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					DECEMBER 2009 / JANUARY 2010
                                                 Letter from the
                                                 2009 has about finished, for some of you this is
Carla Vassmer                                    another year to “tick” off while living away from                     your home countries. For new arrivals in China and
                                                 our beautiful Sailing City, Qingdao, you are scram-
Assistant Editor                                 bling each day to figure out where to find groceries,
Jeremy Carman                                    how to get your children to a friend’s home/
                                                 apartment for a play date, or just wondering “how
Creative Director                                am I ever going to learn enough Mandarin so I can
Jen Johnson                                      find out exactly what that fruit or vegetable is.”                This two month “combo” QEM issue should answer
                                                 some of your questions … where to get a haircut,
                                                 traveling with children, a chili recipe for those
Advertising Director
                                                 windy cold Qingdao evenings, winter sailing news,
Vicki Peterson                                   new places to visit when you are in Shanghai,                Winter Ball and don’t forget to drop off toys and
                                                 Chinese books for the Santa Run.
Finance & Communication
Peiyu Sun                                        As we begin 2010, the QEM Team welcomes its
                                                 new Editor, Jeremy Carman. You may know Jeremy
                                                 from Fellowship or talked to him at QMIS, where he
                                                 is the Director of Communications. Or, you may
QEM Assistant                                    remember “meeting” him through his stages article
Alina Zhang                                      in the September, 2009 QEM – “Having a Baby in                       China”. Jeremy and his family have lived in China
                                                 for six years in Dongguan, Beijing, and, since ’07 in
Events, Website & E-Communications               Qingdao. They do not have plans to leave, which is
Preeti Chaudhary                                 good for the QEM! As Jeremy says, the “QEM has                            an incredible history in Qingdao, founded on the
                                                 charity and love of an ever-growing expat commu-
December Contributors:                           nity.” He is looking forward to continuing this
Carmen C., Jen Johnson, Maiken Nigland
Jeppe Mortensen, Vicki Peterson, Jen Wenschhof   What an incredible experience, working with each
                                                 member of our QEM Team. I thank each of you for
Cover Photo:                                     all of your hard work every month to help publish
Carla Vassmer                                    the QEM. Now to bid Qingdao a fond farewell. As
QEC Rural School Visit                           Greg & I move from IL to Kansas City, MO we will
                                                 be thinking of you all and send our best wishes.
                                                 Hope to see some of you in KC, "Home of the Best
  Find Qingdao Expat Magazine online:
                                                 And most important, the QEM                           is a non-profit publication
                                                 with all proceeds going to
  Send your comments & suggestions to            support the work of the                   Qingdao Expat Charity.
                                                 Please support our
                                                 advertisers, without them this
  If you would like to receive emails about      magazine would not be
  current events & activities, please send an
  e-mail to to be
  added to the mailing list.
                                                 Carla Vassmer
                                                                     your community resource         3
             LEO’S ANTIQUE

             he beauty, elegance and history of fine
                                                                                Qingdao – your location in China!
                                                                                 QINGDAO – ideal site for MEDIUM–SIZED FIRMS
             Chinese craftsmanship is brought to life in Leo’s
                                                                       + major port city located between Beijing and Shanghai
             5000 square meter factory, warehouse and show-
                                                                       + good infrastructure, moderate cost
             room located in Qingdao.
                                                                       + broad economic basis: machinery, automotive, electronics,
                                                                         chemicals, household appliances, food, trade
 Original authentic antiques are painstakingly restored and the
 highest quality reproductions are masterfully created by more         + well-trained work force
 than 80 skilled artisans. Leo’s furniture is made from aged           + international schools, good medical care
 elm in handmade traditional Chinese style. Under the strictest        + high quality of life, good climate, Olympic City 2008 (sailing)
 of quality controls every detail is carefully attended to right              GER-LIN – comprehensive services & benefits ON SITE
 down to dovetail corners of our                                       + location sourcing, legal and tax advice, company registration,
 reproduced Chinese antique pieces                                        staff sourcing, start-up management as a General Manager
 that are carefully joined without                                          or advisor to your new company
 nails.                                                                +   experienced Sino-German couple, at home in Qingdao
                                                                       +   strong technical background, good local relations
 Tables, Cabinets, Chairs, Desks
                                                                       +   professional, reliable service on site
 and other Chinese reproduction
                                                                       +   further services: product sourcing and technical sales
 antiques can be custom made.
                                                                                                  Please contact us!

                                                                     Phone: +86 (532) 8597-7392/-9039        Fax: +86 (532) 8578 0360

               Leo’s Showroom                                                                CHINA ■ GERMANY

                                                                                    Yuliang Sun
                                                                                        Law Partner
                                                                           Master of Law, University of Natal

                                                                               International Investments
                                                                                     Contract Law
                                                                                   Corporate Affairs

Leo’s Antique Chinese Furniture is located opposite the north
                                                                        International Legal Expert, 15 Years Practice,
entrance of ETSONG Stadium by Haier Road.
(It’s five minutes from Surf Plaza.)                                        Partner at Shandong Qingtai Law Firm
                                                                                Fluent in English & Mandarin   
Tel: (0532) 8891-3975           Mobile: 139 6988 7788              Phone (+86 532) 8897-9712 Fax: (+86 532) 8897-9720
                                                                   Mobile: (+86 137) 0899-3183 E-mail:
Fax: (0532) 8583 0766
                                                                   Shandong Qingtai Law Firm
Address in Chinese:                                                Kaixuan Business Center, 8F, South Haier Lu, Qingdao

