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                                    QUOTA LIST OF OCCUPATIONS
                                                            (April 2010)

The ACT ‘Skills in Demand List’ (SDL) identifies occupations that are in demand in Canberra. In
order to manage the program successfully and sponsor occupations that will be of benefit to
Canberra’s economy, the SDL has been separated into a Baseline and Quota List.

        SDL ‘Off-List’ Quota. The ACT Government have introduced a ‘Quota’ system, which limits
         the number of places offered in each occupation according to demand. Applicants seeking
         sponsorship for a quota occupation must contact the SBM team, by email at, to verify that the quota is still open for the nominated
         occupation before lodging the sponsorship application (see sponsorship guidelines for further

        The SDL Quota List will be updated on a monthly basis to show the current status of the quota
         against each occupation, as demonstrated below:
                         Closed     Closed: sponsorship places are not available for this occupation.
                         Limited    Limited: sponsorship places are limited for this occupation.
                         Open       Open: sponsorship places are available for this occupation.

The occupations listed do not relate to a specific job vacancy, nor represent a guarantee of a job in
a specific occupation. The applicant should understand that the ACT Government is NOT
responsible for finding them employment or for providing any form of financial assistance.
Applicants must compete for positions with all people in the labour market as part of the normal
selection process. Success will depend on employer requirements, relevant skills and experience
and level of English ability.

    Skilled-Sponsored Subclass 176 applicants must meet the following ACT Government sponsorship criteria:
         Managers and Administrators: minimum five years recent, relevant work experience in the nominated
          occupation and Proficient IELTS* (a score of 7 in each band).
         Professionals: minimum three years recent, relevant work experience in the nominated occupation; minimum
          IELTS* 7 in speaking (and a minimum score of 7 overall).
         Associate professionals: minimum three years recent, relevant work experience in the nominated occupation;
          minimum IELTS* 7 in speaking (and a minimum score of 7 overall).
         Trades: minimum three years recent, relevant experience in the nominated occupation; Competent IELTS* (and
          a minimum score of 6.5 in speaking).

    Skilled-Sponsored Subclass 886 applicants must meet the following ACT Government sponsorship criteria:
      All applicants must meet the minimum English criteria above.
      Canberra graduates must have at least three months post graduate, full time, ACT work experience in the
          nominated quota occupation.
      Interstate graduates must have at least six months, full time, ACT work experience in the nominated occupation.

    *IELTS International English Language Testing System. Note: You will not be required to show evidence of your English language
    ability if you hold a passport from one of the following countries: • United Kingdom • Canada • New Zealand • United States of
    America • Republic of Ireland.

                                                                                              GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601
                                                                                              Phone: 1800 244 650 (Toll Free within Australia)
                                                                                              or +61 13 22 81 (International)
                                                                   1                          Website:
ASCO                     MANAGERS AND ADMINISTRATORS                                Quota

1112   General Manager                                                               Open
1191   Building and Construction                                                     Open

1211   Finance Manager                                                               Open
1213   Human Resource Manager                                                        Open
1223   Supply and Distribution Manager                                              Limited
1224   Information Technology Manager                                                Open
1231   Sales and Marketing Manager                                                   Open
1291   Policy and Planning Managers        Senior Government experience              Open

1292   Health Services Manager                                                      Limited

1293   Education Manager                                                            Limited

1299   Research and Development            Government R&D experience                 Open

2113   Life Scientists                     Current ACT employment                    Open

       Environmental and Agricultural      Current ACT employment                    Open
2114   Science Professionals

2119   Natural and Physical Science        Current ACT employment                    Open
2121   Landscape Architects                                                          Open
2211   Accountant                          Proficient English                        Open

2212   Accountant – External Auditor       Proficient English                        Open

       Marketing and Advertising                                                    Closed
2222   Technical Sales Representatives                                              Closed
2291   Human Resource Professionals        5 years experience Proficient English
2292   Librarian                           Proficient English                        Open
       Mathematicians, Statisticians       Job offer preferable                     Limited
       and Actuaries
2294   Business and Organisation                                                    Closed

