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South July-Aug 08 Welcome Newsletter new


									                   The South Times
                            A SIHS PTA Publication

                     South In term edi at e Hi gh School
                          301 West New Orleans
                      Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74011

   Mark your calendars
                                                                                                   July/August 2008
 Aug. 4      Sophomore Schedule                                                                     *revised 8-6-08
 Pick Up    8AM-2 PM
                                            Welcome to a new year . . .
 Aug. 5    Freshman Schedule
 Pick Up 8AM-2PM                                     Welcome to the 2008-2009 school year! The staff at South is
                                            looking forward to an exciting new school year full of hope and high
 Aug.13       FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL           expectations. SIHS is recognized throughout the state as an outstanding
                                            school because of a magnificent combination of professional educators,
 Sept. 4       SIHS Open House
                                            involved parents, and great students. Our mission at South is to
 Sept. 12      NO SCHOOL TODAY              develop responsible and productive students by providing high quality
                                            academic and extra-curricular programs. Our faculty is deeply committed
 Oct. 14-15     Parent Teacher              to quality educational programs and the involvement of parents in a
 Conferences                                cooperative learning process. We will continually strive to create dynamic
                                            opportunities for our students and work diligently to create superior
 October 16-17      Fall Break              partnerships with parents to better serve the youth of Broken Arrow. We
                                            realize that only through collaboration involving parents, teachers,
 Nov. 26-28 Thanksgiving Break
                                            students, and the community can we create quality educational
 Dec. 1 NO SCHOOL TODAY                     opportunities. We welcome your participation, suggestions, questions, and
 Dec. 22-Jan. 2     Winter Break                     Schedule pickup will be August 4th for sophomore students
                                            and August 5th for freshman from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You will
 Jan. 5     First day of 2nd Semester       need to fill out and bring the emergency contact form in this packet
                                            with you to pick up your schedule. This form provides us necessary and
 Jan. 19  Martin Luther King Day            important information.
      NO SCHOOL TODAY                                Please bring with you any updated information such as new
addresses, President’s Day
 Feb. 16
                                            contact information, and phone numbers. If you have moved over the
      NO SCHOOL TODAY                       summer a proof of address, such as a utility bill, will be needed in order to
                                            update our information.
 Mar. 12-13 Parent Teacher                           We look forward to an outstanding school year. The first day of
schoclasses is                              class is August 13th. If you have questions or comments please contact me
                                            at 259-4330 or at
                                            Dr. Richard Dale
 Mar. 16-20      Spring Break
 May 14     BAHS Graduation                 South Intermediate High School

 May 22 Tentative Last Day of Class
                                                      Mission Statement

    Our mission is to develop responsible, productive, socially conscious citizens for the twenty-first century by providing
     excellence in academics, activities, and extracurricular programs emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, and
     communication skills while demonstrating to the students the importance of caring for themselves and others. South
    Intermediate High School will strive to communicate effectively with its community of students, parents, and patrons.
Welcome New Assistant Principal . . .
South PTA would like to extend a warm welcome to our new assistant principal. Mr. Jones comes to us from North
Intermediate High School and has been assigned students with the last names beginning with A-K. Mr. Jones can be reached at
259-4330 ext.2232. Ms. Gann has been assigned students with the last names beginning with L-Z. You may reach Ms. Gann at
259-4330 ext. 2254. Mr. Mike Walker is still Academic Assistant Principal and can be reached at 259-4330 ext.2230.

Parking Permits . . .
Students that drive to South are required to purchase a parking permit. Permits cost $5.00. They will be sold at Schedule
Pick Up. Mrs. Berg issues the parking permits out of the Assistant Principal’s Office. The vehicle insurance verification
and the vehicle tag number are required at the time of permit purchase. ALL STUDENT VEHICLES MUST HAVE
of the school by the track and football field.

