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					                          Citrus Community College District
                               Academic Senate Council

Wednesday, November 5, 2003                                 2:00 p.m. – Faculty/Staff Lounge

Officers:       Tom Gerfen, President (P)
                Marilyn Eng, Vice President/President Elect (P)
                Elanie Moore, Past President (P)
                Jack Call, Treasurer (P)
                Dana Hester, Secretary (P)

Art                     Matt Jackson (A)           Behavioral Science                Maia Cunningham (P)
Biology                 Eric Rabitoy (A)           Business                          Levi Richard (P)
Cosmetology             Albert Graciano (A)        Foreign Languages                 Elisabeth Garate (P)
Counseling/DSP&S        Dorothy Jean Hays (P)      Health Occ/LVN, Dent              Maureen Estrada (P)
Language Arts           Roberta Eisel (P)          Library                           Kate Halcrow (P)
Mathematics             David Casey (A)            Music                             Bruce Langford (P )
Physical Education      Marilyn Gunstream (A)      Physical Science                  Mitch Hathaway (P)
Public Service          -                          Social Science                    Jack Call (interim) (P)
Theatre/Dance           Cherie Brown/ (A)          Transportation Tech               Jeremy Clark (A)
                        John Vaughan (P)

At Large Representatives: Lin Humphrey (P), Rudy Saldana (A) and Lucinda Over (P)
Adjunct Faculty Representatives: N/A
District Academic Senate Secretary: Linda Swan (P)
ASCC Faculty-Student Relations Liaison: Gabby Agraz (P) and Angelica Rodriquez (A)
Citrus College Faculty Association Liaison: Vince Mercurio (A)

(P) = Present                    (A) = Absent

        The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.
        President Gerfen reported no changes to the agenda.

        A.   Roll was taken by sign in sheet.

III.    MINUTES – Dana Hester
        A.      Dana called for approval of the minutes of the October 22, 2003 meeting.

        B.      Tom Gerfen introduced Dr. Linda Spink, President of Los Angeles Harbor
                College and a member of the visiting Accreditation Team.

        A.   Budget Report- Pat Lawrence introduced Vice President of Fiscal Services,
             Carol Horton, who then gave an interesting PowerPoint presentation on the
             2003-2004 budget. Salaries are a major part of our budget, and it is an item
             which can’t be cut. This leaves few other areas where reductions can be
             made in the event of State mid-year cuts. In addition, Citrus has 8% unfunded
             FTES which means about 1300 students over cap. The college can no longer
             afford to support these students as a result of the budget crisis taking place in
             the state. Everyone was very attentive and found Carol’s presentation
             informative. She answered a number of questions from the members.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                     Page 1 of 31
       B.     Curriculum Institute Report – Lin Humphrey
              Tabled until the November 12th meeting due to time limitations.

       C.     FNIC Update – Tom Gerfen handed out copies of an FNIC memo from Dr.
              Thom Armstrong, Vice President of Instruction. Sixteen positions have been
              identified as hiring priorities.

       D.     Physical Emergency Plans – Jim Cope
              Jim outlined emergency response plans which Citrus has in place in the event
              of a number of different disaster scenarios. There were questions and
              comments from the members including the possibility of phones in
              classrooms; faculty with offices away from their dean/associate dean’s offices
              where the flipcharts and emergency manuals are located; the status of the
              crisis team committee which was unilaterally disbanded. In addition, Dorothy
              Hays and others raised the issue of all mental health emergencies being
              referred solely to counseling. This is an issue counseling intends to bring to
              the senate at some future time. Classroom occupancy limits were also
              addressed and Jim was asked to present a workshop on this subject in the

       E.     Expressive Activities Update- Tom Gerfen
              Tom explained that after approving R-5138 and P-5138 at the last senate
              meeting, the attorney for Citrus College made some further revisions which
              means the senate will need to take a new vote. After reviewing the changes a
              vote was held. Some members did ask that it be determined how and who
              should be notified if there is too much noise outside their classrooms.


       A.     Curriculum – Lin Humphrey
              The committee last met on October 28. Lin provided a synopsis of their
              actions taken from the minutes. The next meeting will be on November 11 and
              all are invited to attend.

       B.     Update on Library Name – John Fincher
              The Physical Resource Committee voted to approve a monument-type sign to
              include the words “Hayden Library-Learning Resource Center”. It would be
              located in the flower box immediately to the right of the building’s entrance,
              next to the staircase. A number of senators and members expressed
              dissatisfaction with this saying the building name should have only the word
              “library” in it. John was asked to take the senate’s opinions back to the


       A.     Faculty Input/Course Offerings Resolution                  M/S/P

       Secretary – Dana Hester

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                         Page 2 of 31
         Treasurer – Jack Call

         Past President – Elanie Moore
                Not present

         Vice President/President-Elect – Marilyn Eng

         President – Tom Gerfen
               Given as a handout

         CCFA Liaison – Vince Mercurio
              Not present

         A.   Update on donating sick leave
              Lucinda Over spoke with Jean Malone concerning donation of sick leave to
              Michelle Yount. Faculty and classified cannot donate time, however the Citrus
              College Faculty Association made a monetary donation to the ASO on
              Michelle’s behalf. Linda Swan also spoke with Jean Malone and was informed
              that adjunct faculty is able to donate time to another adjunct faculty member.
              There was some discussion of the Senate making a monetary donation to
              Michelle’s fund. It will be brought up for further discussion at the meeting on
              November 12.

         A.   Academic Senate Plenary Session Report
              Tom Gerfen reported that 5 faculty members, 2 Board of Trustee members,
              and Superintendent/President, Michael Viera attended the event in Pasadena
              and much information was garnered.