        颐中体育场北门对面院内                                                     中国青岛 海尔路南 凯旋商务楼 8楼
your community resource   5
      December & January Events
    Wednesday Expat                     Qingdao International Christian Fellowship
    Lunches @ Noon                               All foreign passport holders welcome!
                                                 Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 11:30 am
    These lunches are a great                    InterContinental Hotel Auditorium 3F 98 Aomen Lu
    resource for incoming Expats                 海尔洲际酒店,三楼, 澳门路 98 号
    as well as those that have                   For More Details visit or email
    been in Qingdao for awhile.
    Come join us, no RSVP needed!      
     December 2nd
     Korona Grill House                 Qingdao Business Leaders (QBL)
     (Ke luo jia xi can ting)
     5 Zhanghua Lu
                                                 No meeting in December
     8589.9721 or 8589.9280                      January 27th
                                                 QBL meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month
                                                 Crowne Plaza 3F 7:00 pm.
     December 9th
                                                 For more info contact
     Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge
     Da fen qi yi da li can ting
     We will have a 90 rmb set menu     Mahjong Madness
     Shangri-La Hotel, Valley Wing 3F
     9 Xianggang Zhong Lu
                                                 "Western" Mahjong Thursday Afternoons
     8388.3838 ext. 6900                         1:00 - 4:00 pm
                                                 Come learn this ancient Chinese game.
                                                 We play for fun! Each player donates 10元 each week
     December 16th
     Yamuna                                      for the Qingdao Expat Charity.
     Ya mu na yin du liao li                     For details & locations, please e-mail:
     Haiqing Hotel, Bldg A, 2F         
     11 Donghai Zhong Lu
     8588.7868                          Book of the Month Club
                                                 Thursday, December 3rd @ 6 pm @ Luigi’s JUSCO 1F
     December 23rd and 30th
                                                 Come prepared to read or recite your favorite poem
     No Lunch Scheduled due to The
                                                 Thursday, January 7th @ 6 pm @ Luigi’s
                                                 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
                                                 available @ the Book Nook for 79 rmb
     January 6th
     Café Kona                                   Questions? E-mail John at
     ka fei kou na
     21 Minjiang Er Lu

               January 13th
               Charity Luncheon
     @ Beate's Home                      Help make Christmas special for some local children in need!
     # 12 Haichuan Lu                    For donation drop off locations and more info, see page 10.

     January 20th
     Hengbo Restaurant
                                                Cooking Class: Chinese Dumplings
     heng bo ming jia                           January 12th @ Haiqing Hotel
     87 Xianggang Dong Lu                       Full Details on page 8
Weekends in QD
                                                                 Are You NEW in
            Christmas Fair @ QMIS                                Qingdao?
            Saturday, December 5 from 10 am to 2 pm
                                                                 If you have recently arrived, or are
            See page 8 for more details
                                                                 considering a relocation to our
                                                                 fair coastal city, please feel free

        A Winter Wonderland                                      to contact any of these

        Annual Charity Ball Saturday, December 5th               Expat representatives!
        The Shangri-La Hotel
                                                                 Gerd Burkard
        See More details on page 9
                                                                 (Germany/Business Related)
          Christmas Market                             
          December 12th & 13th
          Yard in front of the German Prison Museum              Beate Meuser (Germany)
          21 Chang Zhou Road                                     139.6424.4901
          See page 11 for more details

                                                                 Pia Vinchon-Tahon (France)

 The        Book & Film Club Friday, January 29th, 6 pm 
            Reading & Watching Bridge to Terabithia 
 Book       Free Storytelling                                    Sean & Jen Johnson (US)

 Nook       Every Saturday Morning 10 am to 11 am
            @ 100 Nanjing Lu Location
            Beginning January 9th Weekly Storytelling 
            Saturdays 2 to 3 pm @ SPR Whitehouse Location        Sharon Westin (UK)
 Qingdao Hash House Harriers                           

          December 12        Run #170 “Shilaoren Run”            Helene Lagendijk (Holland)
          December 26        Run #171 “Santa Run”                138.0642.1954
          January 9          Run #172 “New Year’s Run”
          January 23         Run #173 “New Hare Run”
                                                                 Preeti Chaudhary (India)
 For all Runs, meet @ 2 pm in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza.
 Cost: 10 rmb to cover beer and bus Email:

Events for Little Expats                                         Leo Van Echelpoel (Belgium)
Qingdao Playgroup
Tuesdays 10 to 11:30 am Email:        Bertha Marie Tamez (Mexico)
MUSICAL MONKEYS!                                       
Fridays 10:30 to 11:30 am

                                                                  your community resource               7
Social Activities

                                             learn how
                                             to make

                                             Tuesday, January 12th 10:00 to Noon
                                             Haiqing Hotel, Building B, Piano Bar
                                             50 rmb/person
                                             To RSVP contact Mr. Dong 136.8769.7428

     8              QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                       Qingdao Expat Group Presents the

                      Annual Charity Ball

        A Winter Wonderland
                Saturday 5th December 2009
            At China Hall, Shangri-La Hotel
                          Cocktails - 6:30pm
                            Dinner and Party
                       Carriages - 12 midnight
                 400 RMB per adult (non‐refundable) 
      The evening programme includes a live band ‐ Plug & Play 

                          Silent Auction & more 
                                Adults only event 
               Tickets on sale NOW via email registration. 
                        All in aid of Qingdao Expat Charity 

Thanks for your support and help for the underprivileged and sick children in the 
                                Qingdao rural area. 
         More details in the coming weeks, please look out for updates on 
 or email:  
         for sponsorship and donation opportunities or further information. 

            See you at this year’s Winter Ball ‐ all for a good cause!
                               Charity Chat
Qingdao Expat Charity

                         Upcoming Events to Raise Funds for the Qingdao Expat Charity
                         Winter Ball – December 5th                                Charity Potluck Luncheons
                         This is the largest QEC fundraising event of the year.    January 20, 2010 – 12 noon to 2:00 pm. (See p. 6
                         A formal evening filled with cocktails, gourmet dinner    for the location and address). We ask you to bring a
                         and wine, live band and dancing, raffle and silent auc-   dish to share – “potluck”. You will enjoy dishes repre-
                         tion. A wonderful global gathering with all coming        senting many different countries and see the latest
                         together for one purpose – raising funds for the Qing-    pictures of children the QEC is assisting. Each guest
                         dao Expat Charity and all of our projects to help rural   is asked to donate 50rmb which is given directly to
                         Qingdao students have a better education and assist       the QEC. Please contact Marcela if you are able to
                         very young heart patients and children with medical       host the February Charity luncheon:

                         Christmas Market – December 12 - 13                       The Qingdao Expat Charity would like Thank You for
                         (see p. 11 for details)                                   all of your help, donations and empathy you have
                         Dress warm and come and enjoy a typical German            showed at all of our fundraising events in 2009. We
                         Christmas Market with baked goods, glühwein, hot          would also like to Thank all of our volunteers. Our
                         soup & bread along with Christmas arts & crafts, and      supported children and their families do appreciate
                         used items. Please contact Beate if you would like to     your efforts and on their behalf, we wish you a fulfill-
                         sell items:                          ing and healthy 2010 and may all of your wishes
                                                                                   come true as you have done the same for these chil-
                                                                                                                           Marcela Lickova

