Harwood 5th Grade by mifei


									                              Fifth Grade
                    2009/2010 Meet the Teacher Night

       Welcome back to school! We are delighted to begin another exciting and busy 5 th
Grade school year. 5th Grade is an extremely busy year with the addition of many extra
programs. We look forward to making all activities rewarding and stimulating for all. The
following information will help you to prepare your child for a great 5 th Grade year.

Communication: We will always contact you if a concern should arise regarding your
student. Please feel free to e-mail, call, or send in a note whenever questions and/or
concerns may arise.

Mrs. Kathy Ivezaj
      E-mail:                   kivezaj@mail.wcs.k12.mi.us
      Voicemail:                586/825-2650 Ext. 74205

Mrs. Jennifer Siciliano:
      E-mail:                   jsiciliano@mail.wcs.k12.mi.us
      Voicemail:                586/825-2650 Ext. 74208
      Classroom Website:        http://home.comcast.net/~mrssiciliano

Language Arts: Some areas that will be covered in the 5th grade include:
             Continued work with both narrative and expository texts, with an
               increased emphasis on reading for information
             Further development of effective reading and comprehension strategies
             Grammar skills
             Spelling and vocabulary development
             Continued use of the writing process throughout the curriculum
      The Language arts website is a great tool for students to utilize. The address is:
             http://www.eduplace.com/kids

Students will be responsible for monthly book report projects (see attached schedule).
The majority of the projects are to be completed at home and submitted on the last
school day of the month. Detailed directions and specific due dates for each project, as
well as a grading rubric, will be sent home on the first school day of each month!

                                                                                 J. Siciliano 9/2009
Mathematics: We will use Harcourt Math for 5 th Grade. Students will continue their
study of topics such as graphing, factors and multiples, place value, measurement,
multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and decimals. The Harcourt math website is
a great tool for students and parents to use. The website is:
               http://www.harcourtschool.com
NOTE: Students are expected to know their multiplication and division facts in the
5th grade. If your child is struggling with math facts, please work daily with them!

Science: Mrs. Siciliano will teach Science to all fifth grade students. We will use hands-
on investigations to study such topics as scientific processes, physical science, life
science, evolution, and Earth science. Students will also spend six weeks participating in
the AWIM program, provided by General Motors. Details will follow at a later date. In
addition, all 5th Grade students will be required to participate in the Harwood Science
Fair by completing a Science Fair Investigation Project. The science fair project will be
worth 50% of the science grade for the card marking it is due. Details and due dates
for this project will be distributed at a later date.

Social Studies: Mrs. Ivezaj will teach Social Studies this year to both classes. Students
will learn about various topics including Economics, Ancient Civilizations of North
America, European Explorers, American Colonization, The Constitution, and the Civil
War. Special projects will be assigned throughout the course of the year to reinforce
concepts that students are learning.

Homework: Students are expected to study spelling words, practice multiplication and
division facts, and read daily for homework. Any class work that is not completed in the
course of the day is considered homework, and must be returned to school the next
morning. In addition, homework assignments will be given daily in math. In case of an
absence, students will receive a “Homework Helper” sheet in their desk with all missing

Missing/Late assignments: Late and/or missing assignments will be circled in red in
student agendas. When an assignment is turned in late (within the week), the maximum
score will be 75%. Those students who choose not to return homework as directed will
spend their recess/free time working on the missing assignments! As educators, we are
trying to foster responsibility and prepare students for middle school and beyond. If
your child is absent, they will be given extra time to make-up their work. For example, if
your child is absent 2 days, they will be given 2 additional make-up days. Please assist
your child in developing good study habits by providing an appropriate place in your home
for homework/studying, and by making school work a priority. There will be no
exceptions to our homework/late assignment policy.

                                                                                J. Siciliano 9/2009
Tests and Grading: Students will be informed of specific test dates with ample time to
study for each test. Test dates will be recorded in student agendas. Grading on report
cards consists of classroom work, homework, group and individual projects, and test
scores. We will utilize the WCS 13 Point Grading Scale, which has been implemented

Agendas: All assignments must be recorded in the agenda. PLEASE check and sign your
child’s agenda every Thursday and make sure it is returned on Friday. Please assist your
child in becoming an organized student by reviewing his/her agenda regularly!

Progress Reports: Progress reports will go home to every child the first marking period.
Progress reports for the second, third, and fourth marking periods will be sent home on
an as-needed basis.

Harwood Hawks S-O-A-R and Conduct Grades: This year we will continue our school
wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program, which seeks to improve student behavior,
as well as improve student achievement. We have adopted the “SOAR” slogan, which
encompasses our 4 main behavior objectives (Safety, Attitude, Respect, and
Responsibility). Students will be acknowledged for demonstrating these positive
behaviors throughout the school. It is our hope that this program will continue to help
make Harwood an even better place to Learn, Grow, and SOAR!