         B.     Elections – Next Year
                Tom Gerfen will soon be passing out election plans for the upcoming year.

         C.     Honors/Teachers Prep – Lucinda Over
                Lucinda read from the attached report.

         Jo Morrison mentioned that the new state budget director, appointed by Governor-
         elect Schwarzenegger, has a reputation for doing hatchet jobs on community
         colleges’ funding. It was suggested that a great activity for the next flex day would be
         a tour of the new Disney Concert Hall. Marilyn Eng reported a March in March to be
         held in Sacramento in support of community colleges.

         A.  The Accreditation Team Exit Interview will be on Thursday, November 6 at
             2:30 pm in the Chorale Room and is open to all who wish to attend.

         B.     The November 26th meeting of the Academic Senate is cancelled.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                            Page 3 of 31
       C.       Donations can be made to the Michelle Yount fund by sending cash or a
                check made out to: Citrus College ASO with a notation indicating it is for
                Michelle Yount.

        D.      Don’t forget the Thanksgiving Luncheon on November 18th.

       At 3:37 p.m.                                                         M/S/P

#1     Budget Presentation
#2     FNIC Hiring Priorities
#3 a. Emergency Response-Crisis Action Team (available in hard copy only)
    b. Emergency Disaster Response Management
    c. No smoking areas
#4 a. R-5138
    b. P-5138
#5     Curriculum Committee minutes
#6     Faculty Input/Course Offerings Resolution
#7     President’s Report
#8     Teacher Preparation Update

Members and Guests Present:

John Fincher                          Greg Johansen
Jo Morrison                           Dr. Linda Spink
Lily Valdivia

Future Academic Senate Meeting Dates:

December 10, 2003
January 14, 2004
January 28, 2004
February 11, 2004
February 25, 2004
March 10, 2004
March 24, 2004
April 14, 2004
April 28, 2004
May 12, 2004

                                                                     Submitted by: Linda Swan
                                                           District Academic Senate Secretary

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                            Page 4 of 31
Slide 1                                                      ___________________________________
                   2003-2004 BUDGET PRESENTATION
                                  Citrus College
                                 Board of Trustees           ___________________________________
                                  October 7, 2003

Slide 2                                                      ___________________________________
                        FUND ACCOUNTING
                  10 Funds
                  w General Fund Unrestricted
                  w General Fund Restricted                  ___________________________________
                  w Student Financial Aid
                  w Child Development                        ___________________________________
                  w Capital Projects
                  w Community Education                      ___________________________________
                  w Bookstore
                  w Cafeteria
                  w Driving Range                            ___________________________________
                  w Associated Students

Slide 3                                                      ___________________________________
                      UNAUDITED ACTUALS
                          2002-2003                          ___________________________________
                                 Revenue                     ___________________________________
                         Federal            $1,822   .004%

                         State         $26,421,496    58%    ___________________________________
                         Local         $18,971,232    42%
                         Total         $45,394,550

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                          Page 5 of 31
Slide 4                                                                                                 ___________________________________
                               UNAUDITED ACTUALS
                                   2002-2003                                                            ___________________________________
                                Academic                 $18,844,885            42%
                                Classified               $12,083,455            27%
                                Benefits                   $6,872,701           15%
                                Supplies                   $1,159,082              3%                   ___________________________________
                                Services                   $5,088,534           11%
                                Equipment                      $651,593            2%                   ___________________________________
                                Total                    $44,700,250

Slide 5                                                                                                 ___________________________________
                                  IROEUD E MR
                                    T M IUC IRT
                                    S NT SS

                 1 8,000,000                                                                   AISR
                                                                                                A LE
                                                                                                 MI S   ___________________________________
                 1 6,000,000
                                                                                               M O
                                                                                                 Y      ___________________________________
                 1 4,000,000

                 1 2,000,000
                 1 0,000,000

                                                                                               CILL     ___________________________________

                  2,000,000                                                                             ___________________________________
                                2001 -2002ACTUALS   2002-2003UNAUDITE D   2003-2004 BUDGET


Slide 6                                                                                                 ___________________________________
                               UNAUDITED ACTUALS
                                   2002-2003                                                            ___________________________________
                      Ending Balance - $4,694,668

                      Funded FTES                                                            10,429
                      Basic Skills FTES Funded                                                 422
                      Unfunded FTES                                                            784
                      Decrease in Fund Balance                                       $901,599           ___________________________________
                84% Expenditures for Salaries and Benefits
                50% Law @ 50.04%                                                                        ___________________________________
                Ending Balance @ 10% of Expenditures

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                                                     Page 6 of 31
Slide 7                                                                   ___________________________________
                             CT A R N
                   BUDGETTO A U L VA IA CES
                           2002-2003                                      ___________________________________
                       1000-Academic Salaries             3.6%            ___________________________________
                       2000-Classified Salaries           0.3%
                       3000-Benefits                       2%
                       4000-Supplies                      30%
                       5000-Other Services                19%
                       6000-Capital Outlay                54%
                       8000-Revenues                      0.1%


Slide 8                                                                   ___________________________________
                      ER L     D
                   GEN A FUN BUDGET
                        2003-2004                                         ___________________________________
                                    Revenue                               ___________________________________
                      Federal                     $9,000         .02%
                      State                  $24,167,503          54%     ___________________________________
                      Local                  $20,561,372         46%
                      Total Revenue          $44,737,875

Slide 9                                                                   ___________________________________
                       GENERAL FUND BUDGET
                             2003-2004                                    ___________________________________
                              Revenues – cont.
                  State Apportionment                       $36,492,094
                  COLA                       NO COST OF

                  Growth                     .92%            $295,355     ___________________________________
                  Partnership for                           $2,791,530
                  Excellence                                              ___________________________________
                  Lottery                    12184          $1,462,080
                                             FTE @                        ___________________________________
                  Non-Resident Tuition                      $1,845,000

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                       Page 7 of 31
Slide 10                                                                        ___________________________________
                                R V N ET TA $44,737,8 5
                                 EEU O L             7
                                                           ENROLLMEN    T
                           34%                                  OTHER REVENUE
                           3%                               STATE
                                          BASIC SKILLS APPORTION    MENT
                                                3%            42%               ___________________________________

