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					                         QuickBooks Cheat Sheet
Ctrl-A           Opens your chart of accounts
Ctrl-F           Finds transactions, by amount, date, memo or name
Ctrl-G           Goes to register of transfer account
Ctrl-H           Displays history of any accounts receivable or payable transaction
Ctrl-I           Goes to create invoice window
Ctrl-J           Opens the customer centre
Ctrl-L           Opens the relevant list for current drop-down menu
Ctrl-M           Memorises current transaction or report
Ctrl-N           Creates a new transaction in whatever window is active at the time
Ctrl-P           Prints whatever form or register you have open at the time
Ctrl-Q           Produces a QuickReport for a transaction or item
Ctrl-R           Displays the account register
Ctrl-T           Opens memorised transitions list
Ctrl-U           Uses a list item (try Ctrl-L and Ctrl-U together for a winning team)
Ctrl-W           Goes to write cheques
Ctrl-Y           Opens transaction journal for that transaction
Ctrl-F4          Closes active window
F1               Opens help for active window

+                Increases cheque or invoice number by one
-                Decreases cheque or invoice number by one
Ctrl-C           Copies your selection to the clipboard
Ctrl-D           Deletes current transaction or item (If allowed)
Ctrl-E           Opens transaction selected in register, ready for editing
Ctrl-V           Pastes whatever is currently sitting on your clipboard
Ctrl-X           Moves your selection to the clipboard
Ctrl-Z           Undoes your last action (Within current field only)
Ctrl-Del         Deletes line from detail area
Ctrl-Ins         Inserts line in detailed area
Ctrl-Enter       Records the current transaction

Every QuickBooks command includes an underlined letter. To execute a command, press the
Alt key followed by the relevant letter. For Example:

Alt B, I              Goes to the Banking menu, followed by Import Bank Statement

Alt C, T              Goes to the Company menu, followed by the To Do List

Combine your Alt key with a few other keyboard tricks to fly around QuickBooks at a rate of

Tab                   Next field

Shift-Tab             Previous field

Home                  Beginning of current field

End                   End of current field

Ctrl-Page Up          First item on list or previous month in register

Ctrl-Page Down        Last item on the list or next month in register


Ctrl (While opening) Starts QuickBooks without a company file

Alt (While opening) Closes windows which were open last time you closed the file

F2                    Displays very nerdy info about your current QuickBooks version

Right Click           Shows a list of nifty commands related to wherever you are


+                     Next day

-                     Previous day
T                     Today
W                     First day of the week
K                     Last day of the week
M                     First day of the month
H                     Last day of the month
Y                     First dat of the year
R                     Last day of the year
Alt-                  Date calendar