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1.    Minister‘s Report                               2

2.    Secretary‘s Report                              5

3.    North Street Primary School Report              8

4.    Finance and Property Report                    10

5.    Church School Report                           13

6.    Roy Edwards Human Development Centre Report    15

7.    Fellowship Report                              17

8.    Worship Report                                 18

9.    Outreach Report                                19

10.   Mission, Witness and Service Report            20

11.   Women‘s Fellowship Report                      23

12.   Youth Committee Report                         24

13.   Senior Choir Report                            26

                            Minister’s Report for 2002

                                      Praise the Lord!
                          Happy are those who fear the Lord …
   Their descendants will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be
      They are not afraid of evil tidings; their hearts are firm secure in the Lord…
 They have distributed freely, they have given to the poor; their righteousness endures
                         forever; their horn is exalted in honour.
                                 Psalm 112 (Abridged)

These words from Psalm 112 have been a source of encouragement and comfort for
me during the past year. I believe that we can all agree that 2002 was a year of
tremendous blessing for us here at North Street United Church. The challenges were
many at times we were convinced that the enemy was unrelenting in attacking the work
of God in this place but I believe that the congregation here at North Street rose to the
challenge well and over came the opposition with great faith.

The context of our ministry continues to be difficult. We are bombarded daily with lethal
doses of negativity and gloom. There are many in our society who simply have given up
lost faith and decided they can do nothing. Many blame poor economic conditions,
others the high levels of crime and violence and others blame everything except our
own lack of faith and our negative attitude to life.

I will be forever indebted to you the members of this church who held fast to the faith
who refused to be defeated by the enemy and continued to support the ministry of this
church with great enthusiasm.

In the face of economic hardships this small congregation rose to the challenge and
exceeded the budgeted income by more than 10%. Truly amazing. I am awed by the
faith of the congregation and the demonstration of how God can work in our lives if we
allow God to. The year started off with the news that I was asked to be the interim
minister for the St. Paul‘s United Church after the relocation of their minister R ev.
Noble-Broomfield. This interim period came to a close in October 2002 when the Rev.
Wray was inducted as the new Minister. I was however almost immediately asked to be
the interim minister for the St. John‘s Church in as of December 1 st. The shortage of
ministerial staff in our Church continues to be a cause of concern as even with the
advances made by institutions such as ITLD in training and filling pulpits we are still
loosing more ministers than we recruit and this has put a burden on the remaining
ministers of the Church.

We began the year also with the good news that a grant of One Million and Seventy
Thousand Dollars ($1,070,000.00) had been granted by United Way for our bakery
project, the largest single grant ever given. This grant was used to refurbish the Bakery
facilities and to restart operations in July. To date the Bakery has operated with a gross
profit margin of approximately 50%. To God be the glory!

In February I enrolled in a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling
program. This program is run by the ITLD in Association with the St. Stephen‘s/ St.
Andrews College in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The course I believe will be of great
assistance to me in meeting the demands for depth counseling required in work of the
congregation. The program has been quite challenging but extremely beneficial to my
own development as a pastoral counselor. I am grateful to the congregation for your
understanding and support while I take the time to do this program. I expect to graduate
in 2004 until then I crave your prayerful support. I am currently behind in submitting my

Our Holy week services and Easter services were conducted with several speakers
attending. We had a very good time of reflection and challenge. During the summer
months we saw the launch of our Girls Brigade Company with an enrollment of
approximately fifteen young girls under the leadership of Elders Joan Jonas and
Delores Todd. In August the Forte Foote Baptist Church visited and worked alongside
us in repainting our Primary School and Basket Ball court. With the group from Forte
Foote were several Doctors and Nurses who gave service in our clinic and a dentist
who worked in a mobile unit, the combined services were well received. They worked at
various other projects around the church and community but for me the highlight of the
trip was the spontaneous praise session which ―broke out‖ on the basket ball court after
the work was done.

After the visit we were able to donate the unused medication we had received to the
Ministry of Health where the North Street United Church received commendations for
the gesture. The relationship with Fort Foot will continue and we are expecting another
large donation of medication and clothing.

Immediately after the Visitors from Forte Foot left the Nurse Louise Pitter Counseling
Clinic was opened. This was made possible by a grant of Five Million Seven Hundred
Thousand ($5,700,000.00) over two years from the Futures Group, funded by USAID.
We were able to acquire several pieces of equipment which will benefit not only the
Clinic but the Church as well. To date the response has been very good and we
anticipate that we will be able to offer vital services to our church members and
community. In September we also celebrated our One Hundred and Sixty Fifth
anniversary and launched our web site at On the evening of the
anniversary service our youth organized and staged a wonderful festival of music in
honour of Elder Ada Wakeling it truly was a splendid evening.