Driver’s Education Information . . .
Drivers Education is no longer offered in Broken Arrow schools during regular school
hours. Drivers Education will be offered after school hours, as a night program, through
the BA Schools Community Education Department. Tuition for the night program is
$200.00 per student. Enrollment is limited so enroll early. Eligibility: A student must be
at least 15 by the first of class. Birth certificate is required at time of enrollment. There
will be two sessions of Drivers Education Night classes in the fall of 2007. Session One
runs from September 9 through October 23. Session Two runs from Oct. 28 through
Dec. 9. Both sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at South Intermediate High School.
You may enroll your student at the Community Education Office at 601 S. Main Street (81st and Main Street on the south
side of the Education Service Center) 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Their phone number is (918) 259-4580.

Have A Student Ready To Take The Drivers Test?
You don’t have to drive to Jenks! There is a new State of Oklahoma Driver License Testing site here in Broken Arrow. It is
located in the Maple Leaf Shopping Center, at 1635 S. Main. The phone number is 259-0764. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00
AM to 4:45 PM. A list of primary identification documents are listed in the Oklahoma Drivers Manual. Oklahoma Drivers
Manuals are available at the testing site. You must bring proper identification. Notarized documents or photocopies are not
acceptable. All testing must be started before 4:15 PM and finished by 4:45 PM. Oral testing is available upon request.

Plan Early for National Honor Society . . .
National Honor Society requires a student have a cumulative 3.5 GPA and be involved in 2 school non-related extra curricular
activities. Consult the student handbook for a list of student clubs/activities. **Freshman students are not inducted until their
Sophomore year-- but their 9th grade club/activity participation and GPA does count toward qualification**

A Notice From Child Nutrition . . .
Broken Arrow Public Schools Child Nutrition Department is happy to announce that money maybe
placed on student’s lunch accounts through or by calling 1-866-896-7614. If you
are interested in filling out a Free/Reduced Application for lunch assistance you may pick-up a form
in the cafeteria during student schedule pick-up or by going to the Child Nutrition Office Located at 1810
W. Detroit St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012. A new form must be completed every year and all children attending
Broken Arrow School can be placed on the same application.
BAPS Director of Child Nutrition
(918) 259-4565
Shuttle Busses To Other School Sites . . .
In order to offer a variety of classes to all Broken Arrow students, classes are offered at sites other than South.
If your schedule says that you have a class at another site, don’t panic, this information is for you! Shuttles
will pick you up in front of the school and take you either to the High School or to North Intermediate.
Students will ride the shuttle bus back to South after their class. If a South student has first hour at another
school site they may catch a shuttle bus from South at 7:30 and 7:35 AM. If a student is involved in 6 th hour
athletics, they will catch the athletic shuttle immediately after 5th hour. 6th HOUR ATHLETIC STUDENTS
YOUR STUDENT ATHLETE. Students that have an academic 6th hour class at another site may catch the academic shuttle
immediately after school. This academic shuttle will leave immediately after school and return to South. Students who drive
may drive to their 6th hour only. Student drivers may not have any other students ride with them to their class. Call the
BA School Transportation at 259- 4550 for more detailed shuttle bus information.

Info on ID Badges . . .
ID badges will be issued the first full week of school. They are free to Freshman students and Sophomore students new to the
school. Returning sophomore students will use last year’s ID badge. If you need a new one, replacement badges are $3.00.

Back to School Night/Open House . . .
Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 7:00 PM
   Meet your student’s teachers, counselor, and administrator
   Get questions answered regarding attendance policies, dress code policies and discipline policies
   Learn about each subject’s curriculum, sequence and objectives
   Learn about each teacher’s expectations regarding behavior, class work and homework
   Purchase PTA memberships
   Purchase school spirit wear
   Sign-up to volunteer at SIHS