                                                                                                  Seeks to fill the position of:
                                                                                                    QEM Creative Director

                                                                                                         Skills: Desktop publishing
                                                                                                         background, experience with
                                                                                                         Publisher and Photoshop, detail
                                                                                                         oriented, organized, work to
                                                                                     Work: Work with Advertising Director to
                                                                                     create/design full color ads per advertiser’s
                                                                                     requirements. Lay out each monthly issue
                                                                                     electronically and work with QEM Editor along
                                                                                     with meeting with the Printer.
                                                                                     15+ hours a week.
                                                                                     This is a volunteer position. All proceeds from
                                                                                     our advertising clients, after printing costs, are
                                                                                     donated to the Qingdao Expat Charity.
                                                                                     Send inquiries to:

        10              QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                  Qingdao Expat Charity

                               Would like to invite you to the

              2009 Christmas Market

                          Saturday 12 December, 2009 from 13.00 — 20:00
                          Sunday 13.December, 2009 from 11.00 — 20:00

                This is an great opportunity to enjoy and buy:

                Glühwein—typical German hot wine with
                     incredible scent and extraordinary taste
                Delicious soup and bread
                Christmas homemade cake
                Secondhand CDs, DVDs & Books
                Arts & Crafts

Yard in front of
German Prison Museum
21 Chang Zhou Road
Bus Route No’s: 1, 6, 25, 231, 304

    All the proceeds will be used for financial support of disadvantaged students
                     and children in need of medical treatments.
                  The Qingdao Expat Charity Committee thanks you
     on behalf of these needy children from Qingdao and it’s surrounding area.
                                  Tips on Traveling With Children
                                  Put audio books or some music your children like on your iPod(s), mp3 player(s) or bring
Living in QD w/Kids

                                  a small DVD player and their favorite movies. (Don't forget to make sure all the batteries
                                  are charged.)

                                  Create a "Things To Do" bag with puzzles, games, art projects, books or other calming

                                  If you're going for the "coolest-mom-on-the-plane" award: Bring balloons and learn (on
                                  the internet) how to fold them into animals. Not only your kids, but also everyone else on
                                  the plane will be deeply impressed! (Remember that balloons can pose a choking hazard
                                  for young children… supervise them closely!)

                                  Last year my mother sent me these great sticker-activity books with over 1000 animal
                                  stickers. Kept them busy for hours. I think you can find something similar at Book City.

                                  Secret Stash
                                  Bring a secret "Booty" bag full of little treasures/surprises. Use it when morale is low, to
                                  bribe or to reward good behavior.

                                  Find an Ally
                                  Team up with that nice (and powerful!) flight attendant!

                                  Remembering Little Ears
                                  As soon as the plane is about to take off and land, try to nurse, give a bottle or offer a
                                  pacifier to your baby. It helps to relieve ear pressure. If your kids are older, sucking on a
                                  (sugar free) lollipop always helps.

                                  And it's all about the attitude...
                                  Don't look at travelling with kids as a difficult hurdle or hardship. Instead, see it as the
                                  perfect moment to spend some quality time with your kids. At home there's always
                                  something I need to do (prepare dinner, check email etc). With nothing to do on the
                                  plane, why not read stories for two hours or play endless games?

                                  If you're travelling with a crying baby....
                                  Always keep in mind that there's nobody more unhappy with the fact your baby is crying
                                  than you, the parent! You're doing all you can to comfort him. People will understand this
                                  and if they don't; not your problem.

                                  Enjoy your journey!
                                  By Maiken Nigland
                                  Maiken is from The Netherlands, coordinates the Qingdao Expat Playgroup, is a fearless
                                  mother of three, and is the frequent recipient of the “coolest-mom-on-the-plane” award!
        12            QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                            Bi-lingual and More
Twelve year old student Kim, Da Um is known throughout          Silver or above, they were entitled membership of the
our school as Tara; always carrying a happy smile and a         Youth Chinese Writer Association. Tara, as did four other
good sense of enjoying her life. Now in Year 8, Tara has        YCIS QD Secondary students, were awarded between
been a YCIS student for two years. Prior to joining the         them Silver and Bronze positions in this Chinese Writing
YCIS family, she left her native Korea when she was eight       Competition 2009.
years old; and attended a local Chinese school initially.
Although Tara had grasped a good foundation of Chinese          Next, Tara took her newly polished English skills to the
language and some basic English at her first school, never      stage in September 2009. A competition of English
had she been so comfortable with three languages as she is      language for Korean students was organised by the
today.                                                          Korean Society & Enterprise Association in Qingdao
                                                                (KSEAQ) and supported by Korean Airlines and the
At YCIS students’ embracement of the two main world             Korean Consulate General in Qingdao, the criteria was to
languages, English and Chinese, is a key feature to develop-    write a short piece for later recital on stage.
ing the global young person. The confident usage and
ability to pass from east to west, literally in language (and   Tara’s love of life is infections! Her quirky regard of inter-
return repeatedly!) is a goal for all here.                     esting sights and sounds in Qingdao led to her unique
                                                                recital of “My Life in Qingdao”. She laughed as she spoke
Recently Tara had the opportunity to prove her gained           about her description of a frog that seemed to croak in a
abilities. In May 2009 she composed a poem, in Chinese,         Qingdao accent! A pre-event of elimination was held on
reflecting her memories of her hometown in Korea. Her           12th September where 100 students braved the judges’
poetical verse described the games she played and the           critique. The reduced number of 30 participants then took
glimpses this allowed her into childhood memory. The            to the stage on 19th September for the final judgement.
competition was jointly organised by Poetry Association in      The audience of 250 held students, family members and
China (中國散文協會), Chinese Cultural Centre in Beijing              press & media. We were delighted that Tara gained a jus-
                                                                tified place of second. Quite an achievement, which pulled
(北京世界華人文化院) and Youth Chinese Writer Asso-                      on many skills as an all round confident language student.
ciation (世界華人少年作家協會). She was awarded a                         Differentiated teaching is maintained at YCIS to ensure
Bronze position which is a remarkable conquest against          that each individual attains his or her potential within their
thousands of entrants. Tara’s prose was selected from           ability reach. This has helped Tara and many others to
300,000 pieces all over the world. For those who received       strive; well done Tara!
                                                                                                             Paid advertisement
Out & About in QD

