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					                                     SILEBY PARISH COUNCIL

               PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 21st July 2005 AT
                        COMMUNITY CENTRE AT 19:30.
      Those present :
      Chairman : Cllr Mrs J Harris
      Councillors : Cllr PJ Astill, Mrs S Butler, Mr P Collingswood, Cllr Mrs
      BA Crick, Cllr R M P Cross, Cllr Mrs F Hughes, Mr R K Kinton, Cllr K Machin, Cllr A Shepherdson,
      Cllr Mrs P Staples, Cllr B Stevens, Cllr R Woodhall

      Also present: Borough Councillor R Brown

        Apologies for Absence
        Councillors K Jones, D Breen
        Borough Councillor Mrs H Fryer
        County Councillor R Shepherd

        143 P/05/1879/2 Sunrise Poultry Farms Ltd, Seagrave Road
        A building for the packing of eggs and associated storage and offices
        Mr A Crawley attended and explained that officers at CBC are recommending the above
        application for permission but as the Parish Council and one other have put forward
        objections the application would have to be considered by committee and would not be
        approved under delegated powers. Mr Crawley stated that the objections raised by the
        Parish Council have been addressed and he provided each councillor with a letter detailing
         the steps they will be taking. Landscaping of the proposal will be addressed through a
        S106 Agreement which Sunrise Poultry offered to enter in to, and £27,000 of trees will be
         planted. There was concern about the species as the trees proposed are deciduous. Mr
        Crawley agreed but advised that the scheme is in accordance with the Landscape
        Architect at CBC, Ms Sally Eden. Mr Crawley was asked about the time scale for
        planting and stated that if planning permission is given work would start within two
        weeks, the bund would be provided and planting would take place in
        January/February/March 2006. He said that the S106 is a legally binding contract.
        After a brief discussion it was agreed that as the issues raised by the Parish Council have
        been addressed, there are no objections to the planning application. It was agreed not to
        withdraw the Parish Council comments but Ward Councillors will be asked not to call the
        application in, so that permission can be granted.

144     Disclosures of Interest
        Councillors Mrs Harris, P Collingswood and R Cross disclosed an interest in the Accounts.

145     Police Matters
        Councillor Mrs Harris welcomed Sergeant Ian Parker and CSO Brian Geeson to the
        Sgt Parker explained that from October the government are bringing in new beat times
        to stop beat officers being abstracted which means a beat officer for Sileby will give 100%
        of his/her time to Sileby. PC Haines and CSO Geeson are supported by Sgt Parker and his shift team.
        Councillor Brown stated that Greedon Rise Play Area needs attention as there has been
        drinking in the middle of the afternoon on this area.
        Councillor Shepherdson asked if the Police could call in at the Youth Club as often as
        possible. This is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
        Councillor Collingswood thanked Sgt Parker for the response to problems on Homefield
        Councillor Woodhall asked for police presence on the Memorial Park from Wed/Friday
        27th-29th July when concreting to the skateboard facility is being done.
        CSO Geeson apologised for the hurt and upset caused to Mr Allwood and the Parish
      Council following the article about the 'Litter Pick' in the Leicester Mercury. He
      explained his reasons for promoting this project as a community event to raise the
      public's awareness of litter problems in the village.
      Councillors questioned CSO Geeson and stated they are dissatisfied with both the Police and the CSO.

147   To confirm and sign the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th June 2005
      The minutes of this meeting having been circulated to all councillors were agreed as a
      true and correct record and duly signed by the Chairman.

148   To confirm the minutes of the Parks Committee Meeting held on 23rd June 2005:
      The minutes of this meeting having been circulated to all councillors were agreed as a
      true and correct record and the actions and resolutions approved.

149   To confirm the minutes of the Community Centre Committee Meeting held on 23rd June 2005
      The minutes of this meeting having been circulated to all councillors were agreed as a
      true and correct record and the actions and resolutions approved.

