Setting Up QuickBooks for Online Banking
Hands-On 2.4 Receive Payments                      Hands-On 4.5 Set Up QuickBooks for Online Banking
Entering Sales Receipts                            Going Online with QuickBooks
Hands-On 2.5 Enter Cash Sales                      Hands-On 4.6 Go Online with QuickBooks (WebSim)
Making Deposits                                    Viewing Banking Reports
Hands-On 2.6 Use the Make Deposits Window          Hands-On 4.7 Produce Banking-Related Reports
Dealing with NSF Checks                            Lesson 5: Creating a Company
Hands-On 2.7 Handle an NSF Check                   Planning and Creating a Company
Working with Customer-Related Reports              Hands-On 5.1 Create a New Company
Hands-On 2.8 Produce Customer-Related Reports      Customizing a Company File
Lesson 3: Working with Vendor                      Hands-On 5.2 Make the File Fit Your Business

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ProStart™ 2007 Series                                   QuickBooks® Pro 2007: Essentials

Editing Your QuickBooks Preferences                 Setup Process
Hands-On 5.3 Change Your Preferences                Working with the Employee List
Opening Balances and Historical Transactions        Hands-On 8.3 Set Up and Manage Employees in
Hands-On 5.4 Deal with Opening Balances and         QuickBooks Dealing with Payroll Taxes
Historical Transactions                             Hands-On 8.4 Set Up Payroll Taxes
Finding Help in QuickBooks                          Creating Paychecks
Hands-On 5.5 Search for Help                        Manually Entering Payroll Taxes
Setting Up Users                                    Hands-On 8.5 Create Paychecks for Employees
Hands-On 5.6 Set Up Users for a Company             Tracking and Paying Payroll Liabilities
Working with the Balance Sheet Report               Hands-On 8.6 Pay the Payroll Liabilities
Hands-On 5.7 Run a Balance Sheet Report             Processing Payroll Forms
End of Unit 1 Project (available in                 Hands-On 8.7 Process Payroll Forms (Possibly a WebSim;
Instructor Support at                   optional)
Unit 2/Level 2: Beyond the Basics                   Lesson 9: Working with Balance Sheet
Lesson 6: Dealing with Physical                     Accounts
                                                    Working with Other Current Assets
                                                    Hands-On 9.1 Change Preferences and Create a Prepaid
QuickBooks and Inventory Tracking
                                                    Insurance Account
Setting Up the Item List
                                                    Transferring Funds between Accounts
Working with Units of Measure
                                                    Hands-On 9.2 Make and Memorize a Transfer of Funds
Hands-On 6.1 Prepare to Track and Sell Inventory
                                                    Tracking Petty Cash
Dealing with Sales Tax in QuickBooks
                                                    Hands-On 9.3 Work with a Petty Cash Account
Dealing with Multiple Sales Tax Rates
                                                    Working with Fixed Asset Accounts
Hands-On 6.2 Set Up QuickBooks to Collect Sales
                                                    Hands-On 9.4 Set Up Fixed Asset Accounts
                                                    Setting Up a Long Term Liability
Creating Purchase Orders
                                                    Using the QuickBooks Loan Manager
Hands-On 6.3 Work with Purchase Orders
                                                    Hands-On 9.5 Set Up and Work with a Long Term Liability
Receiving Items
                                                    Working with Equity Accounts
The QuickBooks “Alerts” Feature
                                                    Hands-On 9.6 Record Equity Transactions
Hands-On 6.4 Receive Inventory
Adjusting Quantity/Value on Hand                    Lesson 10: Using Classes, Creating Estimates,
Hands-On 6.5 Make an Inventory Adjustment           Job Costing, and Time Tracking
Managing Inventory-Related Reports                  Working with Classes
Hands-On 6.6 Run Inventory Reports                  Hands-On 10.1 Set Up to Use Class Tracking
Lesson 7: Selling Inventory Items                   Applying Classes to Transactions
Selling Items                                       Hands-On 10.2 Work with Classes
Templates Provided by Intuit                        Running Class Reports
Producing Sales Orders                              Hands-On 10.3 Create a Class Report
QuickBooks Shipping Manager                         Creating an Estimate for a Job
Working with Customer & Vendor Profile Lists        Job Costing in QuickBooks
Hands-On 7.1 Create an Invoice with Discount        Two-Sided items
Payment Terms                                       Hands-On 10.4 Create an Estimate
Processing Sales Discounts and Electronic           Converting an Estimate to an Invoice
Payments                                            Hands-On 10.5 Create a Progress Invoice Based on an
Hands-On 7.2 Receive a Discounted Payment           Estimate
Assessing Finance Charges                           Using QuickBooks’ Time Tracking Feature
Hands-On 7.3 Assess Finance Charges and Run a       Hands-On 10.6 Track Time for a Job
Batch of Statements                                 Using Time Tracking Hours to Create a Paycheck
Writing Off Bad Debt                                Hands-On 10.7 Create a Paycheck and Invoice from Time
Hands-On 7.4 Write Off a Bad Debt                   Data
Paying Sales Tax                                    Reporting for Estimates and Time Tracking
Dealing with Improperly Paid Sales Tax              Hands-On 10.8 Produce Job, Estimate, and Time Reports
Hands-On 7.5 Pay Sales Tax                          Lesson 11: Demystifying “Behind the Scenes”
Creating Sales and Collection Reports               and Customizing Your QuickBooks File
Hands-On 7.6 Produce Sales and Collection-Related   Digging in “Behind the Scenes”
Reports                                             Hands-On 11.1 Edit Inventory Items and Make General
Lesson 8: Using QuickBooks for Payroll              Journal Entries
Introducing the Payroll Center                      Customizing Reports and Graphs
Setting Up QuickBooks to Run Payroll                Hands-On 11.2 Customize Your Reports
Payroll’s Own Set of “Books”                        Working with Additional Formatting Options
Using Other Payroll Services with QuickBooks        Hands-On 11.3 Make Additional Report Customization and
Hands-On 8.1 Set Up QuickBooks to Run Payroll       Memorization Changes
Setting Up Employees through the Payroll            Creating Custom Fields
Setup Interview                                     Hands-On 11.4 Create and Fill Custom Fields
Hands-On 8.2 Enter Employees through the Payroll    Creating Custom Forms

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ProStart™ 2007 Series                               QuickBooks® Pro 2007: Essentials

The Basic Customization Window
The Additional Customization Window
Templates Available in QuickBooks and Online
Hands-On 11.5 Set Up the New Template
Working with the Layout Designer Window
Hands-On 11.6 Use Layout Designer
Closing the Books
Creating an Accountant’s Copy
Hands-On 11.7 Create an Accountant’s Copy and
Close the Books
End of Unit 2 Comprehensive Project
(available in Instructor Support at
Appendix A: Storing Your Exercise Files

Instructor Resources:
▪ Comprehensive course outlines
▪ Lecture notes
▪ Editable background knowledge survey
▪ Course preparation document
▪ Editable sample syllabus
▪ Printer-friendly exercise solutions guides
▪ Solution files to exercises
▪ PowerPoint slides for each lesson
▪ Additional task-based Assessment exercises
▪ Test banks for each lesson and unit
▪ TestComposer™ (test generator with
  Microsoft Word template for editing
  and creating test banks)
▪ Available at or on CD

Online Student Resources:
▪ Student exercise files
▪ Student web page
▪ WebSims (Web-based simulations of exercises to
  support classrooms without full Internet access
▪ Available at

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