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									                 AN AUCTION
                        APRIL 26TH, 2007 AT 9:00 A.M.
Bunch Brothers Auctioneers are proud to return to Louisville, KY for the Spring Louisville Auction.
         The Auction will be conducted for Area Contractors, Dealers & Rental Houses.
1995 GROVE TMS 750B Hydraulic Truck Crane, SN 82333, Cummins Dsl., 110’, 4 Section Main Boom, 32’/56’ Swing Away Telescopic Jib,
  PAT DS350-GW Load Indicator, 8 x 4 Carrier
1980 GROVE TMS 250A Hydraulic Truck Crane, SN 46542, 25 Ton CAT 3208 Dsl., 13 Spd. Road Ranger, 85’, 3 Section Main Boom, 26’
   Swing Away Jib, 6x4 Carrier
1994 GROVE RT 635C Rough Terrain Crane, SN 77950, Cummins Dsl., 105’, 4 Section Main Boom, PAT DS350-GW Load Indicator,
   23.5R25 Tires
1995 GROVE RT 530D Rough Terrain Crane, SN 82183, Cummins Dsl., 75’, 3 Section Main Boom, 25’ Swing Away Jib, 20.5-25 Tires,
   1500 Hrs.
GROVE RT58D Rough Terrain Crane, SN 75679, Cummins Dsl., w/Jib, 20.5-25 Tires, 14” Pads
GROVE RT58C Rough Terrain Crane, SN 74148,Deutz Dsl., 70’, 3 Stage Main Boom, PAT Load Indicator, 20.5-25 Tires
GROVE RT422 Rough Terrain Crane, SN 73800, Dsl., 3 Stage Boom
BRODERSON RTB-200 Industrial Crane, SN 172-B, 15 Ton
LORAIN MC550A Truck Crane, SN 34602, 50 Ton, Cummins Dsl., 4 Axle, 150’ Main Boom, 50’ Jib, 2 Winches, 8 x 4 Carrier
LORAIN L36 Crawler Crane, SN 34061, 25 Ton, 3-71 Detroit Dsl., 100’ Reach, 29” Pads
1991 FORD LN8000 Tandem Boom Truck, SN 34033, 16,000 lb. Boom, 36’ Reach
1986 INTERNATIONAL, SN 11890, DT466 Dsl., 10 Spd., Knuckle Boom Attachment Model PMHC-26
LINKBELT 4300, SN LE2180801
KOMATSU PC300LC-5, SN A71244
KOMATSU PC220LC-6, SN A82316
KOMATSU PC220LC-5, SN A70328, 42” Bucket, 9 1/2’ Stick, External Hydraulics, 32” TBG Pads
KOMATSU 220LC-3, SN 22509, 42” Bucket, 32” Pads
KOMATSU 220L-5, SN A70184
JOHN DEERE 690D-LC, SN 532995, EROPS, 24” Bucket
JOHN DEERE 690C, SN A509763, 30” Bucket, 8’ Stick, 22” Pads, Set up for Thumb
JOHN DEERE 595D, SN 1019, EROPS, Hydraulic Leveling Blade
CATERPILLAR 225, SN 76U3083, 9 1/2’ Stick, External Hydraulics, 30” TBG Pads
KOBELCO SK300LC-Mark IV, SN YCU0409, 30” Bucket w/Side Cutter, 10’ Stick, Manual Thumb
UNIT, 28” Bucket, 8’ Stick
CASE 1080B, SN 6272004, 42” Bucket, ONE OWNER
BOBCAT 325 Mini Excavator, SN 514013361, OROPS, Rubber Tracks, Hydraulic Leveling Blade
IHI 18J Mini Excavator, SN BC00163, OROPS, 43” Front Blade, 9” Pads, 1573 Hrs.
KUBOTA KX41 Mini Excavator, SN 12289, Push Blade, Rubber Tracks
JOHN DEERE 15 Mini Excavator, SN 15D001198
ROTOGRIND RC Recycler/Grinder, SN 10942, Cat Dsl., on Tandem Trailer, 2193 Hrs.
RIVINIUS R400 Domor Force Feed Loader, SN 17151, Isuzu Dsl.
   24’ Conveyor w/Attachments, 1061 Hrs.