Towards the end of the year our Christmas and watch night services were once again
well attended. While we recognize the challenge to have persons attend church more
regularly and the lack of movement of congregational numerical growth. I continue to
give God thanks for the gracious mercies extended to us during the year. We are
swimming against the tide here at North Street yet we were able to make an impact on
the lives of persons in our community of faith. I close as I began by thanking you the
congregation for your understanding, your support and most of all you faith as you
responded to difficult times with firm faith.

As we look to next year with its own set of challenges let us remember the faithfulness
of God in the past and draw from that the strength to work towards the future. Next year
we will undertake the reproofing of the sanctuary and the improvement of the physical
plant of our church. Undoubtedly this will require a great measure of faithful giving of
time, talent, and treasure to make it happen. I am encouraged that the people of North
Street United are people of faith who will rise to the challenge buoyed with faith in the
God who will never leave us nor forsake us. Let us enter next year remembering that
the unfaithful complain about their problems, the faithful rely of faith to find solutions.

Respectfully Submitted By

Rev. Dave Spence

                         SECRETARY’S REPORT 2002

2002 for us at North Street United Church was a blessed year. Not all our objectives
were met but with all the challenges we still have a great deal to give God thanks for.
UnForteunately, the attendance of our members did not increase but thanks to our
numerous visitors through-out the year and the ‗faithful‘ members and the children our
Minister did not have to preach to an almost empty Church.

The violence in the area did not affect us as it did our sister Church, St. John‘s, where
there is still a curfew in the area since October. We were free to travel to and from
Church staying as late as we wished especially on Wednesday evenings for Bible Study
for those who attended.

For our first service in January the Minister‘s message was ―Sown in Tares…Whither
the Harvest‖ which was the Theme for the Year.

Our Minister began acting as the Interim Minister for St Paul‘s congregation following
the departure of their Minister to the Cayman Islands and pending the calling of a new

We said goodbye to Andrene Woolery who left to attend Miami College and welcomed
Khereen Wilson a student Minister. The Women‘s Fellowship Day was also in January
and the guest Preacher was Rev. Adrian McLean. On a sad note in January Elder
Len Jonas lost her mother.

In February we had our Annual General Meeting when a new Board of Elders was
nominated. There were some 21 members who offered themselves for nomination,
from which 15 persons were chosen.

Those elected were:        Bros. Tyrone Edwards, Paul Miller, Andrew McKenzie,
Radcliffe Shurland, Robert Chambers; Sisters Juliet Todd-Hamilton, Elizabeth Mowatt,
Elaine Christie, Lenivie Jonas, Viola Edwards, Hazel Shaw, Joan Jonas, Lucille
Boswell, Janet Coley, and Delores Todd.

On Sunday, March 1, we had the Consecration of the new Elders.
Holy Week was celebrated in March and on March 31 three new members were
received, i.e., Amala Shaw, Ray Reid and Lisea Loiten. We also had our Easter

For the first Sunday in April Rev. Dr. Richmond Nelson was our Guest Preacher and he
spoke on ‗The Church with the Open Door‘, reading from Revelation 3.
The Thanksgiving Service for the life of our caretaker Errol Morris‘s father was held in
Manchester and quite a number of us were able to make the journey.

In May we welcomed Rev. Ashley Smith as one of our Guest Speakers, but we also
said goodbye to our Student Minister, Khereen Wilson. Mother‘s Day was celebrated in

On June 9 we celebrated our Church School Anniversary and the Speaker was
Leighton Samuels. On June 16 we celebrated Father‘s Day and we were advised that
the first Father‘s Day was celebrated on June 19. 1910.

On Friday, June 28, we had a Prayer Meeting leading up to our annual week of Crusade
Services which commenced on Sunday June 30. The Prayer Meeting took the place of
the usual prayer vigil due to the lack of attendance. The Guest Speaker was Elder
Sydney England from St John‘s United. During our week of Crusade we had the
following speakers bringing the Word: Elder R. Stewart, Elder D. Beersingh, Rev. S.
Hines, Rev. A. Carlyle and of course our own Rev. Spence.

Our bakery also re-opened in July

On August 1 for our annual picnic we went to Cranbrook Farms in St Ann‘s Bay and
everyone who went had a lovely day of fellowship.
Emancipation/Independence Day Service was held on August 4 and following the
service we had our ―Old Time Jamaica Sometings‖ where traditional Jamaican treats
were sold.

On August 11 Rev. Anthony Bailey was our Guest Preacher. He was in Jamaica on
During the week of August 17 – 22 persons from Forte Foot Baptist Church visited us
bringing doctors, nurses, opticians and their Ministers and others who assisted in
painting and doing other minor repairs to the school. On August 18 their Minister, Rev.
Joseph Lyle, brought the Word.