Slide 11                                                                        ___________________________________
                   GENERAL FUND BUDGET
                         2003-2004                                              ___________________________________
                        Academic               $17,714,931          39%
                        Classified             $11,980,810          26%         ___________________________________
                        Benefits                $7,837,279          17%
                        Supplies                $1,512,246           3%         ___________________________________
                        Services                $5,833,866          13%
                        Equipment               $1,136,095           2%         ___________________________________
                           Total               $46,015,226

Slide 12                                                                        ___________________________________
                       GENERAL FUND BUDGET
                             2003-2004                                          ___________________________________
                   w Adopted State Budget
                     Advanced Apportionment Data
                     Concurrent Enrollment Reduction $124,553
                   w Existing Positions and Vacancies
                     Step and Column/Class Adjustments
                   w Benefit Changes
                     5.79% Increase for Blue Shield (Family) $9,851.00
                     20.91% for Kaiser (Family) $8,788.30
                     5% Decrease for Dental (Family) $869.80                    ___________________________________
                     No Change for Life Insurance (Employee Only) $110.30
                     No Change for Vision (Family) $207.90
                     265% Increase in PERS Cost                                 ___________________________________
                     30% Increase in Workers Compensation Cost
                   w 82% of All Expenditures Salaries and Benefits

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                             Page 8 of 31
Slide 13                                                                                                                 ___________________________________
                                               E VE                       IL
                                                                        OTA                                              ___________________________________
                                               $ 3I 6
                                                58%                       %
                                                                                                       A C
                      %                                                                                $ %E R
                                                                                                        17714931         ___________________________________
               EP T
              BNIS O
                  L EE
                  EF                                                                                                     ___________________________________
               $7837279                                                LLIIE
                   %                                                     SE
                                                                          6                                              ___________________________________

Slide 14                                                                                                                 ___________________________________

                                                   T UDE M
                                                 EH RYTEMT
                                                 TS ME LUR
                                                  GC F C E DI
                                                   Y U OS TY
                                                    E T
                                                      I                                                                  ___________________________________

               10000                               9,026
                                                                           9,616       9,868


                       95-96       96-97       97-98       98-99        99-00      00-01       01-02         02-03


Slide 15                              GENERAL FUND                                                                       ___________________________________
                                        2003-2004                                                                        ___________________________________
                               Estimated Ending Balance                            $2,510,368 @
                               Estimated Funded FTES                                      10,896
                               Estimated Basic Skills                                                  425
                               FTES Funded
                            Deficit Spending               $2,184,299
                           82% Expenditures for Salaries and Benefits
                           Ending Balance @ 5% of Expenditures

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                                                                      Page 9 of 31
Slide 16                                                                                                           ___________________________________
                                                 CITRUS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT


                40,000,000                                                                                         ___________________________________


                                                                                                        RVN E
                                                                                                        EX E D


                             94-95   95-96   96-97    97-98   98-99    99-00   00-01    01-02   02-03


November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                                                               Page 10 of 31
                         VICE PRESIDENT OF INSTRUCTION

DATE:         October 30, 2003

TO:                  Marilyn Eng
                     Tom Gerfen
                     Jeanne Hamilton
                     Elanie Moore
                     Michael Viera
                     Jim Williams

FROM:                Dr. Thom M. Armstrong

SUBJECT:             FNIC Hiring Priorities, 2004 – 2005

The Faculty Needs Identification Committee met on October 13 and on October 29, 2003.
The following sixteen positions were identified as hiring priorities for the 2004-2005
academic year, with two positions as alternates. Given the uncertain budgetary situation,
these recommendations are tentative, and subject to approval and/or modification by the
board of trustees. The human resources department will soon be sending job
announcements to be reviewed by departmental/divisional faculty and managers. These
edited announcements should be forwarded to the appropriate vice president for final
review as soon as possible so they can then be returned to human resources. Thanks!

Accounting (1)                   Math (1)
Business (2)                            Nursing (1)
Cosmetology (2)                         PE (1)
Dental Assisting (1)                    Physics (1)
Economics (1)                           Counseling (2)
Emergency Medical Technician (1)        Theatre Arts (1)
History (1)

Astronomy (1)
Psychology (1)

Cc:     B. Bollinger         J. Gulli              S. Lindsey
        A. Briones           K. Holland            J. Malone
        S. Claprood          C. Horton             J. Thompson
        M. Collins           M. Hurtado            R. Tippins
        W. Cunnyngham        B. Johnson            J. Williams
        T. Damron            S. Lee

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                      Page 11 of 31
                              Citrus College

Emergency Response Flip Chart – The chart provides information on:
  1. Campus Evacuation Map
  2. Emergency response procedures,
  3. Utility failures,
  4. Fire response
  5. Mental health/violent or criminal behavior responses
  6. Bomb threat
  7. Hazardous chemical or material spill situations
  8. Earthquake response actions
  9. Assisting disabled in emergencies
  10. Basic first aid procedures
  11. “Crisis Action Team”
          a. Field Response Team
          b. State mandated disaster worker service

           Emergency Plan & Disaster Management Manual
   1. Volume 1 “Event Specific responses and Immediate Action Checklists”.
         a. Distributed to all departments
         b. Reviewed and updated annually
         c. Immediate Actions with checklist guide
         d. Tabbed Event Specific Actions with checklist guide for:
                  i. Emergency Notifications; Defining code red, code yellow, code
                 ii. Crisis situations – shootings, acts of violence, hostage situations,
                iii. Aircraft crash
                iv. Bomb threat including a “bomb threat questionnaire”
                 v. Crisis counseling & mental health interventions
                vi. Evacuation procedures; plus procedures for assisting disabled in
                     emergencies; “Emergency Evacuation Assistance Areas”
               vii. Explosion
               viii. Threat of an explosion
                ix. Fire
                 x. Flooding
                xi. Hazardous materials spill response
               xii. Landslide
               xiii. National defense emergency
              xiv. Campus medical emergency
               xv. Smog alert
              xvi. Windstorm
              xvii. Power Outage/Rolling blackouts
             xviii. Utility failure