1993 MORBARK 486SE151XN Chipper, SN W008083, Cummins Dsl.

CATERPILLAR D9N, SN 1JD0722, OROPS, 9SU Dozer w/Tilt, Rear Push Block
CATERPILLAR D7, SN 48A733, OROPS, Draw Bar, Sweeps
CATERPILLAR D6H, SN 4RC01609, OROPS, 6SU Dozer w/Tilt, Sweeps
CATERPILLAR D6H Series II, SN 3ZF00761, OROPS, 6 SU Dozer w/Tilt, Differential Steer, Draw Bar, Sweeps, Rear Screen, 24” Pads
CATERPILLAR D4H LGP Series III, SN 9GJ01299, 6 Way Blade
KOMATSU D65EX-12, SN 60455, 13’ Angle Manual Blade
KOMATSU D39E-1, SN P095993
CATERPILLAR D5M LGP, SN 3DR00239, High Track, 6 Way Blade
JOHN DEERE 450B, 6 Way Blade
JOHN DEERE 450G, SN 875060, OROPS, 6 Way Blade
CASE 1150C, SN 7308708, OROPS, 10’ 6” Blade, Sweeps, Draw Bar, Root Rake, 22” Pads
CASE 1150C
CASE 1150E, SN JAK0009054, Long Track, OROPS, 9’ 7” Hyd. Angle Blade, 22” Pads
DRESSER TD-7E, SN 441-0200009808, OROPS, 3 Spd., 6 Way Blade, 18” Pads
2001 CATERPILLAR 963C Crawler Loader, SN 2DS01970, EROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth, Less than 2200 Hrs.
CATERPILLAR 963 Crawler Loader, SN 11Z00379, EROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth, 21” Double Bar Grouser Pads
CATERPILLAR 963, SN 6Z01341, OROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth
CATERPILLAR 963, SN 21Z02871
CATERPILLAR 963, SN 21Z04866
CATERPILLAR 953C, SN 2Z00559, EROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth, 20” TBG Pads
CATERPILLAR 953, SN 76Y01497, OROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth
CATERPILLAR 977L, SN 14X02101, OROPS, GP Bucket w/Teeth
CATERPILLAR 943, SN 31Y01353, GP Bucket
CATERPILLAR 931, SN 29Y02270
CASE 450B Crawler Loader, 4 in 1 Bucket
CASE 1155D
CASE 1155E, SN JAK0009821
KOMATSU D57S, SN 9706, Hi Lift, 2 ½ cu. Yd. Bucket w/Teeth, 17” pads
KOMATSU D53S, SN 1165833, 6’ 8” Smooth Bucket, 16” Pads

CATERPILLAR IT28F Integrated Tool Carrier, SN 3CL00462, Loader Bucket, Forks, ONE OWNER
KOMATSU WA250 PT3 Integrated Tool Carrier, SN A78073
CASE W20C, SN 9155914, H/D Forks & Bucket, Cab
CASE W14, SN 9151954

JOHN DEERE 710D, SN J791354, Extend-a-hoe, Heat & Air, 4x4, AM/FM
JOHN DEERE 410E, SN EX875099, 4x4, Plumbed for Hyd Hammer, Quick Coupler, Rear Bucket
JOHN DEERE 310E, SN 872812, 4x4, OROPS, 18” Bucket, WRXLS Quick Coupler, Back Bucket, Plumbed for Hoe Ram,
  Rubber pads, Front Counter Weight, 979 Hrs.
JOHN DEERE 310E, SN 872820, 4x4, OROPS, 12” Bucket, WRXLS Quick Coupler, Back Bucket, Plumbed for Hoe Ram,
  Rubber pads, Front Counter Weight, 2838 Hrs.
JOHN DEERE 310SE, SN 848074, 4x4
JOHN DEERE 210C Loader Backhoe, 4x4, 24” Bucket
CASE 590L, SN JJG0206611
CASE 580K Super K, SN JJG0174043, OROPS, Less than 3000 Hrs.
CATERPILLAR 416C, SN 5YN01349, 4x4, OROPS, 1786 Hrs.
CATERPILLAR 416C, SN 4ZK02796, 4x4, OROPS, External Hydraulics
PETTIBONE 8042 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 7-217, Cummins Dsl., ¾ Cab, Aux. Hydraulics, 13.00-24 Tires, 2490 Hrs.
PETTIBONE 8042 Rough Terrain, Extendable Boom Forklift, 2842 Hrs.
