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					September 1, 1995

To Whom It May Concern:

On August 20, 1995, I had the misfortune of taking Seacoast Airlines flight 268 from Atlanta,
Georgia to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If there had simply been a delay in departure time because
of weather or mechanical problems, I would understand. However, the problems with this flight
went far beyond that of a small delay.

To begin with, the flight was delayed because the flight attendants overslept. The passengers
were told that there were mechanical problems, but the flight attendants whispered the truth
amongst themselves.

Secondly, the flight was grossly over-booked. It is the policy of most airlines to offer
compensation if ticketed passengers are unable to secure seats on the plane. If your airline has
such a policy, the passengers were not made aware of it as several were asked to simply "give
up" their seats.

Finally, once the flight did get off the ground, the flight crew discovered that the beverages and
snacks had not been restocked. Thus, we went without food or drink.

I do not know if Seacoast Airlines has a customer service policy, but they sure do need one! They
have lost the patronage of myself, my friends, and many other passengers from my flight.