On September 15 we celebrated our 165th Anniversary and our special Guest Preacher
was the Rev. Dr. Maitland Evens, General Secretary of the United Church in Jamaica
and the Cayman Islands. Also in the afternoon the Youth Music Festival was held as a
tribute to Elder Ada Wakeling. All those taking part were her past students.

In October we welcomed Dwayne Fagan as Student Minister.          Also in October we
celebrated National Heroes and our Harvest Services.

In December unfortunately I was away from my Church (but I attended church services
with my daughter Sheryl in Florida) for the Christmas and Watch Night services but from
all accounts, the services, especially Watch Night, were well attended.

Throughout the year we had our usual Communion Services on first Sundays, the bi-
monthly Elders Meetings and the July and November Elders Retreats. We were
blessed with a number of guest preachers and visitors. Towards the end of the year our
Computer Lab was completed and the Counseling Clinic started. We also give God
thanks for Mr. Jimmy Smith, Mr. Leroy Rhooms and Mrs. Simone Shurland, our
Organists. On a personal note I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Roberta Fuller-
Watson, the Office Secretary, for her help.

All in all this was a blessed year for us. A lot was accomplished but there is still a l ot to
be done and I pray that God will continue blessing us all here at North Street to do His
work and look forward to the challenges of 2003.

Respectfully Submitted by

Delores Todd
Church Secretary

                     NORTH STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL


The school year started on August 28, 2002, with two hundred and sixty-five (265)
enrolled students, one hundred and forty-eight (148) boys and one hundred and
seventeen (117) girls. Staff meetings were held within the last week of August, and
school officially commenced on September 2, 2002.

The overall student attendance throughout the term has been relatively high. There was
unavoidably a significant decline in attendance for a few days in September due to
inclement weather. School was not held on October 16, 2002 because the school
building was being used as a polling station for the elections. There was social unrest
surrounding the period of the general elections; as a result the student population
significantly decreased during this period.


Seven new staff members have joined the school. Miss Janice Bailey and Miss Juling
Simpson are teaching Grade Five, while Miss Rutheisha Vernon took on Grade Six, and
Miss Nicholene Francis began teaching Grade Three. Miss Tameka Hines, a Youth
Service worker, and Miss Darcy Weinhold, a Mennonite Central Committee volunteer,
have also joined the staff. Miss Donna Rose was hired as a new member of the
ancillary staff.

Three staff meetings were held throughout the Christmas term. The first meeting with
members of the School Board was held in November, 2002.


During the summer holiday, members of the Forte Foote Baptist Church gave the
school a facelift by painting the exterior of the building.

Our first Fish Fry was held on November 29, 2002. It was a success.

The Optimist Club of St. Andrew visited the school in October and expressed an interest
in the school. They have painted the Grade 2 classroom and participated in the first
School Church Service.

Dr. Colin Graham, President of the Junior Doctor‘s Association, visited the school in
October, and has since been doing medical check-ups on ten (10) students per week on
Wednesdays from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

In December the Independent Council for Human Rights sponsored an entertaining
performance by the Ashe group for the school population, inside the Church building.
They also presented booklets to the teachers.

Members of St. John‘s Lodge donated seventeen scooters to students.

A Carol Service was held in December. Students and parents were treated and gifts
were distributed to outstanding students.


The Grade One Reading Readiness test was conducted in September.

Thirty-nine (39) students have been enrolled for the Grade Six Achievement Test

End of Term Exams were conducted in November.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Mrs. Winnifred Lawrence
Acting Principal
North Street Primary School

                        FINANCE & PROPERTY REPORT

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!!

The year under review had been even more eventful and trying than previous years.
We experienced this in our personal lives, in our Church and more so in our nation.
Thank God that he did not abandon us but continues to ―Hold Our Hands‖ and to guide
His flock.

No major repairs were carried out to the buildings except for the electrical work done to
the connections at the main post in the back garden, the main connections at the back
of the Church building, the annex and the cottage at a cost of $41,235.00.

Other minor repairs were done and a member installed new bathroom fixtures in the
main bathrooms. An additional tape recording system was donated by another family
and this allows us to tape our services. It is hoped that by the time our overseas
members and friends receive this report tapes will be available for sale.

Mr. McBean serviced the Organ and Pianos in keeping with contractual arrangements.
A lot is left to be done on the Church building, chief of which is repairs to the roof and
completion of the refurbishing of the windows. The window project was put on hold due
to lack of funds and there is not enough money in the roofing fund with which to make a
start. Nonetheless we are taking steps to have these done and we know that with God‘s
help we shall succeed.

A new fence was erected around the garden and we thank the donor for such a
generous Anniversary gift.

Throughout the year emphasis was placed on Tithing and most of our members rose to
the call as a result of which members offering of $1,541,839.70 exceeded the budgeted
amount by $241,839.70.

