Regina 86th Beaver Sleepover

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					                          Regina 86th Beaver Sleepover
Your Beaver has been invited to attend the Annual Sleepover Rendezvous. The purpose
of this event is to have fun and encourage the youth to learn to be independent prior to
joining Cubs where they will experience full weekend camps. Having Beaver sleepovers
helps to prepare the youth while in a controlled environment, and yet still enjoying
Scouting activities.

Our theme this year is Race Cars. Some of the activities planned include building race
cars, Beaver Buggies, some car racing and maybe a search for the Piston Cup! We will
wind down the evening with an indoor campfire. Following campfire the youth will be
sleeping in tents. Saturday morning is Beaver Buggy racing time. Excitement will be in
the air!!!!

The sleep over will take place on Friday February 20th at Heritage United Church on the
corner of Arnason and Rochdale. We would like the youth to arrive at 6:15 p.m. with their

Pick up for the youth will be 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

We as leaders are aware we have many incidences where the youth wish to come home.
We would like to assure you that we will look at each situation and deal with it
appropriately. Our #1 goal is to let the youth have a positive and successful sleep over!

We will require some parent help at the sleep over. A few parents helping with each of
the various activities would be great. Parents are welcome to spend the entire evening
with us or just a few hours. A sign up sheet has been posted for you to fill in your names.
We will need help with running activities, cleanup from painting beaver buggies,
assembling beaver buggies, setting up tents, the evening snack, breakfast, etc.

We are also looking for some household items to use for the sleepover. Some of the
items we need are paper towel, wrapping paper or toilet paper rolls, egg cartons,

IMPORTANT, if there have been any changes or updating required for your child’s
physical fitness form please let us know. We have attached a copy of your child’s
registration form, please review and make any changes required. After this is reviewed
please sign and date the form under for the information update area.

WARNING, we will be painting, dress youth appropriately. A paint shirt would be great.
What should we bring?

Beaver Uniform
Bed roll (blue foam from Wal-Mart woks best and if they are going into Cubs, this will be
an investment)
Sleeping bag and pillow
Teddy bear for sleeping
Mess kit (bowl, plate and cutlery)
Change of clothes
Toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, face cloth and small towel.)
Flashlight (No glow sticks please)
Indoor Shoes
Campfire blanket
Optional, paint shirt

Please label everything with your child’s name.

Please refrain from bringing extra toys, electronics such as game boys, MP3s and
Discmans. Saves hard feeling if something gets broken and we will keep them busy.

Parents are encouraged and welcome to join us at any time over the weekend, if you wish
to come for the whole weekend you are welcome. Please feel free to come and join in
the fun. If you have any concerns you wish to address please call one of your leaders.

The sleepover is one of the more memorable activities of the year, it’s not one to be


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