School Shopping With Our Dress Code In Mind . . .
1. Skirts and dresses must extend 2 inches beyond the longest finger.
2. No see-through shirts or blouses may be worn and cannot expose the midriff when arms are raised. Tank top style
sleeveless dresses, shirts or blouses that expose undergarments are not permitted.
3. Clothing should not expose the back.
4. Pants which have holes are prohibited if the holes do not meet the finger tip rule above.
5. No sweat pants or sweat suits can be worn.
6. Pants must fit properly, no sagging.
7. No pajama pants.
8. Shorts must extend to the tip of the longest finger.
9. No house slippers.
10. No hats, hoods, or caps are worn in the building.
11. No gang symbols or any form are allowed in school.
12. No spaghetti straps are allowed. Shoulders must be covered.
    Violation of dress code can result in a referral which can lead to detention, intervention, Saturday detention or
suspension for repeat offenders.
    For additional information on South’s dress code and other information see South’s handbook online at
then click on schools.
Notes From The Nurse . . .
Any medications to be given at school need to be turned in to the nurse.
A new medication form is required each school year and must be signed by
the parent and the doctor. Students who self-carry inhalers also need a new
signed medication form each school year.

How Do I pre-order a yearbook?
Yearbooks will be sold at Schedule Pick-up. Yearbook order forms are available from South’s website or may be picked up in
any office at South. Please return order forms with payment to Mrs. Brewster in PB5. As of August 1, you can order your
yearbook and pay by credit/debit card at The base price for a yearbook is $47.00.

Students have more ways to personalize their yearbook with their name, interest, and activities on the cover. The add-ons
include up to two lines of personalization and four icons. There are 70 different icons to choose from which represent a variety
of interest and activities. The available icons and fees are listed on the order form.

Get your pictures in the yearbook!
The Yearbook Staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. Here is how you can submit photos online:
 • Log on to:
 • Enter Login ID: 1169852
 • Enter Your Password: tigers
 • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
 • Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.
 • Click "Save Details".

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today! The last day to submit photos is 1/9/2009.

Yearbook questions? Contact Shelia Brewster at 259-4330 ext. 2144 or

BA Community Education -- ACT Classes . . .
ACT Prep Workshop - October 14 - 5:30pm - 9pm - Central on Main cafeteria - $30

Learn what will be on the ACT test and how to master the techniques for taking it. This is not a practice test, but a
workshop that covers general ideas about the ACT as a whole.

ACT Prep Classes - September 16 - October 23 - times will vary - SIHS - $150/5 sessions

English/Reading course and Math/Science Reasoning courses will be offered (5 sessions per course). These
classes will cover test taking strategies on how to take the ACT in those particular content areas. There will be
intense practice in each area along with a 3 ½ practice test. Any student who signs up for both English/Reading
and Math/Science Reasoning ACT Prep classes will only pay $100 for each class. For more information on times,
go to <> and click on Community link to see all Community Education
offerings or call 259-4580.
                                       Counseling Department Notes
We hope everyone is enjoying a fun and relaxing summer! The counseling department will be back at South on July 24 th. The
counseling staff for the 2008-2009 school year is:

Kristin Hale:   A–G               259-4330, ext. 2222
Debbie Waken: H – M               259-4330, ext. 2224
Charles Murphy: N – Z               not available until 7/28    259-4330, ext. 2223

9th Graders
Welcome to high school! You are beginning an exciting time. We hope that you are ready to make new friends, reunite with
old friends, and study hard! Here are a few things to remember about high school:

Attendance Counts! Make sure you are here for every class. If you go to a doctor/dentist/orthodontist, please turn in a note
as soon as you return. At the end of each semester, anyone gone more than 10% of the time without those notes can be failed
on attendance. Also, remember that being 10 minutes late to a class, or leaving 10 minutes early, will be counted as an
absence. Please make sure you keep track.

Schedules You will be given a preliminary schedule on schedule pick-up day. This schedule may change due to incorrect
class scheduling, elective class changes, or class leveling. You may make elective schedule changes the first 10 days of the
school year if there is room in the elective class. Core schedule changes will be made for incorrect class scheduling, Advanced
Placement changes, and for class leveling by the Academic Assistant Principal. There is a form printed on your preliminary
schedule to change an elective class. If you want to request a core class change, please pick up a form from the table outside
the counseling office. Once your form is received, a new schedule will be printed and sent to you with the change, or an
explanation of why the change could not be made.