PETTIBONE 636 Rough Terrain Forklift, SN 636-108, Dsl., 4x4
LULL 844C-42 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 422
LULL 644TT-34 Highlander 2 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN JD2112N, 6000 lb., 34’ Reach, 13.00-24 Tires
TRAVERSE TL6035 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 60786CCC, 6000 lb., 13:00-24TG Tires
JOHN DEERE 3200 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN X200294, 4x4, Cab/Air, Quick Attach
GRADALL 534D9-45 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 0744016, 4x4, 45’ Reach, 13.00-24 Tires
GRADALL 534D6-42 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 0688270, 4x4, 42’ Lift
GRADALL 534D-42 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 588892, OROPS, 6,000 lb., 4’ Forks, 13:00x24 Tires
GRADALL 534D-9 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 544310, OROPS
SKYTRACK 5025 Rough Terrain Extendable Boom Forklift, SN 5025-7D0091,
JCB 520 Rough Terrain Forklift, SN 789000, 4x4x4, Forks, Bucket
(2) JCB 506C Rough Terrain Forklift, SN 0586088, SN 585253, Dsl.
INTERNATIONAL 4500B Rough Terrain Forklift, 3 Stage Mast, w/Side Shift
MOFFETT M5000 Forklift, SN 7631, All Wheel Drive, Off Road, 917 Hrs.
TELEDYNE PRINCETON D5000 Forklift, SN P21760993
HYSTER Forklift, SN F3D3014, 6000 lb., Propane
BAKER Forklift, Hydrostatic, Two Stage, Fork Squeeze & Expand
YALE KG51AT Forklift, SN 561026, 10,000 lb., 2 Stage Mast, Propane
CLARK LC300 S30 Forklift, SN E236217336FA1077, Electric w/Charger, Triple Mast, 189”, 2425 lb. Cap.
(2) PETTIBONE 501 Forklift, 36V w/Charger, Tall Mast
MITSUBISHIS CAT 110 DP50 Forklift, Hydraulic Side Shift
NEW HOLLAND 2120, SN UV32249, 4x4, OROPS, Dsl., Hydrostatic, PTO, w/FORD 7309 Loader, 1218 Hrs.
2003 NEW HOLLAND TS110, SN 161734B, 3214 Hrs.
MASSEY FERGUSON 135 Wheel Tractor, SN 9A179003
KUBOTA M4030SU, SN 21998
KUBOTA M4700F, SN 10244, OROPS, 390 Hrs.
5’ Rotary Cutter, 3 Pt. Hitch, PTO Driven
LANDPRIDE AFM4011 Batwing Finish Mower, SN 257120, 15’, PTO
LANDPRIDE 3590 Finish Mower, SN 150491
2004 CATERPILLAR 257 Skidsteer Track Loader, SN CCM02014, EROPS, Cat Dsl., Rubber Tracks, H & A, Aux. Attachments, Inside Cab
   Hydraulic Disconnects, 1845 Hrs.
NEW HOLLAND LX665, SN 68172, Steel Tracks, OROPS, Aux. Hyd., GP Bucket, 2250 Hrs.
2003 CATERPILLAR 252, SN FDG507, OROPS, Aux. Hyd., GP Bucket, Joy Stick Control, 1345 Hrs.
2004 CATERPILLAR 226, SN L5FZ06755, EROPS, Cat Dsl., Heat & Lights, 509 Hrs.
2000 JOHN DEERE 240, SN A240763, Dsl., 1036 Hrs.
NEW HOLLAND LX565, SN 40281, External Hydraulics
JOHN DEERE 260, SN B260525, Dsl.
JOHN DEERE 250, SN A250672, Dsl., 886.6 Hrs.
GEHL 5625, SN 8107, Dsl.
BOBCAT 753, SN 151581780, Bolt On Cutting Edge w/Teeth
CASE 1845C, Loader, SN JAF0135545, Dsl., 393.5 Hrs.
CASE 1845C, SN JAF0121532, Dsl.
THOMAS 1700, Propane
JLG 80H Boom Manlift, SN 042906-030028410, Deutz Dsl.
GROVE AMZ66 Articulated Boom Manlift, SN 25957, Gas/LP
JLG 60F Boom Manlift, SN 763569
TEREX TB60 Boom Manlift, SN 98630322, 4x4, Cummins Dsl., 2800 Hrs.
GROVE AMZ50XT Articulated Telescopic Manlift, SN 28123, 4x4
GROVE MZ46C Manlift, 42828, Gas
JLG 40H DSR Boom Manlift, 0387010316, Gas
KOEHRING 8034 Skytrack Manlift, Dsl., Hydrostatic
JLG 450 Boom Manlift, SN 30042365, Dsl.
JLG 45IC Manlift, SN 039543-0300027814, Duel Fuel
HIGH HORSE XK-1 Portable Manlift, SN 74015, Winch Control, 22’, 400 lb. w/Outriggers
2000 GENIE S40/4WD Telescopic Manlift, SN 3695, 4x4, Gas
GENIE S40/4WD Manlift, SN 3697, 4x4, 2830 Hrs.