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                         Page 12 of 31
   2. Volume 2 “EOC guidebook with EOC staff responsibilities and checklists”.
         a. It is limited in distribution - primarily members of the “Crisis Action Team”
            (Listed by title, not individual); also copies to library, Supervisor of EH&S
            programs, & AOD office
         b. Volume 2 is a “how to run an EOC” manual. Complete with ground plan for
            setting up and staffing and EOC. Provides “what do I do now?” checklists
            for each recommended position in an EOC.
   3. Volume 3 “SEMS Basic Plan.
         a. Same distribution as Volume 2, plus a copy to Director of Fiscal Services
         b. It contains the basic information including: An overview of the
            “Standardized Emergency Management System” or SEMS; an overview of
            the “Incident Command System” or ICS;
                   i. Recommendations for the maintenance of the plan;
                  ii. Authorities & References for the plan;
                 iii. A threat Summary & Assessment;
                 iv. A glossary of terms and an index of acronyms and abbreviations;
                  v. Recovery issues including procedures for financial reimbursement
                      for disaster expenditures;
                 vi. Space for legal documents as needed and developed related to the

Emergency response supplies/equipment on-hand:
  1. Basic first aid supplies
  2. Light search and rescue supplies
  3. Facilities equipment
  4. Emergency Communication:
        a. Landlines
        b. Cell phones
        c. District walkie-talkies
        d. Runners as a last resort

Emergency power –
Immediate emergency lighting is in most buildings; Emergency flashlights and lanterns
have been distributed and other may be available via the warehouse
A large trailer mounted gas powered electric generator is being developed.
There are also plans for emergency power generators to be installed at the campus
center and in facilities yard.

Food & Water-
No Storage other than what is on-hand. Maintaining emergency supplies of this nature
are labor & cost intensive.

The plan is designed to be a living document; it is to be reviewed and updated annually.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                       Page 13 of 31
AB846 becomes law effective 1/1/04. It will prohibit smoking within 20 feet of public building main entrances
and operable windows. Therefore, in an effort to meet this new regulation, ashtrays and urns need to be
moved a minimum of twenty feet from campus building entrances.

While only campus building are regulated as smoke free, some outside areas may need signage indicating
specific “no smoking” areas and “designated smoking areas” in order to accommodate students and staff with
guidance in certain areas. The following is a run down of (I hope) most of the potentially conflicted areas on
the campus - with some potential solutions. Please review and provide me with any comments, suggestions,
or alternative solutions by November17.
Thank you for time and consideration.

Jim Cope, x8704

Ashtray Urn Location                 Plan A              and/or Plan B        and/or Plan C
MU/RA Remove bucket        Continue to keep smokers       Sift the ash urn/ashtrays
style ashtrays; upgrade    at least 20’ from building     weekly.
to ash urns                entrances.
PA Little theater          Remove bucket style           Move ash urn to patio       Sift the ash urn weekly
entrance                   ashtray. Upgrade bucket       area south of little
                           style ashtrays to ash urns    theater entrance and
                           as needed.                    against building wall
                                                         between patio tables
PA Performing Arts         Remove large ash urn.         Move urn to planter area    Leave existing ashtray
Center main lobby          Leave small one for           at the south end of the     near the phone
entrance                   patrons to put butts in as    west patio.
                           they enter the lobby. Post
                           “No Smoking” signs
PA/SD west patio           Move Urn to against           Move urn next to bench      Move even further away
Classroom entrance         restroom wall on eastside     area 20+’ south of          to planter area at south
                           of building/classroom         entrances under patio       end of the west patio.
                           entrances                     tree
AD - North Main            Move to break in sidewalk
Entrance                   planter area of the north
                           side walkway
AD - South Main            Move ash urns to smoking      Move 20’ east (or west)     Move straight south to
Entrance                   area southwest corner of      along the sidewalk from     grass embankment
                           the AD Electrical block       the entrance way
                           (This is where some AD
                           staff currently go to smoke
AD - East stairwell        Remove it. There are two      Move it to the bench
entrance                   others nearby                 area just east of the
                                                         stairwell entrance
ED/CDC main entrance       Move to tree ring in the      Move to concrete bench
East side                  center of the CDC/IC patio    by the electric
                                                         blockhouse on east side
                                                         of CDC/IC patio
ED west side               Establish a designated        ????
                           smoking area under
                           stairwell on the ground
       nd                    nd
ED 2        floor          2 floor of ED is a 100%
                           smoke free area.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                          Page 14 of 31
Ashtray Urn Location                 Plan A                       and/or Plan B       and/or Plan C
LB 1 floor N side;          Move it to east side of LB   Move it west to nearest     Remove it
walkway next to faculty     under the Southeast          fixed bench location
office door. Remove ash     corner (across from MIS)
urn                         with a bench or table.
      nd                                                            nd
LB 2 floor                  Paint in ‘designated’        Designate 2 floor LB as     Install small ash urns
                            smoking areas in 1, 2 or     a “no smoking” area         and benches?
                            all walkway corners.
       rd                                                            rd
LB 3 floor                  Paint in ‘designated’        Designate 3 floor of LB
                            smoking areas in 1, 2, or    as “no smoking area
                            all walkway corners.
CC - Food Services          Remove ash urn.              Move ash urn 20’ south
South Side Patio            Replace it with small        between two picnic
Entrance                    ashtrays on designated       tables at east end of
                            tables                       patio
MA West entrance            Establish smoking area in
                            southwest corner of MA
                            building (near picnic
MA Entrance by Ed           Post “no smoking within      Establish smoking area
Services; two main          20’ of entrance” signs by    on lawn or sidewalk near
entrances in this           MA sliding glass doors       the northwest corner of
walkway                     and by “reprographics        ES
                            center” doors (ed
MA eastern entrance;
TBD based on
accessibility during Math
Science construction
FLS                         Designate a smoking’         Establish a smoking         Post “no smoking” signs
                            area between FLS,            area on the northeast       at both ends of sidewalk
                            Planetarium, and AT          corner of ES                in center planter
                            buildings                                                between ES/FLS.
TA East side classroom      Leave #2. Move #1 to         Remove one of the ash
entrance. Currently #1      southeast corner             urns.
next to pay phones and      concrete benches
#2 is next to bench         between Cosmo & TA
nearest parking lot.
TB Cosmo; south             Move ashtray away from
entrance door.              door to near blue bench
                            in TB/TC mall
TB 2        floor           Designate as no-smoking      Designate only NE and
                            area                         SE corners as smoking
                                                         areas. Paint Lines
TB 3 floor                  Designate as no-smoking      Designate only NE and
                            area                         SE corners as smoking
                                                         areas. Paint Lines
TC 2        floor           Designate as no-smoking      Designate only NE and
                            area.                        SE corners as smoking
                                                         areas. Paint lines
TG Diesel entrance          Establish a smoking area     Post no smoking within
                            across the road from the     20’ of entrance on TG
                            main diesel entrance         entrance way
                            Requires the elimination
                            of 1 parking space.
LI/LRC Library Main         Current Ash urns are less    Move ash urns to a          Post designated
Entrance                    than 20’ from entrance       designated smoking          smoking area signs.
                                                         area 20+’ due east of
                                                         main entrance under the
                                                         eave of library entrance.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                          Page 15 of 31

