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					Sumter School District 2
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District Information
        District Two has nine elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools,
and an alternative program. The district covers 676 square miles of Sumter County. The
senior classes of 2006 of Crestwood and Lakewood High Schools earned over $11.8
million in scholarship money for college. Nine of our schools have earned the Red
Carpet Designation for their family friendly atmospheres. Three of our schools earned
Palmetto Silver Awards this past year, based on their report card ratings.
        For more information on Sumter School District Two, visit our website at The full calendar for the next school year, test information,
employment opportunities, and a variety of other topics are covered, and there are links to
all of our schools.

District Two Board of Trustees
        Sumter School District Two is governed by an elected, seven-member Board of
Trustees, representing single member districts across Sumter County. Shaw Air Force
Base is located within District Two’s attendance zone and appoints an eighth, non-voting
        The District Two Board members are an integral part of the district team. The
Board sets policy, approves the budget, works with the Sumter County Legislative
Delegation and County Council on issues of importance to the schools, and oversees the
efficient operation of the District. Each of them is highly attuned to the needs of the
employees, students, parents, and community members that live and work in Sumter
School District Two. These men and women give generously of their time and talent in
their service to the school district and their constituents.
        Board members include Larry Addison, area 5, Chairman; Karen Michalik, area
4,Vice-Chairman; Edward Alston, Clerk, Area 1; Bob Reagan, area 2; and Monica
Squires, area 7. Ex-officio member is Major Thomas Kuhn from Shaw Air Force Base.
The Board meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. Most of the
meetings are held at the District Office, 1345 Wilson Hall Road; however, the Board
moves the meetings out into the schools several times a year in order to make it
convenient for persons in outlying areas of the county to attend. All meetings are open to
the public.

Attendance Information
         The first day of school for Sumter School District Two students will be
Wednesday, August 9. In order to be successful in school, a student must attend school
        All students between the ages of five and 17 are required by law to attend school.
Students are expected to be at school every day unless sick or otherwise excused.
Attendance is counted daily and students are considered present only if they are in school
or at an authorized school activity such as a field trip. A student must attend at least 85
days of each 90-day semester or at least 170 days of each 180-day course. Students who
have more than the allowable number of absences may lose credit for courses taken. Late
enrollment counts as an absence.
       After a student is absent, he or she should bring a signed note from a parent or
guardian, stating the cause of the absence. Without a written excuse, the absence is
recorded as unexcused. In some cases, a statement may be required from the student’s

New Student Registration Information
        To register a student for school, a parent or legal guardian must visit the school
and present the student’s birth certificate, proof of address, and a completed S.C.
Immunization Form (DHEC 1125) to the school they are zoned to attend. Parents can
obtain DHEC 1125 forms from the Health Department, Shaw AFB Immunization Clinic
or from their family doctor.
        Students transferring from another district should have a report card or other
pertinent school records showing they completed the previous grade. Students enrolling
in school for the first time are expected to have a physical examination.
        Students must be registered in the school zoned for their attendance. For
questions concerning which school a child is zoned to attend, please call the district
office at 469-6900.
        Children who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1 must register for
kindergarten. Children who will be four years old on or before Sept. 1 may be eligible
for half-day pre-school. Contact the school in your attendance zone for available slots
and requirements for eligibility to attend.

Academic Talented and Gifted Program
         The Talented and Gifted Program in Sumter School District Two (TAG or
LOOKOUT) serves approximately 600 students in grades 3 through 8 who have been
identified as academically gifted under the "Regulations for State-Funded Gifted and
Talented Programs." To qualify for the program, a student must score at or above the
ninety-sixth percentile on a nationally standardized test of academic ability or must meet
at least two of three dimensions defined by South Carolina guidelines for identification:
reasoning ability, academic achievement, and intellectual/academic performance. These
criteria are assessed through aptitude test scores, achievement test scores from the state
testing program instrument, student achievement data, and grades or performance testing
to determine eligibility for the program. Middle school students must also meet
additional district guidelines for placement in special gifted classes in language arts and
         Teachers or other school officials nominate students to be evaluated for the
program based upon their observations of the child's performance in class during the
school year. In addition, every parent has the right to request that his/her child be
evaluated for placement in the TAG program. Each request will be screened to
determine eligibility under district policies for testing. All district second-graders are
screened in November for possible placement in the TAG Program during the 3rd grade.
This census testing involves both ability and achievement testing on standardized tests.
To request a screening, parents are asked to call Henrietta Green, Director for
Instructional Services, at 469-6900, ext. 509, or give your request to your child's teacher
or counselor.

