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					                   ANCIENT GREECE QUESTIONS

1. What two geographic features played an important role in developing Greece?
2. The first Greek civilization was?
3. The first Greek state was?
4. What happened in the Dark Age?
5. Who was Homer?
6. What was the central focus of Greek life?
7. How did Greeks define themselves?
8. What is the difference between an oligarchy and a democracy?
9. What citizens had political rights in the polis?
10. If you are a hoplite, that means you are?
11. How did Greek soldiers give themselves better protection?
12. List three ways that Athens and Sparta differ:
13. Why did the Spartans develop a military state?
14. Describe the stages men went through in their lives in Sparta:
15. How were women different in Sparta compared to the rest of Greece?
16. What started the Persian Wars?
17. What happened at the Battle of Thermopylae?
18. Why was the Battle of Salamis important?
19. Which city-state came out of the war as the leading city-state?
20. What was the purpose of the Delian League?
21. What did the League really become?
22. Who was Pericles?
23. What were the two sides in the Peloponnesian War?
24. Who wins the war?
25. List three costs of the war:
                    CLASSICAL GREEK CULTURE

Greek Drama
   What was the purpose of Greek drama?
   Name three playwrights and what they wrote:
   What themes were important to the Greeks

Philosophy and Pythagoras
   Define philosophy:
   What is Pythagoras credited with coming up with?

   Where do the teachings of Socrates come from?
   How does Socrates believe is the best way to learn?
   Describe the Socratic method:
   Why is Socrates sentenced to death?

    Whom does Plato believe should lead the gov’t?
    What was the purpose of Plato’s Academy?
    What does Plato question?
    What are ideal Forms?

    What did Aristotle put an emphasis on?
    Aristotle believed in ________ through _________ and ____________.
    Why was Aristotle important?

    Define history:
    The first historian was __________ when he wrote about ______________.
    Who is considered to be the greatest historian of the ancient world?
    Of the two, why was he the better historian?