                           Getting Your Hair Cut in QD
                                                  A few places in Qingdao expats have tried & liked . . .
                                  Yong Qi                                                         The Three Story
                                  92 MinJiang Lu                                                  117 MinJiang Lu
                                  8583.1332                                                       8578.2283

                                  Prices                                                          Prices
                                  Men’s & Women’s Cuts 20 rmb                                     Cut by Korean Stylist 60 rmb
                                                                                                  Cut by Chinese Stylist 40 rmb
                    What Jen Wenschhof liked:
                    This salon was willing to work with me even though I didn't      What Expats Like:
                    know what I wanted. They had several of their staff (there       Owner, Mr. Lee, and the Korean stylist, Jin Sun, both speak
                    are plenty of them) come to me so that I could look at their     English. The friendly staff are willing to listen and work with
                    hair and choose what style I liked best. I actually combined     Western hair. The shop is clean and the shampoo massage
                    the hair styles of three of the workers to get my current        can last up to 10 minutes. Remind them not to use the
                    cut. The part that I was most impressed by though was the        thinning shears if you don’t require them. They also feel
                    competence and care taken by the young man who cut my            confident doing color for Western hair, including highlights
                    hair. He was very conscientious in making sure that the cut      and lowlights.
                    was even and ensuring I was satisfied with it. His profes-
                    sional attitude reminded me of my favorite hair stylist in                       Hair Rodeo
                    the US. My husband also received a shoulder massage                              128 Zhongzhou Lu
                    both times that he has gone there for a haircut. I didn't, but                   8578.0188
                    I think I accidentally told them I didn't want one when they
                    were asking me about the finishing services. Even without                        Prices
                    the massage, 20 rmb for shampoo, cut, and blow dry can't                         Men’s & Women’s Cuts 60 rmb
                    be beat. However, as far as I can tell, none of the workers                      Children’s Cuts 40 rmb
                    speak English, so you might want to brush up on your                             Coloring starts at 350 rmb
                    "going to the hair salon" vocabulary before you go.              What Expats Like:
                                                                                     Hair Rodeo caters largely to Korean clientele. There is not
                                           Tips . . .                                much in the way of English, but it is easy enough to explain
                                                                                     that you don’t want the thinning shears, and to indicate
                                           Go for a "Trial Run". Have them wash
                                                                                     how much you want trimmed. The stylists are confident and
                                           and blow dry your hair, just to see
                                                                                     capable. It’s a teaching school— the teachers do the cuts,
                                           how it turns out. It's a safe way to
                                                                                     while their students stand at attention watching their
                                           check if a salon understands its
                                                                                     mentor’s technique. Hair washes and blow drying are done
                                                                                     by the students— and no where else in the world will you
                                           Another option: send a family mem-        pay this little to have two guys in skinny jeans, with coifed
                                           ber who has the least to loose from       hair style your tresses with dueling blow dryers!
                                           a bad cut. If they end up with a
                                           hairdo like Spock from Star Trek
                                                                                                                By Jen Johnson, Maiken Nigland,
                                           it's not the place to be!
                                                                                                              Vicki Peterson, and Jen Wenschhof
      14                 QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE

                                                                   Apartment for Rent
                                                    to Ele ake
                                                      4t vat
                                                        h or

                      Japanese Restaurant
                           Casual, Cozy Environment
                           With Friendly Wait Staff

                              Serving a Selection
                              of Fine Sushi, Sashimi
                              and Tempura
                                                                   Self—Owned, Newly Built in 2008 Apartment
                                                                    87 sq. meters, 2 bedrooms, big living room, 12th floor (with lift)
                                                                               Open/beautiful view • Safe community
                                       Will Create Meal                           All new appliances & well furnished
                                       According to Your                          Public heat /gas service available
                                       Choice of Cuisine           Located on South part of Fuzhou Rd, (5 minutes drive to Jusco)
                                                                                   Convenient public transportation
Call Saito: 136.5532.1668                                              45,000 RMB per year, (4,000RMB – Security deposit),
Xinwen Zhongxin Building, 4th Floor 
Xinwen Zhongxin Building, 4th Floor 
50 Hong Kong Middle Road   
                                                                             Prefer single or expat family. No agent fee.
50 Hong Kong Middle Road   
                                                                            Call Hugo 133.2500.6005 (English speaking)
Phone: 8077.9757 Email: 
Phone: 8077.9757 Email: walkinn                                        Email:
     Old Shanghai

     S        hanghai is a city with a seedy past, long familiar with expatriates, and teaming with juxtaposition.
              Old Shanghai, with its French Concession, Old Town and of course, the Bund stand in stark opposition to
     the newness of Pudong, on the east side of the muddy Huangpu River. But even on the sparkly new side, things
     quickly grow old. Newer, taller, brighter buildings edge closer to the sky and eclipse the buildings that only
     yesterday once held those titles. Have some spare time over the Christmas holiday? Schedule a trip to Old Shang-
     hai. You won’t be disappointed.

                                                    The Bund
                                                    E. Zhongshan No. 1 Rd 
                                                    The Bund is the iconic face of Old Shanghai, a strip of Western architecture
                                                    plunked into the Orient in the 19th century. Take a walking tour of this famous
                                                    mile during the day, allowing time to pop into the foyers and lobbies of many of
                                                    the classic buildings. Bring along a guidebook that will give background informa-
                                                    tion about each address along this famous chunk of riverfront real estate.
                                                    At nighttime, make sure you get a view of the Bund from the Pudong side, where
                                                    the Bund makes an impressive backdrop against the river traffic on the murky
                                                    Huangpu. Be sure to watch your bag and pocketbooks (if there is still anything left
                                                    after you’ve shopped Shanghai-style) as the throngs are thick, and pickpockets are
                                                    anxious to prey on international and domestic tourists alike.