Dress Code Policy
        The Sumter School District 2 Board of Trustees requires all students in the district
to adhere to the same dress code policy. The code states that students should dress in a
manner that does not distract or interfere with school operation. Student attire should not
be immodest or revealing, destructive to school property and should comply with
requirements for health and safety. Students may not wear hats, tube tops, tops which
show the abdomen or inner arm pit, see-through garments, lycra or Spandex, clothing or
accessories with profanity, offensive language or images, or advertisements for firearms,
alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products. The bottom edge of skirts, dresses and shorts must
be no higher than three inches above the knee in front and back. All clothing must be
sized appropriately. No sagging pants or shorts should be worn. Shirts with tails must be
tucked in at all times. Belts must be kept buckled.
        Staff members have the authority to deem any attire unsuitable or disruptive to the
educational or cultural climate of the school. They have the authority to confiscate
inappropriate items such as hats or sunglasses worn in the building. Any student found to
be in violation of the dress code will be required to report to the office to call someone to
bring an appropriate change of clothes and/or receive disciplinary action.

 Rolling Book bags
        Students using rolling book bags should use only standard sized book bags with
rollers. A standard measure book bag, according to transportation regulations, must fit in
students’ laps when riding buses. Students should use only rolling book bags that fit
comfortably on their laps. Rolling or oversized suitcases should not be brought to school
as they do not fit in lockers, pose a hazard in halls and classrooms, and violate
transportation regulations.

Driver Safety Courses
        All students at the high schools who plan to drive themselves to school must
attend a one-hour safety course prior to driving to school. There is an application fee for
parking for the year, but the safety course is free.
        At Crestwood, class will be held on July 13 at 9:00 a.m. or August 3 at 2:00 p.m.
During the school year, classes will be offered every other month. A student is only
required to attend one time.
        At Lakewood, there will be a class on August 8 at 1:00 p.m. and thereafter, the
class will be available the first Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. (The September class
will be held the second Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.)
        For more information, please call Crestwood at 469-6200 or Lakewood at 506-

School Meals
        All schools in Sumter School District Two offer well-balanced, nutritious
breakfasts and lunches according to USDA guidelines.
        Food and Nutrition Services will begin to serve lunch on August 11 and breakfast
on August 12. There will be no charge for student breakfasts in District Two this year.
Lunch prices are $1.10 for elementary, $1.25 for middle and high, and $2.50 for adults.
Reduced lunch price is 40 cents.
        Students who attended District Two last year will continue with the same meal
status as last year until a new application is approved, or for the first 10 days of school,
whichever comes first. There will be no provisions for charging through Food Service.

 High School Football Schedules
        All games for Crestwood and Lakewood High Schools, both home and away, are
at 7:30 p.m. All Crestwood home games are played at the District Two Memorial
Stadium, located at Hillcrest Middle School. All Lakewood home games are played at

8/26/05        Crestwood vs. Sumter                  Lakewood at Scotts Branch
9/2/05         Crestwood vs. Lancaster               Lakewood vs. Lee Central
9/9/05         Crestwood at Manning                  Lakewood vs. Carolina Forest
9/15/09        Crestwood at South Florence
9/16/05                                              Lakewood at Timberland
9/23/05        Crestwood vs. North Charleston        Lakewood at Manning
9/30/05        Crestwood at Lake City                Lakewood vs. Wilson
10/7/05        Crestwood vs. Marion                  Lakewood vs. Darlington
10/14/05       Crestwood vs. Wilson                  Lakewood at Marion
10/21/05       Crestwood at Darlington               Lakewood at Lake City
10/28/05       Crestwood at Lakewood                 Lakewood vs. Crestwood
        Tickets for the games may be purchased at the gate. Season passes are also
available. For further information, please contact District Athletic Director Debbie Smith
at Crestwood at 469-7698 or at Lakewood at 506-2714.
                              Sumter School District Two
                                 Directory of Schools

Cherryvale Elementary (PK-5)
1420 Furman Drive
Sumter, SC 29154
Principal: Delores Ardis
Assistant: Jeannie Pressley
Phone: (803) 494-8200
Fax: 494-8233

Crestwood High (9-12)
2000 Oswego Road
Sumter, SC 29153
Principal: John Huggins
Assistants: Ferdinand Burns
            Stella Hall
            Greg Jones
            David Trombly
Phone: (803) 469-6200
Fax: 469-7678

R.E. Davis Elementary (PK-5)
345 Eastern School Road
Sumter, SC 29153
Principal: Dr. Mary Hallums
Assistant: Anne McFadden
Phone: (803) 495-3247
Fax: 495-3211

DeLaine Elementary (K-5)
5355 Cane Savannah
Wedgefield, SC 29168
Principal: Dr. Roosevelt Miott
Phone: (803) 494-2661
Fax: 494-2675