                                                                                    Page 1 of


   1. All persons wishing to use any of the college’s Free Speech Areas facilities for
      speech or expressive activities pursuant to this regulation are advised to identify
      themselves to the college Security Office. These persons are requested to
      present to the personnel on duty a brief written statement of the general content
      of the statements they will be making and, if any materials are to be distributed, a
      copy of each piece. Information disclosed pursuant to this paragraph shall be
      used only for the purposes of enforcement of these regulations as they pertain to
      responsibility for the commission of unlawful acts. Materials collected pursuant to
      this regulation are for administrative purposes only, and not for purposes of
      approving access to campus, content of speech, assignment to a particular area
      of campus, or any other purpose resulting in prior restraint. There shall be no
      exercise of discretion by any district personnel associated with collection of
      materials under this paragraph.

    Only those written materials of which Security has received a copy
      may be distributed. Such distribution shall take place only within the geographical
      limits of the Free Speech Areas. Prior to leaving the Area for the day, the user(s)
      must retrieve and remove or properly dispose of their printed materials that have
      been improperly discarded in or around the Area.

   2. Any person, organization or group wishing to distribute more than fifty copies of
      any written material on campus is advised to first provide a copy of such written
      material to the Security Office. Any person, organization or group responsible for
      distributing written materials on campus must retrieve and remove or properly
      dispose of such materials that have been improperly discarded in or around
      campus. If the distributor of written materials fails to clean up litter resulting from
      such distribution, the college will charge the distributor for the costs incurred in the

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                           Page 16 of 31
                                                                                Page 2 of
   Persons may use the Free Speech Areas to collect signatures on
      proposed ballot measures or other petitions and to register voters. No person
      shall use these Areas for the solicitation of funds by any means, including sales
      and donations, unless he or she is representing an organization registered with
      the California Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation or is a member of a
      recognized Citrus College club or organization. Any person(s) engaged in a for-
      profit endeavor may arrange to have a presence on campus through the
      bookstore supervisor subject to the existing policies of the bookstore.

 3. No means of amplification, electronic or otherwise, shall be used in
      the Free Speech Areas.

       The use of amplification by persons or groups on campus shall not reach a sound
       level that creates a material disruption to the normal functioning of the college.
       The level at which disruption occurs is recognized as 60 dB inside the classroom
       or campus office where instruction or other college function is taking place If
       sound level complaints occur complaints arise that the sound level of
       expressive activity is disrupting the normal functioning of the college,
       college staff will measure dB levels at the site of the
       complaint. If sound levels exceed 60 dB in an office or classroom from which a
       complaint arises, the persons or group creating the disturbance will be given a
       warning and advised to reduce volume to an acceptable level a level at which
       the normal functioning of the college is not disrupted. If after two warnings
       complaints again arise that the sound level of expressive activity is
       disrupting the normal functioning of the college, and if the sound level of the
       expressive activity continues to exceeds 60 dB a second time, the activity or
       amplification will be terminated.

   . Persons using the Free Speech Areas shall not touch nor impede
      the progress of passersby and shall remain within the geographical limits of the
      Areas while engaged in the exercise of their expression.

   4. Persons or groups engaged in expressive activity shall not commit unlawful acts of
      violence, or incite others to unlawful acts of violence or conduct physically
      incompatible with the peaceful functioning of campus. Nor shall they engage in
      acts of unlawful physical intimidation of students, faculty, staff or visitors;
      unlawfully obstruct ingress to, or egress from, school buildings; or unlawfully
      intrude upon, damage or destroy college property.

   5. Use of the Free Speech Areas shall be limited to the hours of 8:00
      a.m. through 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                       Page 17 of 31
                                                                                             Page 3 of

   5. Expressive activities may be held at all times the college is open for business. In
      addition, when special events occur in specific venues outside of normal hours of
      operation expressive activities shall be limited to the areas in the immediate
      vicinity of these venues, and be subject to the same limitations as those taking
      place during normal operating hours.

   of any part of the applicable College Policy and/or
       Regulations may result in the violator being removed from and/or being denied
       further access to the College, student discipline, civil and/or criminal prosecution.

