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									 Writing a Business Letter

The Right Way to Complain or Make
            a Request
7 Parts of a Business Letter
   Return address
   Date
   Inside Address
   Salutation
   Body
   Closing
   Signature
Return Address and Date
   This goes at the top-left of your page.

   The return address is your address,
    including street, city, state, and zip code.

   Just below the Return Address, put the date
    of the letter’s completion.
Inside Address
   Skip 4 lines after the date before writing the
    inside address.

   The inside address is the address of the
    people to whom you are writing.

   It should include the company name, street,
    city, state, and zip code.
   Skip one line from the
    Inside Address.

   Dear Sir or Madam:

   To whom it may

   Etc.
The 4-Part Body
   Who are you in relation to the request?

   Why are you writing?

   What do you want from the company?

   Thank your reader for their time and
The 4-Part Body
   Skip a line after the salutation.

   Skip a line in between body paragraphs.

   Don’t indent new paragraphs
Closing, Signature, and Typed
   Skip a line after the last body paragraph.

   Write “Sincerely,”

   Skip 4 lines (for signing the letter)

   Type your name
      The Final Product

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Now You Try!
 Write a letter to the El Cajon Valley English
  Department Requesting some change in
  your current English class.
 The address is 1035 E. Madison Ave., El
  Cajon, California 92021.
 Don’t forget, you need 4 short body
  paragraphs (at least 3 sentences each).

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