Contacting Your Counselor Students are always welcome to visit with us before school, during lunch, or after school on a
first come, first serve basis. If you need to see your counselor at another time, there is a sign-up sheet on the table outside the
counseling office. We will call you out of class, trying to avoid core classes, and instructional time when at all possible. All
counselors will be available to any student in crisis at any time. Parents, if you want to contact your student’s counselor, there
are several ways to do so. First, for the fastest response, please email. Second, you may call and talk to us; if we are
unavailable, we always leave a message letting you know what we are doing, and the time frame for calling you back. Third, if
you want to meet with your student’s counselor, please call the counseling secretary at 259-4330, ext. 2231, and set up an

Grades Please remember that beginning now, through the end of your education, grades count! Colleges, Tulsa Technology,
and future employers will all look at your GPA (grade point average) to determine whether you will be accepted or hired.
Make every effort to turn in your work on time, study hard throughout the school year, and stay on top of things. For the first
time in your school career, you will be asked to make up any core class you fail in night school or summer school. This is hard
on you as a student not only physically and mentally, but you will also have to pay $160 for each night school or summer
school course you take. Parents, after the start of the school year, South will put up a schedule of dates that your student will
be bringing home a progress report (at 6- and 12- weeks), or individual grade reports from each teacher. Check for the dates on
our web site, . Please print out the dates and put them on your
fridge so you and your student can remember. Lastly, grades are finalized at the end of each semester. At this time, grades are
locked in, placed on a transcript, and figured in your GPA.

End-of-Instruction Testing Please be aware that any student graduating in 2012 or later must pass four out of seven End-of-
Instruction Tests, including Algebra I and English II.

Reading Proficiency Statement This is the statement every student needs in order to get a learner’s permit. This statement
must be used within 30 days, so please do not order it until you are ready to take your test or go into Drivers Education classes.
Reading proficiency statements may be ordered through South’s Registrar, Debbie Brenner. She can be reached at, or 259-4330, ext. 2328.

Get Involved! Student Council, History Club, German Club…….there are extracurricular activities for every student who
wants to join. Another thing to remember is that if you want to be in National Honor Society as a 10 th grader, you must be in at
least two extracurricular clubs, organizations, or activities. Just listen to the announcements or read the signs in the halls for
details on joining.
Counseling Department Notes, cont.

10th Graders
Welcome back! We hope that you are refreshed from your summer break, and ready to go back to work. You are
now the leaders and mentors in our school, so please take care to help the new students out. You will need to read
all of the information for the 9th graders, along with the additional items listed below:

Testing – 10th Grade is a huge year for testing, so be ready! In addition to all the benchmarks and End-of-
Instruction test, you need to consider the following tests:
         Plan Test – This is a mandatory test for all 10th graders. It will be given Wednesday,
                       October 1st. This is the second test in the Explore-Plan-ACT series.
                       You will receive information about where you stand academically
                       against all 10th graders in the nation, as well as college prep and career
                       information. Please be aware that Tulsa Technology uses this test to
                       place students in 11th grade tech classes. Do your best!

           PSAT - The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is an optional test for 10th graders. It is a
                 practice test for the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test).
                  We recommend that everyone who wants to go to college take this practice
                  test. The test will be given on Wednesday, October 15th. This is a fall
                  conference day, so school is not in session. The PSAT costs $13, and
                  registration will be taken during the month of September. If any student
                 wants to take the test, but cannot afford to, please contact your
                 counselor….there are a limited number of scholarships available. If you want
                 more information regarding the PSAT, please visit

            ACT - The ACT is an optional test for 10th graders, but this is an excellent time to
                  take it for the first time. This is the qualifying test to get in to most state
                  colleges. You must also take it in order to qualify for concurrent enrollment
                  at Tulsa Community College in your junior year. It is given on various
                  Saturdays throughout the school year. You can learn more about the ACT,
                  and register to take it at . You will also have a couple
                  of opportunities to attend a Chad Cargill ACT Workshop at BAHS this year.
                  Please go to the Parent University link on the Broken Arrow Public School
                  Website for more details.