          6.       Criminal and/or civil actions taken against Citrus College students as a result of
          their participation in illegal expressive activities shall not preclude action by the college
          under Board Policy P-5139 Standards of Student Conduct.

   In the event that any person(s) request the use of one of the Free
       Speech Areas when such usage would be disruptive to a College special event the
       Student Affairs Administrator may elect to assign said person(s) the use of an
       alternate Area.

 6. 7. The college has identified preferred areas for expressive activities. These may be
       reserved for a one-day period on a first-come, first-served basis through the
       Student Affairs Office no less than three working days prior to the activity.

Note: Also see Board Policy #P-5159, STUDENT PARTICIPATION IN

Education Code Sections: 13559, 66300, 76030-76037, 76067, 76120, 87014, 87708
Penal Code Sections: 71, 148, 403, 404,404.6, 405, 406, 415.5, 416, 602.10, 626.4,
626.8, 647C
Military Code Section: 616

Approved by Student Services Committee: 12/6/01

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                                    Page 18 of 31
                                    BOARD POLICY

                                                                                  Page 1 of


   1. Citrus College is a non-public forum except for those locations
      designated by the Superintendent/President as Free Speech Areas.

       The Board of Trustees values the free exchange of ideas and expressive activity
       on campus, and seeks to foster and protect the rights of all persons to exercise
       their constitutional rights protected under the First Amendment of the United
       States Constitution and Article I, Section 2 of the California Constitution.
       Nevertheless, the college historically has not converted, and by adoption of this
       policy does not intend to convert, the all facilities maintained and/or owned by the
       college into a public forum or limited public forum. Accordingly, the district
       reserves the right to enact regulations pertaining to restricting the use of its
       facilities for the exercise of free speech and free expression consistent with
       applicable law. Similarly, the district’s commitment to foster and protect the right
       to free speech and free expression and to accommodate such speech and
       expression in facilities maintained and/or owned by the college, extends only to
       speech and expression protected by the federal or state constitution.

   Any and all persons using the College’s Free Speech Areas are to
      ensure that the content of their expression, in any form, is not obscene,
      slanderous, libelous or in violation of copyright laws according to current legal
      standards. Such expression shall not create a clear and present danger of the
      commission of unlawful acts, advocate the violent overthrow of the government,
      violate College lawful regulations, nor substantially disrupt the orderly operations
      of the College.

   2. Expression which is obscene, libelous or slanderous according to
      current legal standards, or which so incites any individuals to create a clear and
      present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on the college premises, or of
      the violation of lawful

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                         Page 19 of 31
                                                                                   Page 2 of

       community college regulations, or of the substantial disruption of the orderly
       operation of the college, is prohibited. This prohibition, however, extends only to
       speech or expression which falls outside of the bounds of protection of the First

   3. Persons may distribute printed materials within the Free Speech
      Area pursuant to this policy and pertinent board regulations provided such
      materials conform to the above standards of expression and provided that the
      means of distribution and disposal of materials comply with the appropriate college

   regulations regarding use of the College’s Free Speech Areas
      shall be applied equitably and fairly. No restrictions other than those cited above
      shall be placed on subject matter, topics or viewpoints expressed in these Areas.

  4.   This policy and all implementing regulations regarding speech or
       other expressive activity shall be applied equitably and fairly. Except for the
       limitations described in paragraph 2 above, the district shall place no restrictions
       on any person, organization or group on the basis of content.

Ed. Code Section 76120

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                          Page 20 of 31
                             CURRICULUM COMMITTEE

Meeting Location: FP Conference Room                        October 28, 2003
         ________ 11:00am________________________________________________
Present:     Brian Anderson – Faculty / Area B ‘06
             Thom Armstrong – Vice President of Instruction
             Melissa Besada/Hector Corona – Student Representatives
             Maia Cunningham – Faculty / Area C ‘04
             Robert Goodman – Faculty / Area B ’06
             Jim Gulli – Dean of Faculty
             Jeanne Howard – Articulation Officer
             Lin Humphrey – Curriculum Chair
             Dennis Korn – Faculty / Area A ‘05
             Stephen Lindsey –Dean of Faculty (Interim)
             Anna Moore – Faculty / Area C ‘04
             Carolyn Perry – Faculty / Area C ‘04
             Barbara Rugeley – Librarian
             Alan Tussy – Faculty / Area B’06
             Jim Williams – Dean of Faculty

Guests:        Carol Dimit
               Claudia Pohl
               Bob Slack
               Alan Waddington


       Approve September 30, 2003 minutes

II.    INFORMATION ONLY (no approval required)



          MUS 132 Music Performance for Events – Fall ‘04
                  0 Lec/4 Lab/1 Unit
                  With multicultural form
                  With requisite approval form

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                           Page 21 of 31
III.   NEW COURSES(continued)

       MUS 150       Professional Performance Techniques – Summer ‘04
                     1 Lec/3 Lab/3 Lab Arrg/3 Units
                     With multicultural form
                     With requisite approval form

Noncredit (CalWorks)


Cooperative Education



       ACCT 101      Principles of Accounting – Fall ‘04
                     From: Principles of Accounting
                     To: Financial Accounting
                     Update course outline

       ACCT 102      Principles of Accounting – Fall ‘04
                     From: Principles of Accounting
                     To: Managerial Accounting
                     Update course outline

       DENT 100      Dental Assisting Basics – Fall ‘04
                     From: 2 Lec/2 Units
                     To: 3 Lec/3 Units
                     With multicultural form
                     Update course outline

       DENT 101      Chairside Assisting – Fall ‘04
                     From: 2 Lec/2 Lab/2.5 Units
                     To: 2.5 Lec/2.5 Lab/3 Units
                     Update course outline

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                Page 22 of 31
IV.    COURSE CHANGES(continued)

