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									        JESUS IS THE ANSWER WWM                    nothing good could come from his                      There have been times that I had     is a power in our Lord Jesus where you
               Rev, Karen Marsh                    situation. Yet, the word says that David      no idea how my situation would change.       can receive miracles in your body and
                  P.O. Box 502                     encouraged himself in the Lord. In other      Even now I face several areas where I        whatever breakthrough you need if you
              Twin City, Ga. 30471                 words he began to praise God for the          need God to move. I know my Lord Jesus       will press your way!
                  912-685-2672                     times that He had moved for him when          is well able to do what I need because He             I don’t know what you need today,
                  facing the Philistine giant, the lion, and    has so many times before when I would        but I believe many of you need a miracle
                    the bear. He remembered all the mighty        not give up. As I set my face toward Him,    in your life. Jesus is your miracle. If you
                                                   times God moved for him when it seemed        and you, we can be assured that He will      will run to Him not from Him pressing
                                                   impossible. David began thanking God for      move in ways that we will stand at His       into prayer, and thanksgiving, what you
                                                   moving in his situation before he ever saw    Glory! When it seems over, remember you      need will manifest. He will not only
                                                   it manifest in the natural. He didn’t allow   are in a place to see His DIVINE GLORY       strengthen you to come through the trial
                                                   the fear of what it looked like to dictate    come forth!                                  but will send the miracle for you to walk
                                                   his outcome. It was a hopeless situation              The woman with the issue of blood    in a place of complete restoration!
Praise the Lord!                                   in the natural. But praise God we serve a     in Mark 5:25-34, pressed in until she                  Come on you can touch Him,
       I Sam. 30:1-3 And it came to pass,          supernatural God. David had relationship      reached the hem of Jesus’ garment and        today! You can lift your hands to an
when David and his men were come to Ziklag         with the Lord therefore knowing that          received her miracle. The hem of His         almighty God and receive your miracle!
on the third day, that the Amalekites had          somehow someway God would once again          garment represented the power of God.        Stand and see the Glory of your salvation!
invaded the south, and Ziklag, and smitten         move for him. So instead of quitting or       The doctors had given up on her. She had              Right now there is miracle
Ziklag, and burned it with fire: And had taken     giving up he pressed in to the Lord.          spent all her money trying to be healed,     anointing being released. The Red Sea is
the women captives, that were therein: they
                                                           You see he didn’t praise God          yet she grew worse. She lost her position    departing and God is making a way out of
slew not any, either great or small, but carried
them away, and went on their way. So David         because everything was going right. He        in society and in the natural. In the        no way for you! Lift up your hands to the
and his men came to the city, and behold, it       praised the Lord because he knew his          natural it looked hopeless and over for      Lord and receive your miracle! Come on
was burned with fire; and their wives, and         God was well able to turn his situation       her. Yet she heard about this man name       bodies are being healed, tumors removed,
their sons, and their daughters were taken         around and give him a great and mighty        Jesus that even the winds of the sea         vision is returning, prison doors are
captive.                                           miracle! David praised him in the midst of    obeyed His voice, blind eyes and deaf ears   opening. I feel the Holy Ghost. Feet are
        In the natural it looked like there        his most difficult time and received a        were healed. She heard about this man,       being healed. Swelling is leaving. Blood
was no way for anything good to happen             powerful testimony of the delivering power    name Jesus, that one touch caused the        pressure is returning to normal, in Jesus
for David or his men. The word of God              of God almighty! (You take your victory       lame man to walk, and dead to live.          name. Come on, Financial breakthrough
says, as you continue to read, that they           when you begin to praise God for it before    Instead of giving up, she pressed her way.   is taken place, right now. Blood cells are
cried until they could cry no more.                you see it happen!)                                   This woman didn’t press her way      lining up, infection is being healed, and
Everything had been stolen from these                      I teach about this in my book “NO     because she felt good or because it was      migraines are leaving your body right
men, which included their wives, and               MORE TEARS.” I also share how the Lord        easy. She made her while being bent over     now. Livers are being healed. Stomach
children. Even the camp was destroyed.             revealed to David the plan of recovery        weakened with pain, and when it looked       linings healed. Digestive problems
They faced a very devastating time, one            after the battle at Ziklag as he pressed      like she would never make it through the     healed, in Jesus name. Property is being
where it looked hopeless and where they            into prayer. David built himself an altar     crowd of people. When she was too weak       released. Homes and families are being
felt defeated. It was much like their lives        before the Lord and sought him for            to stand, and fell, she crawled until        restored. There is a family that has gone
were over. Have you ever faced a time or a         direction, producing a powerful outcome!      gaining the strength to get Up and walk      through tremendous problems with a
season in your life that it seemed like it                 The awesomeness about this            again! The multitude of people stood         child, and has caused some financial
was over? In fact, you cried until you             scenario is that while David was seeking      between her and her miracle. She could       difficulties. The Holy Ghost said, “Your
could cry no more? Well they did.                  God, the plan of recovery was taking          have quit. She could have given up, but      breakthrough is here.” There are several
         It was even worse for David. All          place. You should read this chapter! It’s a   she instead said, “If I can but touch the    men being healed in your prostate area.
the men blamed and spoke of stoning him            great and powerful testimony of one of        hem of His garment, I too can be made        Breast cancer is being healed in Jesus
to death. He faced a time that when it             David’s greatest breakthroughs and            whole.” She pressed her way and entered      name! I keep seeing financial
didn’t seem it could get any worse it did.         triumphs over the enemy. David received       a place in God that miracles and signs       breakthrough, lift up your hands right
Have you been there? David faced a time            a powerful testimony and took back even       and wonders manifest. She let nothing        now and receive more than enough for
that it looked over and in the natural             more than what was stolen.                    stop her from reaching her miracle. There    your project, for the home, for your bills,
in Jesus name. Breakthrough is here.             contributions may now be made on                       Shockley, and Sam Cornell who all need our
Receive it, in Jesus name.                       line at                        prayers to be who God called them.