Your child’s conduct grade each card marking will be determined by the positive use of
the SOAR behavior objectives. A conduct chart will be displayed in each classroom and
will be utilized to record missing/late assignments and disruptive and inappropriate
behavior in all classroom and building situations. Please see the attached sample and key.
Below are some ways that we expect fifth grade students to demonstrate the
knowledge of the SOAR behavior objectives:
                Agendas – Students will record all assignments daily and return weekly
                  with a parent signature
                Positive rewards for expected behavior - SOAR cards, positive
                  notes/and or calls home, acknowledgement at monthly SOAR assemblies,
                  pizza lunch with the principal, special SOAR prizes, participation in fifth
                  grade special activities such as camp, Cranbrook, Skate World, Fifth
                  Grade Graduation, Fifth Grade Picnic, etc.
                Tests – 60% and below returned with parent signature
                Assignments – Completed on time
                Good citizenship – All classrooms, special classes, hallway, bus, and

                                                                                   J. Siciliano 9/2009
Classroom Management: The “SOAR” slogan will be the basis for student behavior in
ALL areas of the school. All students will know the behavior expectations for each area
of school. Our classroom expectations involve the 4 main behavior objectives (Safety,
Attitude, Respect, and Responsibility). Posters are located throughout the school
reminding students of the behavior expectations. If students fall below a 67% on our
homework/conduct chart, they will be excused from any and all extra activities that we
participate in. There will be no exceptions to this rule!

Computer lab: Students will have the opportunity to visit the computer lab on an as-
needed basis.

Library: Students will be allowed to use the library to check out books on a weekly or
as-needed basis.

Snacks/water bottles: Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and/or a
water bottle. Only healthy snacks (NO “junk food” or sugary treats) will be allowed!

Special Classes: Please see the attached sheet with the schedule for special classes for
your classroom teacher. Fifth grade students will continue to participate in Physical
Education, Art, Spanish, Instrumental Band or Computer Web Design/Technology, and
       *Students will need white-soled gym shoes in order to participate in physical
        education class. Phone calls home for forgotten shoes will not be permitted!
       * Please also note that calls home for forgotten instruments will not be

                                                                               J. Siciliano 9/2009
Special 5 th Grade Activities: the following is a list of several of the extra activities
that 5th Grade students participate in throughout the year. Students who fail to
complete homework and classroom assignments on time and/or demonstrate
inappropriate behavior throughout the school year, according to our conduct chart for
each card marking, will not be permitted to participate in the following activities. There
will be no exceptions to this rule. Extra activities are provided as rewards for
students who demonstrate responsible and appropriate behavior throughout the school

      Camp Cavell: Students spend 5 days and 4 nights at YWCA Camp Cavell in
      Lexington, Michigan. It is a sleep-over camp that provides students with many
      rewarding and stimulating educational experiences. The estimated cost for the
      program is $200 per student. The proposed trip is planned for the week of May
      10-14, 2010. If you know of any college-aged, responsible adults who would be
      interested in attending camp as a counselor this year, please let us know. Our trip
      will not be possible if we do not have enough counselors.

      D.A.R.E.: Students partake in a semester long drug and alcohol awareness
      program involving the Sterling Heights Police Department. The program includes a
      student essay and graduation ceremony. Students also receive a D.A.R.E. t -shirt
      upon completion of the program.

      A World in Motion Program: Students, working in small groups, will spend six
      weeks, in science, working with engineers from General Motors to create balloon
      powered Jet Toy Cars. Students will learn many physical science concepts
      throughout this program. The program ends with a car show and award ceremony.

      5th Grade Skate World: All fifth grade students are invited to attend a morning
      of skating and fun, provided by the school district. The Skate World field trip is
      typically scheduled for the month of June.

      5th Grade VS. Staff Softball Game: Fifth Grade students participate in a fun-
      filled afternoon of softball playing against the Harwood staff. This game has
      always been a memorable experience for all involved.

                                                                                J. Siciliano 9/2009
We hope to make fifth grade a wonderful and memorable experience for all. As
educators, we strive to develop a clear understanding and relationship with each one of
our students. With your support, we can make this year academically and emotionally
successful for your student.

Please sign and return this sheet to your child’s teacher by Monday, September 14. It is
important that both students and parents understand the fifth grade classroom
expectations and procedures.


Mrs. Ivezaj
Mrs. Siciliano

 Please check the statement and sign your name to the appropriate line and then return
              this sheet to your child’s teacher by Monday, September 14.

______       I have read, shared, and discussed the fifth grade classroom expectations
             and procedures with my child

Parent signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________

______       I have read, shared, and discussed the fifth grade classroom expectations
             and procedures with my parent/guardian

Student Signature: ____________________________ Date: ______________

                                                                               J. Siciliano 9/2009

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