Tulsa Technology Center In October, representatives from Tulsa Tech will be coming to visit your classrooms to give you
information about attending TTC in your junior year. They will give everyone an application; please turn it in if you want to
go, or are even considering it! You can always accept or reject placement at TTC after Spring Break, but if you wait, classes
may already be full.
                                            South PTA Information...
   SIHS PTA Meeting Dates
       Location: Upstairs in SIHS Media
                                            Welcome From The PTA President . .
  .   ConferenceRoom 1:00 PM—2:45 PM
                                                       My name is Susan Minnick and I am the PTA President at SIHS
July 29   Planning meeting                  this year. My husband Terry and I have four children. Our older children,
                                            Mandy, Meri and Mitchell are graduates of BAHS. Our youngest son,
Aug. 18 Unit Meeting/Welcome Meeting &      Matthew is a sophomore at SIHS this year.
budget proposal/adoption                               I would like to extend an invitation to you to attend South’s
                                            PTA meetings. We meet at 1:00 PM, in the Media Center, the first
Sept. 8    Unit/Board Meeting               Monday after the first Wednesday of the month. These meetings are a
                                            great way to learn what is happening at our school. Meeting dates listed
Oct. 6 Board Meeting/ Substance Abuse       in box to the left.
Program                                                SIHS PTA Board has some chairman positions open. Some
                                            of these chair positions are for one time activities. Committee members
Nov. 10 PTA Board Meeting                   are needed for all committees. If you are interested in a chairmanship or
                                            would like to serve on a committee, contact me ASAP.
Dec. 8    Holiday Luncheon                             PTA memberships are $5.00. The PTA membership form is
                                            located on the PTA order form included in this newsletter. Purchasing a
Jan. 12    Blood Drive                      PTA membership does not obligate you to participate in any PTA
                                            activities. Purchasing a membership is simply a way to support the PTA.
Feb. 9  Unit Meeting/Elect Nominating       Please purchase a PTA membership.
Committee                                              Athletic passes may be purchased at the BAHS athletic
                                            office on the BAHS campus. These passes may be used for
Mar. 9    Board Meeting                     admittance to ALL the BA school athletic games. Call BAHS at 259-4310
                                            and ask for the athletic department for more information.
Apr. 6   Unit Meeting/2008-09 Officer                  PTA will be selling T-Shirts and hoodies at school during
Election                                    the student lunch hour. There is a limited amount of spirit wear
                                            available—make your purchases early. If we do not have your student’s
May 11 Unit Meeting/Officer                 size, we will order it—all spirit wear orders must be paid for when the
Instillation/Distribution of excess funds
   order is                                 placed. Hoodie purchases are by order only. Included in this newsletter
                                            is an order form complete with prices. You may also order spirit wear by
************************************        printing and completing the order form inclued in this newsletter. Return
*****                                       the form, with your check, to South ASAP. Spirit Wear orders will be
      2008-09 SIHS PTA Officers             to the students during their 3rd hour class.
                                                       Parent Volunteers are very important to SIHS. There are
          President: Susan Minnick
                                            many ways to volunteer. Daytime and evening volunteers are needed.
    Vice President: Tammy Weatherford
                                            A few evening volunteer opportunities are basketball concessions, Dance
             Secretary: Amy Best
                                            concessions, Dance chaperone, and volunteering to donate blood at the
           Treasurer: Kim Renkema
                                            PTA OBI Blood Drive. The Buy & Bake committee is also a great way
        Council Delegate: Ami Bucher
                                            working parents can volunteer. Signing up to be a member of the Buy &
Council Del. Alternate: Rhonda Gerrior
                                            Bake committee allows us to call you when a food item is needed for an
                                            activity. Please print the volunteer form included in this newsletter.
                                            Return the completed form to SIHS ASAP. You will be contacted by
                                            Volunteer Coordinators Jeanette Moore or Pam Whitson.
                                                       Due to high postage costs, PTA plans to send out 2 “snail
                                            mail” newsletters this school year. All other newsletters will be
      SIHS Volunteer Coordinators           available on the PTA section of the school web site,
                                            and may be received by email. **There is a box on the order/check out
  Co chairman: Jeanette Moore 451-6819      form to sign if you would like a newsletter sent to your email address.
  E-mail address:           PLEASE PRINT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS LEGIBLY on the form. If we
                                            can’t read the address you have written—you won’t receive the email
  Co chairman: Pam Whitson 451-0890         newsletter!
  E-mail address:                Questions? Call Susan @ 451-1573 or email me at
Miscellanies Info . . .
                                                                             Bring a pencil, pen and a
                                                                           spiral notebook the first few
                                                                            days of class. Teachers will
                                                                          not pass out books until lockers
  No Backpacks                                                                  have been assigned.
 Allowed Until Lockers
Are Assigned To Students
                                                                                    NO CELL PHONES!
Once students have been assigned a locker,
they may bring their backpacks to school.
Backpacks are left in the student’s lockers all                             Cell phones are not allowed at South.
day—until school is dismissed.                                       Do not bring your cell phone to school. Texting is not
                                                                   allowed! Your phone will be turned into the assistant
                                                                   principal’s office.
                                                                      See the SIHS handbook for more information.

