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Bedding Mattresses


Bedding Mattresses

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BEDDING/                 SERVICES
  BEDDING                                           MATTRESSES
                                                      Comply with NYS Office of General Services detailed specifications for

                                                      Dormitory/Institutional Supplies.

 MATTRESSES                                           Dormitory mattress complies with Dormitory Authority detailed
                                                      ACA ticking (Cotton Cover) of flame retardant cotton.
                                                      PVC (Polyvinylchloride) cover treated with flame retardant and easy to

BOX SPRINGS                                           clean.
                                                      All mattresses are individually wrapped in plastic to ensure they are
                                                      kept clean during shipment

                     offers a full line
                of bedding to meet                     PVC Ticking

                      your Dormitory                INNERSPRING MATTRESSES
              or Institutional needs.               Mattress, Innerspring
                                                    Dormitory, ACA Ticking
                                                                                         Mattress, Innerspring
                                                                                         Dormitory, PVC Ticking
                                                    331/2W x 80L x 6H                    331/2W x 80L x 6H

                                                    Mattress, Innerspring                Mattress, Innerspring
                                                    PVC Ticking                          ACA Ticking
                                                    B02-4653IP                           B02-4653KA
                                                    32W x 75L x 6H                       32W x 75L x 6H
                                                    B02-4653E0                           B02-4653C0
                                                    35W x 75L x 6H                       35W x 75L x 6H
                                                    B02-4653D0                           B02-4653F0
                                                    35W x 80L x 6H                       35W x 80L x 6H
                                                    B02-4653HP                           B02-4653HA
ACA Ticking                                         38W x 75L x 6H                       38W x 75L x 6H
                                                                                         38W x 80L x 6H

                                                    Gatch Innerspring Mattress
                                                      Hospital folding innerspring       Mattress, Innerspring,
                                                      mattress.                          Gatch, PVC Ticking
                                                      PVC cover treated with flame       B02-4653AG
                                                                                         35W x 75L x 6H
PVC Ticking                                           Easy to clean.
                                                                                         35W x 80L x 6H

                         Corcraft is your preferred source vendor — so place your order today!
JAIL TYPE MATTRESSES                                              DENSIFIED                             NEOPRENE
Mattress, Jail Type              Mattress, Jail Type              POLYESTER                             “SAFGUARD”
ACA Ticking                      PVC Ticking                      MATTRESSES                            MATTRESSES
B02-4654A0‡                      B02-4652A0                       Ideally designed for security set-    Specifically manufactured for use
30W x 75L x     4H               25W x 72L x 3H                   tings, whether correctional or        in county jails, detention centers,
B02-4654C0                       B02-4652J0                       institutional.                        and psychiatric centers.
30W x 80L x     4H               25W x 80L x 4H                   Cover:                                  Staphcheck XL Vinyl —
B02-4654B0                       B02-4652G0‡                         Chemsafe® 10.5-ounce flame-          Easily cleaned, extremely
35W x 75L x     4H               30W x 75L x 4H                      retardant PVC vinyl                  durable, increased safety,
B02-4654D0                       B02-4652K0                          Extremely Durable                    cost effective
35W x 80L x     4H               30W x 80L x 4H                      Fluid Repellent                      Superior Comfort —
                                 B02-4652E0                          Bacteria Resistant                   Reduced complaints/reduction
‡ Can be used on folding bed     35W x 75L x 4H                      Stain/Static Resistant               in vandalism, no lumps
  with casters,                  B02-4652L0                          Easily cleaned with a 5 percent      Neoprene Core —
  Item #B01-497700               35W x 80L x 4H                      bleach/water solution                Maintains original thickness,
                                                                  Core:                                   excellent flammability charac-
                                                                     100 percent densified polyester      teristics, easily searched for
                                                                     Mildew/Mold Resistant                contraband
                                                                     Hypo-Allergenic                    Neoprene “Safguard” mattresses
                                                                     Odor Free                          meet or exceed CAL Tech
                                                                     Moisture Resistant                 Bulletins 117, 121, 129, and
                                                                  Densified polyester mattresses meet   Boston Fire Code.
                                                                  or exceed California Technical
                                                                  Bulletins 121, 129.
                                                                                                        Mattress, Neoprene
                                                                  Mattress, Densified                   B02-4652X0
                                                                  Polyester                             28W x 75L x 3H
  B02-4654A0 and
  B02-4652G0                                                      B02-4682Y0                            B02-4652Y0
                                                                  25W x 75L x 4H                        25W x 75L x 3H
                                                                  B02-4682J0                            B02-4652Z0
HIGH RISK OCCUPANCY MATTRESSES                                    25W x 80L x        4H                 30W x 75L x 3H
                                                                                                        Cover, “Safguard”
Jail/Firegard and Gatch/Firegard Mattress                         30W x 75L x        4H
                                                                                                        with Flap
  Hospital folding (gatch) innerspring mattress.                  B02-4682K0
                                                                  30W x 80L x        4H
  Firegard ticking materials pass California Technical Bulletin                                         Indicate Mattress Size
  121 for use in high risk occupancies.                           35W x 75L x        4H
  Coated to facilitate cleaning and infirmary/hospital use.       B02-4682L0
Note: Corcraft also manufactures a variety of general use         35W x 80L x        4H
Firegard mattresses for other high risk applications. Contact
your Corcraft Sales Representative to discuss your specific
                                                                  BOX SPRINGS
                                                                    Comply with NYS Office of General Services detailed specifications.
Mattress, Innerspring             Mattress, Jail Type               ACA ticking covered.
Gatch/Firegard, Coated            Firegard, Coated                  All box springs are individually wrapped in plastic to ensure they are
B02-4651C0                       B02-4694G0                         kept clean during shipment
35W x 75L x 6H                   30W x 75L x 4H
                                                                  Box Spring Unit                       Box Spring Unit
                                 (not shown)
                                                                  ACA Cover                             PVC Cover
Mattress, Innerspring                                             B02-4650AB                            B02-4650AV
Gatch/Firegard, Coated                                            35W x 75L                             35W x 75L
B02-4651D0                                                        B02-4650HB                            B02-4650HV
35W x 80L x 6H                                                    38W x 75L                             38W x 75L
                                                                  B02-4650JB                            B02-4650JV
                                                                  38W x 80L                             38W x 80L