The Committee wishes to thank all who gave so generously and consistently in cash or
kind in order that the work of the Church would continue to the glory of God.

We had no major Fund raising event but Anniversary Offering amounted to $97,847.50.

A Fish Fry sponsored by Districts 3 and 8 brought in $66,000.00.

We would like to encourage all other Districts to join in this ongoing fundraising effort.

Our monthly Synodical Assessment has been increased to $53,333 up from $50,000
and of course most if not all other expenses have been increased as well, e.g.,
electricity. We are encouraging everyone to continue to praise God with your Tithes
regardless of how hard things may appear to be to you remembering always that all
things belong to Him. Audit of the Church‘s financial statements should be completed
by March 2003.

The land and buildings of this company stands at $33 million. The manse is in need of
repairs and termite treatment. However, the car was serviced and repaired at a cost of

Minor repairs were done to the plumbing at both Church and the Roy Edwards Human
Development Centre, and a member provided tiles for the tiling of the Anthony Bailey
Skills Training Centre.

The windows at the manse were meshed with expanding metal in an effort to
discourage the frequent break-ins but this effort seems futile as thieves are still
attempting to get in.

These debts have been reduced to $270,000.00.

As we have not yet realised our expectations some of the original plans were scrapped,
for example, the sewing classes, and new plans were put in place. The Centre now
houses the following:
     Heavenly Delights Bakery
     Wee Angels Daycare/Nursery
     Nurse Louise Pitter Counselling Clinic
     Anthony Bailey Skills Training Centre – Computers

Details on each department are provided in a separate report.

We wish to thank the Mission & Witness Committee for contributing $200,000.00
towards the repayment of $335,000.00 owed to Common Budget of the United Church
since 2001. The balance was made up from a member‘s loan of $100,000.00 and
members‘ offering of $35,000.00


   (1) To repair the roof and electrical wiring in the church
   (2) As much as is possible to keep our monthly Assessment payments current.

   (3) To repair/replace the fence along North Street as well as at North & Princess
   (4) Grilling and repairing the windows at the Manse.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Elder Elaine Christie
Church Treasurer

                           CHURCH SCHOOL REPORT

During the year under review, the Church School Committee, despite the challenges,
tried to function as best as possible in order to continue to nurture our children. We still
believe that investment in the Church School will reap great rewards in the future as our
children will become the leaders then. We continue to encourage our teachers to re-
commit themselves to the task to which they are called.

We welcomed the following persons who joined the staff:

Andrew McKenzie
Latoya Barnett

Surrey Council Church School Teachers’ Meeting
Our Superintendent — Ms. Shirley Hewitt, continues to represent us at monthly

Church School Quiz
Our children participated in the Annual Church School Quiz. Leighton Samuels was our
only representative at the Council level. He did not make it to the top three but he gave
of his best.

Church School Rally
We participated in the rally which was held at Scots Kirk United Church on April 21,
2002. Our own Marion McCalla did a solo during the programme.

Children Circle
Our children gave a good account of themselves when they participated in the
Children‘s Circle Radio Broadcast. They focused on the theme: ―I Can Because I Think I
Can‖ as they reminded Jamaica that we can do all things through Christ.

Surrey Council Sports Day
The response to Sports Day was overwhelming. This was held at St. Andrew High
School in May. Many of our children won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Teacher Training
Our Superintendent presented a drama workshop at the Greendale United Church in
January. Unfortunately, we did not have a representative from North Street. In May our
Superintendent and Elder Andrew McKenzie represented the Church School at a
seminar on ―Conflict Resolution‖ at the St. Paul‘s United Church, Lockett Avenue.

Church School Anniversary
Our Anniversary Service was one of the highlights of the year. Again we give God
thanks for Leighton Samuels – 13 years old – who was the speaker at this service. He
reminded us that: ―Our church is one body, made up of many parts‖.

Vacation Bible School
Unfortunately, we did not have Vacation Bible School as scheduled. Our resources are
limited and some of our teachers had to work during the summer holidays

Summer Camp
The support for camp was not as great as in the previous year. However, seven (7)
children were able to go. We believe that this is a very important ministry and every
effort should be made to send our children to Summer Camp. Thanks to all those who
helped to sponsor our children.

Church School Month
November was observed as Church School month. Our Superintendent and Ms.
Joan Brown represented us at the Annual Church School Conference at the Heart
Runaway Bay Hotel. The following were highlighted at the Conference:

      The need for an inclusive ministry within our Church
      The need to re-tool the entire congregation so that the quest for intergeneration
       ministry may be realized.
      The need to develop an order of worship that reflects an intentional attempt at
       responding to an intergenerational community
      The fundamental changes that must take place for Church School children to feel
       a sense of belonging in the life of the Church, particularly worship.