                                                 or mailed to Jesus is the Answer                       Congratulations to Lee & Laurie Price! Lee is
        UPCOMING EVENTS:                         WWM, PO Box 502, Twin City, Ga.                        in transition for release.
       Celebration Open House, Dedication        30471                                                           Please continue praying for my dad,
&– June 20, 2009. More info will be                      The Lord has given me a                        Tom and stepmother Martha Marsh for healing
mailed out. We will bless the Lord by            special prayer to pray over the                        and strength. Please pray for the Matches Series,
Celebrating and thanking Him for all HE          partners of this ministry.                             the Office Celebration, and the Food Giveaway this
has done, and all He is going to do in our       Thank you so much for your                             month! For souls to be saved, and set free!
lives and loved ones. You are invited to         continued support and prayers                          *************************************
bless the ministry with gifts for the office     for this ministry;                                             Jesus is the Answer WWM
and spiritually with prayer as we dedicate              May the Lord bless and                          sends our love and deepest                                     JESUS is the ANSWER
it to the work of the Lord. Mark your            protect you; may the Lord smile                        condolences to Jessie & Stephanie                                     WORLD - WIDE
calendar and plan to attend a night of           upon you and be gracious to                            Byrd, and family and friends of
God’s awesomeness and glory.                                                                                                                                                  MINISTRIES
                                                 you. May the Lord show you His                               “Dorothy Glisson”
         Jesus is the Answer WWM will            favor and give you His peace,                          of Garden City, Ga. She will be
host a food giveaway - June 27, 2009             in Jesus name, I pray, amen.                           deeply missed by her family and
10 am until noon, in Metter, Ga. Your                                                                   friends.
prayers and financial donations are                       - HAPPY
                                                                                                        “February 20, 1943-May 21, 2009
greatly appreciated for this project. As         BIRTHDAY -                                             **********************************
you sow into needs, you can be assured            to everyone who had a Birthday in
that you will reap a harvest in your                                                                                Karen Marsh
                                                 May – Mark Lamon, or having one in                           For speaking engagements                                                          Rev. Karen
                                                 June. God bless you as you grew                        please contact Karen Marsh at the                    Marsh
We will host a back to school back pack
for children this fall. More info July.          closer to Jesus!                                       office, or by email. You will be                                    P.O. Box 502
    Give and it shall be                                                    Prayer                      blessed by the Word of God and the                               Twin City, Ga. 30471
                                                                                                        prophetic anointing as it breaks
GIVEN BACK! Luke 6:38, Pressed                   Request                                                yokes and sets captives free!
down, shaken together, and running                    God has answered so many of our prayer                                                                            *********************
                                                                                                              Karen Marsh’s books are
over will God cause men to give                  requests. I want to thank Him and you for your         available on line at                                                Newsletter
into your bosom. In the measure                  obedience to pray and support this ministry. Thank Or you                                     June 2009
you give it will be given back.                  you Lord, for every prayer that you have answered      may call the office and order.                                  **********************
         Your love donations help make it        for us and all the ones you will answer to come, in    Many, many testimonies from
possible for me to spread the Gospel of Jesus    Jesus name.                                            readers of being set free, saved,
Christ. There’s nothing more important. Thank              Prayer for agreement for healing and         healed, delivered, marriages
you so much for all of you who give into this
ministry, where lives are being fed, saved,
                                                 strength: Tom Marsh, Debbie Winston, her mother        restored, and poverty broken!
healed and delivered for the Glory of God! I
                                                 Reba, Lorna West, Jessica Cornell, Trellis Breton      (From Poverty to Prosperity! I’ve
pray a hundred fold return on your giving this   Please pray that she will not fall anymore, in Jesus   Fallen and I Can Get UP! A
month, in Jesus name.                            name, (the MS causes her to lose her balance.) Paul    Spiritual Healing of an Old Wound,
      Phil 4:3 and I urge you                    Gassaway, Cindy Bisland’s brother, and for             And You too Can Be Made WHOLE!, NO
also, true companion, and help                   strength for the families. Continued prayer for        MORE TEARS!) Powerful books! Get
these women who labor with me in                 healing and release for, Russell Henson, Allen         your copies today.                                           Happy Father’s Day
the Gospel.                                      Green - will parole out in July, Mark Lamon                         Love, because of Jesus,
      Don’t forget you have been                 (HappyBirthday-May, 2) up for parole in Sept.                                                               James 1:2-4
commissioned to help spread the                  2009 Stephen Franklin, Marty Keip comes out in         Rev. Karen Marsh/ Jesus is the Answer WWM                    My brethren count it all joy
Gospel! Your tax deductible                      Sept. David Brabham, Craig Pilcher, Willie
 when you fall into various
knowing that the testing of
      your faith
 produces patience. But let
 have its perfect work that
        you may
   be perfect and complete

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