Midlake Conference May 28-30_ 2010

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					                    2010 Midlake Conference May 28-30, 2010
                              Devil’s Head Resort & Convention Center
                               56330 Bluff Road, Merrimac, WI 53561

                                             Pure Magic

Alateens and Sponsors - the 2010 IL Midlake Planning Committee invites you to join us for an
amazing weekend of pure magic!

The excitement begins Friday night at the opening festivities followed by the ever-popular ice cream social.
And don’t forget to bring something special to wear for the Saturday Night Banquet…we love seeing you
all dressed up! Finally, if that’s not enough for you, we’ve got you covered with meetings 24/7.

The hospitality room will have a wide assortment of snacks and beverages available throughout the weekend
to help keep you charged with energy! Other meals are included in the registration cost for the weekend.
During the conference, there’s also a need for sponsors and teens to help with Peace Corps, from 11.00 pm-
6:00am Friday & Saturday evenings. Sign up in hospitality room.

Back by popular demand is open mic night in the Cliffhaus after the banquet on Saturday (during the dance).
You are invited to sing, play a musical instrument (acoustic only), share a poem, or make us laugh with a
comedy routine. Please note that Devil’s Head Resort and Midlake will not be responsible for any damaged,
lost or stolen equipment.

The registration price covers the following: a hotel room for 2 nights (4 people/room), 3 meals Saturday and 1
meal Sunday. We’re offering an early bird discount fee of $115, if we receive your paid registration by May
1st. After May 1st, the price is $125. Any registration postmarked after May 18 th will not be honored.

The registration packet, available online, (password protected: loisandbill at includes:
1. Registration Form (please complete & mail with your payment)
2. Permission to Engage in Conference Trip & Authorization to Obtain Medical Care form (must be
   notarized). Do not mail this form. Sponsors to keep original and make copy for Alateen(s). Sponsors
   bring form to Midlake Conference and keep in their possession.
3. Midlake 2010 Guidelines (Must Read)
4. Directions to Devil’s Head Resort & Conference Center

Please feel free to print multiple copies of these forms for your group and other groups in your area, or simply
forward this email. To get a registration packet online, please go to scroll down and on the
left under Members Services, click on Members Page; password is loisandbill (all lower case). Entire
Registration Packet under Midlake 2010, Alateen Midlake Conference.
For further information, comments or concerns, please contact Registration (
Be sure to mention MIDLAKE in the subject line of email.

Love & hugs,

2010 Midlake Planning Committee (Illinois)
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                                Midlake Conference May 28-30, 2010
                                      Devil’s Head Resort & Convention Center
                                                     Pure Magic
                                           REGISTRATION FORM
                                      (Mail this form only with your payment)

Please send registration form(s) and check (s) made out to Midlake 2010 Conference as a group. Remember
to staple or paper clip your roommate(s) requests registration forms together, or you may be
assigned different roommates! This will speed up the registration process and ensure that you room with
whom you want to room with! Anyone sending forms in separately will be placed in a room at the discretion
of the Committee.

Name: ________________________________________Birth Month__________ Date_____ Year________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________State: _______________Zip: ________________

Home Phone: _______________________________Cell Phone: ____________________________________

My Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Please Circle One:   MALE       FEMALE       &     Please Circle One: ALATEEN            SPONSOR

Please Circle One: As of May 28, 2010            I am under 18 _______       I am over 18 years of age____

Name of Parent/Legal Guardian: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Sponsor’s Name: ___________________________ Group Name: _____________________________
Have I attended Midlake?___________________________________ How Many Times?___________________

Emergency Contact (if other than parent): ___________________________Phone: ______________________

Please Circle One:      I am a Smoker               I am a Non-Smoker          I am Allergic to Smoke
All hotel rooms are NON-SMOKING and we will strive to room smokers separate from those with allergies.

   Roommate Name                   Phone Number             Sponsor Name                Group Name_________

1. _______________________________________________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Prices: 4/room - $125 per person
        2/room - Add $15 per person (sponsors)
        Single - Add $60 (sponsors)

Please Circle: T-Shirt $15.00     Hoodie $25.00         MEDIUM         LARGE        X-LARGE        XX-LARGE
Send this form, along with your check or money order, (subtract $10 if prior to 5/1/10) plus price of Hoodie or T-Shirt,
made payable to Midlake 2010, addressed to:
                                               Midlake 2010
                              c/o Dan Morris 7112 W 35th St, Berwyn ill 60402
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                                Midlake Conference May 28-30, 2010
                          PERMISSION TO ENGAGE IN CONFERENCE TRIP and
                             AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN MEDICAL CARE
                             (Do Not Mail this form; sponsors keep & bring to Midlake)