Our Annual Prize Giving was also held in November.          Children were rewarded for
attendance and participation in Church School Activities.

The major project for the year was our Christmas presentation. It was very challenging
for the teachers who worked with the children, but our children gave a splendid

Thanks to all the Church School teachers who were instrumental in the organization of
the Christmas Treat. Special thanks to our overseas members and friends who
continue to send gifts for our children at Christmas time.

We give God thanks for what we were able to accomplish. We look forward to a more
productive year in 2003.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Shirley Hewitt
Church School Superintendent

                    Coordinator’s Annual Report

The year under review has been a very challenging one for the Centre but through it all
we remained focused on the mission to which we have been called. There were not as
many Food for the Poor Pilgrimages as in the previous years. However, persons who
came were impressed with what they saw. The Board, which is now chaired by Mr.
Sydney England, Elder of St. John‘s United Church, met regularly, i.e., every other
month, and a tight rein is kept on the operations of the Centre.

No repairs were done except for a major overhauling of the plumbing system between
the Bakery and the Daycare Centre. The Bakery and landing to the Daycare were
painted and a few broken chairs mended. The major events at the Centre were the
Medical Clinics held by visiting Doctors and Dentists from Fort Foote Baptist Church of
Little Washington, USA, who came in August and the reopening of the Heavenly
Delights Bakery in July.

This is still in operation, but despite our efforts the number of children in attendance has
decreased steadily so we have not been able to reach full capacity. We have attempted
to get sponsors for a few of the children but only one Company has responded
favourably. Deloitte & Touche has sponsored two children and Mr. Hardie from Fort
Foote Baptist has sponsored one child. This drastic decline began after the July 2001
riots as parents who work in the downtown area and who were approached expressed
reservation about the area in which we are located.
The reduction in numbers severely affected the income of the facility and so we relied
on assistance from the Church and donations from Parkdale United Church.

This facility was reopened on July 1, 2002 and we began baking on July 15, 2002. Our
baker, who is the only staff person at the time of writing, is a UTech graduate who also
taught Baking Technology. We have not been baking all the products done before, but
we still do Coco Breads and a variety of pastry. Those who have had the products so far
are quite pleased with the quality. Funding for the start-up operations came from United
Way who approved a grant of One Million and Seventy Thousand Dollars. To date we
have drawn down Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars for the salary of the Baker and to
purchase new and additional machinery. We were fortunate to have received some free
raw material. Proceeds of sale of these products were used to purchase more material
as well as uniforms for the Baker.
Our efforts to link with one of the large Supermarket chains with the hope of producing
solely for them have not been successful so new plans are underway. Meanwhile we
bake to fill orders and also for sale to the Primary School. We are also seeking to
produce for some of the Canteens of large Business houses in the downtown area, but
so far we have not had any favourable response. This is a daunting task as we cannot
compete in prices with the established bakeries so we have to re-think our strategies

and the first six months of 2003 will determine the future of our existence.

We have put our financial operations on the Quick Books Computer Accounting System
and so there will be better control of materials and finances. In addition, we also have
the assistance of a Business Analyst who is assigned from P.A.C.T. (Peoples Action for
Community Transformation).
Before we started in July a study of the project was done, and we are operating within
the guidelines and recommendations. Net sales for the seven months of operation
amounted to $76,940.06.
It is hoped that reopening of the Bakery will make a difference in the very near future as
it is originally intended to be the income-generating arm of the Centre. Audit of the
books will be completed by March 2003.

It was anticipated that classes would have commenced in November but the response
has not been good, so we were unable to start.

The classes are being advertised in the Church‘s weekly bulletin and letters were sent
to parents of the Grade Six children in our school. In addition, a free seminar was held,
where persons were introduced to the Computer and its many uses. We are targeting
the Nurses at the Kingston Public Hospital and classes will be held to coincide with their
working shifts. The whole area of the Skills Training was tiled by a kind member and the
windows are to be sealed to prevent loss of air from the air condition units. The area
has been divided into rooms, one for the Computer Lab and the other for our
Conference Room.

This is being held in the area previously used as the Nursery and is now in full
operation. The Counsellor is our Minister, Rev. Dave Spence, who has been ably
assisted by Mr. Andrew Mckenzie. They have been kept busy counselling the children
from the school, the community and the Church. Since the start of the programme on
Wednesday, November 6, he has seen 54 clients.

Some equipment has been purchased, e.g., desks and a large television. The relevant
reports have been sent off to Washington.

A clinic was held in most of the months as we were able to obtain the services of a
Medical Doctor. Several Doctors from the Junior Doctors Association who come to see
children from our Primary School on Wednesdays are also using the facility.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Elder Elaine Christie
                             FELLOWSHIP REPORT

This Committee continued to see to the beautification and cleaning of the Church
property for weekly services and special occasions.