146   To confirm the minutes of the Special Parish Council Meeting 7th July 2005
      Apologies were given to those Councillors who were not advised of this emergency item.
      It was agreed that this was not a Special Meeting but and Emergency Item on the
      Planning Meeting. The minutes were amended.

150   To confirm the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 7th July 2005
      The minutes of this meeting having been circulated to all councillors were agreed as a
      true and correct record with the amendment from Minute 146 and the actions and
      resolutions approved.

151   To confirm the minutes of the General Purpose Committee Meeting held on 7th July 2005
      The minutes of this meeting having been circulated to all councillors were agreed as a
      true and correct record and the actions and resolutions approved.

152   Accounts
      The Accounts had been checked by Councillor Mrs Crick and R Kinton.
      It was agreed that the accounts are paid.

153   Clerk's report
      Parish Council Meeting 16th June 2005
      90 - 4 Amendments to Standing Orders - discuss at General Purposes Meeting 4th August
           26(a) 849 Wages & Salaries Appraisal - awaiting report from Mrs Harris & Mrs
           720 Memorial for Miss Grace Barber - still awaiting suitable ideas
           912 Land on The Banks - Freckletons have written advising they are unable to value
      due to conflicting interests. A price has been obtained from Roy Green, Leicester, cost
      £150.00. After a brief discussion it was agreed to instruct Andrew Granger & Co (Loughborough
      office) to undertake the valuation at a cost of £200.00
            914 Risk Assessment - awaiting information from Councillor Shepherdson
            36 Section 106 Agreements - Mr D Hankin, Head of Planning is to respond - no
      information yet
            General Purposes Meeting 2nd June 2005 -APLC - Inland Revenue Course - Clerk
      and Assistant found this very informative and useful
      91 (e) Bus Service 27 - Councillor Mrs Harris to raise points from County Councillor
      97 CBC New initiative 'Have Your Say' - CBC will now send 4 copies of Consultation
      Parks Meeting 23rd June 2005
      117 Memorial Park - (a) Refurbishment of War Memorial - awaiting reply from CBC re

         118 Cemetery - Quote for removal of dias to be discussed at Parks Committee 28th July
         119 Maintenance Equipment - Petrol Strimmer for Mr Allwood - Complete Wasters are
         willing for Mr Allwood to use their equipment if required. Councillors were concerned about Mr
         Allwood being insured if using the strimmer and that all safety equipment would be
         provided. This will be checked.
         Complete Wasters have invited Councillors to visit and it was agreed this will take place
         on Thursday 28 July from 7 to 7.30 p.m.
         Community Centre Meeting 23rd June 2005
         122 Cleaner - Maternity Leave - discussion at Community Centre Meeting 28th July
         124 Exterior of Community Centre
         (b) Exterior Lighting - awaiting info from CBC
         (e) Rear of Community Centre - provision of hard surface to car park . Mr Bird, CBC
         has advised he is taking instructions from The Property Services Division. The next
         Asset Management Team meeting is on 11 August and any decision may await discussion
         at that meeting.
         126 Bar Area - Venue Licensing - further information from CBC. This will be further
         discussed at the Community Centre Meeting.
         General Purposes Meeting 7th July 2005
         139 Car Park - CBC advised following monthly inspection the shrubbery will be cut back
         142 Clerk's Report (b) Seat- Ratcliffe Road - Councillor Mrs Harris agreed to inspect
         condition of seat.
         British Gypsum Visit to site:
         British Gypsum have offered two dates for a visit. Wednesday 7th September was agreed

