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					The following document presents the Accident/Injury Reports from January 1, 2008, to
August 8, 2009, for major MBTA bus routes serving Blue Hill Avenue (Routes 22, 28,
and 31) between Grove Hall and Mattapan Station.
                             Route 22 Accidents/Incidents
                           January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                       Accident       Accident       Accident
Rte.         Location            Type       Injuries    Date           Time          Decision                             Comments
                                                                                                    Op. reports that she was pulling into bus stop. Right
022       LOUIS PASTURE        Right Side      0       1/7/2008      02:10 PM       Preventable     side of bus m/c/to left side of parked car. Michael
                                                                                                    Paradis MA reg #VTHA81
                               W/Object                                                             Op. reports left bus to use men's room and bus
022          RUGGLES                           0       1/11/2008      12:27 M
                               Right Side                                           Preventable     rolled to sidewalk.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts auto m/c/. Rt-side mirror of auto to Lt-rear
022      SEAVER/HUMBOLT         Left Side      0        3/22/2008 03:13 PM        Non-Preventable 1/4 panel of bus. Nancy Williams/REG#8862MP.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts auto made right turn from middle lane
                                                                                                  infront of bus.Rt-fender of auto m/c/w/Lt-bumper of
022     BLUE HILL/GLENWAY       Left Side      0         4/4/2008 04:08 PM        Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  bus. Assuncao Texeira/Suzuki Grand
                                                                                                  Op.rpts bus was going by parked truck.Driver of
022     DORCH.AVE/TALBOT       Right Side      1         4/9/2008 02:38 PM        Non-Preventable truck opened door into side of bus. Paul
                                                                                                  Op.rpts auto in same direction on left.Outside Rt-
                                                                                                  mirror of Van m/c/w/outside Lt-mirror of bus.No
022      COLUMBUS/SEAVER        Left Side      0        4/10/2008 06:32 AM        Non-Preventable damage to bus.Minor to
                                                                                                  auto.Owner/Luyanda/Driver Sandy Milclids

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus stopped @ red light & van behind bus
                                                                                                  m/c/to Rear of bus.Driver of Van rpts his foot
022      WARREN/WALNUT          Rear End       0        5/20/2008 12:56 PM        Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  slipped off brake causing van to m/c/.There was
                                                                                                  previous damage to front of van. No injfor w/Reg.#

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. There was an auto that m/c/to Rear of his
022    COLUMBUS/WASHINGTON      Rear End       0         6/7/2008 04:02 PM        Non-Preventable bus and fled the scene w/no damage to the bus but
                                                                                                  moderate damage to the auto.

022    DORCHESTER @ FULLER                     0        6/23/2008 12:04 AM          Preventable     One trip lost due to mirror being broken.
                               Right Side

                                                                                                  Op.rpt 30 yr.old Unident. woman got her Lt-Arm hit
                                                                                                  w/Rear Door of b-6004.Woman never reproted to
022       RUGGLES UPPER          Doors         1        6/25/2008 07:19 AM        Non-Preventable op. but walked down to Ruggles lower to report it to
                                                                                                  324/Williams.First women refused med,then
                                                                                                  decided H&H/Transport/BMC by A-95.Lt-Arm inj.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus traveling approx. 3-5-MPH when auto
022      DORCHESTER AVE        Right Side      0         7/8/2008 07:34 AM        Non-Preventable (Box truck)m/c/to Rt-side mirror. Auto fled the
                                                                                                  scene before papers could be exchanged
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. An unidentified female passenger fell on
                                                                                                  sidewalk after exiting bus.Pass.was a few steps
022      SEAVER/ELM HILL        Alighting      0        7/27/2008 08:22 AM        Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  away from bus when she fell.Female has refused
                                                                                                  medical & ID.No tripping hazards or defects on bus.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Stopped @ Columbus Ave & Dimock. A
         COLUMBUS AVE @
022                             Left Side      0        8/29/2008 08:15 AM        Non-Preventable Truck passed him @ high rate of speed & m/c/w/Lt-
           DIMMOCK ST
                                                                                                  driver side mirror. (cracked).

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus stopped when a woman exiting bus lost
                                                                                                  her balance & fell.No tripping
                                                                                                  hazards,defects.Claiming Lt-Knee & Head injury.
022       RUGGLES LOWER         Alighting      1        9/13/2008 10:57 AM        Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  65 yr.old trans/Beth Israel Hosp. By H&H A-16
                                                                                                  w/small cut on Lt-Kneee. (No name of passenger)
                                                                                                  Had Cane

                                                                                                  Op.rpts male pass approx 45 yrs old missed step
                                                                                                  when Boarding.Gash in Rt-Leg and banged Lt-
022    SEAVER ST/WALNUT AVE     Boarding       1        10/2/2008 10:05 PM        Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  Knee.Transport/Carney Hosp A-10 for stitches.
                                                                                                  Errol Setalsingh/3/25/56.

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                               Route 22 Accidents/Incidents
                             January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                         Accident      Accident       Accident
Rte.           Location            Type       Injuries    Date          Time          Decision                           Comments

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Rt-front of auto m/c/to Rt-rear tire area of
022     DOT AVE @ TALBOTST       Right Side      0        10/2/2008 07:21 AM       Non-Preventable bus.Minor damage to bus.Moderate to auto. Michael
                                                                                                   Bertoni/REG#75KB 61

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Stopped waiting to make turn into Ashmont
                                                                                                   Sta turnaround, auto attempted to pass bus on Lt-
                                                                                                   hand side & Rt-mirror of auto scraped Lt-side of
022      DORC/ASHMONT STA         Left Side      0        10/3/2008 12:59 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                   bus.No damage to auto.Minor scrapes to bus.No
                                                                                                   inj.Auto dirvier did nto stop.MBTA detail Officer

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Front Rt-side of auto to side of bus.Stopped
022                               Left Side      0        10/6/2008 08:48 AM       Non-Preventable @ red light, auto traveling same dir m/c/to Lt-side
                                                                                                   of bus mirror.Marigina Camacho/REG#87JC46.

                                                                                                   Op.rpts pass exiting rear door.Op.did not see her
                                                                                                   when doors closed pass glasses was knocked out of
022       SEAVER/HUMBOLT          Alighting      0       10/13/2008 03:36 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                   hand & lens popped out.Medical refused. Winsome

                                                                                                     Op.rpts a female passenger was loading her child
                                                                                                     into the baby carriage & the seat came down on the
022       ASHMONT STATION         Onboard        0       10/16/2008 03:01 PM            Open
                                                                                                     Knee of child. Female 3-4 yrs old. No medical.
                                                                                                     Irene Lutts.

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Female pass misjudged her seat & sat on
022         TALBOT AVE            Onboard        0       10/31/2008 07:28 AM       Non-Preventable the floor. She refused any medical or assistance. No
                                                                                                   inj. Cecilia Roberts

                                                                                                     Op.rpts. She started to close rear door & woman
022    BLUE HILL @ FRANKLIN PK    Alighting      0       10/31/2008 05:42 AM            Open         started to run out the door & m/c/w/Door.woman
                                                                                                     refused medical and left the scene.