       DENT 102      Dental Materials – Fall ‘04
                     From: Lecture
                     To: Lecture/Discussion
                     Update course outline

       DENT 121      Preclinical Dental Science – Fall ‘04
                     Update course outline

       DENT 122      Infection Control – Fall ‘04
                     From: Lecture
                     To: Lecture/Discussion
                     Update course outline

       DENT 123      Preventive Dental Health – Fall ‘04
                     With multicultural form
                     Update course outline

       DENT 124      Dental Specialties – Fall ‘04
                     From: Lecture
                     To: Lecture/Discussion
                     Update course outline

       DENT 125      Dental Practice Management – Fall ‘04
                     From: Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment
                                 required in DENT 100.
                     To: Prerequisite: Completion of DENT 100, 101, and 102.
                     Update course outline

       DENT 201      Dental Radiology – Fall ‘04
                     From: 1 Lec/2.25 Lab/1.5 Units
                     To: 1 Lec/2.5 Lab/1.5 Units
                     From: Lecture/Laboratory
                     To: Lecture/Laboratory
                     From: Prerequisite: DENT 101, 102, 121, 122, 123, and 124.
                     To: Prerequisite: DENT 100, 101, 102.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                 Page 23 of 31
COURSE CHANGES (continued)

       DENT 202      Registered Dental Assistant – Fall ‘04
                     Update course outline

       DENT 203      Dental Practical Experience – Fall ‘04
                     From: Lecture/Lab (orientation for course and review)
                            Field Experience
                             Bi-monthly in-service meetings (all students)
                     To: Lecture/Lab (orientation for course and review)
                         Field Experience
                         Bi-monthly in-service meetings (all students)
                     From: Prerequisite: DENT 201.
                     To: Prerequisite: DENT 122, 124, and 201.
                     Update course outline

       DRAF 114      AutoLisp Programming – Spring ‘04
                     From: Prerequisite: DRAF 109 or ENGR 125 and DRAF 110.
                     To: Prerequisite: DRAF 109.
                     Update course outline
                     With requisite approval

       DRAF 140      Geometric Tolerancing – Spring ‘04
                     From: Prerequisite: ENGR 122.
                     To: Prerequisite: DRAF 101.
                     With requisite approval

       DRAF 158      Perspective – Spring ‘04
                     From: Prerequisite: ART 111
                     To: Strongly recommended: READ 099 if reading score is
                     below level 2.
                     With requisite approval

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                 Page 24 of 31
IV.     COURSE CHANGES(continued)

        DRAF 198     Special Problems in Drafting – Spring ‘04
                     From: Prerequisite: DRAF 152 or ENGR 122.
                     To: Prerequisite: DRAF 152.
                     With requisite approval

        MUS 230      Advanced Voice (Classical) – Fall ‘04
                     Update course outline

V.      HONORS



        DRAF 103     Advanced Mechanical Drawing

        DRAF 151     Basic Residential Floor Plans and Functional Design

        DRAF 152     Basic Residential Structure Design and Drafting

        DRAF 153     Advanced Residential Detailing and Design

        DRAF 154     Commercial and Industrial Buildings




        ACCT 104     Principles of Accounting – Fall ‘05

        HEAL 103     Central Supply Services – Fall ‘04

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                   Page 25 of 31
VIII.   COURSE DROPS(continued)

        HEAL 162     Emergency Medical Technician I, Refresher Course (Ambulance) -
                                                                         Fall ‘04








        November 11, 2003

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                                  Page 26 of 31
                                                           October 2003

Whereas, “In accordance with Title 5 and the Education Code, Citrus
Community College District encourages shared governance” as stated
in Board Policy P-1010, and

Whereas, as stated in Board Regulation R-1010, “Issues to which
the Board will rely primarily on the Academic Senate
Recommendations” include: Educational program development,
standards or policies regarding student preparation and success,
processes for instructional and student services program review,
degree and certificate requirements, and curriculum, and

Whereas, there is a documented history within the Academic Senate
at Citrus College that decisions to cut programs and course offerings
(vocational, degree, transfer) have been made without faculty input,

Whereas, the reductions in the state budget are having an
unprecedented impact on the ease of transfer of community college
students into the CSU and UC systems, and

Whereas, students have expressed concern that it will take
additional years to graduate and/or transfer as a result of reduced
course offerings, therefore,

Resolved, the Academic Senate of Citrus College wishes to
empower its faculty in the spirit of board policy, to assume its rightful
role in recommending the most appropriate course offerings that will
allow students to reach their general education and major preparatory
goals in a timely manner, and

Resolved, the Academic Senate of Citrus College supports effective
decision-making through the cooperative efforts of student services
and instructional faculty in making determinations based on current
occupational and transfer information.

November 5, 2003 Academic Senate Minutes                         Page 27 of 31
                                                                  President’s Report
                                                                        Tom Gerfen
                                                           Academic Senate President
                                                                  November 4, 2003

1.   The California Community College Academic Senate Fall 2003 Plenary
     Session was held October 30-November 1, 2003 in Pasadena.
     The following were in attendance:
     Marilyn Eng                       Dr. Ed Ortell
     Dr. Beverly Van Citters           Joann Montgomery
     Patricia Lawrence                 Michael J. Viera, Ph.D.
     Eric Rabitoy
     Tom Gerfen

          Many good breakout sessions were held and useful information given. More
          about the topic and resolutions. * See page 3

2.   Faculty Hiring - FNIC
     The Faculty Needs Identification Committee has met again and will be sending a
        recommendation to you in the near future.

3.   Program review
        We are reviewing the way in which program review is conducted and how the
        reports are assembled (content) and presented to the Board of Trustees.