                   PILLOWS                                                            SHEETS                                   PILLOWS
                                                                                          Comply with NYS Office of            Blue/White Cotton Ticking
                                                                                          General Services specifications.     Polyester Fill, Fire
                                                                                      Sheets                                   ∆
                                                                                      White, 50/50                             16 oz 18W x 27L
                                                                                      Cotton/Polyester,                        ∆
                                                                                      Wash/Wear                                21W x 27L
                                                                                       B04-4658B0                              22 oz
                                                                                      54W x 99L
                                                                                                                               Vinyl Microvent Pillow
                                                                                                 PILLOWCASES                   (Ventilated Vinyl), White†
                                                                                                 Pillowcase                     B03-4657B0
                                                                                                 White, 50/50                  21W x 27L
                                                                                                 Cotton/Polyester              22 oz
                                                                                                  B05-441000                   Waterproof Pillow
                                                                                                 20W x 32L                     Non-Breathing, Green†
                                                                                                 Finished Size                  B03-4656B0
                                                                                                                               18W x 27L
                                                                                                                               16 oz
                                                                                      Packaged, and must be ordered
                                                                                                                               NPT (Nylon Pillow Ticking)
                                                                                      for each item, in multiples of:          Neoprene Pillow
                                                                                      Pillows ..............1 dozen per case   Exceeds Cal Technical Bulletins
                                                                                      Pillowcases ........12 dozen per case    117, 121, 129
                                                                                      Sheets 54 x 99 ..6 dozen per case        ∆
                                                                                      ∆ Can be shipped UPS                     14W x 22L
                                                                                      † Shown opposite and on cover            40 oz

                                Corcraft is your preferred source vendor — so place your order today!

C orcraft assigns sales representatives to all customers throughout the State.                                 HOW TO ORDER
In addition to assisting customers in placing their orders,                                                    Send us your Purchase Order marked:
they also provide guidance to customers concerning Corcraft products.                                          Attn: Order Services
                                                                                                               By MAIL: Corcraft
If you have not been contacted by one of our representatives,                                                            550 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204-2802
please call our Sales Unit at (800) 436-6321, ext. 200,                                                        By FAX: (800) 898-5895 in NYS or (518) 436-6007
and we will refer a sales representative to you.                                                               NOTE: If you fax us your purchase order, please
                                                                                                                      do not mail the purchase order.
Corcraft accepts the American Express®
Corporate Purchasing Card.

                                                       550 Broadway • Albany, New York 12204-2802
                    Phone (518) 436-6321 • (800) 436-6321 in NYS • FAX (518) 436-6007 • (800) 898-5895 in NYS • http://www.corcraft.org/

                                           Printed by the Correctional Industries Print Shop at Elmira Correctional Facility
                                                                     Bedding 10/00 (CC060)

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