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Bus was mergining tinto one lane .Lt-side
                                                                                                   of vehicle m/c/to Rt-side of bus.Minor damage to
022      AMER.LEGION/BLUE        Right Side      0        11/7/2008 02:15 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                   vehicle.Scrapes./damage to bus Rt-side mirror
                                                                                                   hanging down.Driver/Carmen
                                                                                                   Op.rpts after boarding pass @ Ashmont, Doors were
                                                                                                   closing, a kid rant up & tried to squeeze in between
                                                                                                   Drs while they were closing.Op. reopened Drs.Dr.s
022         ASHMONT STA            Doors         1       11/15/2008 10:35 AM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                   did not reopen right away.Mom (Ingrid Jokool
                                                                                                   complain 14 y.o./2/6/97Rt.Shoulder hurting.

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Truck drove by her and clipped her Lt-side
022                               Left Side      0       11/20/2008 03:13 PM       Non-Preventable mirror and kept going. Mirror glass & housing are
             BLUE HILL

                                                                                                   Op.rpts he was in a Bus Stop,car came beside bus &
                                                                                                   backed up.Rt-middle side of car m/c/w/rear bumper.
022     NORFOLK/TALBOT STS        Left Side      0        12/2/2008 03:49 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                   Green scrapes on Lt-side bumper). Green BMW

                                                                                                     Op.rpts. Auto m/c/w/Lt-side of bus w/Rt-mirror of
022      COLUMBUS/DIMMOCK         Left Side      0       12/11/2008 05:23 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                     auto.Monica Woods,Ma.REG#5669 BV

                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Auto in same direction.rt-mirror of auto to
022                               Left Side      0       12/22/2008 05:30 PM       Non-Preventable Lt=-middle of bus. Oldith Headley/REG#755-
                                                                                                   DTT.Toyota Camry

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                              Route 22 Accidents/Incidents
                            January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                        Accident      Accident       Accident
Rte.           Location           Type       Injuries    Date          Time          Decision                           Comments

                                                                                                    Op.rpts. Car was making a U-Turn in the middle of
            WASHINGTON/                                                                             the street. Bus applied brakes to stop.Bus skidded
022                              Left Side      0       12/31/2008 03:40 PM              X
           COLUMBUS AVE                                                                             into Lt-rear bumper of car.Mianro damage to
                                                                                                    car.Dent on Lt-side bumepr. No other info.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts. Rt-side Mudflap of bus m/c/to Plastic
                                                                                                    Casing around the front license plate of Police car
022       ASHMONT STATION       Right Side      0        1/30/2009 12:54 PM              X          fell off.T.Police office Herbie Jean Badge#610 rpts
                                                                                                    plastic casisng was hanging off & bus did not
                                                                                                    m/c/w/Police. Car.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus @ Service Stop, Blk Pick up truck
022           ENROUTE            Left Side      0        1/31/2009 07:20 AM       Non-Preventable Ford F1 50 m/c/w/Lt-side mirror of bus. Truck did
                                                                                                  not stop.

                                                                                                    Transit Police rpts that a passenger off loading @
022      JACKSON SQ STATION      Alighting      0        2/18/2009 10:45 PM              X          bus got her Arm closed in the rear door. No inj. Op.
                                                                                                    has no knowledge of incident.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts bus & auto were in same direction @ time
       DIMMOCK ST @ COLUMBUS                                                                        of acc.Op. states the Mud Flap of bus m/c/w/mirror
022                          Right Side         0         3/5/2009 03:56 PM         Preventable
                AVE                                                                                 of a parked auto.Auto has minor damage, a broken
                                                                                                    mirror, bus none. Keith Nebhard/REG#9169EM.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. While stopped @ bus stop, auto tried to go
             BLUE HILL
022                              Left Side      0         3/6/2009 02:09 PM       Non-Preventable around B hit bus. Auto left the scene. Scuff mark on
                                                                                                  Lt-rear bumper.

                                 W/Person                                                           Pedestrian allege contact w/bus In crosswalk. Op.
022     COLUMBUS AVE/CENTRE                     0        3/16/2009 03:35 PM              X
                                 Unknown                                                            rpts no contact made.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Turning from Blue Hill onto Seaver when
                                                                                                  pass.side mirror of auto m/c/w/Lt-side of bus.
022      BLUE HILL @ SEAVER      Left Side      0        3/19/2009 11:27 PM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  Minor. Jane King/Owner, Driver /William King,

                                                                                                    Op.rpts. M/c/w/the Wall inside the Cabot Garage.
                                                                                                    Minor damager to Lt-side of bus from mid section
022        CABOT GARAGE                         0        3/20/2009 03:05 PM         Preventable     to the rear doors. A Pole that the bus m/c/w/has
                                 Left Side
                                                                                                    moved over a few inches & it is also attached to a
                                                                                                    drain pipe.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Auto m/c/w/Lt-side of her bus when
022    TALBOT AVE/ASPINWALL      Left Side      0        3/31/2009 02:57 PM       Non-Preventable attemptiing to go around her. Minor scrapes to Lt-
                                                                                                  side of bus. Sharon Manns/REG#48SX49.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts a unidentified male passenger tripped
022       TALBOT/LITHGOW         Boarding       0         4/3/2009 09:49 AM              X          Boarding bus. Refused medical.No defects
                                                                                                    observed. Claims he has bad legs.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Auto in same dir. On left behind bus.Front
022       COLUMBUS/BURAY         Left Side      0         4/3/2009 08:37 AM       Non-Preventable Rt-of auot m/c/w/Lt-rear of bus.Minor damage to
                                                                                                  bus/auto.Jessica Martinez/REG#512FTO.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts pulling into Bus Stop.Truck was parked in
             BLUE HILL                                                                              Bus Stop Rt-corner of wheel caught on the Lt-front
022                             Right Side      0        4/20/2009 01:15 PM         Preventable
           AVE/ELLINGTON                                                                            Fender of truck.Minor damage to truck./Bus. Robert

                                                                                                    Op.rpts pulling out of the garage and bus hit the
                                W/Object                                                            Pole causing no structual damage to the
022         CABOT YARD                          0        4/23/2009 04:25 PM         Preventable
                                Right Side                                                          building.Moderate damage to the Rear Doors and
                                                                                                    floor of bus.

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                                 Route 22 Accidents/Incidents
                               January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                              Accident      Accident       Accident
Rte.           Location                 Type       Injuries    Date          Time          Decision                           Comments
                                                                                                        Op.rpts. Auto tried to pass on the left & m/c/w/ Lt-
                                                                                                        front corner of bus. Bus was stopped. Auto crossed
022      TALBOT @ ASHMONT             Left Side       0        4/27/2009 07:56 AM       Non-Preventable
                                                                                                        over center yellow line to left of bus to pass. Mardi
                                                                                                        Op.rpts bus pulling out in traffic.Car speed up &
022       TALBOT/HELEN ST             Left Side       0         5/5/2009 04:27 PM       Non-Preventable m/c/to Lt-rear of bus w/front of auto.Anthony
                                                                                                        Lewis, REG#21PB23.
                                                                                                          Op.rpts. Pulling out of Bus Stop when car
                                                                                                          m/c/w/bus.Lt-front of bus m/c/w/Rt-middle of car.
022       SEAVER & ELM ST             Left Side       0        5/10/2009 12:51 PM         Preventable     Albert Bennette/Owner/Scratches on rear Rt-side of
                                                                                                          car. Lt-front mirror and bumper of bus has
                                                                                                        Op.rpts. @ light on Dudley St, light turned Green,a
                                                                                                        car in front stopped short & she stopped short.
            DUDLEY ST&                                                                                  Proceed to Ashmont..Steven Alkints,reg#43CT85.
022                                   Right Side      0        5/15/2009 04:37 PM       Non-Preventable
           WASHINGTON_                                                                                  Rt-front bumper of bus m/c/w/Rt-quarter of his
                                                                                                        auto. A scrape on bus is consistant w/damage to
                                                                                                          40/Car rpts bus came in contactw/a parked auto.Op.
            COLUMBUS @                                                                                    has no idea what just happened. No damage to bus,
022                                   Unknown         0       5/18/2009 06:20 PM          Preventable
            WASHINGTON                                                                                    driver's mirror of auto minor damage. Harold

