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Course Title: Skyward Business Setup - Time Off Accrual Allocations 1
Instructor: Jeff Adams
Agenda: None given
Associated Documents: NA
Date: 1/22/10 Time: 9:00 am - noon
Place: ilinc
Districts involved: Dixie, Lafayette, Levy, Putnam

       Skyward Business Setup - Time Off Accrual Allocations 11 (1 hour 20 minutes)
      Setting up Time Off
           o Run Web\HR\Time Off\Product Setup\Utilities\Time Off Allocations – TA
                    Define month for initial allocation
                            This month is used for yearly and monthly allocations
                    Transaction date shows when the allocation is made
                    Identify the cutoff date for new hires, to establish a rule for when allocations would be made
                    Determine date element that should be used to determine the ‘date of hire’
                    Click the ‘Time Off’ link to select Time Off Code that will be used for the allocation (ie. Sck).
                       Group and Unit Type elements indicate where this accrual allocation will appear on the check.
                    Click the ‘Select Parameters’ link and ‘Add’ to set up parameters to exclude anyone that should
                       not be a part of this run (ie. Inactive employees)
                    Choose the correct option for how to handle exceptions
      Viewing Time Off tab on the Employee Profile (HR\PM\Timeoff tab)
           o Locate the ‘Roll Disposition’ element in the time Off Setup Information grid
           o Roll codes are similar to Employee Types
      Returning to the Web\HR\Time Off\Product Setup\Utilities\Time Off Allocations
           o Click Add to set up Roll Code Allocations
                    Create a Roll Code that identifies your Employee Type. Allocation rules must be set up for every
                       employee type that would have a different roll code.
                    Set up Initial Allocation
                            Enter initial days that are allocated
                            Identify the month/year that the initial days are allocated (ie. August)
                            Identify the initial allocation transaction date
                            Identify Allocation reason code to indicate why this allocation is taking place (ie.
                               Allocate, Earn, etc)
                                   o Click on the link for Reason Code to ADD new reason codes for this process.
                                        These would not have been converted since Reason Codes did not exist in
                                        TERMS for this process. TERMS took care this with a batch process.
                                   o Check the box to ‘exclude’ this reason code from employee access.

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Library of Recordings for Business Systems                                 NEFEC Regional Information Center

                                o   Click ‘no limitations’ in the Determine When Reason Code is displayed for the
                                    initial setup
                 Set up Monthly Allocation
                         Identify number of days to allocate each month
                         Identify when the monthly allocations should begin (ie. September)
                         Identify when the monthly allocations should end (ie. March)
                         Identify Monthly allocation reason code
                 When this process is run it will identify exceptions for cases such as:
                         Process was run with date range of Aug – Feb and then again with Aug – May. The
                            employees that have already received the allocation will not receive a double posting
                         Employees that are on leave without pay
                         Employees will only receive allocation for the months that they are in employment
                         Employees who are hired after the initial yearly allocation will appear as an exception
                            and will have to receive their allocations manually
                 Okeechobee example.
                         Mapped out all the allocation scenerios
                                o 12 month admin
                                o 11 month admin
                                o 11 month teacher
                                o 10 month teacher
                                o Etc (up to 7)
                         Set up a roll code for each scenerio
                         Grouped all 11 month teacher employee types together to use 1 roll code for 11 month
         o   Complete the section ‘Allocation from Previous District’ with the rules that apply here
                 Create a ‘Transfer’ code with ‘other’ code and uncheck ‘employee access’

      Skyward Business Setup - Time Off Accrual Allocations 12 (1 hour 2 minutes)
     Running reports
         o Select ‘January’ and ‘2010’ and click ‘Allocation report’ button
         o Note the ‘Heading Description’ notes at the bottom of page 1
         o Then look at the exceptions beginning on page 2
         o Common exceptions
                  Calculated Hours Initial includes the current Month calculated hours total
                  When you do a manual allocation make sure that you use the same code that you are using in
                     the Time Off Accrual Allocation process
                  Go to HR\PR\time off tab to look at the employee’s allocation record to determine the data

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Library of Recordings for Business Systems                                    NEFEC Regional Information Center

                        The conversion converted balances from TERMS but not allocation amounts since there was no
                         bucket to put this information into Skyward. Therefore the allocation amounts will be blank
                         until the yearly allocation is run next year.
          o The process will need to be run for the first month after the last leave balances were posted in TERMS.
               Ie. If leave was awarded for Nov 09 but not Dec 09 before the leave balances were sent from TERMS;
               you must run the Skyward Time Off process monthly beginning with Dec 09.
          o Sick leave converted balances can be seen on HR\PR\time off tab.
          o Districts need to begin posting the monthly allocations (beginning in Dec 09 or Jan 10) and enter any
               Time Off transactions that have occurred since Dec 1, 2009.
     A Utility can be run to identify the correct Roll Codes with the various Employee Types
          o An ilinc will be set up with each District’s personal trainer to mass add the roll codes to employee types
               as well as run the Time Off Allocation process
     Sick Bank allocation
          o All done in PaC – HR\PR\time off tab\sick bank button\check box
          o An ‘*’ will appear next to the employee
          o Most districts set up a ‘dummy’ profile for ‘sick bank’
          o When it is time to transfer sick bank activity, click ‘Web’ HR\time Off\product setup\utilities. Run the
               Time Off Transfer utility to move from the dummy sick bank profile to the employee. This would also be
               run to transfer days/hours from one employee family member to another.
          o To contribute days from employees to the Sick bank, another process is run
     Vacation allocation
          o In PaC, click HR\TO\AC for Time off Accrual
          o If you do not have that button….
                     To turn on go to System Admin\Financial Man\Install info\systems available and check use Time
                         Off. Click ok.
                     System Admin\Financial Man\Install info\Time Off system Setup Options which will take you to
                         the Web. Click auto accrual and save.
          o Select the ‘enter Time off accrual dates’
                     Click ‘Add’ and create a Sequence code (ie. Jul) and the date that the vacation will be posted in
                         July plus a Code Key.
          o Select the ‘Allotment Code’ report to set up Allotment codes to identify rules for how people accrue
               vacation hours.
          o Select the ‘set up allocation schedule’
          o Select ‘Build Time Off Accrual Transactions’
          o Do not ever use the ‘Accrual….’ Report (the last one listed on this utility screen)

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