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9 DaYS

  ProGram fee includes:
  ■ Round-trip airfare
  ■ 7 overnight stays in hotels with
     private bathrooms (plus 3 nights cabin
     accommodations with extension)
  ■ Complete European breakfast daily
  ■ 4 dinners
  ■ 1 lunch
  ■ 3 meals daily with cruise extension
  ■ Full-time EF Tour Director
  ■ Whisper headsets
  ■ Select guides and entrances to special
                                                    Iconic windmills dot the landscape of the Grecian islands.
     attractions as per itinerary

                                                        Embark on a journey worthy of Homer’s epics on your Greek quest. Along
                                                        your travels through Athens, Olympia and Cape Sounion, ascend the mythical
  ■ Greek Evening
                                                        mountain perches of Greek gods and their temples. Come face-to-face with
  ■ 3-day Greek island cruise with optional
                                                        ancient relics, stand where the first Olympic athletes competed and visit the
     excursions: Mykonos Walking Tour, Rhodes
                                                        site where the Oracle once foretold the future. Discover all that Greece has to
     and Lindos, Old City and Philerimos, Lindos,       offer, from its legendary past to its dynamic future.
     St. John’s Monastery and Grotto of the
     Apocalypse, Scenic Island Tour                     Day 1 Flight                                             housed a gold statue of the goddess (her wings
                                                        Overnight flight to Greece • Relax as you fly            were clipped to keep her from ever deserting the
                                                        across the Atlantic.                                     city). Athens is named after Athena, the goddess
                                                                                                                 of war and wisdom. After seeing the Presidential
                                                        Day 2 Athens                                             Guard in their traditional costumes, pass the
                                                        Arrival in Athens • Touch down in Athens,                stadium, where the first modern Olympics were
                                                        Cradle of Democracy and birthplace of West-              held in 1896, as well as lively Omonia and Syn-
                                                        ern civilization. After clearing customs, you are        tagma squares. During free time you may have
                                                        greeted by your EF Tour Director, who will               later, use your ticket from this morning’s sight-
                                                        remain with you throughout your stay.                    seeing to explore other sights in Athens. Visit the
                                                        Walking tour of Athens • Get acquainted with             Agora, ancient Athens’ political, economic and
                                                        the endearing Plaka district. Stroll past Had-           commercial center, which holds the remains of
                                                        rian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus,             the Temple of Hephaistos, begun in 449 B.C.
                                                        which was built beginning in 515 B.C. to honor           You might also visit the Athenian Cemetery, a
                                                        the most powerful of all Greek gods.                     who’s who of Ancient Athens. It contains im-
                                                                                                                 pressive tombs, where statesmen, warriors and
                                                        Day 3 Athens                                             authors were laid to rest.
                                                        Guided sightseeing of Athens • An expert local
                                                        guide introduces you to the antiquities of Athens.       Day 4 Athens
                                                        Climb the Acropolis to view the majestic Parthe-         Saronic Gulf cruise • Journey through the
                                                        non, perhaps the world’s greatest architectural          islands of the Saronic Gulf. Your first port of
                                                        feat. See the Temple of Athena Nike, which once          call is ancient Aegina, already well-known in
                                                                                                                 the days of the pan-Hellenic Games. Then it’s
               Patras (1)
                                              Athens (5)
           Olympia        Mycenae                  Cape
                                                   Sounion Mykonos           Kusadasi
                     Argolida (1)
                                                         Cruise (3)               Rhodes

                                                                                                            The Ancient Romans brought donkeys to Greece,
 Number of overnight stays in parentheses.                                                                  where today they are still used in vineyards.