                                                                                                        Op.rpts. Bus stopped, auto lost his brakes Rear-
022                                   Left Side       0        6/10/2009 05:53 PM       Non-Preventable ended bus. Minor scratches Lt-rear bumper of bus.
           COLUMBUS AVE
                                                                                                        Angela James/REG#953CD5

                                                                                                        Op.rpts. Auto tried to squeeze between bus &
                                                                                                        construction vehicle.Rt-side fender of car m/c/w/Lt-
022     TALBOT AVE/NORFOLK            Left Side       0        6/10/2009 02:45 PM       Non-Preventable side rear of bus behind the back tire.Minor damage
                                                                                                        to auto,minor scratches & scrapes to bus. Alwidn
022      COLUMBUA @ CEDAR             Onboard         0       6/18/2009 08:28 AM               X          Shaniqua Leonard 617-792-1300

                                                                                                          MA re#1WM710 Black 4 door sedan 2009 Toyota
022    DORCHESTER AVE/TALBOT          Rear End        0        6/22/2009 05:14 AM            Open

022    WASHINGTON/COLUMBUS            Rear End        0       6/27/2009 12:04 PM        Non-Preventable No info on auto on log.

                                                                                                          Op.rpts. Pulled over by auto & op. of auto states bus
022     COLUMBUS W.WALNUT             Left Side       0         7/9/2009 10:33 PM            Open         m/c/w/Lt-side of bus to Rt-mirror of auto. Chailyn
                                                                                                          Santana/driver Kervin Santana/REG#88PY87.

                                                                                                          Op.rpts. Wheelchair Ramp deploy for W/M/D.
                                                                                                          passenger when a lady jumped off the bus & Lift hit
022         EGLESTON SQ               Alighting       0        7/22/2009 01:35 PM            Open         passenger Legs. She refused medical and walked
                                                                                                          away. Dolores collins/Roxbury. Bruises on both
                                                                                                          Shins passenger.

                                                                                                          Op.rpts. Front of Boston Towing Dept. Truck to
022     WASHINGTON/BERKLEY            Rear End        0        7/24/2009 03:42 PM            Open
                                                                                                          Rear of bus. Minor damage to bus.

                                                                                                          Op.rpts stopped in Rt-lane & SUV attempted to go
022     BLUE HILL/SEAVER ST           Left Side       0         8/5/2009 05:55 PM            Open         arund n the Lt-causing contact. To Lt-rear of
                                                                                                          bus.Rosa Correi/Mass Commercial REG#M83768.

        Total Accidents & Incidents      56

                     Total Injuries       5

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                  Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                      Accident    Accident      Accident
Rte.         Location           Type       Injuries    Date        Time         Decision                       Comments
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Bus pulling into Bus Stop when auto
                                                                                               stopped in front of bus.Front of Bus m/c/to
028       B.H.A/FAIRWAY       Front end       1       1/12/2008   04:10 PM     Preventable     rear of auto .Minor damage to auto.Minor to
                                                                                               bus. Myisha Beckford.Justin James in auto #2
                                                                                               claim neck & back own medical.
                                                                                               MA reg#3278WW (owner/driver) Pierre
028    BLUE HILL/MORTON ST.   Unknown         0       1/15/2008   02:32 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                               Richardson 33 Kingsdale St. Dor., MA
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Servicing Bus Stop when auto ran
               BLUE                                                                            into Lt-rear of bus bumper w/Front of
028                           Left Side       0       1/20/2008   06:44 PM   Non-Preventable
        HILL/AMERG.LEGION                                                                      auto.Hvy damage to bus.Mark
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Female passenger fell on his bus as
028     MATTAPAN STATION      Onboard         0       1/22/2008   01:10 PM   Non-Preventable   bus was moving.Passenger refused medical
                                                                                               and I.D. No defects.
                                                                                               Unidentified woman fell on bus. Medical
028         ENROUTE           Onboard         0       1/24/2008   10:42 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                               refused. No inj.
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Contact made door of auto to the
028    WARREN @ DUDLEY ST     Unknown         0       1/30/2008   11:37 AM   Non-Preventable   side of bus. Minor/minor. James
                                                                                               Op.rpts. As car & bus were proceeding down
                                                                                               Warren towards Dudley Sta,auto begin to
                                                                                               slow down.Bus proceeded ot go around auto
028      WARREN/ZEGLER        Left Side       0       2/25/2008   10:50 PM     Preventable     into made w/Rt-side, front of
                                                                                               car/Lt-side rear bumper of
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Gold Mazada cuto off bus & jammed
                                                                                               brakes for no aparent reason.Auto pulled over
                                                                                               & driver seemed to be writing down bus #.40
028    TREMONT/RUGGLES ST     Onboard         1       3/1/2008    06:42 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                               yr.old male claims he was pass on bus op
                                                                                               stopped short causing him to injury Rt--
                                                                                               shoulder on pole.Medical refused.
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Ms.Cassandra Williams claims Op.
                                                                                               caught her Face (forehead) in Rear Door on
                                                                                               Warren and she felt dizzy as a consequence.
028        WARREN ST          Alighting       0       3/4/2008    12:25 PM    No Accident
                                                                                               No medical was required and passenger went
                                                                                               on her way.(She told the Op. after they left
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Traveling IB, car pulled out of a
028    SEAVER/BLUE HILL AVE   Right Side      0       3/8/2008    04:17 PM   Non-Preventable   park space & m/c/Lt-front of car/Rt-front of
                                                                                               bus. Maria Cruz/REG#1LG100.

                                                                                             Driver of auto claims Frotn Lt-of auto in
                                                                                             contact w/Rt-rear of bus.Owner/Candido
                                                                                             Valencia/BLK Maza Mini-Van RE#4778-AC
028     WARREN/CRAWFORD       Right Side      1       3/28/2008   07:40 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                             Elise Valencia 30yrs old transport/BMC/Nec
                                                                                             & Back injury.Op. has no knowledge of
                                                                                             contact.Preexiting damage to auto.

                                                                                             Op.rpts. Pulling out of Bus Stop @
                                                                                             B.Hil/Ellington passenger open Lt-rear door I
028    BLUEHILL/ELLINGTON     Right Side      0       3/28/2008   01:30 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                             nto Rt-rear wheel well of bus/Yolanda
                                                                                             Op.rpts. 9-10 yr.old female exited his bus, a
                                                                                             moment later op.looked to his Lt and female
028    WARREN/WAVERLY ST                      1       4/7/2008    05:50 PM    No Accident    was rolling in street (struck by auto).Witness
                                                                                             rpts child exited bus ran across front of bus
                                                                                             into traffic & struck by auto.