154      Reports
         Borough Councillor's Report:
         Borough Councillor Brown reported on the following:-
               (a) There is no council Meeting until September
               (b) Surgery 16th July 2005 - 14 people attended. Issues raised were tidiness of village,
         highway matters and Greedon Rise housing.
               (c) BC Brown met with Helen Clarke, Housing Officer and looked around the condition
         of gardens of Council properties on Greedon Rise/Jubilee Avenue. Cllr Brown also
         advised of the untidy condition of gardens on Wellbrook Avenue and Ratcliffe Road.
         Letters will be sent from CBC. Anti-vandal paint will be painted onto roofs of Council
         owned garages.
               (d) BC Brown met with Mr Cameron CBC with regard to cleaning of pathways,
         sweeping and litter in hedge bottoms. Mr Cameron will advise litter picker.
               (e) Land off Heathcote Drive adjacent to Sileby Brook (Seagrave side of bridge). Mr
         Perkins CBC had said he believed this still belongs to Jelson and also some other land
         adjacent to Memorial Park. BC Brown has a contact name and he will ask for these
         pieces to be cut back.
               (f) Planning Application for 111 Swan Street has been called back to Regulatory
         Committee for 15 August 2005.
         There was a brief discussion on reports in the local press on issues and it was felt that a
         monthly record should be kept of how many times the reports are incorrect so that the editor
         could be advised.
155     Memorials
        The following Memorials were approved:-
               Grey granite headstone       Murphy family           C293
               Black granite vase           Lily & Tom Cowie        R2769
        Items for Discussion/Decision:
        156. Rural Community Council - Applications to be a Trustee of RCC
        No names were put forward. It was suggested that the Leonard Cheshire Home may be

157. Loughborough Welfare Trusts - Loughborough Community Chest
Information has been received regarding the above. This is available to residents of Charnwood
 for 'relief of poverty; advancement of education, supplement funds of any charity
already established or which may be established in the future'....... It was agreed that this
information is put into the next issue of Talk@Sileby.

158. Leicestershire County Council - Grass Cutting
Mr Payne, Senior Engineer Charnwood, Leics. County Council has written stating in
urban areas there are nine cuts between March and October. It is the aim to complete
four cuts within 12 weeks of starting. Grass cutting is very weather dependent. There
have been four cuts in Sileby 31 March, 5 May, 20th May and 7 June. There is also a
schedule of jitties which are strimmed back three times each year. The first cut started in mid June.
The Clerk stated that these jitties have to be reported every year and the first cut is too
late in the year. It was agreed that a letter is sent advising of this.

159. Charnwood Borough Council - Citizen's Panel
Information has been received from CBC stating that they are recruiting new members to
the 'Citizen Panel'. This is a group of Charnwood residents who have agreed to help plan
 services by acting as consultees on a wide variety of topics affecting the business of the
Borough Council and the quality of life for every resident of the Borough.
Councillor Shepherdson stated that he is already a member. Councillor Mrs Harris
advised she is interested.

160. Leicestershire County Council - Library Opening Hours
A letter of explanation regarding the reasons for the new opening hours has been
received from LCC.The public consultation took place across the county and although
the results generally indicated a desire for increased evening opening this was no the case
in all communities and for all libraries. Existing patterns of use were also taken into
account. The response to the questionnaire was low in Sileby but Wednesday morning
was highlighted and people wanted the library to be open on an additional day. Analysis
showed low levels of usage on Tuesday evening.
It was agreed that a letter of thanks is sent to LCC Library Services thanking them for
the clear explanation and stating that Wednesday morning is very well used.

161. Pension Service - Closure of Service Information Point at Sileby
The Pension Service has written advising that attendance at the surgery at Sileby
Community Centre has been consistently low and is no longer a viable option. The
surgery will close from July 2005. Staff can visit pensioners in their own home for
advice and how to claim benefit.