                                                    Yu Yuan Gardens
                                                    218 Anren Street
                                                    The fight through the throngs of people in the bazaar area surrounding these
                                                    peaceful Ming area gardens are worth it, so is the 30 rmb ticket. Inside is
                                                    surprisingly peaceful surrounded by the rock, water and greenery Chinese
                                                    gardens are famous for. Step through moon doors. Let your children find secret
                                                    paths. Remind them that some of these stones were laid more than 400 years
                                                    ago. Remind yourself that while often China seems to offer only a hectic frenzy,
                                                    there are times when she also offers peaceful presentations like Yu Yuan. For
                                                    true juxtaposition, leave the gardens that where originally created in the
                                                    mid-1500s and warm up with a hot beverage from Starbucks opposite the garden

Xin Tian Di
Taicang Rd & Madang Rd
Stylish and modern Xin Tian Di is popular with expats
and Shanghai locals alike. Everything old is new again in
this trendy area of boutique shops and fabulous restau-
rants. The area was saved from demolition, preserving
                                                                                                        Travel Tips . . .
several blocks of traditional Shanghai Skukimen style                                                    
homes (literally meaning stone door). A variety of                                                      •   There are several flights
restaurants, coffee shops, and upscale stores make it a                                                     daily from Qingdao to
perfect spot for a respite after facing throngs of people                                                   both Hong Qiao and
in other more touristy areas.                                                                               Pudong Airports
Make sure to pop into the Shukimen Open House  
Museum (20 rmb ticket) for a peak at the past and what                                                  •   Discounted fares can be
life was like for the upscale Shanghainese at the turn of                                                   as little as 200 yuan
last century.                                                                                               each way
Come hungry, and be sure to survey all the restaurants
before committing to a great meal in this classy area of                                                •   Hotel prices vary
Old Shanghai.                                                                                               Expect to pay more near
                                                                                                            Bund area
Museums                                                                                                 •   Taxis are plentiful and
Shanghai Musuem                                                                                             inexpensive
2 Renmin Ave                                                                                                Base fares start around
There are a number of worthy museums in Shanghai. Most notable, the Shanghai Museum, which                  11 yuan
is widely considered one of the best in China. Most guidebooks suggest scheduling at least a half
day to visit, to take in everything from Ancient China to the Ming Dynasty. Tickets are 20 rmb,         •   Consider using the
but for 50 rmb you can purchase a combined ticket that will allow you access to:                            unique, under-the-river
The Shanghai Museum, The Shanghai Art Museum, and The Grand Theatre.                                        Bund Sight Seeing
                                                                                                            Tunnel to travel
                                                                                                            between the Bund and
                                                             Shanghai Urban                                 Pudong Pearl Tower
                                                             Planning Exhibition Hall                       area … far more
                                                                                                            interesting than a cab,
                                                             100 Renmin Ave                                 and during peak traffic
                                                             If you want to get a real feel for
                                                             the urban sprawl that is modern                time, faster too! 
                                                             day Shanghai, stop in at the Shang-
                                                             hai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
                                                             and see the entire city in miniature.
                                                             Locate the Bund, French Concession         If you asked 10 people to
                                                             and old town, and then see if you          mention their favorite things
                                                             can find your hotel and other places       to do in Shanghai, you would
                                                             you’ve visited while on holiday in         probably get 10 different
                                                             Shanghai. Tickets are 30 rmb.              answers.
                                                                                                        It’s a city of 15 million, and
                                                                                                        has a fascinating modern
Shanghai Municipal Museum                                                                               This piece serves only to
1 Century Ave (Pudong)                                                                                  highlight some aspects of
For a more specific look at Shanghai in its heyday, con-                                                what Shanghai once was.
sider crossing over to Pudong for a peek at the                                                         There is of course, much,
Shanghai Municpal Museum (entry ticket 30 rmb) which                                                    much more to the Old
is located in the base of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Unless                                              Shanghai, the city once
the day is fabulously clear, take a pass on the tower
itself (endless queues and crowded lifts generally make                                                 known as the “Paris of the
it less appealing regardless of the air quality). This fun                                              East”.
museum in the base of the tower features Old Shanghai,                                                                  - Jen Johnson
primarily before the country became the PRC. It has
interactive displays and boasts, among other things, the
original bronze lions that once flanked the doors of the
HSBC on the Bund.

                                                                                                     your community resource             17
                     Common Questions Expats Ask...
                     Where can you find Christmas decorations in Qingdao?
                                                 You know you saw a sun faded Santa hanging in a shop window in July,
                                                 which leads you to believe Holiday décor must be available somewhere in
                                                 QD. Jusco and Carrefour may come through with a few decorations
                                                 designed for the Chinese market. Your best bets though, will be at Metro
Did U Know . . .

                                                 Cash & Carry, Jimo Lu Market (look for vendors who carry items
                                                 intended for international export), and the QMIS Christmas Fair (see ad on
                                                 page 8).

                     Where can you drop off used clothes?
                                                  Consider donating them to Elim Autism Home. The home takes toys & chil-
                                                  dren's clothes for their most needy students. They also take clothes for
                                                  their students’ parents, and household items for out-of-towners who set up
                                                  residence in QD during the duration of their child’s treatment.

                                                  Elim Autism Home Phone: 8878.1620
                                                  Address: Jing Song Qi Lu #7 Jing Gong Yuan Nei
                                                  颈松七路 7 号 精工院内

                     Alternatively, you can drop off your used adult and children’s clothes with members of the Qing-
                     dao Expat Charity, and they will distribute on their next visit to rural schools. For more informa-
                     tion, including drop off location, e-mail

                     Where can you donate books?
                                                 There is a Free Expat Book Exchange, set up inside of Napoli, 43 Hong Kong
                                                 Road. The idea of the exchange is that you donate a few books and then
                                                 borrow selections of interest. However, if you just want to unload some
                                                 paperbacks you are finished with, it would be a great way to grow this
                                                 community resource.

                                                 The Book Nook, 100 Nanjing Lu, will also take certain used books and offer
                                                 you store credit. For more information on what titles are accepted contact
                                                 the Book Nook directly at 8097.1935

                     Send us your valuable tips! E-mail:
                     Subject line: Did U Know

                                                        Expat Resources on the Web
                   A great place for Qingdao Expats to find the current issue of   Offers maps, listings, and Qingdao attractions and boasts a
                   QEM & archived ones as well. Watch for community events,        comprehensive listing of bus routes!
                   special updates, and volunteer opportunities.
                   This emerging website offers a host of information & facts      Created by our very own Qingdao expats, the Carman’s.
                   about our host city. Be sure to register to gain complete ac-   Offers helpful advice on delivering a baby in China.
                   cess to all listings.
                   Great for finding local addresses in Chinese and locating the   Resources, references and support for third culture kids and
                   hippest bar on the block.                                       their families.

       18             QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
We know China.
We understand business here.

                                                                    Law Firm
As a leading provider of premium consulting services to foreign
                                                                    Specialties include:
companies wanting to establish business in Qingdao and Shandong
since 2001, HANRONG Consulting Co., Ltd offers cost-efficient and
speedy solutions based on our rich experience and extensive         Foreign Investment
network in local government covering:                               International Trade
     • Location Sourcing                                            Company Law
     • Business Incorporation Registrations/Cancellation
     • Taxation Services                                            Labor Law
     • Opening Bank Accounts
     • Application for Resident Permit
                                                                    Shipping & Insurance
     • Serviced Office
Jordan is looking forward to answering your questions.