on to Poros, site of the Temple of Poseidon.          Home to Greece’s first capital, the peninsula is     EXTENSION
Here, Demosthenes, a Greek orator who led             dotted with orange and olive groves. Together        Days 9–12 Island Cruise
the Athenian opposition toward Macedonia, es-         with the Isthmus of Corinth, Argolida forms the      Cruise extension (seasonal) • Alternative-
caped a death sentence by committing suicide.         Saronic Gulf, known for its sailing and charters     ly, your group can extend its stay for a three-
Last stop is Hydra, whose inhabitants figured         due to its proximity to Athens.                      day cruise of the beautiful whitewashed isles of
prominently in the Greek War of Independence                                                               Greece. Your ports of call include picturesque
(Greece was a part of the Ottoman Empire un-          Day 7 Argolida • Athens                              Mykonos, Patmos, Kusadasi and Rhodes. The
til 1821). You’ll also enjoy an included lunch        Guided sightseeing of Epidaurus • Visit the          cruise line offers special optional excursions at
during the cruise.                                    ancient site of Epidaurus, famous for its open-      these ports, such as a visit to Ephesus in Kusa-
                                                      air theater (dating from the 4th century B.C.),      dasi, where you will explore the ruins of Ancient
Day 5 Athens • Delphi • Patras                        the best-preserved in all of Greece.                 Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary,
Guided sightseeing of Delphi • As you tour            Guided sightseeing of Mycenae • You’ll also          where it is said she lived her last years. In be-
Delphi, ponder the mysteries of what lies in          tour legendary Mycenae, founded by Perseus           tween, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life on
your future, as did Greece’s ancient military         with the help of the Cyclops. From here, Ag-         board the ship. Free-time options at sea include
leaders, who left gifts for the Oracle in hopes       amemnon began his campaign against Troy.             shopping, games, fitness activities, swimming
of good fortune in battle. Then visit the Tem-        Transfer via the Corinth Canal to Athens •           and sunning. (Please note that the cruise is sea-
ple of Apollo where, according to legend, the         Then go by way of the Corinth Canal (Oedipus         sonal and the itinerary is subject to change.) Fly
god communicated with mortals. Your visit             spent his childhood in Corinth) en route to          home from Athens on Day 12.
concludes with a stop at the Delphi Museum,           Athens.
whose collection boasts many artifacts dating
back to 550 B.C., reminiscent of the mythical         Day 8 Athens                                         For complete financial and registration details,
past of ancient Greece.                               Free time in Athens • Enjoy free time to ex-         please refer to the Booking Conditions.
Transfer to Patras • Spend the night in Patras,       plore Athens on your own. Visit the Agora,
capital of the Peloponnese.                           ancient Athens’ political, economic and com-
                                                      mercial center, which holds the remains of the
Day 6 Patras • Argolida                               Temple of Hephaistos, begun in 449 B.C. Or,
Guided sightseeing of Olympia • Visit Olym-           visit the Athenian Cemetery, a who’s who of
pia, site of the first Olympic Games almost           Ancient Athens. It contains impressive family
2,800 years ago. According to legend, Hercu-          tombs, where statesmen, warriors and authors
les proposed the idea of the Olympics, which          were laid to rest. Your ticket also grants you ac-
were intended as a means of honoring Zeus.            cess to the Theater of Dionysos, the birthplace
The ancient Olympic Games were contested              of Greek tragedy and the first theater to be built
every four years for a thousand years until Em-       of stone.
peror Theodosius outlawed them in A.D. 393.           Optional Sunset Excursion to Cape Sounion
The modern Olympic Games began in 1896                • Journey to Cape Sounion to view the grand
in Athens, and the Olympic flame is still lit         Temple of Poseidon as the sun sets over the
by a reflection of sunlight at the restored sta-      Aegean Sea.
dium in Olympia. The stadium also hosted
the men’s and women’s shotput competition             Day 9 Home
when the Olympics returned to Greece in 2004.         Return home • Your tour director assists with
Also peruse the Olympia Archaeological Muse-          the transfer to the airport, where you’ll check in
um, which houses artifacts of bronzes, terracot-      for your return flight home.
tas and sculptures, as well as a collection from
the Olympic Games.
Transfer to Argolida • Continue to Argolida.
  Your CurriCulum on a Global SCale

Itinerary subject to change.                                    2010/Spring
Greek Islands Cruise Information

 General Cruise Information

 Cruise company • EF uses two cruise compa-         Dress • While the dress code on board is           Tipping • Gratuities for cruise ship staff are
 nies for the Greek Islands cruise: Louis Cruise    mostly casual, some evening activities may         not included in your program fee. Travelers
 Lines and easyCruise. The name of your cruise      require semi-formal attire. Additionally, for      should expect that $10 per day will be charged
 ship will be available 14 days prior to your       Greek Night, travelers are encouraged to dress     to their shipboard account to cover cruise
 departure. Please contact your EF Tour Con-        in blue and white. When going ashore, com-         staff gratuities. Your EF Tour Director will
 sultant with questions or for more information     fortable walking shoes are recommended. For        be with you throughout the duration of the
 about your cruise.                                 visits to religious sites, bare shoulders and      cruise. With this in mind, please make sure to
                                                    shorts are not permitted.                          recognize this service and tip accordingly. We
 Accommodations and Amenities • Cabins                                                                 recommend $6 per person per day.
 on the ship are smaller than normal hotel          Payments on Board • The currency on board
 rooms. Each cabin has air conditioning and         is the Euro. A shipboard account is opened for     Shore Excursions • Various optional shore
 a private bathroom. Groups should expect to        each traveler at the beginning of the cruise. A    excursions are available throughout the cruise.
 stay in lower level cabins and are not guaran-     credit card or cash deposit is required in order   These excursions are offered by the cruise
 teed a porthole. Adults will be accommodated       to open an account – no debit cards are ac-        company and not by EF. For this reason, we
 in double cabins and students in triples or        cepted. All on-board expenses including shore      cannot offer group leaders Global Points for
 quads. Amenities on the ship may include           excursions, gratuities, gift shop purchases etc.   shore excursions. They must be booked and
 restaurants, pool, casino, medical facilities,     are charged to your shipboard account. Upon        paid for during the cruise.
 library/internet access, exercise room, live       disembarkation, travelers may settle their ac-
 entertainment and a discotheque.                   counts using major credit cards or cash. Per-
                                                    sonal checks are not accepted.
 Meals and Drinks • Your cruise includes all
 meals. The cruise ship serves an abundant vari-
 ety of food including full American breakfasts,
 lunch buffets, tea on the deck, buffet style and
 seated dinners. Drinks are not included. How-
 ever, participants can choose a drink package
 which can be purchased at the beginning of
 the cruise.

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