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									January 2010


It will make you happier, healthier and more intelligent. It could even add years to your life
and will definitely ensure you look at your sparkling best.

What’s more, this miracle cure-all costs no more than the price of a daily pro-biotic yoghurt
and is readily available on the High Street!

It is of course a great night’s sleep: completely free if you can handle sleeping on the floor.
Or just a few pence a night to enjoy it in the luxury of comfortable and supportive bed.

“Sleep really is the answer to feeling and looking your best,” says Jessica Alexander of
The Sleep Council which will be highlighting the importance of a good bed to a good
night’s sleep throughout March, National Bed Month. “People go to huge amounts of time
and expense to eat well and exercise regularly but without a good night’s sleep all that
effort will be in vain.”

According to latest research, a comfortable uninterrupted seven or eight hours sleep each
night can relieve stress, slow down the ageing process, boost your mood, your physical
and mental performance and cure a wide range of aches and pains.

“Sleep could be perceived as the neglected wonder cure of the modern age,” according to
sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley. “A focus on better sleep habits could improve the health of
the nation, boost the economy and save a significant amount in healthcare costs. It has no
adverse side effects and comes extremely cheap!”

What’s more, says Jessica, there’s very little effort involved. “A good night’s sleep is
enormously beneficial and unlike a programme of healthy eating or regular exercise, the
results can be enjoyed immediately.”

Said Dr Stanley: “Sleep doesn’t just make us feel better, it can improve our health by
decreasing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and it helps us fight off minor
ailments, deal better with depression and even tackle weight problems..”

And one of the essential keys to unlocking a good night’s sleep is without doubt a
comfortable bed, he says. “Sleep is so vitally important to good health that it’s a mystery to
me that more emphasis is not placed on the health benefits of a good bed for sleep.

“Good sleep should be seen as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle like exercise and diet and
just as you would invest in the right gear to exercise and buying healthy food so you
should invest in purchasing a comfortable bed.”

For less than 60p per night a couple can enjoy the comforts of a £1500 bed over seven
years – considerably less than it would cost to have a daily pro-biotic drink over the same
length of time.

“It’s a bargain for something that can not only make you look better and feel better but
could improve your love life too,” said Dr Stanley. “In fact there are just two things in life for
which you should invest in the best possible quality – a pair of shoes and a bed, because if
you’re not in one, you’re in the other!”

Added Jessica: “When asked most people make the connection between the comfort of a
bed and the quality of their sleep for themselves1 but our research has shown objectively
that this is the case, too2.”

Editor’s Notes
1. In a CTV.CA survey of 17,444 online subscribers, 72% said a new bed improved their
2. A Sleep Council study conducted in 1998 by sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski, found
    that, when replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an
    increase of 42 minutes sleep; and an uncomfortable old bed with up to an hour’s loss
    of sleep. 28 subjects took part in the research conducted in their own homes on old
    and new beds (of their choice).

Press Contact: for further information please call Jessica Alexander or Jan Turner at

          The Sleep Council, tel: 0845 058 4595 email: info@sleepcouncil.com

The Sleep Council is a generic body that aims to:
   Raise awareness of the importance of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing.
   Provide helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality.
   Provide helpful advice on choosing the right bed for optimum sleeping comfort.
The Sleep Council is funded by the National Bed Federation, the trade association for British bed

                      The Sleep Council, High Corn Mill, Chapel Hill, Skipton, BD23 1NL
                              Tel: 0845 058 4595. Web. www.sleepcouncil.com


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