The PRIMARY PURPOSE of the Midlake Conference is to share the experience, strength and hope of other teenagers
and fellow sponsors, to gain knowledge, compassion and understanding of ourselves and others, and to celebrate and have
fun in a safe, comfortable environment.
2010 MIDLAKE CONFERENCE GUIDELINES are a must read for all Alateens, Sponsors & parents/legal guardians.
Violations of Guidelines may result in an Alateen (as well as possible sponsor[s]) being requested to leave the conference,
at their own expense.
I, the undersigned Parent/Legal Guardian, hereby grant permission for ____________________________________
(Alateen) to participate in Midlake 2010 Conference, being held at Devil’s Head Resort, Merrimac, WI, May 28, 29 & 30,
2010. Alateen will be accompanied by _____________________________________ (Sponsor).
In case of accident, injury or medical emergency, I further authorize the above named Sponsor to act on my behalf, as I
myself would act; to obtain any first aid or necessary medical treatment or to administer medication. I agree that the above
named Sponsor is responsible for, and will, at all times, make decisions in the best interest of the Alateen.
The Alateen is currently/has been treated for the following: (circle all that apply)

Heart Trouble      High Blood Pressure Asthma            Low Blood Pressure            Diabetes      Insect Bites/Stings
Liver Trouble      Fainting Spells/Seizures              Hives                         Stomach Ulcers        Tuberculosis

Other: (please specify)____________________________________________________________________

Are there allergies to any foods, medications or environmental agents (insect bites, etc.)? Yes____ No____
List Allergies:________________________________________________________________________________
Current Medications/Reasons for Use:_____________________________________________________________

If Insured, Name of Insurance Company: ______________________________Policy Holder__________________
Policy Number: __________________________
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian (Please Print)_______________________________________________________

Telephone/Emergency Numbers: (         ) ____________________Home (             ) _________________(Other)
(Required phone number where Parent/Guardian can be reached during entire Midlake Conference Weekend)

Signature of Parent or Guardian:________________________________________________Date:__________________

Complete Street Address:____________________________________________________________________________
Before me, a Notary Public, on this day personally appeared ________________________to me, known by me to be the
person who signed the above Authorization, and acknowledged to me that (s)he executed the same for the purpose therein
WITNESS my hand and seal this _______ day of ______________, 2010
      NOTARY PUBLIC, State of:                                    (stamp) My Commission Expires:___________

                                       State: _____________ County: ____________

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                           MIDLAKE 2010 CONFERENCE GUIDELINES
                           Alateens, Sponsors & Parents: A Must Read
                             (Do not mail this; keep, read & follow these Guidelines.)

These Guidelines, like our 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, will help bring us together in working and maintaining the unity of
our group and all participating in Midlake Weekend. These Guidelines are based on experience, strength & hope,
thoughtful consideration, planning and common sense. They are necessary for the welfare and enjoyment of everyone
attending the conference. Sponsors, Alateens and Parents need to read these Guidelines, abide by them and help uphold
and maintain them.

    1. All Midlake attendees/participants must read, abide & maintain these Guidelines at all times for the safety,
        comfort, welfare and enjoyment of all conference participants and hotel guests.
    2. No one under 12 years of age will be admitted to Midlake Conference. Any teen attending Midlake
        Conference must be active in Alateen for three months prior to Midlake. For all Alateens, under the age of 18, a
        form, signed by the parent/legal guardian, must be obtained & NOTARIZED by the sponsor; it must be in the
        possession of your sponsor at all times during Midlake.
    3. During Midlake, Registration/Sign In will be Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., then will continue after
        opening ceremonies, until 12:00 a.m. midnight. Absolutely no walk-in registrations will be accepted. One
        sponsor is required for every four (4) Alateens. No Alateen will be admitted to the Conference before their
        sponsor arrives/is present.
    4. 0 Tolerance: The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, or any mind altering substance or
        possession/use of any contraband, (weapons, fireworks, etc.) will not be permitted or tolerated. Neither will any
        unlawful or unacceptable conduct. Failure to comply will result in discharge from Midlake, (at the violator's
        expense for return trip home) and the incident reported to the police. Also, unauthorized objects will be
    5. Smoking will be allowed only in areas designated by the hotel; outside, where there are ashtrays              for your
        use. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of all cigarettes.
    6. All Guest Room doors must remain completely open and all lights left/turned on whenever any person not
        assigned to that room is present. Sexual and or any other inappropriate behavior by any Midlake attendee
        will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in discharge from the conference at violator's expense.
    7. After 1:00 a.m. all Midlake guests must be in a room or at a meeting. Running is not permitted anywhere inside
        the hotel; Running is permitted outdoors, if participating in sports. The hotel lobby, stairways, elevators and
        hallways must remain free of congestion & clear of debris.
    8. Footwear, with soles, must be worn outside your room at all times.
    9. The Friday Opening Welcome, Saturday evening banquet, and Sunday morning closing are mandatory. All
        participants must be present. Sponsors are requested to perform a head count of their teens at these times.
    10. Please refrain from interacting with Non-Midlake guests. Please understand that you are here for the Midlake
        conference; we ask that you interact only with Midlake participants
    11. Midlake 2010 will not be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items. All electronic devices must be
        TURNED OFF during meetings! Music can be played in rooms from 11pm-6am at a reasonable volume.
    12. All medications and prescribed treatments required by participants must be properly labeled; Alateens must
        report these to your sponsor. The dispensing of prescription medication must be discussed between parent(s)
        and sponsor(s). A First Aid kit will be available in Hospitality room.
    13. To protect the anonymity of all Midlake guests, NO video recording is allowed. Audio recording can only be done
        at the speaker’s consent.
    14. During the conference, the hotel staff and Midlake committee members will inspect all rooms and surrounding
        areas for damages and property loss. Room repairs and replacements will be accessed and paid for by the
        participants assigned to the room.