                                                                     More Information at is available
 Mobile:139.6392.9799          Phone/Fax: 8386.1859                        in Chinese, English, German and French
 Email:      Website:

                                                                    Connected to Asia
                                                                     First FIDI accredited international
                                                                     moving company in Asia.

                                                                     All removals are handled by Santa Fe’s
                                                                     dedicated packing crew.

                                                                     We don’t sub-contract.

                                                     Services Include:
    Moving (International, Domestic, Local & Office) · Familiarization (Tailored City Tours)
      Visa & Immigration · Home & School Search · Expense & Tenancy Management
             Settling-In & Departure Program · Records Management · Storage
Tel: +86 532 8386 9455 Fax: +86 532 8386 2246 E-mail:
                                                                                          your community resource         19
                                                                            1st Authentic German Butchery
Expat Birthdays

                    Sheng Ri Kuai Le
                  December 2009
                  1. Armand VANHEE, McKinley SMITH ('99),
                            Catherine THOMPSON
                  2. Emma MALONE
                  5. Olivia KRISTENSEN ('06), Jack TANG
                  6. Matthew CHESTER, Frankie GOH                                                Winter Specials:
                  7. Sun Kyoung LEE, Max WONG
                  8. Beate MEUSER, Chloe TRAN ('04)                                   Venison Grill Sausage • Smoked Mackerel
                  9. Christopher LIPTAU
                                                                                   Smoked Duck Breast • Smoked Chicken Breast
                  10. Danny BEN-DAVID ('92)
                  11. Kelly KU                                                    We Can Also Provide (with advanced booking)
                  12. Annette PRESTON, Leonardo VIVONA ('07)
                  13. Ruta BILIUNAITE-KAVALIAUSKIENE,                     Haunch of Venison • Saddle of Venison • Christmas Ham on the bone
                  15. Xiao Hua WANG, Mayu SHIOKAWA ('88), Qi ZHAO                    (Contact Yalin @ 13808952700 for booking)
                  16. Seung Hyun LEE ('95), Andrew RICHARDSON
                  17. Eric SHEPHERD                                       Open Daily: 9:30 – 20:00
                  18. Danesh ZHAO-GRAHAM ('97), Peter CHUNG,              Address: Hai An Road No. 1
                            Angel CHUNG                                   Eldo View Garden Shopping Center
                  20. Gerd BURKARD                                        海安路1号,银都景园,景园福超市
                  21. Seung Tae KANG, Isao KONDO                          Telephone: 0532-88018634 (English-speaking)
                  22. Diana DRENSKA ('95), David LEE
                  23. Dr. Ian REYNOLDS, Hans BOIE
                  25. Amy ZHAI ('00)
                  28. Sebastian DORADO ('80)
                  29. Tatsuya SHIOKAWA ('90)
                  30. Hayato TOBITA ('88), James CORSI
                  31. Michael MENG ('91), Lilly SONG, Dong Hyun CHO

                  January 2010
                                                                                    Levain Naturel
                  2. Frank & Roger CHEN ('87), Jonathan BEN-DAVID,
                           Bill DUNWOODY SR.                                         FRENCH BAKERY
                  3. Madsen HENRIK, Helen WOLF
                  4. Lara Silvana SIMION ('05), Dongni GAN ('92),                Shingo Takeuchi, Boulanger
                           Seung Jung NAM ('97)
                  5. Min SUN, Susan RAY, Young Chun WANG,
                           Maureen CARROTT
                  7. GullBritt HELLQVIST, Cristina MOYA, Pascal GAUL
                  8. Saulius KAVALIAUSKAS, Liam-Nicolaj KRENZIEN ('04),
                           Stephanie REESE, Kyung Hee KIM, Todd CORL
                  9. Piantanida GIANNI, Max WONG
                  10. Paul CAMPBELL
                  11. Carine VAN DE VELDE, Clement CHUM ('95)
                  13. Samuel GUSTAFSSON ('05),
                  14. Rose LO, Felix CHO ('94)
                  16. Hui ZHENG, Richard GRAHAM
                  17. Marcus CHUM ('01)
                  18. Angela KU ('98), Eliza JOHNSON (02),
                           Daryl CARROTT, Winfried MICHELS
                  21. John CHADWICK, Christiane SCHMALZL,
                           Maria Nelly PINTO
                                                                                   ORGANIC • NATURAL YEAST
                  22. Jun LIANG, Kyu Young CHUNG
                  24. Leonie-Sofie KRENZIEN ('06),
                  25. Christiane LAWO-FU                                              OPEN Daily 10:00 to 18:00
                  26. Fuyuki KONDO ('95)                                             CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS
                  27. Kit Ying PUN
                  29. Celia-Isabel BÜNTE ('03), Kevin CARMICHAEL ('94)                   Phone: 138.6422.6883
                  30. Kate POWER ('00)
                  31. Sharon WESTON, Zheng YA
                                                                                Yindu (Silver) Garden #11 Zhanghua Lu

     20                QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
              g Spe
       ornin —11 am
            st & A

                                15 rm
      1. Toa hocolate =
       o r Ho
Coffee l & Americ
                       an Co
  2. Bag hocolate = out)
                           15 rm
                                                     The Book Nook
      Hot C house or take o
                    or tak
                                                     Creative 100 Industrial Park Rm #22, 100 Nanjing Lu 
                                                     Phone: 8097.1935 E‐mail: 

                                                      Visit our new shelves at SPR Whitehouse next 
                                                            to Surf Plaza and Shi Lao Ren Beach.  
                                                      Free storytelling at SPR will begin January 9th, 
                                                                 every Saturday 2 to 3 pm

                                                     December & January Events @ 
                      OPEN DAILY 7:30 am - 1:00 am
                                                     The Book Nook 
 21 (jia) Mingjiang 2 Lu · Phone 8573-5300
                                 8573-               Business Book Club Meeting 
                                                     Thursday, January 28th, 7 pm to 9 pm 
                                                     Book & Film Club 
                                                     Friday, January 29th, 6 pm 
                                                     Reading & Watching Bridge to Terabithia 
                                                     Free Storytelling  
                                                     Every Saturday Morning 10 am to 11 am 

                                                               See our website at  
                                                          For our new events schedule  
                                                          beginning on January 9, 2010!