A time of great fellowship was experienced during the year as we were visited by Rev.
Dr. Anthony Bailey and his family who live in Canada. Also, a group from the Fort Foote
Baptist Church in Washington D.C. visited us.

The annual picnic took place at Cranbrook Farms in St. Ann on August 1, and it turned
out to be a most enjoyable day. The fellowship was good. Rev. Bailey and his family
enjoyed the day with us.

The Flowers Committee is in place and is working effectively to provide flowers to the

Ushering of visitors on Sunday mornings is going quite well.

We now have two ladies doing the cleaning of the sanctuary; they are Miss Beverley
Fagan and Miss Bevolyn Gayle. Miss Gayle is also the person taking care of Miss Myra
Coward at present. As you know, Miss Coward was, for a number of years, a faithful
and hardworking lady in the Church who made sure that the Church was spotless for
worship on Sundays.

Many thanks to all those persons who assisted the Committee over the past year, as
together we go forward in service.

Karlene Hines

                                 WORSHIP COMMITTEE

The Worship Committee takes this opportunity to thank members who participated in
the worship services by either a) leading the service, b) leading praise and celebration,
c) reading a lesson d) doing Children‘s Time and e) offering a song unto the Lord on a
Sunday morning. We cannot help but remember Mr. Reynolds preparing the
congregation for worship on Sunday mornings or when he sings with such spirit ―Holy,
Holy, Holy‖. Several persons have expressed the impact these have had on their lives.

We have had the opportunity of inviting several persons to share with us on Sunday
mornings including our Student Ministers, Khereen Wilson and Dwayne Fagan, the
General Secretary, United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Rev. Maitland
Evans, who shared with us on our Anniversary Sunday.

Efforts were made by the committee to make special several events celebrated by the
Church. These included Easter Services, Emancipation/Independence Service where
the Church was beautifully decorated as we celebrated freedom from slavery and from
colonialism and Christmas Sunday Service.

On the third Sunday of August 2002, we had a wonderful time as we were blessed by
the visit of members of the Forte Foot Baptist Church. Their Senior Pastor, Rev. Lyles
gave the message that morning.

Efforts were also made to utilize some of the hymns from the United Church‘s new
hymnbook ‗Rejoice and Sing‘.

As usual, we had the North Street Primary School Family sharing in our services.

On second and third Sundays of each month, the Youth Fellowship and the districts,
respectively, were responsible for worship services. Unfortunately not all the districts
were able to participate through this medium.

We continue to be faced with the challenge of providing music for our services. We
have been fortunate to have the services of Mr. Leroy Rhoomes, Mrs. Simone Shurland
and Mr. Jimmy Smith.

For 2003, the committee expects to rise above the challenges we anticipate but we are
comforted that more emphasis will be placed:
   on getting more members to participate in the services
   on informing members of the different events celebrated by the Christian church.
   on inviting different speakers each month
   on purchasing several copies of the hymnbook Rejoice and Sing‘
   on having a Praise Team

We are always seeking ways in making our services more meaningful and so we invite
members to share their ideas with us. Members are also invited to become members of
the committee.

Respectfully Submitted by: Elder Joan Jonas
                             OUTREACH REPORT

The Committee did not meet as regularly as before. The Chairman relinquished
the position and Mr. Winston Edwards was asked to accept the post.

Unfortunately, he had an accident about the same time and has not been able to
take up the post since.

The Medical Clinic
This was held on a regular basis. A team of Medical Personnel from Fort Foote
Baptist Church also visited in August and a number of patients, such as dental,
eyes and paediatrics were seen.

The hospital visits and Chapel services were not done as often this year due to
the shortage of personnel.

The Shut-ins
Elder H. Shaw and Miss Thomas continue to visit these persons on a regular

The Community Centre is not in full operation due to the fact that not all areas
are being fully utilized. The Computer Centre is now a reality but classes are yet
to begin.

Let‘s hope that 2003 will be a better year.

God bless you.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Elder Viola Edwards


I thank members of the Committee for the hard work which they did during the year in
order that the programmes of the Church in the area of mission, witness and service
could be carried out.

The Committee was able to provide welfare to six shut-in members on a monthly basis.
In addition, special welfare was given to these members at Christmas and Easter when
they received not only additional cash, but extra food and meat kind.

The Committee continued to assist those with special needs, especially in the payment
of medical expenses.

The Burial Scheme Fund was serviced so that it may be able to ass ist the members of
our Church who are unable to bury their loved ones.

The Welfare Fund has also assisted several of our children and young people with their
educational expenses.

We are happy to report that this programme continued during 2002. We continued to
provide a basic breakfast to approximately 100 children from the primary school four
mornings each week.