JLG 45HA Articulating Manlift, SN 0308811802, LP
MARKLIFT CX100 Tandem Manlift, 6x4, 100’
MARKLIFT 301 Manlift, SN 281M0976, LP, 30’ Lift
SNORKEL LIFT TBA60RD Manlift, SN 891338, Dsl., 4x4, 60’ Lift
2000 JLG 40-RTS Scissorlift, SN 66688, Gas or LP, 40’ Reach
LIFT-A-LOFT AMV20 Vertical Rotating Scissorlift, SN AMV198, Battery w/Charger, 19’9: Lift, 500 lb.
CATERPILLAR 621 Elevating Motor Scraper, SN 23H2909, Open Bowl
CATERPILLAR 619 Elevating Motor Scraper, SN 61F2405
CATERPILLAR 613 Elevating Motor Scraper, SN 72M1474, OROPS, 23.5-25 Tires
INTERNATIONAL DRESSER 412B Elevating Motor Scraper, SN 5420114U016496, Paddle Foot, 23.x525 Tires
INTERNATIONAL E410 Elevating Motor Scraper, SN 0015005, OROPS, 23.5-25 Tires
MICHIGAN 110 Motor Scraper, SN 22A112, Self Loading
GALION T500M, SN GC-08542, EROPS, 12’ Hydraulic Shift Moldboard
GALION T400A, SN HC-01568, EROPS, Hydraulic Shift Moldboard, Scarifier
CATERPILLAR 120 Motor Grader, SN 14K501, EROPS, Hydraulic Side Shift, 13.00-24 Tires
CHAMPION 715A, SN 715A1316205852
JOHN DEERE 570A Motor Grader, 13:00x24TG Tires
HUBER F 1500, SN FG253593, 12’ Blade
CATERPILLAR 769C Off Road Haul Truck, SN 1X1148, 18:00-33 Tires
(2) INTERNATIONAL 65 Off Road Haul Truck
KOMATSU HA250 6x6 Articulating Haul Truck, SN N60832, 20.5-25 Tires
KOMATSU HA250 6x6 Articulating Haul Truck, SN 60856, 20.5-25 Tires
MOXY 6225B 6x6 Articulating Off Road Haul Truck, SN 61434, 25/65R25 Tires
2002 ROCK RAM 775 BRX Hydraulic Hammer, SN 577426, Mounted on CAT 225; NPK Hydraulic Hammer, 1000 lb. Fits 580 CASE;
NPK Hydraulic Hammer fits 30-60# Excavator; NPK Hydraulic Hammer, Parts Only; Manual Thumb for Hydraulic Excavator; Rock
Splitter, Hydraulic Driven; GOMACO Concrete Breaker, SN CB400, SN 153 (Lindsey Breaker); 2006 OKADA 304B Hydraulic Breaker,
SN 419; HAYBUSTER H-106 Rock-Eze Hydraulic Rock Picker, SN 901965; Quick Coupler for 9020 CASE to 740 ALLIED Breaker; 15’
Truss Boom for JCB or VOLVO Loader; Back Fill Blade for Backhoe; ¾ Yard Drag Line Bucket fits HENDRIX; (2) New 8’ Front Bucket for
JCB or VOLVO; 42” Bucket fits KOMATSU 220; 36” Bucket fits KOMATSU 200,220,228; 30” Bucket fits CASE 580K; 30” Bucket fits JCB;
24” Bucket fits KOMATSU 200, 220, 228; (2) 24” Bucket fits 1080 CASE; 24” Bucket fits JCB; 24” Bucket fits CASE; 18” Bucket fits
CASE; (2) Front Bucket w/Grapple for Skidsteer; (2) Front Bucket for Skidsteer; ¾ yd. Concrete Bucket, Bottom Dump; (3) GEHL
Digging Attachment; Crane Forks; (8) 4’ Forks for Backhoe; (6) New Fork Carriage for JCB or VOLVO; (3) BRADCO Skidsteer Forks;
Auger Bits for Skidsteer; New Hoe Ram Plumbing Kit for JCB Backhoe; Clearing Blade for D7 or TD15 Crawler Tractor; LINKBELT
LS118 A & B Counterweights; LINKBELT LS118 Crane Boom - (1) 20’ & (1) 30’ Section; (2) Forklift Dump Hopper, Forklift or Push
Around; (2) New 2007 Pallet Fork Attachments; New 2007 EXCALIBER 60”, 66” 72” Bucket; New 2007 VERSATECH Brush Grapple &
Grapple Bucket; New 2007 VERSATECH Hay Spear; New 2007 EXCALIBER X36 Thumb Attachment; New 2007 VERSATECH Multi
Bucket for Trenching/Transplanting; New 2007 Quick Attach Mount Plate for Skidsteer; New 2007 Fork Frame for Skidsteer; ALLIED
Ho-Pac fro CASE 580E, SN 5270;