                                                                                    Please Note, 
                                                                                  New Winter Hours 

                                                                                 The Book Nook hours: 

                                                                                 M—F:  10  am—6 pm 
                                                                                 Weekends: 10 am—6 pm 

                                                                               your community resource        21
                                                           Global Chili
What’s Cooking in QD?

                                                                                                                   Submitted by Carmen C.

                        What’s                         •    1/2 kilo (yi jin or about 1 pound) ground beef C, J, M, XK
                        Cooking in                     •    2 large minced/chopped onions (yellow or white onion) C, H, J, M, SG, XK
                                                       •    2 large minced/chopped green bell peppers (green colored & shaped like a bell, re-
                        Qingdao?                            move stem & seeds before washing & chopping) C, H, J, M, SG, XK
                                                       •    3 large minced/chopped cloves of garlic C, H, J, M, SG, XK
                                                       •    1 teaspoon dry basil (5ml)H, SG
                        Lots of wonderful              •    1 teaspoon paprika (5ml)H, M, SG
                        flavors and                    •    1 teaspoon salt (5ml) C, H, J, M, SG, XK
                        pleasant aromas                •    2 tablespoon chili powder (30ml) M, SG (SG has "Hot Mexican Style Chili Powder" so
                        from the many                       add gradually according to your taste, no different than regular)
                        international                  •    1/2 liter (about 2 cups) tomato juice (add more for desired consistency) H, J, XK
                        kitchens repre-
                        sented in Qingdao!
                                                       •    Brown meat completely and drain
                        The QEM hopes to               •    Add all chopped items & sauté well
                        feature simple                 •    Pour in tomato juice, add all dry ingredients, mix well
                        recipes made from              •    Bring to a boil & then lower temperature & simmer for about 2 hours, stir often
                        ingredients readily
                        available in                   Good to Know
                                                       Like a hearty stew it freezes well; great for parties, school lunch box, cold weather...
                        Qingdao.                       easy to make larger or smaller amount for your needs

                                                       Optional items to add:
                        Remember:                      Beans: Pinto/Black/Red/Kidney/White (Cannellini) (drained)
                                                       Whole kernel Corn (drained)
                                                       Whole, cooked, drained beans (fresh or canned) can be added quickly and easily (one or
                                   It must be a        more varieties) making the amount of chili increase and adds healthy beans to your
                                   tested recipe       meal.
                                   that is not too
                                   time                Optional Garnish
                                   consuming.          Finely chopped onion
                                                       Shredded cheddar cheese (commonly sold shredded & sold in a bag) H, M, SG
                                                       Tabasco sauce H, M, SG
                                   recipes             Serve With Any of the Following:
                                   should have         Mixed Green Salad, Green Beans, Saltine Crackers, Corn Bread
                                   you can find                     All above items are according to your taste, please adjust as needed
                                   @ grocery
                                   stores in QD.       Store Code Used Above *
                                                       A = all stores
                                                       C = Carrefour, grocery on level 2
                        Have something to              H = Hisense Grocery, many imported grocery items
                        submit?                        J = Jusco, grocery store on lower level facing construction area & Crowne Plaza Hotel
                                                       M = Metro, imported food section is located between cash registers & bakery
                                                       SG = Silver Garden Grocery, small neighborhood grocery store with no signs, ground level of building number
                        Send your recipe to            #12 , carries many favorite "expat" imported items
                 XK = Xin Kuai, a favorite "expat" clean, high quality meat market
                                                       (also refer to "Navigating Grocery Jungle" Qingdao Expat Magazine Sept. 2009 issue, page 14)

                                                       *unfortunately all information above is subject to constant change

      22                  QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                       LOVELY NAILS
                                                 No. 23 Eldo Garden (Silver Garden)
                                                       No.1 of Zhanghua Road

                              Botox                  Open Daily 10:30 -20:00
                           Massage      Nail Care                       Hot Waxing
                        Liposuction     Manicure          90 rmb        Eyebrows          40 rmb
                        Rhinoplasty     Manicure with                   Underarm          100 rmb
                                        Arm Treatment     210 rmb       Half Arm          130 rmb
                     Eyelid Surgery     Pedicure          130 rmb       Half Leg          160 rmb
                   Laser Treatment      Pedicure with                   Bikini            180+ rmb
                  IPL Rejuvenation      Leg Treatment     320 rmb
                Facelift & Browlift
              Permanent Make-up
            Cheek & Chin Implants         Call 8588.7871 for appointment
           Breast Lift/Enlargement               (English Spoken
                                                  English Spoken)
        Tian Bei                              Walk ins also welcome
                                              Walk-ins      welcome!
Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery
  203 Minjiang Lu 闽江路203号
                                               Bring in this ad for
  8077-                                    20% off All Treatments

                                       Are you finally ready to bite the bullet and learn Chinese?
                                               Private lessons, Convenient, Affordable.
                                                      Your pace and schedule.
                                                       FIRST LESSON FREE!
                                       Call today while Alina still has openings.
                                       Mobile: 159.5327.2310

                                        LESSONS FOR YOU:
                                        ~Oral Communication in Chinese
                                        ~Business Chinese        ~Conversational Chinese
                                        ~Advanced Chinese       ~HSK

                                        ·Teaching adults and kids since 2004
                                        ·Have published Papers considering Teaching Chinese as a
                                                Foreign Language.
                                        ·Have published Books considering Translated Articles of
                                                Languages & Characters.
                                        ·Master’s Degree: Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistic
                                        ·Bachelor’s Degree: Chinese Language and Literature

                                                                   your community resource           23
                     Sailing News in Brief by Jeppe Mortensen
                                            Winter Sailing in Qingdao
Sailing in Qingdao

                                                In Northern Europe sailors shovel snow and break the ice to get out on
                                                their boats during the winter. In Qingdao the sea never freezes over, but
                                                many still do not seem to be aware of the excellent sailing conditions the
                                                winter has on offer.
                                                Dressed properly, you'll be safe and comfortable while sailing + the fun
                                                factor is significantly higher than on most summer days. During the winter
                                                the only company you're guaranteed on the sea in Qingdao is seagulls,
                                                fishermen, and large shipping vessels. For safety reasons, going out 2-3
                                                boats together is therefore a good idea.
                                                November was the best sailing month of 2009. Certainly not the warmest
                                                month of the year, but a windy autumn month never fails to put big smiles
                                                on the faces of sailors who brave the colder weather and get out there
                                                pulling some rope.
                                                At the time of writing, 8 WETA trimarans are expected to be on the starting
                                                line for the "QD WETA SAILING - 2009 Autumn Regatta" on November
                                                22nd. A great start on Qingdao's winter sailing season.
                                                GET INVOLVED. Visit us inside the Olympic Sailing Center or call
                                                138.8463.7870 (Jeppe) for more information.