2295   Property Professionals              Valuer experience                        Limited
2299   Business and Information            5 years Senior Government experience:     Open
       Professionals                       policy analysis, frontline management;
                                           corporate governance etc, Proficient

 2391     Medical Imaging Professionals                                                   Limited
 2392     Veterinarians                                                                   Limited

 2393     Dieticians                                                                      Limited
 2411     Teachers – Pre-Primary School       Long day care experience                    Open
 2413     Teacher – Secondary school          Mathematics, science, ICT, commerce /       Open
                                              special needs
 2422     Teacher – Vocational Education                                                  Closed
 2493     Education Officer                                                               Open
 2511     Social Workers                                                                  Limited
 2512     Welfare and Community Workers                                                   Open
 2513     Counsellor                                                                      Open
 2514     Psychologists                                                                   Open
 2521     Legal Professionals                                                             Open
 2522     Economist                                                                       Limited
 2523     Urban and Regional Planners         Strategic town planning experience, urban   Limited
 2533     Designer and Illustrators                                                       Closed
 2534     Journalists and related             Editor, Print Journalist, or Copywriter     Open
          professionals                       experience
                                              IELTS ‘8’ in writing

 2543     Occupational and Environmental                                                  Closed
          Health professionals

 2549     Other Professionals                 Conservator, Museum or Gallery Curator      Open

                                      ICT PROFESSIONAL
2231-11   Systems Manager                     Proficient English;                         Limited
2231-13   Systems Designer                    Proficient English;                         Limited
2231-15   Software Designer                   Proficient English;                         Limited
          Applications and Analyst
2231-17                                       Proficient English;                         Limited
2231-19   Systems Programmer                  Proficient English;                         Limited
2231-21   Computer Systems Auditor            Proficient English;                         Limited
2231-79   Computing Professionals (nec)       Proficient English;
          Specialisations NOT on the CSL
          must be assessed by the
          relevant ACT based body as          Power Building; Java Script; Delphi;
          having at least 1 year experience   Lotus Notes; Progress; Powerhouse;
          in one of the following             COBOL; Networking/LAN/WAN; IPX;             Open
          specialisations before the          SNA; Advanced Web Design; ; CORBA;
          sponsorship is lodged               HP-UX; VMS; Systems analysis; PKI; E-
                                              Commerce security (non programming);
                                              GIS (eg: Mapinfo); DB2; Sybase SQL
                                              Server; DB2; Sybase SQL Server;

                            ASSOCIATE PROFESSIONALS
3121   Building Associate Professionals                                                 Open
3123   Electrical Engineering Associate                                                Limited
3124   Electronic Engineering Associate                                                 Open
3213   Financial Investment Advisor                                                    Closed
3291   Office Manager                        Proficient English;                        Open
3292   Program or Project Administrator      Proficient English; Government project     Open
       / Management                          management, Engineering, architectural,
                                             surveying or capital works.
3293   Real Estate Associate
3294   Computing Support Technicians                                                    Open
3323   Hotel and Motel Manager                                                         Limited
3421   Welfare Associate Professionals                                                 Limited
3997   Library Technician                                                              Closed
4112   Metal Fitters and Machinists                                                     Open
4115   Precision Metal trades                                                          Limited
4122   Structural Steel and Welding                                                    Closed
4124   Sheet Metal Trades                                                              Limited
4216   Vehicle Trimmer                                                                 Limited
4313   Electrical Distribution
4315   Electronic and Office Equipment       Supervisor experience
4422   Sign Writers                                                                    Limited
4621   Nurseryperson                                                                   Limited
4622   Greenkeeper                                                                     Limited
4623   Gardeners                                                                        Open
4911   Graphic Pre Press                                                               Limited
4912   Printing Machinists and Small
       Offset Printers
4929   Other Wood Tradespersons                                                        Limited
4931   Hairdresser                           Proficient English                        Limited
4982   Glass Trades person                                                             Limited
4992   Performing Arts Support                                                          Open


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