; Bangalore Weekend Getaway Packages
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Bangalore Weekend Getaway Packages


Parkfield offering Weekend Getaway Packages in Bangalore to Families, Individuals, Couples, Girls, Boys, Young People, Kids and Business People with different package price.

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									                            Weekend Getaway Packages in Bangalore Resort

Now the Parkfield Resotel offering Weekend Refreshing Packages, Weekend Getaway breaks with
cool prices for the Couples, Individuals and Families from the Bangalore. In the Weekend Package,
Parkfield Providing all the resort facilities like Room stay, Facial or Head & Shoulder massage,
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and access to all Indoor, Outdoor facilities, Swimming Pool Access and all
the Game facilities in Cool Weather.

Special Package includes:

          A luxurious stay in our suite
          A sumptuous hearty breakfast, delicious lunch and lovely dinner
          Complimentary usage of ALL facilities including a dip in the glistening lap pool
          Complimentary Relaxing Head, Shoulder Massage and Facial (Yes, Really!)

Parkfield can also arrange:

Romantic Candle Light Dinner – Customized Spa & Beauty Packages – Personal Chef – Accompanying
Musicians to serenade your loved one – Special Requests – Elegant Wines - Custom Cakes - Gorgeous
Flowers - Hand Picked Chocolates.


For more information Contact us @ http://www.parkfieldresort.com/resorts-in-
bangalore/resorts_bangalore_package.html or mail us at sales@parkfield.in or call us @

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