We again thank Lodge St. John – Scottish Freemasons – for their continued financial
support of this programme.

In respect of the Lunch Programme, it assisted the students with a warm meal at
midday at a very low cost; again, with the help of Lodge St. John who contributed boxes
of chicken during the year. The lunch programme provided six free lunches daily for
needy children in our Day School.

In addition to the above, the surplus from the Lunch Programme has been used to
supplement the funds available for the School Breakfast Programme. It is expected that
the investment of the funds will help to ensure the continued funding of the School
Breakfast Programme.

The Committee organized a most successful evangelistic crusade during the period
June 30, 2002 to July 7, 2002.

We thank Elder Donovan Beersingh, Rev. Silvan Hines, Elder Sydney England, Elder
Roger Stewart and Rev. Astor Carlyle who were Guest Speakers. Our Minister was in
charge of the Community Forum Night where we continued to provide a forum for the
community to air their concerns.

A special thanks to the Boulevard Baptist Church Band who again provided the music
for several evening meetings. We also thank the Duke Street United Church who
assisted us with music for several nights; as well as our own young people who assisted
with praise and worship each evening. They also assisted with music on the nights
when we did not have a visiting band. We thank the caretaker and his family who were
of great support during 2002 Crusade.

A special feature during Crusade Week 2002 was meetings held by Elder Andrew
McKenzie in the annex to the church. During the time of the crusade meetings he
hosted the children from the community in special sessions, with an emphasis on
religious films and religious children‘s stories. It started with some 12 – 15 children, but
by the end of the week there were 40 – 50 youngsters attending the sessions.

We especially thank Elder McKenzie for this new thrust.

During the year, the Committee led the Church‘s response to hunger in our community.
In collaboration with Food for the Poor, we distributed food, through the church food aid
under a USDA 416B Programme which is an effort to feed the needy poor in Jamaica.
The food concentrated on the elderly and lactating mothers, and for several weeks up to
400 persons in and around the community were supplied with rice, oatmeal, cooking oil,
powdered milk, wheat flour, etc.

Because of the level of violence in the area, we have not been able to do the visitations
we had planned. We hope that in the New Year we will be able to pursue this important
aspect of community work, starting by accompanying children of the Sunday School to
their homes on Sundays after service.

This programme was not as well executed during the year as in the past. We however
noted earlier in the report the work done with Food for the Poor. We plan to return to
our local Grocery Basket Programme during the New Year.

Looking forward to the New Year, we expect:

1.    to organize the annual evangelistic crusade;

2.    encourage our young people to be trained in the use of musical instruments;

3.    re-examine our work in the distribution of welfare;

4.    look again at the operation of the Breakfast and Lunch Programmes, and seek to
      effect improvements in the delivery of these services.

We thank God for the blessings, and the work that the Committee has been able to do
during the past year.

Respectfully Submitted by
Elder Donald S. Reynolds

                      WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP REPORT

We thank the Lord for the year that has passed. Despite the irregular attendance of
members, the Women‘s Fellowship functioned.

On Sunday January 27, 2002, we celebrated our usual Women‘s Fellowship Day, and
Rev. Adrian McLean brought us the message on the theme ―WOMEN WHO DARED‖.

The Surrey Area Quarterly Meeting was held at Shortwood United Church and Sisters
Forester and Thomas represented the Women‘s Fellowship.

The Surrey Area Council Meeting was held at Hope United Church and Sister Edwards
attended. She also went to Point Village for the Surrey Council Women‘s Fellowship
Weekend Recreational Retreat in July.

No one was able to attend the Conference at Madge Saunders as our funds were
insufficient, and we were unable to sponsor anyone.

The Social Ingathering and Concert was held at Meadowbrook United Church and Elder
L. Jonas attended.

The mission for the past year was that everyone should do some investment in order to
enhance the funding of the Women‘s Fellowship Account.

Elder H. Shaw, Misses Thomas and Forrester continue to visit the shut-in members of
the Women‘s Fellowship.

Sister Spencer celebrated her One Hundred & One Birthday (101) in December.

Sister White passed on and some of the members attended the funeral at the
Waltham Park Road Church.

The regular packages were sent to the Pringles Girls Home for the holiday.

I indeed hope that this year will be more productive and supported as we try to recruit
more members in our Women‘s Fellowship.

―Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven (St. Matthew 5:12)
and (St Matthew 4:19 – 20) Follow me and I will make you fishers of men, and straight
away they followed him.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Elder Viola Edwards

                               YOUTH COMMITTEE

The year 2002 was one filled with various activities and also many trials for the new
Youth Fellowship executive; all of which helped to bond the Youth Fellowship members
closer in harmony.

The year began, as most, with the Youth Fellowship‘s annual sleep-over which is
always held after watch night service.