Parent University Programs . . .
Parent University, in conjunction with the Broken Arrow PTA, presents Student Learning Skills Revisited, a
refresher seminar on the three universal skills taught by Broken Arrow Public Schools’ Learning Coaches. These
skills, Listening, Note-taking, and Test-taking were introduced last year to Broken Arrow students and will
continue to be reinforced throughout this school year.
Come see how these skills have been embedded into your child’s daily lessons to increase their success,
organization, and understanding of the content being taught. All three sessions will be presented in 45 minute
breakout sessions. There is no specific order in which you must follow to attend.
Broken Arrow has scheduled two seminars on different nights at different locations for your convenience. Both
seminars will address all grade levels and is not school specific. Choose either night in which to attend. These
seminars are free to ALL our parents. For more information please contact Cindy Williamson at (918) 251-5316
x 2112 or email at

                                             Student Learning Skills Revisited
                                September 22, 2008 – Haskell Middle School (412 S. 9th St.)
                               September 23, 2008 – Centennial Middle School (225 E. Omaha
                                        Both seminars are from 5:30pm – 8:30pm

                                                         Notice of Non-Discrimination

Broken Arrow Public Schools (BAPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and
activities. The following people at BAPS have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: The Executive
Director of Human Resources should be contacted for all non-student and/or employment related issues at 918-259-4300; The Director of Student
Services should be contacted for all student issues except those related to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504
of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 at 918-259-4300; and the Compliance Support Coordinator should be contacted for all student issues related to
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 at 918-259-4540. Inquiries concerning non-
discrimination can also be made to the United States Department of Education's Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.
                                                       Volunteer Form 2008-09
                                                South Intermediate High School
                                                    301 W. New Orleans
                                                  Broken Arrow, OK 74011

                        * Please print this form, complete it and return to South ASAP *

                      Please support SIHS students and faculty. Share your time and talents by volunteering.
               Completing and returning this form is not a commitment. It indicates a willingness to be contacted.

              Parent Name____________________________________________                        W) Phone ______________

              Address ____________________________________ Zip ___________ H) Phone ______________

              Email Address ____________________________________________                     Cell Phone ______________

              Student ________________________________              Grade _______        3rd hr. teacher ______________

              Student ________________________________              Grade _______        3rd hr. teacher ______________

                                                        Check all areas of interest

_____ Buy & Bake (Send food/items for school activities)                      _____ Book Fair (work a shift during day @ school book fair)

_____ Schedule Pickup (in early Aug.--work a scheduled shift)                 _____ Red Ribbon Week of activities held in Oct.)