Ebenezer Middle (6-8)
3440 Ebenezer Road
Sumter, SC 29153
Principal: Marlene De Wit
Assistant: Margaret Thomas
Phone: (803) 469-8571
Fax: 469-8575
Furman Middle (6-8)
3400 Bethel Church Road
Sumter, SC 29154
Principal: Dale Wilson
Assistants: John Feeney
            Julia Jackson
            Robert Thompson
Phone: (803) 481-8519
Fax: 481-8923

High Hills Elementary (4-5)
4971 Frierson Road
Shaw AFB, SC 29152
Principal: Elizabeth Compton
Assistant: Charles Evans
Phone: (803) 499-3327
Fax: 499-9553

Hillcrest Middle (6-8)
P.O. Box 151
Dalzell, SC 29040
Principal: Robert Barth
Assistant: Denise Nixon
Phone: (803) 499-3341
Fax: 499-3353

Lakewood High (9-12)
350 Old Manning Road
Sumter, SC 29150
Principal: Sherril Ray
Assistants: Abigail Busby-Webb
            Theresa Holloway
            John Koumas
            John Michalik
Phone: (803) 506-2700
Fax: 506-2712

Manchester Elementary (PK-5)
200 Clark Street
Pinewood, SC 29125
Principal: Marilyn Adams
Assistant: Dr. Laura Brown
Phone: (803) 452-5454
Fax: 452-5423
Mayewood Middle (6-8)
4300 E. Brewington Road
Sumter, SC 29153
Principal: Teresa Hancock
Assistant: Brooke James
Phone: (803) 495-8014
Fax: 495-8016

Oakland Primary (PK-1)
5415 Oakland Drive
Sumter, SC 29154
Principal: Shirley Tomlin
Assistant: Dr. James Brown
Phone: (803) 499-3366
Fax: 499-3361

Pocalla Springs Elementary (PK-5)
2060 Bethel Church Road
Sumter, SC 29154
Principal: Lucille McQuilla
Assistants: Terry Baker
            Roberta Montgomery
Phone: (803) 481-5800
Fax: 481-5813

Rafting Creek Elementary (PK-5)
4100 Hwy. 261 N.
Rembert, SC 29128
Principal: Ida Barboza
Phone: (803) 432-2994
Fax: 425-7386

Shaw Heights Elementary (2-3)
5121 Frierson Road
Sumter, SC 29152
Principal: Helen Lee
Assistant: Candy Richburg
Phone: (803) 666-2335
Fax: 666-3719

District Office
1345 Wilson Hall Road
Sumter, SC 29150
Superintendent: Dr. J. Frank Baker
Deputy Superintendents:
            Dr. Judy Newman
            James Wilson
Phone: 469-6900
Fax: 469-3769

Brewington Academy
Alternative Program
4300 E. Brewington Road
Sumter, SC 29153
Principal: Dr. Brenda Bowens
Phone: 495-8069
Fax: 495-8016
2005-2006 School Calendar - Sumter School District 2

      Aug. 3        New Teachers Begin
      Aug. 4        Teachers Return. Inservice/Workday
      Aug. 5        Inservice / District Opening Meeting
      Aug. 8        Inservice/Workday
      Aug. 9        Inservice/Workday
      Aug. 10       Inservice/Workday
      Aug. 11       Students Begin
      Aug. 17       Wednesday Early Dismissals Begin

      Sept. 5       Labor Day Holiday
      Sept. 13      Interims Issued
      Sept. 21,28   Academic Plan Conferences

      Oct. 13       End of First Quarter
      Oct. 14       Inservice/Workday
      Oct. 20       Report Cards Issued
      Oct. 25-27    HSAP Testing, High School

      Nov. 16       Interims Issued
      Nov. 23-25    Thanksgiving Holidays

      Dec. 20, 21   Exams
      Dec. 21       End of second quarter and last day of student attendance
      Dec. 22       Inservice/Workday
      Dec. 23-30    Holidays

      Jan. 2-6      Holidays continue
      Jan. 9        Inservice/Workday
      Jan. 10       Students Return
      Jan. 13       Report Cards Issued
      Jan. 16       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday

      Feb. 10       Interims Issued
      Feb. 20       Holiday

      March 15      End of Third Quarter
      March 17      Inservice/Workday
      March 22      Report Cards Issued

      April 10-14   Spring Break
April 25      Interims Issued
April 25-27   HSAP Testing (High Schools)

May 3        Last Day of Wednesday Early Dismissals
May 8-17     PACT Testing (Elementary/Middle)
May 24, 25   Exams
May 25       End of 4th quarter/Last day of student attendance
             Elementary Report Cards Issued
May 26       Graduation and Inservice/Workday
May 29       Middle and High School Report Cards Mailed
Make-up days for snow or other weather will be Feb. 20 or March 17.