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Academic Affairs weekly update 5-7-10


									                             Academic Affairs 2010
                                  An Academic Affairs weekly newsletter, co-sponsored by
                                  MU-ADVANCE, featuring updates on program events,
                                  projects, and faculty achievements.

                            W E E K L Y               U P D A T E
News: Committee to Review MU Policies                           Friday, May 7, 2010

MU-ADVANCE and Academic Affairs will co-sponsor an ad hoc committee to review Marshall’s
current Annual Review and the Tenure and Promotion policies. This committee of ten faculty
members will convene over the summer and will provide recommendations by the fall.

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Maria Babiuc

Dr. Maria Babiuc, an Assistant Professor in the Department of
Physics and Physical Sciences, was awarded a NSF grant for the
project “Precise Computation of Gravitational Waves at Infinity: The
Cauchy-Characteristic Approach.” Her research involves the de-
velopment of methods for solving Einstein equations numerically in
a full 3D code to simulate black hole evolution and to compute the
gravitational waveform emitted by a binary system. She teaches
both undergraduate and graduate Physics courses. More...

Faculty Publications and Presentations: Dr. Thomas Wilson

                                    Dr. Thomas Wilson, a Professor in the Department of
                                    Physics and Physical Sciences, presented “Coherent gen-
                                    eration of sub-terahertz acoustic phonons by the resonant
                                    absorption of pulsed far-infrared laser radiation in delta-
                                    doped silicon superlattices,” as the first contributed paper
                                    on opening day at the 13th International Conference on
                                    Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter
                                    (PHONONS2010), held in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Wilson’s
                                    research interests includes both condensed-matter and
                                    laser physics.

 Resource: Fierce Conversations
 “Fierce Conversations,” by Susan Scott, focuses on the importance of effective communica-
 tion in both our professional and personal lives. She believes there is a correlation between
 troublesome relationships and a lack of communication. This book provides encouragement
 to tackle uncomfortable conversations. This book is available for loan in the MU-ADVANCE
 Office (Science Building, Room 200-A).

          This is the final Academic Affairs 2010 newsletter until the Fall semester.

 Suggestions for future newsletter items can be sent to Heidi Williams:


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