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									                            Attention Guests!                                                      Real Families - “Family Finances”
Welcome to ABT. To help us better connect with you, please fill out               Are you struggling with your finances or looking for information about
the Communication Card in the seat rack in front of you. Place it in              finances? Please join Butch Sharpless on Sunday, February 7th and 14th
the offering plate, offering box, or leave the card at any of the three           at 9:15am in Real Families. He will be discussing the following topics:
Information Centers. As our guest we do not want you to feel any                  Budgeting Basics, Available Assistance, Credit Reports and Scores,
obligation to participate in the offering. Thank you for worshiping with          Insurance, Savings and Investments. Handouts will be available.
us today.                                                                         Everyone is welcome.

                              Acme Receipts                                                                           Scrapbooking
Please turn in all your “ACME” receipt tapes, dated no later than February                         Enjoy scrapbooking? Join us this Friday, February 12th
20th, 2010. You can place your receipts in the box labeled “ACME RECEIPTS”                         from 7:00pm ‘til Midnight in the Real Families Life
located at ABT Central. The deadline to turn in receipts will be March 6, 2010.                    Center. Bring your photos, scrapbooks, and a friend
                                                                                                   or two. Everyone is welcome!
                               Car Club
There will be a Car Club Meeting this Thursday, February 11th at 6:30pm
in the Car Club area.
                                                                                                           Sleepover Sisters
                                                                                                         “Lessons from the Heart“
                        It’s So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It!
                                                                                                        This Friday, February 12th
                 The word is out – ABT has a fabulous kidz’ ministry,
    ABT Kidz     and the numbers keep growing. Because of that we
                                                                                        Sleepover Sisters is a club that is geared to reaching and
                 need more responsible adult volunteers to help on
                                                                                              mentoring girls in the name of Jesus Christ -
                 the once-a-month rotation during the second hour!
                                                                                                      age 4 through Senior High.
(about 90 minutes a month). Openings are available on every age level,
including the baby nursery. If you’d like to help, please email Kathy
                                                                                                      Drop off: This Friday - 6pm
Holland: or call her at the church office: 330-745-
                                                                                             (South side of the building - Door 2C and 3A)
8824, ex 231. We make the service as easy as possible, and you will
always be well-trained.
                                                                                                  Pick up: (4, 5 & K) - Friday at 9pm
                                                                                            (1 grade - Sr. High) - Saturday morning at 10am
                                   Marriage Retreat
             Isn’t it time you took a moment for the most important
                                                                                                     Dinner and Breakfast are provided
             relationship of your life? Please join Pastor Ed and Kathy
             at the Fairlawn Hilton on February 19th & 20th for the
                                                                                                      This Month’s Menu:
             Married Couples Retreat. $150 per couple includes: Friday
                                                                                           Dinner: hot dogs, french fries and apple delight
night banquet, king-size luxury accommodations, Saturday morning
                                                                                                  Snack: chips & dip and drinks
continental breakfast and all session materials. For additional information
                                                                                           Breakfast: bacon, egg and cheese croissants,
and registration forms, check out our tables in the narthex and ABT
                                                                                                        fruit, juice and milk
Central. TODAY is the deadline to register.
                                                                                       Please stop by the Sleepover Sisters table in ABT Central
                          2009 Tithe Receipts
                                                                                           and see how you can help with part of the meals!
Your tithe receipts for 2009 are ready for you to pick up in the church
                      Weekly Calendar
                     Kidz and Youth Ministries
                           Small Groups

             Temple/Baptism/Communion Service
             Bridge/Baptism/Communion Service
0-23 mos. - Nursery; 2-Pre K - KidZone; Grades K-2 - Kidz Kamp
                    Grades 3-5 - Kidz City

               3:00-6:00PM - Upward Basketball

                     NO EVENING SERVICE
                8-9:30AM - Heaven’s Hikers
          11:00AM-3:00PM - Always Hope Work Day

 9:45AM - Ladies Bible Study “Here and Now, There and Then”
            6:00PM - Upward Basketball Practice
            6:30PM - Ladies Bible Study “Daniel”

                 8-9:30AM - Heaven’s Hikers
   4:00-6:30PM - Always Hope Work Day/Service (5:30PM)
                6:30PM - Catalyst Bible Study
    6:30PM - Kidz Clubs (Awana, Searching the Scriptures)                            Pastor Ed Holland
                   6:30PM - Choir Practice                                             FEbruary 7, 2010
              6:30PM - Junior High: Crossroads
 6:15PM - Ladies Bible Study “Here and Now, There and Then”
     6:30PM - Sr. High Connect: Wednesday Night Plug-In
            6:30PM - Knight’s Men’s Bible Study
  7:00PM - Combined Bible Study “John’s Portraits of Christ”
         8:00PM - Young Men’s “Escape” Bible Study

                   6:30PM - Car Club Meeting

               8-9:30AM - Heaven’s Hikers
12:00noon-3:00PM - Always Hope Work Day/Service (1:30PM)
     6:00PM (FRI) - 10:00AM (SAT) - Sleepover Sisters
                 7:00PM - Scrapbooking

       2324 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44314 • Ph 330.745.8824 • Fax 330.745.3200
       Ed Holland, Senior Pastor •                            

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