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                   Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                 January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                       Accident    Accident      Accident
Rte.          Location           Type       Injuries    Date        Time         Decision                         Comments
                                                                                                Op.rpts unidentified Dk unruly cut on
                                                                                                Head.Refuses medical.Did not include details
028    BLUE HILL/GENEVA STS    Onboard         1       4/13/2008   12:29 AM   Non-Preventable   surrounding an Onboard accident only
                                                                                                request for police for to remove unruly
                                                                                                Op.rpts 50 yr. Old male customer missed his
                                                                                                step while Boarding bus.sustained a shin
028    TREMONT @ PRENTISS      Boarding        1       5/7/2008    12:03 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                injury. Transport/Boston Med. Ctr via H&*H
                                                                                                A-2 w/an Ankle Inj.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Auto Rear-ended bus. Motorist is
                                                                                                dazed Minor damage to bus.Major to
                                                                                                auto.Motorist transport Carney Hosp by H&H
028      BLUE HILL @ RIVER     Rear End        1       5/8/2008    07:36 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                A-3 for Head injury. (Vera Phillips 7/8/65.
                                                                                                (major front end damage to auto
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Traveling on Warren bus m/c/to
                                                                                                parked auto.Rt-rear side of bus to Lt-side of
028     WARREN/GASTON ST       Right Side      0       5/19/2008   04:15 PM        Open
                                                                                                auto. Allen Alicia/REG#63JG99.Minor
                                                                                                damage to both vehicles.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Bus stopped. Van in same direction.
                                                                                                Front Rt- of Van m/c/w/middle rear of
028        BHA/MORTON          Rear End        0       5/21/2008   10:57 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                bus.No damage to bus or van. Emmanuel
                                                                                                Op. informed that he had to brake abruptly
                                                                                                when cut off by a auto resulting in a 7
            WARREN @
028                            Onboard         0       6/1/2008    08:45 PM   Non-Preventable   yr.Aaliyah Waters 9/26/01/father/albert
                                                                                                Waters banging her Mouth on the seat infront
                                                                                                of her.sustained a Fat Lip.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Auto in same direction behind bus.
028        WARREN/DALE         Left Side       0       6/7/2008    09:30 AM   Non-Preventable   Front Rt-of auto m/c/to Lt-rear of bus. No
                                                                                                damage to bus.Minor to auto.
                                                                                                Op.rpts bus making Lt-turn, auto on right of
                                                                                                bus came around bus cutting off bus.Lt-front
                                                                                                of bus m/c/to Rear Lt-Bumper of auto.Owner
028     TREMONT/E.BERKLEY      Left Side       0       6/9/2008    05:25 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                Toyota Motor Credit
                                                                                                MAREG#788 AA9
                                                                                                Op.rpts. A 50-60 yr.old female fell Boarding
            WARREN @
028                            Boarding        0       6/24/2008   01:29 PM   Non-Preventable   w/no tripping hazards and she refused
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Stopped in a Service Stop when auto
                                                                                                tried to pass bus.Front Rt- of auto came in
                                                                                                contact w/Lt-rear of bus.Minor damage to
028    WARREN/BLUE HILL AVE    Left Side       0       6/27/2008   06:13 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                bus.Minor to moderate to auto.Vaphan
                                                                                                Greene/1998 Green Toyota
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Traveling IB.Police had radar gun
                                                                                                out @ Woodhaven & puled over car.The car
            BLUE HILL                                                                           pulled over, op. slightly pulled bus over to
028                            Unknown         0       7/11/2008   07:29 PM    No Accident
         AVE/WOODHAVEN                                                                          right to avoid contact & possibly the
                                                                                                vibration from bus caused the glass housed in
                                                                                                the mirror casing to fall out.Op.
                                                                                                Op.rpts both vehicles in same direction.Op.
                                                                                                heard beeping while on Mass.Ave @
                                                                                                Quincy.St.Vehicle on left tried to pass bus &
028       HOLYOKE GATE         Left Side       0       7/12/2008   03:50 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                m/c/w/Rt-front of bus to Lt-rear of auto.Rt-
                                                                                                mirror broken on vehicle.Nilsa
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Going around curb surverying the
028                            Right Side      0       7/25/2008   06:56 PM     Preventable     mirror seeing clearance & @ turn m/c/to Lt
                                                                                                of auto. Samme Mathis, REG#823BL9.

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                  Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                      Accident     Accident      Accident
Rte.         Location           Type       Injuries    Date         Time         Decision                         Comments
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Driver of auto rpts bus m/c. Auto
028     MALCOLM/TREMONT       Left Side       0       7/31/2008    01:55 PM     Preventable     was stopped & bus m/c/to Rt-mirror of auto
                                                                                                w/Lt-side of bus.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. After letting off W/C @ Bus Stop
                                                                                                blocked by autos.Auto allowed the bus to
                                                                                       drove into the lt-rear of bus w/Rt-
028    WARREN/MAYWOOD STS     Left Side       0        8/1/2008    04:15 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                front bumper of auto.No damage to
                                                                                                bus/scrapes on Rt-side of auto. Growden
                                                                                                Ounost/ REG#64458.
                                With                                                            Op.rpts. Bus m/c/w/a Pole outside Mattapan
028       MATTAPAN STA         Object/        0        8/1/2008    12:06 AM     Preventable     Sta.Minor damge to Rt-rear panel just before
                              Right side                                                        the rear doors.
            1514 BLUE                                                                           Op.rpts. Lt-front bumper of bus m/c/to Rt-
028                           Left Side       0       8/16/2008    07:27 PM     Preventable
         HILL/WOODHAVE                                                                          from bumper of car.
                                                                                                Pt/323/Shaughnessy rpts two holes on Lt-
                                                                                                directional.One baseball size, one small.bus
028       RUGGLES STA.        Left Side       0       8/16/2008    05:33 PM    No Accident      is disabled.Op.swung on to bus 2256.Mark
                                                                                                made on defect card no consistent.Defect car
                                                                                                not marked on that particular side.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Bus was cut off by Bicyclist &
                                                                                                forced to stop. (3 Pregnant
028    BLUE HILL/HANSBORO     Onboard         6       8/20/2008    05:34 PM     Preventable
                                                                                                pain/Tawanda Brown &Mari Vena/.Stacy
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Pulling away from Bus Stop 60yr
028    BLUE HILL/COMBIA RD    Onboard         1        9/9/2008    02:28 PM   Non-Preventable   old male slipped and fell hitting his head on
                                                                                                floor of bus. Transport Carney By A-3.
                                                                                                Op. rpts auto m/c/w/Rt-rear of bus. Two pass
028     WARREN @ DUDLEY       Right Side      3        9/9/2008    10:52 AM   Non-Preventable   claiming back ache and 3rd female pass is not
                                                                                                sure what her injury is yet.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Auto m/c/w/bus. Rt-mirror of auto to
028        WARREN ST          Left Side       0       9/15/2008    10:01 AM   Non-Preventable   Lt- of bus. Capital Leasing Group
                                                                                                LTd.REG#562X89.Driver/David Hamlin
                                                                                                Official rpts motorist claim bus struck parked
                                                                                                auto on Warren & did not stop.TPD are
                                                                                                claiming bus was involved in Hit&Run
028        WARREN ST          Right Side      0       9/24/2008    07:55 AM     Preventable
                                                                                                w/auto.Op. will file accident report.Auto in
                                                                                                same dir. On right. Front Rt-of bus im/c/w/Rt-
                                                                                                rear of auto.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Yellow Ambulance#P2 unable to get
                                                                                                company name passed her while going to a
028        WARREN ST          Unknown         0       10/3/2008    05:38 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                call and clipped her mirror. No damage to
                                                                                              Op.rpt 72 Louise Stloth/woman fell
                                                                                              Backwards as she was pulling away from
028       MATTAPAN STA        Onboard         1       10/4/2008    11:09 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                              Service Stop.woman refused med at first,
                                                                                              later transport to Carney Hosp by H&H a-19.

