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									Contact Lens
Eyes are an important organ of human body. Everything becomes worthless without this
organ. Everyone needs to check his eyes regularly. People generally use eyeglasses to
solve their eye problems. But many opticians suggest using contact lenses for eye
problems. Contact lenses fashion becomes popular in young generation. The difference
between eye glasses and contact lenses are given below:

      In eyeglasses, distortion can be created between eye and lens because of distance.
       On the other hand, contact lenses are worn the right on the eye, which creates
       more natural vision.
      Eyeglasses have poor peripheral (side) vision. Contact lenses are free from poor
       peripheral vision problem because entire field of view is in focus in contact
       lenses. It is important in sports and in driving, where one needs to see as much
       around his as possible.
      It is uncomfortable using eyeglasses because of its weight. It needs Periodic
       tightening or other adjustment. On the other hand, contact lenses are comfortable
       to use because of their negligible weight.
      Glasses fog up with changes in temperature. On the other hand, Contacts don't fog
      Eyeglasses are less expensive than contact lenses. The price of contact lenses is
       very high.
      Eyeglasses are annoying to wear in rain or snow because the glasses become blur
       during rain. But contact lenses won't collect precipitation and blur one’s vision.

There are many problems using eyeglasses but there are some advantages for eyeglasses

      Eyeglasses not only solve the eye problems but also protect eyes in many critical
      Some contact lens wearers get eye infections, may lose, or run out of contacts, so
       their glasses are always there to save the day.
      Eyeglasses express the personality of a man which is not expressed by contact

Now there 36 millions people use contact lenses. There are four types of contact lenses.
They are- (1) The rigid, gas-permeable lens, (2) Other flexible, non-water absorbing
lenses, (3) The soft, water-absorbing lens, (4)Other rigid lenses.

But many people cannot use contact lenses because of their high price. But there are
many vision centers which offer people coupons, discount on contact lenses.

Walmart eye exam coupons are such coupon. It is offered by Wal-Mart Vision Center.
Wal-Mart Vision Center is a leading vision center in USA. They are famous for their
rollback price and service quality.
America’s Best is another vision center which offers to consumers discounts on contact
lenses. They provide consumers contact lenses of high quality at low cost.

So visit these vision centers and get your contact lenses.

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