All Midlake Conference participants are to remember their responsibility, not only to themselves in
upholding these Guidelines, but also that how we behave reflects on ourselves, each other, our
sponsors/sponsees, our group, the conference, and the Alateen name. Remember “First Things First”,
“Think” and "I am Responsible."
Sponsors must understand their responsibility in attending this conference. All sponsors have the right to
refuse to allow an Alateen to attend Midlake, based upon their discretion. Sponsors do not have to tolerate
unacceptable behavior, always remembering “To Place Principles above Personalities.“

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                                           Pure Magic


From Chicago via Rockford . . .
       Take 1-90 west towards Rockford
       Continue to Wisconsin going towards Madison.
       At Madison 1-90 and 1-94 merge and become 1-90/94
       Follow 1-90/94 west to exit #108a, Hwy 78 south
       Follow Hwy 78 for 8 miles and turn right at Hwy DL
       Go 2 miles to a four-way stop and turn right
       That will lead you to the entrance of Devil's Head
From Chicago via Milwaukee . . .
       Take 1-94 west towards Milwaukee
       At Milwaukee take 1-94 west around the downtown area
       Continue on 1-94 west to Madison
       At Madison 1-90 and 1-94 merge and become 1-90/94
       Continue on 1-90/94 west to exit #108a, which is Hwy 78 south
       Follow Hwy 78 south for 8 miles and turn on Hwy DL
       Go 2 miles on Hwy DL to the four way stop and turn right
       That will lead you to the entrance of Devil's Head
From Minneapolis . . .
       Take 1-94 east towards Madison
       Follow 1-90/94 east to exit #108a, Hwy 78 south
       Follow Hwy 78 south for 8 miles and turn right on Hwy DL
       Go 2 miles to a four-way stop and turn right
       That will lead you to the entrance of Devil's Head
From Ripon . . .
       Take Hwy 23 west to Hwy 51 south
       Take Hwy 51 south to the Portage exit, 78 south
       Take Hwy 78 south for 8 miles and turn right on Hwy DL
       Go 2 miles on Hwy DL to the 4-way stop at Bluff Rd.
       Take a right onto Bluff Rd.
       That will lead you to the entrance of Devil's Head
From Green Bay . . .
       Take Hwy 41 to Oshkosh
       From Oshkosh take Hwy 41 to Ripon
From 1~90/94 via Lodi . . .
       Exit # 119 which is Hwy 60: Follow Hwy 60 to 4-way stop at Lodi
       Turn right at 4-way onto Hwy 113: Follow 113 for 6 miles to ferry
       After ferry ride, turn left at stop sign onto Hwy 78
       Go 2 blocks and turn right onto Baraboo Rd.
       From there follow the directions from above
       Go 2 1/2 miles on Baraboo Rd. and at 4-way stop go straight
       That will lead you to the entrance of Devil's Head

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           2010 Midlake Alateen Conference
                      Pure Magic
                     Where We Become Family
    “Save The Date”!
    Friday, Saturday & Sunday    All Roads Lead to Midlake!!
                                  Devil’s Head Resort, Merrimac, WI
    May 28, 29 & 30, 2010

        “Warm Fuzzies”
        Welcome Festivities & Ice Cream Social
        Reconnect With Friends & Family! Make New Ones!
        24/7 Meetings… Pool, Hot Tub & “Rock” Meetings
        Saturday Night Banquet, Speakers, Dance & Open Mic
        Sunday Long “Farewells”… “Subway” Meeting…

           seeya “On Down the Road”…
          Contact -

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