                                                                                                Op.rpts. Bus standing at Intersection.Vehicle
                                                                                                squeezed to pass by on the left.Whne other
        FAIRWAY ST & BLUE                                                                       driver realized he could not pass, he
028                           Left Side       0       10/10/2008   10:30 PM    No Accident
             HILL AV                                                                            proceeded to get angry & drove his vehicle
                                                                                                causing him to m/c/w/mirrors.Driver did not
                                                                                                stop. Reg#K96-291/Ford FX4.

                                                                                              Op.rpts. Bus @ Bus Stop and White SUV
028     WARREN/CRAWFORD       Left Side       0       10/28/2008   05:44 PM   Non-Preventable REG#71CX72 m/c/to driver side mirror.
                                                                                              SUV did not stop, mirror on bus was cracked.

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                  Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                      Accident     Accident      Accident
Rte.         Location           Type       Injuries    Date         Time         Decision                         Comments
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Loading a WMD pass on bus when a
028    BLUE HLL/VHARLOTTE     Left Side       0       10/31/2008   04:00 PM   Non-Preventable   Green SUV REG#45BZ73 came by & took
                                                                                                off Lt-mirror and fled the scene.
                                                                                                Operator reports leaving a service stop, taxi
                                                                                                made contact with the left rear corner of bus,
028         BLUEHILL          Left Side       0       11/3/2008    06:33 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                papers exchanged. No injuries/No claim.
                                                                                                Minor scratches to bus.
                                                                                                Op.rpts stopped @ lights @ Walkhill &
                                                                                                Harvard when he heard a noise & found that
                                                                                                front vehicle m/c/Rear of bus. Moderate
        WALK HILL RED @
028                           Rear End        0       11/14/2008   11:32 PM   Non-Preventable   damage to front grill damage of vehicle, bus
                                                                                                no damage. Enelsie
                                                                                                edes Benz
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Bus was stopping @ a traffic light
           MALCOLM                                                                              when auto tried to pass bus causing Rt-side of
028                           Left Side       0       11/15/2008 11:58 AM     Non-Preventable
         X/WASHINGTON                                                                           auto to m/c/w/Lt-side of bus.Minor damaage
                                                                                                to bus. Moderate to auto.
                                                                                                Op.rpts merging left to go around a DBl
                                                                                                parked auto when a Van tried to pass him on
                                                                                                Lt.Rt-mirror of Van m/c/w/Lt-side rear of bus
028    ROXBURY @ SHAWMUT      Left Side       0       11/19/2008 11:19 AM     Non-Preventable   near wheel well.No damage to bus/minor to
                                                                                                Van. Angel
                                                                                                Sanchez/driver/REG#60KE11./2000 Chrysler
                                                                                                Voyager /Blue
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Sitting at a Stop light when Rear-
                                                                                                ended.5 transport to Boston Medical Center
                                                                                                by A#13 &A#96 No damage to bus./Major to
028    QUINCY & WARREN ST     Rear End        6       11/24/2008 09:23 AM     Non-Preventable   car. C.Stanton/Back inj, Ishia
                                                                                                Op.rpts. A unidentified female fell Onboard
                                                                                                bus. Refused medical and got off at stop. No
028    TREMONT/PRENTISS ST    Onboard         0       11/28/2008   02:47 PM   Non-Preventable   inj. Op. was told when any accident or
                                                                                                incident happen on bus to call dispatch
028      BLUE HILL/WALES      Rear End        0       12/8/2008    02:48 PM   Non-Preventable   Op.rpts. Auot m/c/w/Rear of bus.
                                                                                              Op.rpts. Stopped @ bus stop when a vehicle
          BLUE HILLL @                                                                        tried to pass her.Rt-mirror of auto m/c/w/Lt-
028                           Left Side       0       12/15/2008 07:54 AM     Non-Preventable
           ELLINGTON                                                                          rear of bus.Minro damage to auto. No damage
                                                                                              to bus. Jean Dupont/REG#75N T01.

                                                                                              Op.rpts she was boarding pass.when she was
                                                                                              approached by driver of auto claining bus
                                                                                              m/c/w/auto.Op. has no knowledge of
028     WARREN/MLK BLVD       Right Side      0       12/23/2008 11:47 AM     Non-Preventable
                                                                                              accident. Auto was parked when alledged
                                                                                              contact made. Minor damage ot both
                                                                                              vehicles. Rt-side of bus/Lt-mirror of auto.
                                                                                              Op.rpts. Car crossed in front of bus
                                                                                              attempting to reach a parking spot . As he
        FAIRWAY/BLUE HILL                                                                     was pulling away from Bus Stop. Op. rpts
028                           Front end       0        1/3/2009    06:32 PM   Non-Preventable
              AVE                                                                             point of contact/Front Bike Rack of bus to Rt-
                                                                                              rear bumper of car. Minor/minor.No other
                                                                                              Op.rpts. Bus in right lane SUV was in Lt-
                                With                                                          lane, Lt-lane was blocked by
028                            Object/        0        1/9/2009    05:55 PM   Non-Preventable construction.SUV m/c/w/Front Rt-bumper to
                              Front End                                                       Lt-side mud flap of bus.Witness: Jose/NY
                                                                                              JHA Cromwell/Dor..857-399-6395.

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                   Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                 January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                       Accident    Accident      Accident
Rte.          Location           Type       Injuries    Date        Time         Decision                      Comments
                                                                                              Op.rpts coming off Warren to enter Dudley
                                                                                              Sta when a car was parked pulled out of
          WASH & DUDLEY                                                                       parking spot & m/c/w/Lt-side rear of bus
028                            Right Side      0       1/10/2009   05:47 PM   Non-Preventable
             STATION                                                                          between rear doors & rear wheels.Moderate
                                                                                              damage to Front bumper of car & minor Rt-
                                                                                              side bus of bus.

                                                                                                Op.rpts auto passed him on left & Rt-side of
                                                                                                auto m/c/w/Lt-side of fled the
                                                                                                area.Red/Maroon Honda or Toyota/REG#535-
028      WARREN/WAVERLY        Left Side       1       1/11/2009   10:37 PM    No Accident
                                                                                                LDO. Sharon McGauley/46 y.o. compained
                                                                                                of general soreness.Declined med.Op.has no
                                                                                                knowledge of inj.