1986 FORD LM8000 Water Truck, SN 00790, CAT 3208, Dsl., Auto 1500 Gal., Rear Spray Bar, Air Brakes
1975 CHEVROLET C60 Water Truck, SN 143137, 2000 Gal., 5 Spd., PTO Pump, intake & discharge, Rear spray bar
1971 FORD L8000 Tandem Water Truck, SN 35207, CAT Dsl., 5 Spd., 4 Spd. Aux. Trans., 2000 Gal.
1995 INTERNATIONAL 8100 Truck Tractor, Cummins Dsl., 10 Spd., Day Cab
1992 INTERNATIONAL Tandem Truck Tractor, SN 44847, 350 Detroit Dsl., 10 Spd.
1987 FREIGHTLINER Tri-Axle Truck Tractor, SN 291609, Cummins Dsl., Wet Kit, East Cab Protected
1986 FREIGHTLINER Tandem Truck Tractor, SN 400154, Cummins Dsl., 9 Spd., Day Cab, Wet Kit
1986 FORD LTL9000 Tandem Truck Tractor, SN 43027, 3406 CAT Dsl., 9 Spd., Air Ride, Day Cab, Merritt Cab Protector
1982 GMC Astro Tandem Truck Tractor, Cummins NTC 350 Dsl., 9 Spd.
1968 MACK R685 Tandem Truck Tractor, SN T1735, Mack Dsl., Maxidine 5 Spd., Completely Restored
1995 FORD F450 Cab & Chasis, SN 60411, 7.3L Powerstroke Dsl., 5 Spd.
1987 FORD L8000 Tandem Cab & Chasis, SN 56508
1987 FMC Vanguard 3000 Sweeper Truck, SN 41021, Detroit Dsl., Auto
1992 INTERNATIONAL Box Truck, SN 491810, 24’ Box, 466t Dsl., 8 Spd., Tommy Lift
ALTEC AA600 Material Handler Bucket Truck, 50’ on 1989 FORD F700, SN 26663, Dsl., 5x2 Trans.
ALTEC AA500 Material Handler Bucket Truck, 42’ on 1990 INTERNATIONAL 4900, SN 92581, DT466 Dsl., Automatic
1980 MACK MR606 Tandem Roll Off Truck, SN 51267, Dsl., Air Brakes, (2) 30 Yd. Boxes
1995 INTERNATIONAL 5000 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, SN 13273, Dsl, L-10 Cummins, 8LL, 16’ Galion Bed
1993 INTERNATIONAL 267 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, SN 66251, Dsl., L-10 Cummins, 8LL, 16’ Galion Bed
1991 INTERNATIONAL 267 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, SN 69204, Dsl., L-10 Cummins, 8LL, 16’ Galion Bed
1989 INTERNATIONAL F57 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, SN 27756, Dsl., L-10 Cummins, 8LL, 16’ Galion Bed
1980 FORD 9000 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, Cummins 350 Dsl., 9 Spd., Air Lift 3rd, 16’ Steel Bed, Air Tail Gate
