Year 7 - A pet is for life

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					                                     Year 7

                           Getting a Pet
Getting a pet involves many decisions. A family has to take into account
whether and which pet suits their way of life. Too often people do not ask
simple questions such as;
   Can we afford it?              Do we have enough time for it?
   Do we have enough space? Can we care for it, for all of it’s life?

Students design a proposal to present to their parents/guardians. This
proposal will illustrate their understanding of the responsibility of owning a pet.

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Paper                                     Science:       Life and Living
Pet care resource materials               The Arts:      Drama/Role Play

Internet Sites:          English:       Speaking & listening

1. Students are asked to imagine that they want to have a pet but their
   parents/guardians do not think this is a good idea.
2. Students must design a proposal to convince their parents/guardians that
   they should be allowed to obtain a pet. The proposal must demonstrate
   an understanding of the needs of the particular pet and include reference
   to the concerns of their parents/guardians.
3. Points to include in proposal could include-
    What type of pet and what size it is/will be?
    How much it will cost to care for it?
    What are its needs?
    Who will care for it?
4. Once the proposal has been completed students then present their
   proposal to the class who act as their parents/guardians. The student
   presenting should be prepared to argue their case and the class should
   be prepared to raise concerns parents might have.

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