                                                                                                Op.rpts car slid into bus @ bus stop. Front of
                                                                                                car is under rear bumper of bus. Auto driver
                                                                                                transport/Boston Med. EMS#A-12/Knee &
028     WARREN/CRAWFORD        Rear End        1       1/11/2009   07:33 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                Neck inj. Ramysha maria
                                                                                                Codds/REG#36DS72. Hvy damage to
                                                                                                auto.No damage to bus.
                                                                                                Op.rpts man reported he stood up and
028    WARREN @ CRAWFORD       Onboard         0       1/12/2009   11:37 AM    No Accident      misjudged the clearance & struck his Head.
                                                                                                He refused any medical.No defect on bus.
                                                                                                Op. rpts an auto claims bus m/c/w/auto. Op.
                                                                                                has no knowledge of said accident. Op. rpts.
                                                                                                He believe it steared into the back of the bus.
028         TREMONT ST         Rear End        0       1/19/2009   12:39 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                I didn't feel no bump. They pulled beside me
                                                                                                and tried to tell me that I back up on
                                                                                                them.Honda Civic'98 REG#2496263
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Stopped @ bus stop loading pass
                                                                                                when a Ford Pick up truck m/c/w/bus.Rt-
       BLUE HILL @ FAIRWAY                                                                      front side fender & mirror of Pick up to Lt-
028                            Left Side       0       1/21/2009   12:06 PM   Non-Preventable
                ST                                                                              rear corner of bus. Norbert McCoy/Owner,
                                                                                                driver.Elaine Kindle, REG#1998 Red ford F-
                                                                                                150 REG#978-AF3.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. He was rear=-ended.Stopped at a bus
028    WARREN/INTERVALE STS Rear End           0       1/28/2009   01:02 PM   Non-Preventable   stop, Private auto slid into the rear of bus.
                                                                                                Sukaria Mohammed/REG#945WE.
                                                                                                Op.rpts.pulling into Mattapan Sta he Hit a
                                                                                                new yellow Post on Rt-side rear of bus.
028       MATTAPAN STA          Object/        0       2/1/2009    11:52 AM     Preventable
                                                                                                Damage to rear doors and a metal piece broke
                               Right side
                                                                                                off bus.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. While in traffic @ columbus Ave
                                                                                                making a left turn in the auto m/c/w/bus.Car
028    COLUMBUS/RUGGLES ST Right Side          0       2/5/2009    04:45 PM   Non-Preventable   was in Rt-lane & crossed over into his lane
                                                                                                causing contact. Rt-front of bus to rear of
                                                                                                car.Breity Medrano.
                                                                                                Op. rpts passenger report Door closed on her
                                                                                                Lt-Arm while she was boarding.Op. did re-
028        BHA/MORTON          Boarding        0       2/6/2009    09:50 AM    No Accident      open door and pass. Boarded safely. She
                                                                                                refused medical but will have her arm looked
                                                                                                at and for a doct for cast on -Arm.
                                                                                                Op.rpts passing U-Haul truck m/c/w/Lt-side
028     WARREN @ DALE ST       Left Side       0       2/7/2009    12:46 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                mirror of bus. Lebeza Alema, No reg#.
                                                                                                Op.rpts stopped @ red light going to take a
                                                                                                Rt-turn into Mattapan Sta.Rt-side mirror of
028     BLUE HILL/RIVER ST     Left Side       0       2/9/2009    12:56 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                Green SUV m/c/top Lt-rear of bus.
                                                                                                REG#2RE220. SUV fled the scene.
                                                                                                Op.rpts truck m/c/to Lt-mirror of bus. Mirror
028        WARREN/M.L.K        Left Side       0       2/10/2009   01:21 PM   Non-Preventable   on auto fell off. Minor to auto. No damage to
                                                                                                bus. Hit & run. No info obtained.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Auto m/c/to Lt-mirror. No damage.
028     BLUE HILL/COLUMBIA     Left Side       0       2/11/2009   05:17 PM    No Accident
                                                                                                Edward I;Connell/REG#691WML.

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                   Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                 January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                       Accident    Accident      Accident
Rte.          Location           Type       Injuries    Date        Time         Decision                          Comments
                                                                                                Op.rpts bus stopped in Service Swtop when
                                                                                                the Front of auto m/c/w/Rear of bus. Minor
028      BLUE HILL/ALMONT      Rear End        0       2/17/2009   07:53 AM   Non-Preventable   damage to bus/auto. Enterprise
                                                                                                Rentel/Bilerica, Solanlli
                                                                                                Op.rpts an Elderly woman appeared to have
                                                                                                lost her balance when Alighting from bus and
028    WARREN @ CRAWFORD       Alighting       0       3/11/2009   08:06 PM    No Accident
                                                                                                fell. No tripping hazards or defects. Woman
                                                                                                dclined medical or to provide ID.
                                                                                                Op.rpts. Stopped in hvy traffic w/auto on Lt-
                                                                                                hand side. Auto attempted to move into Rt-
028    MALCOLM X @ KING ST     Left Side       0       3/12/2009   07:14 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                lane & m/c/w/Lt-side fo bus w/Rt-side mirror
                                                                                                of auto. Robert Cobb/REG#45KZ65.
                                                                                                Unidentified Elderly female approx. 60 yrs
       BLUE HILL & FESSENDON                                                                    old fell getting off bus and hurt her Lt-Knee.
028                          Alighting         1       3/12/2009   05:10 PM   Non-Preventable
                 ST                                                                             Bus was pulled into the curb. No tripping
                                                                                                Op.rpts. He tapped the back of a vehivle. No
                                                                                                damage motoriest shook op's hand & said he
028    BLUE HILL/GROVE HALL    Front end       0       3/14/2009   06:10 PM    No Accident
                                                                                                was having abad day & left the scene of
                                                                                                accident..Jean Samson/REG#778-FY8.
                                                                                                Op.rpts stopped waiting to make a turn when
                                                                                                an auto tried to cut in front of bus. Rt-side of
028     WARREN/MAYWOOD         Left Side       0       3/19/2009   10:53 AM     Preventable     auto m/c/w/Lt-front bumper of bus. Minor
                                                                                                damage to both vehicles. Va;eroe
       AMER.LEGION @ B.HILL                                                                     Op.rpts bus stopped when auto m/c/w/bus.
028                            Unknown         0       3/24/2009   05:35 PM   Non-Preventable
              AVE                                                                               No inj.
                                                                                                Operator reports stopped at service stop when
           BLUE HILL AT                                                                         left side of van made contact with the right
028                            Right Side      0       3/26/2009   07:48 AM   Non-Preventable
           ELLINGTON ST                                                                         mirror of the bus and fled the scence. White
                                                                                                van MA license plate #694-053,
                                                                                                Op.rpts. A U-Haul Truck m/c/w/Lt-side rear
028       BLUE HILL/WASH       Left Side       0       4/2/2009    12:01 PM   Non-Preventable   of bus and fled the scene.Minor scratches to
                                                                                                Op.rpts auto brushed up against Rear bumper
                                                                                                of bus. Op.went to pull over & auto took off.
028       WARREN/DUDLEY        Left Side       0       4/7/2009    06:12 PM   Non-Preventable   Car tried to go around bus on left.Car m/c/to
                                                                                                Lt-rear of bus w/rpRt-rear of car.

                                                                                              Op.rpts. Rt-side mirror of truck to Lt-side
                                                                                              mirror of bus. Op. was loading and unloading
       WATTEN/SUNDERLAND                                                                      pass.Minor damage to truck Rt-convex mirror
028                            Left Side       0       4/9/2009    01:32 PM   Non-Preventable
              STS                                                                             flew off. Truck broke his convex
                                                                                              mirror.Buis/scratches on Lt-side mirror
                                                                                              casisng. Thomas Cargill/ REG#L45344.