1980 FORD 8000 Tri-Axle Dump Truck, Cummins Dsl., 9 Spd., 16’ Bed
1998 FORD F70 Dump Truck, SN 24681, 5 Spd., Electric Roll Tarp
1995 FORD F700 Dump Truck, SN 32182, Dsl., 6 Spd.
1989 CHEVROLET C70 Dump Truck, SN 114147, 5 & 2, 10’ Bed, Set up for snow plow
1989 GMC 7000 Topkick Dump Truck, SN 06878, CAT 3208 Turbo Dsl., 5x2 Trans., 10’ Steel Bed, Air Tail Gate, Pintle Hitch
1986 FORD F700 Dump Truck, SN 28540, Dsl., 5 & 2 Trans., 10’ Box
1983 CHEVROLET C70 Dump Truck, SN 05723
1977 FORD LN9000 Tandem Dump Truck, SN 65392, Fuller T-955AL
1973 INTERNATIONAL Tandem Dump Truck, SN 10205, Lonestar 4200 Dsl.
1977 FORD F600 Flatbed Dump, SN 21758, 5x2 Trans., 14’ Bed
1972 FORD F600 Flatbed Dump, SN 81275, 5x2 Trans., 14’ Grain Bed
1982 FORD 2 Ton Grease Truck, SN 46435
1985 GMC C70 Flatbed Truck, SN 27343, 4 Spd.
1982 FORD F700 Flatbed Truck, SN 51229
2002 FORD F350 Service Truck, SN 53146
1994 GMC Topkick Service Truck, SN 503736, Dsl., Auto, Sullair 125 Air Compressor, Reel, Pintle Hitch, Air Brakes
1985 CHEVROLET C60 Service Truck
2002 CHEVROLET 1500 Pickup Truck, SN 278504
2001 FORD F250 Pickup Truck, SN 41721
2000 CHEVROLET C3400 Pickup Truck, SN 34624
1995 FORD F250 Extended Cab Pickup Truck, SN 18369, 4x4, Powerstroke Dsl., Setup for Snow Plow, Trailer Brake Activator (Electric)
1991 FORD F150 Pickup Truck, SN 41638
1990 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck, SN 47458, 4x4, 6.2 Dsl., Snow Plow
2001 FORD Windstar Van, SN 96905
1977 FRUEHAUF ND1F2-22-7DAS-24 Tandem Aluminum Dump Trailer
1968 FRUEHAUF 40’ Tandem Flatbed Trailer, SN 07402
FRUEHAUF 30’ Aluminum Dump Trailer
40’ Tandem Float Trailer
1967 FRUEHAUF 40’ Log Trailer, SN 16704
48’ Van Trailer
(2) 45’ Van Trailer
Tandem Drop Deck Vehicle Trailer, 53’
1990 BURKETT-S 50 Ton Lowboy, SN 50043, Self Contained Hydraulics, Non Ground Bearing, Aluminum Wheels, 102” Wide x 22 ½’ Deck
PHELAN WT25 Tandem Lowboy, Side Extensions, Ramps, Dove
1985 TRANSCRAFT 35 Ton Double Drop Tandem Trailer, SN 20002
ROGERS 50 Ton Tandem, 24’ Flat Trailer
1995 INTERSTATE 30DL Tandem Pintle Hitch Trailer, SN 15005, 15 Ton, w/Ramps & Dove
2004 BIG TEX 22GN Gooseneck Trailer, SN 39952, 24’ Top Deck w/6’ Dove Tail
1995 CRAFTSMAN Event Trailer, SN 096301, Storage Compartments, Hydraulic Awnings, Hydraulic Back Ramp, Alum. Steps, Roll-up
    Back & Side Doors, Air Ride
1991 MARK IV 24’ Enclosed Trailer (for Race Car)
10 1/2’ x 8’ Lowboy, Dovetail & Ramps
1980 EVAN 40’ Job Trailer, SN 48169
Utility Tool Trailer w/Job Box
PE Trailer, 2, 3 & 4” Rolls
Pipe Trailer
(5) 40’ Storage Trailer
(2) 28’ Storage Trailer
(2) 12 x 60 Office Trailer
(2) 10 x 40 Office Trailer
(3) 8 x 28 Office/Storage Trailer

CATERPILLAR 816B Compactor, SN 15Z0232
HYSTER Compactor, Detroit Dsl., Hydraulic Leveling Blade, Pad Foot Drums
MULTIQUIP Plate Compactor, SN 3061361, 19” x 22” Walk Behind
BOMAG BW160AD1 Vibratory Roller, SN 101410260120, Deutz Dsl., 66” Drum
BOMAG BW151AD Vibratory Asphalt Roller, SN 101490200166, Deutz Dsl., 66’ Drums, 2179 Hrs.
BOMAG BW213D Smooth Vibratory Roller, SN 101400260177, Dsl., 84” Drums
1987 ROSCO Vibratory III Roller, SN 29569
MULTIQUIP FX60A6 Hi Cycle Vibrator
2002 LEEBOY 300 Asphalt Roller, SN 300-912, 1 Ton, Leeboy Dsl. Full Gauge Package, 20 HP, 350 Hrs.
HYSTER C350D Static Asphalt Roller, SN D089C6211M, OROPS, Perkins Dsl., 66” Drums
HYSTER 350D Roller, SN D089C6146L
STONE Asphalt Roller, Gas, Water System
STOW R2000 Econo Roll Asphalt Roller

CHAMPION 1010W Asphalt Paver, SN 30202, Cummins Dsl., 15’ Screed, Topcon System, Front Wheel Assist, 2219 Hrs.
