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					                Vine City Plaza II, LLC
    c/o Vine City Health and Housing Ministry, Inc.
   Request For Proposal – Property Appraisal Services
Vine City Plaza is a proposed 12,600 sq ft mixed use development in the Vine City
neighborhood of the City of Atlanta, GA, Fulton County, hereinafter referred to as “The

The Project will be a three story single structure with three (3) office/retail spaces on the
first floor, and eight (8) residential units on the second and third floors. The commercial
and the residential spaces will be structured as condominiums. The property will be
developed in two phases:
        I. Retail/Office (1st floor) structured for future vertical development
       II. Residential (2nd and 3rd floors) at a later date

VCHMM is seeking proposals from qualified applicants to provide the following
Property Appraisal services:

Property Appraisal that includes the following details
          a. Valuation of project property as is
          b. Future value for retail phase only
          c. Future value for retail/office and residential (total finished project)

Minimum Requirements:

A successful candidate will be licensed to do business in the State of Georgia with a full
time office location in the Atlanta metropolitan area and will meet the following criteria:

           a. Minimum of five (5) years total experience in property appraisal for the
              residential, multi-family, retail/office property.
           b. State certified general by the Georgia Real Estate Appraiser’s Board, and
              participate in continuing education as required.

Appraisal Standards:
   Appraisal shall conform generally to the standards evidenced by the Uniform
      Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
   Appraisal shall be self contained report, and must contain sufficient data and
      analysis to allow the reader to understand the property being appraised, the
      market data presented, and the appraiser’s value conclusion.

For more project info visit or email

Submit proposals to, or fax to: 404-529-4800, attention: Greg
Hawthorne. Applicants will submit proposals no later than 5pm, September 29, 2009.
Vine City Health and Housing Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 community
development corporation.
                         Vine City Health and Housing Ministry, Inc.
                          228 Maple Place NW, Atlanta GA 30314
                                    404-688-5303 Office
                                    678-362-4786 Direct
                                     404-529-4800 eFax

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