                                                                                              Op.rpts while making a right turn into
                                                                                              Mattapan Sta @ light, Pizza Delivery Car cut
                                                                                              in front of bus, bus went right to avoid
028        MATTAPAN STA         Object/        0       4/11/2009   01:50 PM     Preventable
                                                                                              collision & m/c/w/Yellow concrete Pole.Rear
                               Right side
                                                                                              Rt-Mudguard of bus.Hrd plastic Mudguard
                                                                                              pushed into the tire.
                                                                                              Op.rpts traveling on Colubia @ blue hill an
                                                                                              auto went on Lt-side & attempted to m ake a
028                            Left Side       0       4/13/2009   04:50 PM   Non-Preventable Rt-turn in front of bus.Auto m/c/w/Lt-front
                                                                                              corner of bus w/Rt-rear of auto. No plate #

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                   Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                 January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                          Accident    Accident      Accident
Rte.          Location             Type        Injuries    Date        Time         Decision                        Comments
                                                                                                   Op.rpts. Motorist out of auto loading kids
                                                                                                   into car & bus m/c/w/Rear Rt-Wheelwell to
            BLUE HILL
028                             Right Side        0       4/16/2009   07:44 PM        Open         Lt-mirror of auto.mirror knocked off auto.No
                                                                                                   visible damage to bus. Motorist was pulling
                                                                                                   into traffic.Pablo rodriguez/REG#LZ50708.

                                   With                                                            Op.rpts. Moving out of the way of emergency
           WARREN ST @
028                             Object/ Left      0       4/24/2009   09:57 AM     Preventable     vehicle responding to an emergency calll &
                                   Side                                                            Lt-rea of bus m/c/w/a Sign.

                                                                                                 Op.rpt 66 y.o. female sitting in 1st Handicap
                                                                                                 seat when op. made a sudden stop.Pass went
028     RUGGLES STA UPPER        Onboard          1       4/30/2009   12:08 PM   Non-Preventable sideways & came back.she pulled lower
                                                                                                 back.Mary Davis/transpo/Beth Israel by
                                                                                                 H&H A-2.
                                                                                                 Op.rpts. Pulling into a Bus Stop when auto's
                                                                                                 m/c/Lt-rear quarter panel after the rear tire.A
028    BLUE HILL & EVELYN ST     Left Side        0       5/1/2009    03:02 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                 small scuff is on bus.Unknow damage to
                                                                                        took off. No infor obtained.
                                                                                                 Op.rpts lady walked up to me claiming her
                                                                                                 son had got caught w/the Rar Door.I have no
028        MATTAPAN SQ             Doors          0       5/11/2009   01:43 PM         X
                                                                                                 knowledge of incident. (Marie Reyfort,
                                                                                                 kids/Jhon Francis Willot/429-9394.
                                                                                                 Op. rpts obtained partial plate of Silver
028     WARREN/TOWNSEND          Unknown          0       5/14/2009   08:37 PM        Open       Blazer that hit bus mirror while stopped.
                                                                                                 Only chips to the mirror.
                                                                                                 Op.rpt stopped @ red traffic signal.SUV
                                                                                                 struck auto & pushed auto into bus. Major
                                                                                                 damage ot SUV,10 inj. Onboard/2 females
028      BLUE HILL/TALBOT        Rear End        12       5/26/2009   10:11 AM        Open
                                                                                                 w/Back&Neck inj, 1 female leaning against
                                                                                                 window w/unknown inj.op, auto inj.transp/3-
                                                                                                 Faulkner, 5-Carney&4-Bos .Med..
                                                                                                 Op.rpts. Driver of dble parked auto opened
                                                                                                 his door as bus was passing & caught the
028                             Right Side        0       5/30/2009   03:16 PM     Preventable   door on Rt-rear Mudguard of bus. Deysi
                                                                                                 Guerrero/REG#2HP800.Minor damage to
                                                                                                 both vehicles.
                                                                                                 Op.rpts. He was coming into station &
                                                                                                 m/c/w/concrete Pole coming into the station.
028     MATTAPAN STATION         Object/          0       6/5/2009    04:42 PM     Preventable
                                                                                                 There is damage from the Rear Doors to rear
                                Right side
                                                                                                 of the bus.
                                                                                                 MA reg#949CA6 (owner/driver) Ogie J.
028    DUDLEY@ROXBURY ST        Right Side        0       6/21/2009   03:46 PM     Preventable
                                                                                                 Op.rpts stopped @ Bus Stop, auto tried to go
       BLUE HILL AVE/TALBOT                                                                      arund hitting bus w/Rt-mirror. Minor/minor.
028                              Left Side        0       6/30/2009   05:28 PM        Open
               AVE                                                                               Owner/David Penny, Driver David Kester,
                                                                                                 Op.rpts.making a stop when a baby carriage
       BLUE HILL AVE &/TENNIS                                                                    tipped over. Op. rpts baby was about 3 mos
028                              Onboard          0       7/9/2009    04:57 PM    No Accident
                 RD                                                                              old boy. Op. rpts brakes were on but no one
                                                                                                 was holding the carriage @ the time.
028    BLUE HILL @ FAIRWAY       Unknown          0       7/13/2009   01:50 PM    No Accident    Op.rpts auto m/c/w/mirror and fled. No inj.
                                                                                                 Op.rpts a 20 y/o male fell on his bus. No
028      WARREN/TOWSEND          Onboard          0       7/21/2009   04:22 PM        Open       visible inj. No tripping hazards. Medical
                                                                                                 Op.rpts. Stopped @ Stop Sign proceeding
                                                                                                 into traffic when a Corella stopped to let her
       BLUE HILL AVE/CURTIS                                                                      proceed.A Van cut Auto off & made sudden
028                              Left Side        1       7/24/2009   05:26 PM        Open
                RD                                                                               stop.Middle Lt-side of bus behind front tire to
                                                                                                 Rear tire to Rt-rear bumper of Van.One
                                                                                                 30y.o. Transit Police rqt EMS/Neck Inj.

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                     Route 28 Accidents/Incidents
                   January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                             Accident    Accident   Accident
Rte.            Location               Type       Injuries    Date        Time      Decision                     Comments
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Letting off pass, she felt a Bump
                                                                                               form behind bus & looked out mirror & saw
028    WARREN ST/MAYWOOD             Left Side       0       7/27/2009   04:15 PM    Open      auto make a "U" turn & bump into the Lt-rear
                                                                                               wheel area of rar bus. Diana
                                                                                               Brown,REG#89N R76.
                                                                                               Op.rpts. Motorist was parked in Bus Stop
                                                                                               when she stopped parrell. Lt-front of auto in
                                                                                               contact w/Rt-rear of bus while pulling out of
028    BLUE HILL AVE/FLOYD           Right Side      0       8/7/2009    04:02 PM    Open
                                                                                               parking space. Auto fled the scene.Piece of
                                                                                               metal sticking out from wheel-well of bus.
                                                                                               REG#2HG890 Blue Chevy Cobalt LS.