BARBER GREEN SB140 Asphalt Paver, SN X369, CAT 3208 Dsl. 10’ Screed, for Dense Grade
BLAW KNOX PF1151 Paver, SN 11518-10, 8’ - 13’, Rubber Tire, 1758 Hrs.
MIDLAND WA960 Road Widener, SN 132 Mounted on ROADTEC Model 455 Paver, SN 455-84152
 1977 ETNYRE Black Topper Distributor, CAT 3208 Dsl., 1600 Gal., Hydrostatic on FORD 7000, SN 85877, Dsl., 5x3 Trans.
ETNYRE MX-FR Distributor, SN J-2948, 1065 Gal., on 1969 FORD F700, SN 93464, 5x2 Trans.
ETNYRE BT-RS Distributor SN J-6468, 1271 Gal., on 1978 FORD F700, SN CA7219, 5x2 Trans
GARLOCK Tar Kettle, Propane, 30 Gal. Patch Kettle
TENNANT 265 Sweeper, Propane
2001 TERRAMITE TSS38 Broom, SN 21TS0137, 8’ Dsl., 3 Wheel, 595 Hrs.
(2) ADVANCE Broom, Propane
TERRAMITE TSS38 Broom, SN 070799, Parts Only

1975 GMC 6500 Concrete Pumper Truck, SN 92044, Thomsen Pump, 70’ Reach, CAT 3208 Dsl., 9.00-20 Tires, 3244 Hrs.
1974 GMC 6500 Concrete Pumper Truck, SN 74169, Thomsen Pump, 67’ Reach, CAT 3208 Dsl., 9.00-20 Tires, 1728 Hrs.
2001 TARGET PRO 65 III Concrete Saw, SN 356266, 36” Blade Guard, Deutz Dsl., Hydrostatic, 607 Hrs.
TARGET PRO 65 II Concrete Saw, SN 143444, 65HP, Propane
STIHL TS360AV Concrete Saw, Hand Held
(2) REMINGTON 710 GV Concrete Vibrator, 7 HP
(5) MALL TOOL CO. 14GV Concrete Vibrator, 5 HP
REMINGTON 10 GV Concrete Vibrator, 5 HP, Wheel Barrow Style
MULTIQUIP FX60A6 Hi Cycle Concrete Vibrator
REMINTON Concrete Screed
MASTER 170702 Concrete Troweling Machine, SN 78080211, 48”
WHITEMAN Concrete Troweling Macine, SN 4273787, 48” Power Trowel
BARTELL B624 Concrete Trowel Edger, Walk Behind Concrete Sealer; Crack Chaser; Misc. Concrete Forming Material
CATERPILLAR SR4 Portable Generator, SN 250BH1591, CAT D343 Dsl., Enclosed Trailer; SULLAIR 25KW Portable Generator, Gas, on
Rubber; MULTIQUIP GDPH, 5 KW Generator; (2) New 2007 GPP AP6000 Generator, SN 1790, SN 1782, 6000 Watt, 120/240 V, Gas;
Portable Generator, 4500 Watt; (2) MILLER Legend 200 Welder/Generator, Propane Kit, Cart; 2000 MILLER Bobcat 225DT, 8500 Watt
Generator/Welder, SN LA063491, 120/240 V, 1534 Hrs.; MULTIQUIP DCX-8.8 Welder/Generator, Isuzu Dsl., 270 Amp Welder, on Rubber;
4500 Watt Generator; MILLER BIG BLUE 251 Welder, Dsl., on Trailer; MILLER SRH333 Shop Welder, SN R394303, 3 Phase, 425 Amp;
(11)MILLER BOBCAT 225 Welder; INGERSOLL-RAND 253 Air Compressor, 3 Phase, 7.5 HP; (2) INGERSOLL-RAND 160 Air Compressor,
Dsl., Trailer Mounted, 2 Hose Reels on Front; MULTIQUIP CFM90 Air Compressor, SN 150-2448, Dsl.; ATLAS COPCO XAS90 Air
Compressor, JD Dsl., 185 CFM, on Skid; JOY 185 CFM Air Compressor, Detroit Dsl.; AIR MAN 175 CFM Portable Air Compressor, Isuzu Dsl.,
on Rubber; New Electric Shop Air Compressor, 2 Gal. To 80 Gal.

