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Interactive Display Session


									                                       Interactive Display Session

The interactive display session or "share fair" will give an opportunity to participants to share information
on their activities and to exchange knowledge. This session was conceived in recognition of the fact that
time and the number of participants will not allow for individual presentations at the meeting; it is
scheduled for two hours on the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 June. Stalls and soft board for posters will be
available for displays.

In order to help us with planning, please let us know of the type(s) of item(s) you will display and the
support, if any, you will require (e.g. laptop, cork boards). Table space will be limited, so please be
selective in what you choose to bring. Kindly forward this information as soon as possible and not later
than 30 May 2008 to Margaret Odoch-Jato,, with a copy to Surendra Bisht,

The display area will be open for one hour on the evening of Tuesday, 10 June, for those who wish to set
up early; details will follow on the web page.

For those wishing to send materials ahead, kindly address them as follows:

        [Your Name], UNGEI Meeting Participant
        C/o Ms. Sumati Shakya
        Assistant Manager Sales
        Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu
        PO Box 97, Tahachal
        Kathmandu, Nepal
        Phone: +977-1-237 3999
        Cell: +9841-3023257

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