       24              QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                                                                                                      Y       F
                                                                                                                    w og         RE
Han Xiang Yi Yoga Center                                                  Winter
                                                                                                                     it h a
                                                                                                                         th   Le E
                                                                                                                            is s
                                                                          Promotions:                                         co so
                                                                                                                                up n
                                                                          50% off
                                              First Yoga Lesson,First Belly Dancing
                                                                          Lesson and Spa & Facial
Han Xiang Yi Yoga Studio
is an international life studio. We inspire a lifestyle that is           30% off
delicate,gentle and comfortable.                                          Yoga Card (Receive 1 Belly Dancing Lesson or
                                                                          Spa & Facial for free)
We are the first yoga studio in Qingdao with an American
yoga coach teaching bilingual Yogilates and Pilates in a                  30% off
western style.                                                            All high quality yoga & dancing apparel,
                                                                          yoga products and famous brand clothing.
We are also the first yoga studio in Qingdao offering
bilingual instruction for:
      Men’s Hot Yoga • Pregnancy Yoga • Postpartum Yoga

We offer other energetic classes:
    Belly Dancing • Hula Dancing • Yin Yoga • Ashtanga Yoga

We instruct yoga in several languages, including:
     Chinese • English • Japanese

            Ph: 8572.2257 or 8977.8516
            (English, Chinese & Japanese)
            Room 102 Unit 1 Bldg 1 Chang Hai Yuan 9 Qingyuan Lu

Looking for a                                                                    Helen Travel & Life
home in Qingdao?                                                                 No. 6 Donghai West Road Rm. 316
                                                                                 133.7639.8383 E-mail:

                                                                   With Féfans …
We will find                                                       •    Increase your income while
you the most                                                       •
                                                                        working from home
                                                                        Lose Weight
suitable one!                                                      •    Gain Self Esteem

Professional services                                                                         Custom Designed Travel
                                                                                                Hotel Discounts & Reservations
from move in to move out!                                                                  International & Domestic Flight Booking
                                                                                              Tours of China & the Yangtze River
                                                                                             Visa Service– for L, F & expired Visas

Apartments, Houses, Villas
… whatever you need!                                                •   Full Service Translation Assistance
                                                                    •   Children’s After School Activities

homes4U                       Tel/Fax: 8998.2199                    •   Telephone Call Back System for Reduced
                              Mobile: 159.6428.4000                        International Calling Rates
For all your property needs
                              Address: 150 Zhangzhou Road
                                                                  I can help you meet all your travel & life needs.

                                                                                            your community resource                   25
                                                     As your community resource, the Qingdao Expat Magazine is pleased to run free
                                                     classified print ads for members of the expat community. It is on a first come, first
                                                     served basis and based on available space. Deadline for each issue is the 15th of
     Classifieds Community

                                                     the month.
Classifieds & & Community

                                                     You can e-mail your classified to

                              Seeking Kindergarten Aged                                      Seeking                         Free Language
                              Children                                                       Employment                      Exchange
                                                                                              English speaking ayi           If you're from English
                             I am running a small kindergarten from our home based
                                                                                              with extended experience       speaking country, and
                             on the Waldorf philosophy. Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner phi-
                                                                                              working with expat fami-       wish to learn more about
                             losophy is based on the whole child and believes that play is
                                                                                              lies seeks employment          Qingdao, or you want
                             a child's work and pathway to learning. Our play is bal-
                                                                                              with a family with young       improve Chinese and
                             anced with a rhythm to the morning which includes things
                                                                                              children. Contact: Jane        learn a little Qingdao
                             like making our own warm meal. I am looking for more 4
                                                                                              at 8873.2749 or                dialect contact Allen, a
                             and 5 year old children whose families would embrace this
                                                                                              137.9191.0895                  local guy who would like
                             philosophy. Contact Kirsten: 150.2002.9393 or
                                                                                                                             to improve his English
                    .                                        Language                       138.6488.2919 or
                             Homemade Foods                                                   Smart Chinese specializes
                                                                                              in working with expats and
                             Natural Peanut Butter for sale. We roast and grind the           helping them learn Chinese     MINS Bilingual
                             peanuts, 500g 15 rmb. Also have Granola and Tortillas            the smart way! Children’s      Magazine has a number of
                             for sale. Granola 500g for 45 rmb, Large or Small corn,          lessons, translation, and      vacancies including: English
                             whole wheat or white flour tortillas. Small 6 for 10 rmb,        interpretation services are    Translator & Editor, Sales,
                             Large 6 for 15 rmb. Call Stephanie 13455234817 to order          also available. Contact        Distributors and Activities
                             or for questions.                                                Maggie Tian:
                                                                                                                             Planner. For more further
                                                                                                                             details contact:

                              seeks to fill, with qualified applicants the position of:
                                   QEM Creative Director
                              Our small staff works as a team to publish a community resource magazine for expats – the QEM. These are a
                              volunteer positions. All proceeds from our advertising clients, after printing costs, are donated to the Qingdao Expat
                              Charity. For further information see details on page 11.

                              Interested? Contact:

                                                 Community Activities
                                                    La Leche League
                                                    Monthly meetings for breastfeeding mothers. To join the mailing list contact local
                                                    La Leche leader Valerie @

                                                    Free Expat Book Exchange
                                                    @ Napoli 43 Hong Kong West Road
                                                    Open Daily 10:30 am to 11:30 pm

               26            QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
Preparing Students
for Our Changing World

    American            7th grade and up         Intensive English
National Standards     supplied with laptop     Language Classes
Based Curriculum        & wireless Internet

  Individualized       Kindergarten through       Extracurricular
    Instruction        High School Classes           Activities

            Starting January 2010
  QAIS will be offering pre-kindergarten classes (ages 2.5 - 3.5)

             Qingdao American International School
             33 Taipingjiao Yi Lu Phone: 8388.9900
             E-mail: Website:

Shared By: