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1330 Customer Funded Activities


									    A Snapshot of OneSAF
  Customer-Funded Activities

          Michelle Griffin

    Radar Training Support
             Phil Curl

Advanced Concepts Research Tool
          Wayne Minton
One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF)

       Robotics Support

        Michelle Griffin
                     Robotics Support

  – Robotic Systems Joint Project Office (RSJPO)

  – Provide the ability to conduct exercises/experiments on
    robot assets in a constructive and virtual environment.
  – Provide analytical tool to help requirement developers
    define CONOPs and TTPs for unmanned ground
  – Add capabilities to OneSAF:
       •   Represent unmanned ground vehicles and their aggregates.
       •   Allow command and control of the simulated robots.
       •   Provide ability to collect modeling and behavior data for analysis.
       •   Enable joystick control of robot entities with 3D “out the window”
              Technical Capabilities

• UGV simulated entities provide representation of the
  Talon, Packbot, and MARCbot robots and their capabilities
  within OneSAF.

• Remote Control Framework models connectivity/control
  between the operator and his/her robot entity.

• Robot behaviors allow a user to command and control the
  simulated robots and their units within OneSAF.
    – IED disposal, robot reconnaissance

• Arm articulation provide control of a simulated robot’s
  arms/manipulator through a joystick/game controller.
    – Manipulate the location of cameras on a robot’s arm
One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF)

   Radar Training Support

           Phil Curl
             Radar Effort Overview

• Customer
   – PM Radars

• Tasks
   – Still in requirements/data gathering stage
   – Provide a consistent training capability for operators of three
     Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) systems
   – Includes radar entity enhancement, ballistics modeling,
     interface definition
   – Using existing GUIs, provide Live Virtual Constructive (LVC)
   – Provide message communication for simulation exercises
LVC Participation
 One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF)

Advanced Concepts Research Tool
         Wayne Minton
Advanced Concepts Research Tool (ACRT)

      – Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC)

      – Build a low cost virtual simulator capability with
         OneSAF to allow soldiers to role play each of
         the positions within the FCS and current force
           •   Ground vehicle (GV)
           •   Command and Control Vehicle (C2V)
           •   UAV and UGV
           •   Dismounted soldiers
       – Hardware
           • Design and fabricate ACRT enclosures
           • Design and procure system hardware
       – Software. Add capabilities to OneSAF to
           • Interoperate with an application with a 3D view
           • Enable joystick control of OneSAF models.
                   ACRT Ground Vehicle

                                                               Chairs are mounted
                           Each table is on a                     to the floor.
                           pedestal, mounted
                              to the floor.
                                                                                                                     GV is composed of 2
                                                                                                                     SNAP modules, one
                                                                                                                      Door Cap, and one
                                                                                                                         Solid Cap.

                    Veh                                       Driver
                                                                                                                    Solid Cap
    Door Cap

                                                                                               (front of GV)

                                                                                                                    Dashboard; 15” monitor
                                                                                                                    shown mounted beneath
                                                                                                                        OTW monitor.
configuration is
                    Unit                                      Gunner

                                                                                                                    OTW display; 21”
                                                                                    Joystick                         monitor shown.

                                                8’ (approx)
Environment / Fielding / Release

 Fielded to Ft. Benning, Ft. Bliss, and Ft.
 Interoperates in the BLCSE distributed
  environment via the HLA/BLCSE FOM
 Participated in
    BLCSE Technical Integration Events in 2007
    Common Web Defense exercise in March, 2008
 Releases
    OF-OOS 1.5.1
    OneSAF 2.1
            Technical Capabilities

•   Ownship Framework provides a distributed platform for establishing
    controllers and viewers and their links to OneSAF entities and their
     – Controllers and Viewers are published to the OneSAF distribution and
       may be connected to an entity from any OneSAF MCT
     – Connections can be established before or after STARTEX
     – Connections may be saved and loaded in scenario files
•   JInput integration provides joystick support to control OneSAF
•   Human In the Loop (HITL) Agents adapt joystick inputs to existing
    OneSAF models
     – Mobility Control of Ground Vehicles, Individual Combatants, UAVs,
       and UGVs
     – Weapon Control on Ground Vehicles and Individual Combatants
•   NVIG Adapter enables the Night Vision Image Generator (NVIG) to
    be an Ownship viewer resource (I.e., provides a first-person, 3D
    view of the OneSAF simulation).
     – Attach to OneSAF entities and, for weapon control, articulated parts.
     – “Roaming” mode provides an unattached viewpoint akin to a Stealth
One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF)


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