162. Sileby Methodist Church - Request for Support
The Rev. Jane Carter has written on behalf of the Methodist Church advising of their
plans to sell the hall on Swan Street and redevelop the remainder of the premises to
make all floors level throughout, provide modern toilet and kitchen facilities and redesign
the worship area and entrance. When complete it is hoped to be of more use for the
wider community.
To be able to fund the scheme they have to apply for grants and produce a business plan,
Part of this business plan will include letters of support from local groups for the
They are therefore asking for a letter of support from the Parish Council.
Councillors were concerned that by sending a letter of support this could prejudice
commenting on the planning application. Borough Councillor Brown stated that the
Monitoring Officer had advised that he can write in support of the project and can speak
in favour of the planning application. If this application goes to a committee he is on, or
 full council, he will have to withdraw from the meeting.
After a discussion it was agreed that the Clerk contacts the Monitoring Officer to clarify
thi situation in writing. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the Methodist

      163. Leicestershire County Council - Raised Walkway, Brook Street
      Mr Waterfield, Team Leader (Structures North) LCC has written advising he will discuss
      this footpath bridge under the Brook Street railway bridge with the Environment Agency
      and CBC and will contact again once he has ascertained the current position regarding the
       refurbishment works.

      164. Leicestershire County Council - Free Guide to Waste Minimisation
      Councillor Mrs Harris had read the booklet and stated it was very useful. Copies will be
      obtained for all councillors.

      165. Leicestershire County Council - Cemetery Road - "Keep Clear" Carriageway Markings
      Mr Coeshaw, Senior Technician LCC has written following the letter sent from a
      resident. He states this is a concern and feel that 'Keep Clear' marking across the
      carriageway at the entrance to the cemetery would be appropriate. He will produce the
      necessary drawings and work instructions for the Area Office to organise with the lining
      contractor. The resident will be advised.

      166. Charnwood Borough Council - Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Christmas
      CBC have forwarded copies of letter from the Police and the County Council regarding
      the road closure and cessation of one-way system for the Christmas Lights. People
      directly affected by the closure of Brook Street i.e. householders, bus companies etc)
      must be advised of the proposals. The Clerk and Assistant will deal with these matters.

      167. Charnwood Borough Council - Update on King Street Car Park
      CBC are currently in the process of putting together a schedule of works for all their
      TownCentre/Rural Car Parks. CBC will continue to manage the maintenance of the car
      parks and Sileby is a priority site. Some funding has been secured . No dates are yet
      available for the work.

      168. Defra - Cleaner Neighbourhoods & Environmental Act 2005
      A copy of the information from Defra has been given to all councillors together with
      information from Clerks' Direct on this subject.

      169. Charnwood Borough Council - Obtaining Sufficient copies of Documents
      CBC has advised that a minimum of four copies of consultation documents will be
      forwarded to ensure there are sufficient copies.

      170. Charnwood Borough Council - Copy of Town & Parish Standard published by the
      Standards Board for England
      Councillor Mrs Harris agreed to read this document and report back to Council.

      171 Items for Information
      1. Leicestershire County Council - Charnwood Cycling Map
      2. Charnwood Borough Council - Senior Management Structure
      3. Smiths of Derby - Annual Maintenance Redlands School Clock
      4. APLC - Balance Sheet

172   To Consider the following Planning Applications
      P/05/1723/2 23 Ratcliffe Road, Sileby
      Erection of two storey side and rear extension and conservatory to rear of semi detached
      No objection

      P/05/1805/2 108 Charles Street, Sileby
      Erection of two storey extension to side and single storey extension to rear of dwelling.
      No objection

      P/05/1809/2 Land adjacent 96 The Banks, Sileby
      Site for the erection of two semi detached houses.
      No objection

      P/05/1803/2 55 The Banks, Sileby
      Change of use of dwelling to enlarge adjacent hairdressing salon at no. 57 & 59 The
      Banks. (Revised scheme to vary opening hours - P/05/0542/2 refers)
      Councillors discussed the new proposed conditions. The original opening hours were until
       6. 30 p.m. New proposed hours are Mon/Tues/Fri 9 am - 6 pm Wed/Thurs 9 am - 8pm
      Sat 9 am - 4 pm. The original had stated no increase in staff but Councillor Mrs Staples
      had an advert for extra staff for an expanding business.
      It was agreed Sileby Parish Council objects on the following :-
             Highway safety
             No on street parking
             Stated in original application not extending the business but advert shows intention to
      expand (copy of advert to be sent to CBC
             Traffic calming in The banks because of history of traffic accidents

      173 Charnwood Local Development Framework
      Consultation: Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report for Core Strategy,
      Loughborough Science Park & Allocations Development Plan Documents.
      This matter will be further discussed at the Planning Meeting.