During the year many activities took place in the Council and at the Synodical level and
the Youth Fellowship participated in all of these.

The first quarter of the year saw the Fellowship participating at the Council‘s Annual
Sports Day elimination, and saw members of the Fellowship representing the Council at
the National Sports Day. Those who participated won medals in their individual events.
The Football Team represented the Council in the competition, earning valuable points
for the Council.

In the second quarter of the year, the Fellowship undertook the planning and organizing
of the social event ―Youth Link Up 2002‖ which was geared at providing fun and
fellowship for the youths in the Church at all levels. We decided that since the Youth
Link Up was such a success in the past, we would now try to allow other Fellowships to
participate in the hosting of the event. We proposed this to the Youth Fellowship of St.
Stephen‘s United Church to join us in hosting the event. The event was again
successful. It was well supported by youths, and the Director of Youth Ministries was in
attendance. The evening was one of great fun and fellowship as our youths interacted
with each other.

Our Cricket Team won their first match against Dinthill Technical. This made all of us
happy since we had lost to Webster‘s in our practice game.

Camps were held in the third quarter of the year, and members of the Fellowship
attended their respective camps as we had three persons at the T eens Camp, and six
at the Youth Camp. The ―Camp Girl‖ for the youth camp was one of our own, Novlette
(Karlene) Roache. Camp proved to be an exciting experience for the members of the
Youth Fellowship who attended as they met with old friends and made new
acquaintances. They bonded more with God and improved on their spiritual walk with

During the fourth quarter of the year we were able to revitalize the Youth Music Festival
with the help of a committee chaired by Steve Riley which included Elders Andrew
McKenzie, Juliet Todd-Hamilton and Joan Jonas. The event was in honour of Elder
Ada Wakleling.

The fellowship also held its Christmas Dinner – thanks to the Dinner Planning
Committee and Elder and Mrs. Paul Miller who hosted the event at their home. It was a
night to remember, and we hope to make the Youth Fellowship Dinner an annual event.

The Fellowship‘s Football team, also in the fourth quarter, successfully defended the
coveted Surrey Area Council‘s Tucker Cup Football Trophy. The team won the
competition for the third year in a row and therefore retired the trophy. We also took
home the second place trophy having entered two teams and both made it to the final.
We extend congratulations to both teams.

During the year individuals from the Fellowship performed well in their examinations.
We congratulate them.

Unlike the Youth Fellowship, the Young Adults were not as vibrant and buzzing with
activity. However, they have contributed to the Church by giving of their time to help
with the Youth Fellowship and other aspects of the Church.

The training of persons interested in learning to play different musical instruments has
started with help from some young members at Duke Street United Youth Fellowship.
We are hoping that this will help to improve the quality of the praise and worship at our

Thanks to all those who assisted with the youths of the Church over the past year. Your
assistance was greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted by
Elder Tyrone Edwards

                             SENIOR CHOIR REPORT

The Senior Choir continued its role of leading the music in the Church‘s Worship
Services by the singing of hymns and rendering special Anthems. Special music was
also presented for the various events on the Church‘s calendar.

The Easter Cantata, ―The Thorned Crowned King‖ was presented on Easter Sunday
and this was well supported. Members of the Choir wore white for the occasion and this
brought back memories of the heyday of the choir in years past. We also provided
music for Anniversary and Harvest, and the Sunday School joined us for the Christmas

Our Christmas presentation focused on Caribbean carols, e.g., ―Holy, Holy His Name,
Fe Me Lawd Great‖. The music was enhanced with the playing of the Congo Drum by
little Joseph Hines from Duke Street United Church and, of course, Mrs. Yvonne Miller
sang, ―O Holy Night‖.

The choir was asked to participate in a programme sponsored by the East Queen Street
Baptist Church in recognition of Rev. J. J. W illiams. We sang ―Blessed Jesus Hold My
Hand‖ and from all reports it was well received.

The size of our choir has dwindled and in fact at the time of writing there were no male

As a result we are no longer able to do major works but concentrate instead on other
musical pieces that can be sung without tenors or bases. We also have an additional
uniform, a blue dress, which will be worn during the hot months of summer.

We continue to pray that God will touch the hearts of persons who are able to join the
choir, as it is an important part of the Church‘s life. We are also praying for a resident

We however continue to praise God with every fibre of our being and to lift our voices
and sing as long as we are able.

We thank Miss Shirley Hewitt who has agreed to be our Choir Director and who has
been doing a good job. We also thank Mr. Jimmy Smith who plays the organ on 3 rd and
4th Sundays, our own Mrs. Simone Shurland (Hines) who plays on 2 nd Sundays, and Mr.
Leroy Rhooms who plays on 1st Sundays as well as for choir rehearsals.

Respectfully Submitted by
Choir Member


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