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									Coffee Vending Machines

As early as the 1960's coffee vending machines started to show up at
airports, hotels, and many industrial plants around the world especially
in the USA. The first coffee vending machines used all freeze dried
ingredients and mixed them with water then added your selected amount of
cream and sugar. There wasn't a whole lot of selection. Today, fancy
coffee vending machines can make you espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate,
soup, tea, and many variations of coffee.

Coffee vending machines are very useful for many reasons. You don't need
an employee to run them, you can put them anywhere, the ingredients
aren't too expensive, and they make quite a bit of money in a good
location. Coffee vending machines can make from 100 to 600 cups of
coffee before you are required to refill the cup dropper. This is what
drops the cup down before the coffee or beverage of your choice is
dispensed into it. The coffee vending machines usually use one size cup
that is around 8 ounces. The cups are recyclable and quality made to
simulate a cup you would receive at a coffee shop.

Many new coffee vending machines have a very stylish look as opposed to
the big square boxes of the 80's and 90's. They don't take up very much
room, produce a high quality product, and can make the owner a nice
amount of money every month.

Espresso and cappuccino are becoming more and more popular and thanks to
places like Starbucks, more people like them and know what they want to
order. Many of the newer coffee vending machines let you pick and choose
what type of espresso and cappuccino you want. You can also get lattes
and mochas of many varieties.

There are many ways you can purchase a coffee vending machine. Most
machines will have a phone number or other information so you can call
the manufacturer. The easiest way is to use the Internet. There are tons
of companies that sell coffee vending machines and will offer you low
payment plans and many other deals that you mind find appealing.

Coffee vending machines are a great way for someone who wants to make a
little extra income without doing much work. When used in conjunction
with pastry and soda machines, if you have a large amount of coverage,
you might not need a full time job at all! This is also great for
retired people who want a little extra money each month. Some of the
newer machines cost about $1.00 for the ingredients per cup and will make
you about $2.50. Of course, wherever you place them will demand a
percentage but that can be easy to work out.

Coffee vending machines have been around for over 50 years and chances
are they will continue to be refined and upgraded. This ensures the busy
employee or traveler that they will always be able to grab a cup of
coffee even if there aren't people there to make it.

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