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									Congestion Charging
About Congestion Charging

Congestion Charging is an electronic fee collection system designed for
 the purpose of reducing traffic congestion, by motivating users to use
 public transport services or to avoid peak traffic periods.

 • Q-Free is the leading global supplier of
 Urban Traffic Solutions for Congestion
 Charging. Technology independent turnkey
 solutions tailored to customer needs based
 on 25 years of experience

 • Q-Free has delivered a Congestion
 Charging system in Stockholm that clearly
 demonstrates the concepts’ capacity to
 change travelers' behavior
Global Volume of Road Transport is Expected to Grow 111 %
from 2000-30

          Market Drivers
                                           Passenger Transport in World Regions (2007)

                                                                        billion pkm**
      Rising level of congestion

 Environmental concerns to improve
     air quality & noise pollution

 PPP to reduce budgetary constraints

   Increased public acceptance to
        reduce waiting times

  Road safety increase the need to
       managing congestion
                                       **Source: EU Energy & transport in Figures 2006, Part 3 Transport
  The Objective is to Reduce Traffic and/or Move the Traffic during
  Rush Hours to Other Times
   •   Considerable fee for undesirable public behavior
   •   Smaller fee for alternative public behavior
   •   No fee for optimal public behavior
   •   Reward for desirable behavior can be offered as option




 Morning                          Midday                    Evening
Congestion Charging Solutions Exist Worldwide

        Sweden          • Congestion Charging in Stockholm to reduce traffic peaks
                        • Q-Free has delivered the complete roadside package and ALPR
                          (automatic license plate recognition) software
        Italy           • Introduced Video Tolling in Milan for Congestion Charging purpose
                        • End-users buy “Eco-passes” to get access to the city

        Singapore       • Electronic road toll collection system for purposes of Congestion
        Great Britain   • Congestion Charging in London control access right to the city
                          centre zone
                        • Q-Free has delivered ALPR Software
        Norway          • System to finance road infrastructure, with less congestion in the
                          city centre as on of the effects
        Australia       • Q-Free has implemented Time of day Tolling for Sydney Harbour
                          Bridge and Tunnel
Oslo – Stockholm - London
Fully Automated Payment Solutions Ensure Low Operational Costs

                                             Proof of Payment

       Payment Means

       Owner      Driver                          Security


                                             Proof of Violation

Chassis Number   License Plate Number   Prevention of illegal passage
Basic Elements of a Congestion Charging System

                                  Operational                Commercial
 1    Roadside               2    Back-Office
                                                        3    Back-Office

                                 Transaction                Business
     Data Collection &
                                 Handling                   Management

     Vehicle identified by       Charging based on          Accounts handling

        Video or DSRC                  Zones or             CRM, General Ledger,
                                  Time/Distance/Place            web etc.
1    Roadside – Data Collection

                     Data Collection

                     With On       Dedicated Short-Range
                     Board Unit       Communications (DSRC)
                     (OBU)                 •   Payment is transferred when the
    Identification                             vehicle passes a physical charging
    of vehicle                                 points
    can be done                            •   The OBU transmits ID, classification,
    by DSRC                                    etc using DSRC
    and ALPR in
    combination      Without      Automatic License Plate
    or by ALPR       OBU             Recognition (ALPR)
    alone                              •       Cameras mounted on physical gantries
                                       •       Vehicle identified by optical character
                                               recognition, matched against electronic
                                               vehicle registry and owner charged
2   Operational Back Office – Transaction Handling

     Charging       • The Q-Free Back-Office solution is fully automated
      Toll            and charges the account according to the number of
      calculation     events recorded.
                    • The user can pay using bank transfer, credit card,
                      web services etc.
                    • Violators will be handled by the enforcement

     Support        • Monitoring
     Functions      • Assets management
3   Commercial Back Office – Business Management

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
        • Supporting end-users
        • Keeping track of customer and accounts
        • Invoice handling
        • Complaints

    External interfaces
        • Banks
        • National Vehicle Register
        • Clearing, interoperability

      Q-Free Delivers…
  • Fully automated turnkey solutions for
    Congestion Charging
  • Efficient operational models
  • Extensive experience
  • Advisory
  • Local presence and staffing

  …Leading to

  •   Less traffic
  •   Reduced travel time
  •   Less pollution
  •   Minimized operational costs and
      optimized performance

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