_____ School Office Volunteer (couple of hours a week)                        _____ Basketball & Wrestling Concessions

_____ Dances (chaperone/shoe & coat check/concessions)                        _____ Media Volunteer (shelve books, etc.)

_____ Cafeteria Volunteer (lunch time 11:30-1 PM)                             _____Candy Grams (Dec. & Feb. prep wk. & sales)

_____Student Pictures (escort classes to photographer, etc.)                  _____ Test Monitor (monitor state mandated tests in spring)

_____Newsletter (sorting, labeling & folding-day or evening)                  _____ Speech/Drama volunteer

 _____Teacher Appreciation (main activities 1st wk. of May)                    _____ Copy Room Volunteer (once a week volunteer)

_______Provide Door Prize (during Teacher Appreciation Wk.)                   ______ Data Entry

_____Donate Blood @ PTA blood drive                                           _______Field   Trip Chaperone
(OK Blood Institute Blood Drive—ADULTS ONLY--time & date TBA)

                      _____ Contact me by Email prior to the monthly PTA Board/Unit meetings
   SIHS PTA Board/Unit Meetings are held @1 PM the 1st Monday after the 1st Wed. of each month. See PTA Web Site for dates

_______I   am interested in a PTA Board Position as a           ____Committee Chairman             ____Committee member

                                          PLEASE BE A SCHOOL VOLUNTEER
  *You may mail form, bring to Schedule Pickup, Open House or send to school with your student
                                                 Thanks for your support!
                                                          SIHS Order Form

Student’s Name: _________________________                                        Grade _____                3rd Hr. Teacher: ___________

Parent/Guardian Name ______________________________________ Email ____________________________________________
Address: _____________________________ Zip: ____________ H Phone # ____________ C #____________ Wk# ___________
        ***************************************************************************************************************************** *********

*SIHS Faculty __________________________________ Position ___________________ Email _______________________________
Address: _______________________________ Zip: _______________ H Phone # ____________ C #__________ Wk# _________

                            YES, I would like to receive the SIHS E-mail newsletter!

PTA MEMBERSHIPS - $5.00 each                                                            #____ Memberships x $5.00 =                 $________




T-SHIRTS - $15.00 each                               Circle size(s) if ordering a shirt or hoodie
____ Small     ____ Medium            ____ Large          ____ X-large         ____ XXL          ____ XXXL
                                                                                                          #____ T-shirts x $15.00 =               $________

HOODIES - $25.00 each Circle Hoodie design -- Roaring Tiger or Eye of the Tiger
____ Small     ____ Medium            ____ Large          ____ X-large         ____ XXL ____ XXXL
                                                                                                         #____ Hoodies x $25.00 =                 $________

           Checks made payable to: ―SIHS PTA‖                                                                  TOTAL DUE $________

     Check #________                  Cash             Form processed by ______                          Date Form processed ______

         Date Spirit Wear Ordered                ______         Date Spirit Wear Delivered               ______ Delivered by ___________
                                               Additional PTA Memberships
                Please print this form, fill it out completely, attach to order form and return it to SIHS

Name ______________________________________________ Email _______________________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

*SIHS Faculty _____________________________ Position ______________ Email ________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

Name ______________________________________________ Email _______________________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

*SIHS Faculty _____________________________ Position ______________ Email ________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

Name _________________________________________________ Email _______________________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #___________ Wk# _________

*SIHS Faculty __________________________________ Position ________________ Email ________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# ________

Name ____________________________________________ Email ___________________________________________

Address: _____________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

*SIHS Faculty _____________________________ Position ______________ Email ________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: __________ H Phone # __________ C #________ Wk# _________

Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________ Email _________________________________________

Address: __________________________ Zip: ____________ H Phone # ___________ C #__________ Wk# _________

*SIHS Faculty _________________________________ Position ______________ Email ____________________________

Address: ______________________________ Zip: _____________ H Phone # ___________ C #________ Wk# _________

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