AHEPA Journey to Greece July 20-August 20, 2006

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					                                  AHEPA Journey to Greece
                                  Student Rules/Procedures

Please review the following rules and procedures for the Journey to Greece. Every effort is being
made to make this trip the most rewarding and memorable trip to each and every participant. Please
review these simple rules and procedures that we want to make clear for the trip to be successful and
   1. Students are expected to attend all required class sessions. The instructor, Dr. Wilkins or Dr.
      Dimitriou will grant any exceptions.

   2. Students are expected to attend all organized excursions and receptions especially arranged
      for the Journey. Your advisor, Dr. Dimitriou, must approve any exceptions.

   3. A student Housing Contract must be signed and returned by all participants. All noted
      University of Indianapolis Athens rules must be followed as stated.

   4. Any travel outside the Athens area, must have the location and contact information given in
      advance to Dr. Dimitriou. (Please Note: Students under 18 must have parental approval prior
      to departure.)

   5. No student should drive any motorized vehicle at any time during the Journey.

   6. Students are to budget their funds. It is recommended that approximately $200-$250 per week
      would be adequate for food/recreation.

   7. Internet access is available at the Computer Lab at the University, as such; lap top computers
      are not encouraged. Most student apartments have computers and Internet. Many Internet
      cafes are open 24 hours a day in the area. We recommend that students bring a USB Flash
      Drive (memory stick) to save assignments. Documents are not to be stored on the university

   8. USA mobile phones, if used, should have provision for an international card. Greek cell phones
      are available at a modest cost (last year 40 Euro). Then you only buy minutes, as you need
      them. Please provide your cell phone number during orientation to your advisor. Deeply
      discounted calling cards are available from kiosks’ in the area for calling back to the USA.

   9. For safety purposes, all students going out in the evening should travel in groups of four.
      Please do not leave a friend or roommate left stranded! Students should let the advisor know
      their general whereabouts during leisure hours. A daily student meeting will take place at lunch
      at the student Taverna to discuss individual needs and program schedule. This meeting is
      mandatory weather you eat or not.
10. All students are given University Housing assignments in apartments near the University
   campus. Students must respect the University rules. The University must approve any room
   changes. No one is to be in another apartment after 12 midnight. You may request rooming
   assignments and roommates to Dr. Dimitriou or Dr. Wilkins prior to departure from the USA.

11. Weekend excursions and special events in the Athens area are planned for the Journey
   participants. These events are furnished by the AHEPA Educational Foundation, AHEPA
   Hellas Chapters HJ1 & HJ2, and the Daughters of Penelope for the students. These
   excursions are considered part of the program and reinforce the curriculum of classes and
   students are required to attend.

12. Students will be meeting government officials (Greek & American) and the Archbishop of
   Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. A conservative dress code needs be

13. Please be respectful of all Greek Laws and customs. When in doubt ask a counselor.
   Remember that you are representing the United States of America, Order of AHEPA,
   University of Indianapolis Athens and most importantly yourself. We hope that everyone will
   both enjoy himself or herself and act in a responsible manner.

   By signing this Journey To Greece Rules form, I am bound to abide by them. Students please
   sign and fax to AHEPA Headquarters.

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