      174 RHWS Site - Land Registry Information
      Land Registry details have been received which will be kept on file. This will discussed at
      the next Planning Meeting when all previous information will be available.

175   Year End Accounts 2004/2005
      A copy of the Year End Accounts, Balance Sheet, Comparison by Committee,
      Annual Return and Statement of Assurance and Internal Auditor’s Report had been given to all councillors.
      Councillor Mrs Harris read the statements contained in Section 2 Statement of
      Assurance in the Annual Return. Councillors agreed that Yes should be placed in the
      appropriate column for every statement.
      It was agreed that the Year End Accounts for 2004/2005 were approved and Councillor
      Mrs Harris and the Clerk signed the Annual Return.
      The Year End Accounts will be forwarded to the external auditor for 1st August 2005.

176   Best Front/Rear Garden Competition - Date for Presentation Evening
      It was agreed that the presentation evening will be held on Monday 22nd August at 7. 30 p.m.
      at Sileby Community Centre.
      Councillor Cross thanked all who helped to judge the front gardens.

177   Parish Council Website - Freedom of Information Act Information
      A copy of the information had been circulated to all councillors. It was agreed that this
      is published on the website.

178   Trafalgar Day
      Borough Councillor Brown advised that the Judy Nichol Band are not available on 22nd
      October but maybe available on 29th. He asked if this would be acceptable. Councillors
      asked what input the Parish Council would be expected to make. BC Brown said the use
      of the premises free of charge and to sell some of the tickets. The band is paid for out of
       ticket receipts. There was a discussion on what any profit would be given to. This
      would have to be agreed between the Parish Council and the group organising the dance.
      The group will organise the bar and food.
      BC Brown said the alternative would be to have a disco type evening on 22nd. It was felt
       that a dance was the most suitable and he will look into 29th with the band.
      BC Brown and the group would like to meet with members of the Parish Council to
      further discuss this event. Councillor Mrs Harris and Mrs Crick agreed to meet the group.

179     Reports
        Councillor Mrs Harris read information from County Councillor R Shepherd regarding
        the bus service 27 and he is looking for comment from the Parish Council.
        The pilot service for the Youth Club is commencing on 22nd July and the cost will be £1
        return. Councillor Shepherdson questioned how a pilot scheme for a Youth Club could be
        indicative of a scheme for the whole village. Councillor Mrs Butler felt that the fate of
        the whole village rested on the success of this pilot. Councillor Mrs Machin stated that
        residents of Ratcliffe Road and Peashill Close have no public transport. Councillor Mrs
        Hughes said that 'Mums and toddlers' and pensionners would require day time services.
        It was agreed to advise CC Shepherd that this pilot scheme for the Youth Club is not
        indicative of the whole village. Could LCC look again into providing public transport for
         Ratcliffe Road/Peashill Close area.

        180 Road Safety Committee Report:
        Councillor Mrs Hughes gave a brief report on the Road Safety event held on Wednesday
        13th July 2005 that she had attended with Councillor Mrs Butler. A competition had
        been held and children who were present enjoyed the event. The Mayor of Charnwood
        also attended.

        181 BBC Radio Leicester Report:
        Councillor P Collingswood gave a brief report on his visit which he found very
        interesting. There is a new website to help people re-engage with their community and
        this is being promoted in Leicestershire. There are 20 computers available for use and
        free training.

As there was no further business the Chairman closed the meeting.