4.   Upcoming Action from the Academic Senate

     A.      A review again and vote on the – Expressive Activities Policies &
             Regulations:    P-5138; R-5138

     B.      A resolution from the Academic Senate to the Board of Trustees on faculty
             input to program (course) offerings and enrollment management will be

5.   Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
        The curriculum committee has voted to recommend that:
            3 Classes be dropped
            2 New Classes be added
           18 Changes to Course Outline( Name/Units etc)
           5 Requisite Approval

                                                                        Page 28 of 31
6.   2003 Productivity & Efficiency Analysis Report
     At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees, (Oct 21) you were given a written
     report and a PowerPoint presentation on 2003 Productivity & Efficiency Analysis
     Report by the Maas Companies.

     I want to go on record that the Academic Senate states “the report is ‘grossly
                     a used from Fall ’02 is not the same data as reported to the
     Chancellor’s Office for Fall ’02 hence discrepancies result in unfounded
     conclusions and unsupported recommendations.”

        It would seem that productivity and efficiency should be defined by the
        company. Appropriate citations should be used that refer to the state
        ‘standard’ as described throughout the document.

        The WSCH figures in Table 1 do not reflect the figures reported to the
        Chancellor’s Office. The WSCH for Fall ’02 is different. What set of figures
        were used and why the discrepancy?

     They have not taken into account:
        o Sound educational pedagogy
        o Legal occupancy per classroom
               § (State Fire Marshall requirement)
        o Title V - 5-7025
               § (Classroom space / workstation)
        o Correct data comparison
        o Correct year data
        o Endless opinionated, unsubstantiated babbling
        o Cut CAP and generate money?
        o Lack of senate involvement
        o Incorrect data modeling
        o Classroom capacity and room assignment

     This cites only a few errors in the report.

        The Academic Senate was not involved with input to the report or allowed to
        review the findings before it was sent to you and it did not go through the
        steering committee before it was presented.

        The Academic Senate is more then willing to meet with the Board of Trustees
        to discuss this report and point out the many, many false assumptions and
        errors in data, and the conclusions it reaches. We welcome a frank and open
        discussion of whatever the hypothesis is and the reason for commissioning
        such a report.

7.   Vocational VIP Tour (Oct 24)
        It was a pleasure to be invited to participate in the Legislative VIP tour of 4
        vocational areas of the campus. It only helps the programs when the
        Academic Senate is included.

                                                                             Page 29 of 31
8.     Veterans Day (November 11)
         We want to remember our students, staff & family members who are serving
         or who have served in the armed forces.

9. Miscellaneous bits and pieces
      A.     Flu shots are still available Monday through Thursday,
             9 – 5 p.m. and Friday, 9 – 11 a.m. at the Health Center.

       B.     The Citrus College 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon will be held on
              Tuesday, November 18, 2003 in the Campus Center, East End.
              11:15 am – 1:00 pm Continuous Seating.

       C.     At the next Senate meeting on November 4, 2003, Jim Cope will give a
              briefing on safety procedures at Citrus College.

       D.     Carol Horton will present a report on the budget at the same meeting.

*      * Item #1 – Plenary Session Resolutions

       Accreditation Standards –           Protection of Privacy and Data

       Budget and Finance –                Real Cost of Education
                                           Full-time Faculty Obligation Number & 75/25
       State and Legislative Issues

       Curriculum –                        Definitions of Course Level
                                           Program Discontinuance

       Technology –                        Support for California Virtual University

                                                                            Page 30 of 31
                      Citrus College Career/Transfer Center
               What has been done with teacher preparation to date?

1. Career/Transfer Center began offering a Career in Teaching Conference in February
2001. The idea for a Center for Careers in Teaching is patterned after the model at
Santa Ana College. The first conferences offered day and evening workshops and local
high school students were invited to attend. Vocational education arranged for local high
school students to be bused to Citrus. For the evening conference, we invited teacher
aides from our local districts. The evening conference has continued to be offered each
February with full to capacity attendance (200+students). Justina Rivadeneyra (2003)
and Rafael Herrera (2002) chaired conference.

2. Arranged for four-year feeder schools to have liberal studies programs meet with
students in the Career/Transfer Center monthly. CSU Fullerton and Cal Poly Pomona
come regularly. University of La Verne has come less frequently. (Lucinda Over ~

3. Provided consultants from CSU Fullerton to train Citrus College staff about new
requirements. Lucinda Over arranged for this training last year.

5. Educational advisor, Rafael Herrera worked with the articulation officer, Jeanne
Howard this June to update liberal studies major preparation sheets with CSU Long
Beach, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU San Bernardino
and UC Riverside. We also have an articulation agreement in liberal studies with
University of La Verne.

6. Justina Rivadeneyra provided training to the Para-professional Teacher Training
Program October 2003 for Azusa teacher aides (20 in attendance). Laura Villegas, in
the Counseling and Advisement Center is the liaison between Azusa Unified schools
and CSU Los Angeles. Para-professionals attend school in a cohort and graduate
together. The first cohort of students 1995-98 had 33 students and the current cohort has

7. Lucinda Over and Jeanne Howard arranged for cross enrollment class, LS 201
Introduction to teaching, through Cal Poly Pomona to be taught at Citrus College, fall
2003.     Discussions have already begun regarding improving communication and
enrollment strategies. Next class will probably be fall 2004. (Lucinda Over ~ contact)

8. In order to address the NCLB requirements, new courses will need to be developed.
To that end, Lucinda Over has been collecting course outlines for community college
courses that address the No Child Left Behind requirements (Earth Sc 115- Santa Ana,
EDUC 13- PCC-Foundations in teacher preparation and field experience, English 10 at
PCC, Introduction to Linguistics).

9. The college is exploring the possibility of pursuing a cooperative grant on teacher
preparation. The committee submitted ideas. Lucinda Over provided an overview of
NCLB legislation, group ideas and contact names at meeting Pacific Oaks 10-21-2003.
Pacific Oaks and University of La Verne qualify as HSI institutions. Cal Poly Pomona
may qualify in November 2003.

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