DITCH WITCH 1030N Walk Behind Trencher, SN 150360; NEW 2007 JOYNER JSXZ 250 DN Dune Buggy, SN 13953, Gas, Water Cooled,
Lights, Horn, 2 Seater, Roll Bar; 1996 JOHN DEERE Gator, SN 10407, 10 HP Kawasaki LP Conversion, Auto, 4x2, Dump Bed, 2223 Hrs.;
2005 POLARIS EFI Sportsman 4x4 ATV, SN 358236, Winch, 53 Hrs.,498 Miles; 2004 POLARIS 500HD ATP 4x4, ATV, SN 442197447,
129 Hrs., 1076 Miles; CLUB CAR Pioneer ATV, SN AD0125-029148, Cab & Dump Bed; (2) 1997 BOMBARDIER SeaDoo, Gas, SN
ZZN16335I697, SN ZZN16138I697; 1999 KARA SeaDoo Trailer, holds 2 Units, SN 04672; (2) CUSHMAN Flatbed Electric Cart; (2)
CUSHMAN 3 Wheel Electric Cart; TAYLOR DUNN 3 Wheel Electric Cart; (9) GEORGIA Buggy, Manual; 4” McElroy Fusion Machine w/3”,
2” Shoes; HETRAFUSION Machine: Bending Shoes; Mini Mac for Service Lines: MAGNUM MLT4060 4 Bulb Light Plant, SN 031398, Dsl.;
FURUKAWA HCR9ES Rock Drill, SN 581008; INGERSOLL-RAND Track Drill; 2004 CHEVROLET Pickup Bed; BAKER 1140-03 Utility
Bed for 2 Ton; (2) STAHL Utility Bed for 1 Ton; READING Welder Bed for 1 Ton; (2) SERVICE WELDING 1000 Gal. Dsl. Fuel Tanks; (2) L
Fuel Tank for Pickup, 12v; Portable Fuel Tank, 12v on Rubber; (2) GI Storage Container for Pickup Bed; Cap Box, New 4x4 Powder Box;
Day Box for Dynamite; (10) Job Gang Box; 6’ x 8’ Aluminum Trench Box on Trailer; 8’ x 12’ Aluminum Trench Box; CHAMP AMACO
3300RL Personal Hoist, 440v, 3 Phase; DAYTON 3VJ73 Hydraulic Winch, 8000 lb.; Jack Leg Tunnel Drill; 6” Pneumatic Hole Puncher;
KANGO 900BV Electric Hammer Drill; (2) NEW 2007 POWER TRAIN WP-400 4” Water Pump; Water Pumps; Air Powered Boring
Machine; 2005 AQUA BLAZE AB4040DGF Ultra Steam Cleaner, SN 50207; Trench Jack; Templates for Drill Patterns; Trench Plates;
Blasting Mats; Test Headers; Pig Trap; Boring Steel; 225 Gal. PE Tank; Chains & Boomers; Chokers; Pilings; Survey Equipment: Truck
Tires; Backhoe Tires; Cable Reel; Metal Banding System; Jack Hammers; Tablesaws; Trash Chute, 2 Story; Saw Horses; Strawblower;
Sandblaster; Dock Levelers; Mortar Mixer; Paint Sprayer; Tiller; Disconnects; Meter Boxes; LINKBELT Equipment Seat; Heater; Plastic
Fittings; Fan; Road Signs; Radios; Sign Posts; WACKER BS604 Tamper; Construction Signs; Two Way Radios; 30’ Aluminum Walk
Boards; Channel Iron; Aluminum Plates; Prefab Walk Ways; Electric Motors; (2) Concrete Headwall; 50 Gal. Fuel Tank w/12 V Pump;
Pallet BOBCAT Tire Tools; NORTON C142-AAA Walls Saw; Pallet 6” Discharge Hose; (5) Ultimate Heavy Equipment 50 Key Set
and More!!!

INSPECTION: The equipment may be inspected at Auction Site beginning April 20th, from 8:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M.
PRE-REGISTER: Tues & Wed., April 24th & 25th.
SALE SITE PHONE: (502) 364-0202       SALE SITE FAX:        (502) 364-0201
The condition and description of each item set forth is ONLY A GUIDE, and is in no way a warranty or guarantee, actual or implied. All of the
equipment in this Auction is being sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS and with all faults. All conditions and descriptions of equipment in this sale bill are
believed to be correct and have been conscientiously set forth by the owners. The equipment is available for public inspection prior to the
Auction. All announcements made day of sale take precedence over any printed material.
Certified or Cashiers Check Accepted. If payment is to be made by personal or company check or by wire transfer, you must have a letter
from your bank made to Bunch Brothers Auctioneers. Immediate possession of all equipment on proper settlement. All equipment must be
removed from lot by Monday, May 7, 2007 at 5:00 P.M.


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