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					                                                                   District Advisory Committee
                                                                                 (DAC) Meeting
                                                                             6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m.
                                                                  Serna Center Community Room

                                            April 13, 2010
Call to Order
Wanda Yanez, DAC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm and asked all attendees to sign in.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Latisha Lawson.

Agenda was reviewed by Wanda Yanez. Motion was made by David Ross, seconded by Jon Renfrow and
carried unanimously to approve the agenda.

Motion was made by Annette Thompson, seconded by Joe Sison and carried unanimously to approve the
minutes from the last meeting with the addition of Scott Calhoun from Golden Empire to the attendees.

Roll Call
Attendees were determined from the sign-in sheets. The following schools, departments and community
members were represented:

 AB Health Professions                  Alicia Washington
 AM Winn                                Cynthia Schafer
 Bret Hart                              Joan Phillips
 Clayton B. Wire                        Susan Gibson
 Community                              Annette Thompson
 DAC: Chairperson                       Wanda Yanez
 DAC: Co-Chairperson                    Joe Sison
 DELAC                                  David Quintero
 District                               Chiem-Seng Yaangh
 District:                              Crystal Vang
 District: Budget Director              Gerardo Castillo
 District: State and Federal            Wanda Shironaka
 Edward Kemble                          Laura Villegas, Kionne Cochran
 Elk Grove Unified School District      May Fong
 Ethel I. Baker                         Scott Calhoun
 Fruitridge                             Edbert Hart
 Golden Empire                          Jon Renfrow
 Hiram Johnson                          Latisha Lawson
 Hubert Bancroft                        Illegible
 John Cabrillo                          Jacqueline Antolin
 Joseph Bonnheim                        Rebecca Statton
 Parent Teacher HVP                     Jennifer Garcia
 Peter Burnett                          Sylvia LeBlanc
 Phoebe Hearst                          Joe Sison, Lourdes Jiminez-Price
 Pony Express                           Emily Bacchini
 Susan B. Anthony                       Leng Vue
 Sutterville                            David Ross
 Tahoe                                  Jennifer Garcia

DAC Minutes
April 13, 2010
 Washington                               Cyndi Salazar

Schools Absent
The following schools were unrepresented: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, American Legion, Bowling
Green Charter, Caleb Greenwood, California Middle, Camellia Basic, Capital City, Caroline Wenzel, Cesar
Chavez, CK McClatchy, Collis P. Huntington, Crocker/Riverside, David Lubin, Earl Warren, Elder Creek,
Engineering & Sciences, Ethel Phillips, Fern Bacon, Fr. Keith B. Kenny, Freeport, Genevieve Didion,
Hollywood Park, HW Harkness, Isador Cohen, James W. Marshall, Jedediah Smith, John Bidwell, John F.
Kennedy, John Morse Waldorf, John Sloat, John Still Elementary, John Still Middle, Kit Carson, Leonardo
da Vinci, Luther Burbank, Maple, Marian Anderson, Mark Hopkins, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Matsuyama, New Technology, Nicholas, Oakridge, OW Erlewine, Pacific, Parkway, Rosa Parks,
Rosemont, Sam Brannan, Sequoia, Success Academy, Sutter, The MET, Theodore Judah, Washington Art
& Science, West Campus, Will C. Wood, William Land, Woodbine

2010-2011 Entitlements for Consolidated Programs (Gabriella Albier, State & Federal Programs):
Ms. Albier gave background on how the decision was made by the superintendent and the Title I Task
Force to increase the threshold for Title I funding to 50% from 36%. The main reason was to concentrate
the money being received to the most needy schools (i.e. highest poverty schools). Ms. Albier reported
that the district was “diluting” State and Federal funding instead of concentrating the funding to the highest
poverty schools. Ms. Albier added that even without making changes to the allocation formula, the district
was already planning to cut the projected funding for Title I (6 percent decrease ) and for EIA (10 percent
      Calculations of the 2010-2011 Title I allocations were distributed, as well as 2010-2011
          allocations for EIA.
      Set-Asides and Reservations are as follows:
          a. Supplemental Education Services $3,514,201
          b. Program Improvement Choice $186,926
          c. Professional Development (Central)          $1,495,405
          d. Parent Outreach and Assistance              $37,385
          e. Homeless (Discretionary Centralized Services) $161,872
          f. Neglected (Discretionary Centralized Services) $180,993
          g. Community Day school (Discretionary Centralized Svs) $12,500
          h. Set Aside for Initiatives for PI Schools $1,000,000
      EIA Fund Summary Total 2010-11 EIA Funding                  $8,401,021
                             1. Indirect Costs (Max Allowed) $244,690
                             2. Administration           $840,102
                             3. Centralized Direct Services        $168,020
      Ms. Albier also talked about the Hierachy of Supplementing
      A question was asked by Lourdes Jiminez-Price (Phoebe Hearst) regarding the 15%
          administrative allocation that goes to the central office and to provide the DAC body the
          delineation of the actual dollar amounts in the 15% administrative allocation. The allocation is
          about $2.8 million set aside for administration at Serna Center.

Parent Involvement: Building School Capacity (Manuel Guillot, Office of Parent & Community
Engagement): Asked the DAC membership how the Site Council is being utilized in the school-site to
improve the achievement of students in the school-site. He encouraged parent engagement in the school-
site to “develop a culture that would sustain and develop the capacity to improve student achievement year
after year.” Discussion commenced on parent engagement definition as understood by the DAC
membership. One member defined parent engagement as a parent becoming part of the school-site (i.e. to

DAC Minutes
April 13, 2010
be a part of the campus physically through decision-making process). Another parent added that parent
engagement is “partnership with the school-site teachers and administrators.”

       DAC Bylaw Convention – Invited the DAC membership to attend the April 19 and April 26
        bylaws meeting from 5:30 pm – 7 pm at the Serna Center, Parent Resource Center (Entrance is the
        left door outside of the Serna Center’s main entrance). Plan is for the meeting to occur in April,
        finalize bylaws revision presentation in May, and eventually a DAC vote in June.
       Teen Driver Safety: Red Asphalt V, Thursday on 4/15/2010 5:00 pm at Sacramento Native
        American Health Center, Inc., 2020 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811, 2 nd Floor. Facilitated by
        Jasper Begay, CHP. Please no youth under the age of 13 due to the graphic nature of the film.
       Summer Youth Camp, peak Adventures, a nonprofit organization located on the California State
        University, Sacramento offers summer youth camps for children ages 9-17. Call 916 278 6321 or
        visit for more details
       District Advisory Council (DAC) website, SacDAC, separate from the district:

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.
    Next meeting will be May 11, 2010 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.
    Free dinner and childcare is provided before the meeting about 6:15 pm.

DAC Minutes
April 13, 2010

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