       Total Accidents & Incidents      96

                    Total Injuries      41

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                                 Route 31 Accidents/Incidents
                               January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                           Accident    Accident       Accident
Rte.           Location              Type       Injuries    Date        Time          Decision    Comments
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Vehicle m/c/to Lt-mirror of bus and fled the scene.
031      WALK HILL/BLUE HILL        Left Side      0       1/8/2008    06:43 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  Plate#32WR23/Black SUV.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. That as he was passing by the auto, driver opened up the
031       1295 BLUE HILL AVE       Right Side      0       2/8/2008    01:44 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  Lt-door intoto Rt-rear of the bus causing minor damage.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. While in service, the Rear door emergency glass fell out
031      MORTON/GREENDALE           Onboard        0       3/27/2008   01:41 PM       Defect      onto a woman. Person refused medical and would not produce an
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus was exiting station, auto came thru light, front
031        RIVER/BLUE HILL          Left Side      0       6/6/2008    03:43 AM   Non-Preventable passenger side of auot m/c/to Lt-front of bus. Bitar Raghed

                                                                                                    Op.rpts. Auto came into sta and stated bus m/c/to auto.Op.stated
031     BLUE HILL/FAIRWAY ST        Unknown        0       6/9/2008    05:42 PM      Preventable
                                                                                                    bus came close to auto but no contact made to his knowledge.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts bus 2199 on RTE16 m/c/w/his bus @ Forest Hills Sta and
                                    W/T Veh
031        FOREST HILLS STA                        0       6/9/2008    08:38 AM   Non-Preventable never stoppe.Front bumper of 2199 to Rear bumper of 2034.Minor
                                    Rear End
                                                                                                  mark on rear bumper of bus.Unknown damage to bus 2199.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts he had m/c/w/another bus.Op has no knowledge of any
                                    W/T Veh                                                         bus on bus contact.Op.found no new damage & any damage there
031        FOREST HILLS STA                        0       6/9/2008    08:38 AM      Preventable
                                    Front End                                                       was already reported to pullout official.Front bumper damages
                                                                                                    were already on Defect Cards.
                                                                                                    Op.rpts. He saw the person infront of vehicle as he was pulling
       MORTON/RHOADES/GREEND                                                                        into Bus Stop.Op. of vehicle must have pushed her door open into
031                          Right Side            0       6/14/2008   02:06 PM   Non-Preventable
                ALE                                                                                 Rt-side of bus behind the Rear door of bus w/driver's door of
                                                                                                    auto.Minor damage to bus.scratch & blue paint to bus.
                                                                                                    Op.rpts traveling in lt-lane when auto in middle lane tried to cut in
                                                                                                    front of bus.Lt-front of auto m/c/w/Rt-front of bus by Front
031       MORTON/BLUE HILL         Right Side      2       6/17/2008   06:51 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                    Doors.Pregnant female in auto tranps/Beth Israel by AMB#A28
                                                                                                    for observation/34yr male transport BMC by AMB#A11
           WEST ROXBURY             W/Object                                                        Police said he directed operator to 2nd left, she took 1st. No
031                                                0       6/23/2008   09:29 PM      Preventable
            COURTHOUSE              Unknown                                                         injury, no claim.
                                                                                                    Op.rps WM mid 40's had a fight prior to boarding
                                                                                                    bus.Op.proceeded approx.3mph when pass fell on bus.Passenger's
031     BLUE HILL & MORTON ST       Onboard        1       8/13/2008   03:53 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                    Hand was bleeding & declined med.(Pass.tripped over Stroller
                                                                                                    Wheel & fell).
                                                                                                    Op. rpts bus was @ Bus Stop when auto backed into bus. Rt-rear
031      BLUE HILL/FAIRVIEW        Right Side      0       11/5/2008   02:24 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                    of auto to Rt-side of bus.
                                   W/Object                                                         Op.rpts. 3 ft. Pole at entrance to station. Rt-rear of bus m/c/w/Pole.
031       MATTAPAN STATION                         0       11/6/2008   09:01 AM      Preventable
                                   Right Side                                                       Minor damage to bus. No damage to pole.
                                                                                                    Op.rpts. Auto was in Lt-lane bus Rt-lane when auto tried to take a
                                                                                                    right turn in front of bus. Auto Rt-rear m/c/w/Rt-front bumper of
031     MORTON/HAVELOCK ST         Right Side      0       12/20/08    12:15 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                    bus. Shelby Ridley/Owner/Driver/Marcus
031       MATTAPAN STATION                         0       12/28/08    02:15 PM      Preventable    Operator hit pole entering station
                                   Right Side
                                                                                                  Op. rpts @ :bus stopped letting off pass. @ bus stop heard a
031     BLUE HILL AVE/FAIRWAY       Left Side      0       1/6/2009    08:06 PM   Non-Preventable noise.White Van m/c/w/Lt-side drivers mirror. White truck fled
                                                                                                  the scene.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Via cell phone bus wa struck in the Rear .No injuries No
031     BLUE HILL/GOODDALE RD       Rear End       0       1/12/2009   05:53 PM    No Accident
                                                                                                  damage to vehicles.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts passenger claiming injury but decline medical. Lt-front
031      MORTON ST/BLUE HILL        Left Side      0       2/2/2009    04:19 PM   Non-Preventable fender of bus to Rt-side of auto. Bus/minor/auto/moderate. No
                                                                                                  other info.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Bus @ Service Stop.Heard a noise, stepped off bus to see
031     MORTON/CANTERBURY           Rear End       0       2/3/2009    03:25 PM   Non-Preventable what happen. Car m/c/w/Rear of bus. Car fled scene. Bus damage
                                                                                                  minor. Unknown to car. REG#unknown.
                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Truck from left thu red light Front of truck m/c/to Lt-front
                                                                                                  of bus. Moderate damage to truck.Minor to bus. Silvia Benskin
031     LEAVING MATTAPAN STA        Left Side      1       2/27/2009   09:47 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  onboard claim Back Inj. Transport/BMC by H&H A-13.
                                                                                                  (Elizabeth Ann Vey)/REG#96ZW43.

                                                                                                  Op.rpts. Stopped w/both doors open discharging passengers.Op.
                                                                                                  req.TPD DK onboard. Man was so intoxicated that when he got up
031         MATTAPAN STA            Onboard        1       3/16/2009   08:25 PM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                  from the seat, he fell to the floor (25yrs old BM transport via
                                                                                                  Amb/Carney Hosp. A small amt of blood from mouth.

                                                                                                    Op.rpts. A white Van hit the Lt-side mirror and fled the scene. No
031       MORTON/HARVARD            Left Side      0       3/20/2009   07:38 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                    late obtained.
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                                  Route 31 Accidents/Incidents
                                January 1, 2008 - August 8, 2009

                                                              Accident    Accident       Accident
Rte.            Location                Type       Injuries    Date        Time          Decision    Comments
                                                                                                     Operator did not obtain registration. (driver/owner) Elaine
031     MORTON ST @ROTARY              Rear End       0       6/19/2009   06:46 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                     Op.rpts bus leaving station, an auto went thru a red lgiht causing
                                                                                                     Rt-front of auto to m/c/w/Lt-front of bus.Andrew
031          RIVER/BLUE                Left Side      0       6/30/2009   09:29 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                     Deroma/owner/driver Manuel Cabeceiras/Commercial
                                                                                                     Op.rpts passenger approachedhim stating that she fell onboard.
                                                                                                     She is declined medical. Two .Passengers were leaning against
031      MATTAPAN STATION              Onboard        0       7/22/2009   03:14 PM           Open
                                                                                                     each other when one passenger moved and the other fell. No
                                                                                                     tripping hazards.
                                                                                                     Op.rpts Lt-mirror cracked. Bus stopped at Service Stop when
031           MORTON ST                Left Side      0       7/22/2009   08:07 AM   Non-Preventable
                                                                                                     accident occurred. Leonarda Diaz/REG#853-BWA.
                                                                                                     Op.rpts. In Rt-lane w/auto n Left.Op. rpts he felt a bump & looked
                                                                                                     into rear ..Auto m/c/w/Lt-middle side of bus w/Rt-side of
031    MORTON @ CEMETERY RD            Left Side      2       7/31/2009   02:53 PM       Open
                                                                                                     auto.Small scratch to bus.One pass.claim Neck/Back inj.Dennis
                                                                                                     Foy transp/Faulkner Hosp. A-13.Op. is transport via A-18.

         Total Accidents & Incidents      27

                      Total Injuries      7

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