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									                                                  Ancient Order of Hibernians
                                                          Division 1
                                                   The Harp and Shamrock
                                                      P.O. Box 25371
                                                     Greenville, SC 29616-0371

                                          Newsletter May 2009

President’s Message
          Now that the activities surrounding St. Patrick’s Day are completed, we begin to look forward to the next
         The next major event will be the Scottish Highland Games at Furman University, in early June. As many of
you know, this is a very large happening for Greenville, with people coming from all over the southeast. The Games
were created in 2006 as a tribute to and a celebration of our Celtic forebears. Heavy Athletics Competition,
Highland Dancing Competition and Southern Piping Championship are but a few of the attractions.
         We have invited our chaplain, Father Dwight Longenecker from St. Joseph’s High School to join us at the
May 7th meeting and he has graciously accepted. Among the topics he will cover is the current program underway at
St. Joseph’s to broaden the knowledge of their students to the living conditions of children in foreign countries.
There may be a role for the AOH to support him in this endeavor.
         Since the last Irish Movie Night was such a success, Joe is planning another one. We’ll be back at the
Upstate History Museum on May 13th to view the Irish comedy, Waking Ned Divine. Mark the date on your
         Baseball season is here. So we will be considering how we, as a group might enjoy the sport. Since the
Dodgers left Brooklyn, I’ve been searching for a team to root for. Maybe I’ll find one this year.

General Meeting Schedule
Business meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month (except July) at 7:00 pm in the K of C trailer at
Prince of Peace Church.
May 7            7:00 pm, General Meeting – Prince of Peace Trailer
June 4           7:00 pm, General Meeting – Prince of Peace Trailer
July 2           No July Meeting

Social Meeting Schedule
Social meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub.
May 21           7:00 pm, Social Meeting – Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub

Calendar of Events:
May 13 – 7:00 pm Waking Ned Devine – Upcountry History Museum
         The AOH is presenting a showing of Waking Ned Devine at 7:00pm on May 13 at the Upcountry History
Museum, 540 Buncombe Street in Greenville. Set in a small Irish village, this is a classic comedy guaranteed to
keep the laughs flowing and “make you feel like a million bucks”. The cost is $4 per person. Conversation, snacks
and refreshments will follow the movie. For reservations contact Joe Deehan at (864)836-1121 or e-mail at
2009 Dues
        Dues for 2009 are over-due in the amount of $35. Checks should be made payable to AOH, Division 1,
Greenville and sent to: Dave Torlina, 6 Bellfort Court, Taylors, SC 29687.

Prayer Request
     Your prayers are requested for the following intentions: Bryan McSharry and Gene Fitzgerald.

Ancient Order Of Hibernians Harp And Shamrock Division 1 Name Tag
        To order a Harp and Shamrock Name Tag please call Dick O'Brien at 877-8880. The cost is $8.50 and the
nametag will have the Harp and Shamrock Division 1 Logo as well as your name on it.

Roster Changes
         Please forward any address, phone number or e-mail address changes to so that our
rosters and mailing lists can be kept up to date. If you don’t have e-mail, let Art know at the next meeting, or phone
(232-5968) or send your changes to:
Art O’Leary
7 Norwich Dr.
Greenville, SC 29609-1437

Newsletter Submissions
         Please forward any information to be included in the next newsletter to Art O’Leary at
or by phone at (864)232-5968 no later than the 19th of the month.

Web Sites of Interest
AOH Greenville:            
AOH South Carolina:        
AOH National:              
Irish Am. Unity Conference:
Myrtle Beach McGarry Division:
Charleston Division:       
Beaufort County Division 1:
Columbia Division 1:       

Irish Name of the Month – Kielty / Quilty
          Kielty /Quilty is an Irish family name, meaning hardness, swift or wolf. The name "Kielty" is an
Anglicized form of the ancient Gaelic name of "Caoilte," (pronounced: Cweeltia). Various spellings in Gaelic:
Caoilte, Caolte, Cuallta, and in English: Kielty, Kealty, Keelty, Keilty, Kelty, Kilty, Quilty, (with or without an O' or
Mc or Mac). The most common are Kielty and Quilty. There was a mythic Celtic warrior (c.3rd Century A.D.) by
that name who was the Irish equivalent of a "knight of the round table." According to legend he lived long enough to
be baptized by St. Patrick. The book "If You're A Wee Bit Irish: a chart of old Irish families collected from folk
tradition" by William Durning (1978) recounts the ancestry of Caoilte back to Adam. James Joyce (1882-1941) in
chapter twelve of his masterpiece, Ulysses, (1922) has "The tribe of Caolte" as one of the twelve tribes of Ireland in
a biblical parallel to the twelve tribes of Israel. The Kielty coat-of-Arms is a white lion facing left on a red field or
three gold sheaves of wheat on a black field. The motto is quod (or quae) sursum volo videre "That which is up, I
want to see."
         Adapted from Wikipedia

Division I Officers
         President                           Bill Donohue            895-4769
         Vice President                      Joe Deehan              836-1121
         Recording Secretary                 Jack Stewart            268-5957
         Treasurer                           Gary Byrne              414-8662
         Financial Secretary                 Dave Torlina            322-4608
         Marshall                            Bob Monahan             848-3044
         Sentinel                            Bob Hyslop              228-9531
         Chairman Standing Committee         Past Presidents
         Chaplain                            Rev. Dwight Longenecker 593-7589
         Historian                           Frank Corden            828-859-9874
         Newsletter Editor                   Art O’Leary             232-5968

US Mail Subscribers
         If you are receiving this newsletter by standard US Mail and have a current active e-mail address, please
contact Art O’Leary at to have your name put on our e-mail newsletter list. Postal rates have
increased again and newsletter postage is costing the Division more than $100 a year.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:
                                            AOH Minutes April 2, 2009

         President Bill Donohue called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. All officers were present with the exception
of the Sentinel.

         The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved; the name Tom O’Brien was corrected to Bryan.

         Dave Torlina reported that we have 58 members; 16 are unpaid. Dave will call the unpaid members in May.

         Gary Byrne said that revenue in March was $3544.49; expenses were $845.71. We have a checking account
balance of $17,700.57.

        Dave Torlina announced a prospective new member, Terrence T. Gurn from New York. He will have
Wally Buser contact him with the goal of induction at the next meeting.
       Jordan Liflander is a new transfer member from New York City, and has been a member of the AOH since

         Frank Corden related stories of remarkable Irish fighting men. Irish fought the English; Irish sometimes
fought on both sides. In the U. S. Civil War, 100,000 Irish fought on the side of the North, and 20,000 fought for the
South. Soldiers of fortune joined the Battalion of St. Patrick and in 1860 fought Garibaldi. Many Catholic chaplains
were assigned to the Irish Brigade, a group that grew to 9,000 soldiers. Father William Corby was one of the notable
chaplains. He related a moving story of celebrating Mass on the battlefield.

         IRISH MOVIE NIGHT - Joe Deehan said 58 attended the first Irish Movie Night; 65 was the capacity of
the theater. The expenses were $448 and the income was $248, for a net cost of $200. It was a successful event and
we will do it again. He proposed to screen “Waking Ned Devine” on May 13. The group voted to go ahead with this
         RETURN TO THE GREEN – Dick O’Brien reported the AOH booth sold out of merchandise with revenue
of $933. He is buying new items for next year including baseball caps.

         Len Byrne said the event made about $4,340, even without support from the Real Estate sponsor. An
estimated 4,000 people attended.
         ST. PATRICK’S DAY – The Mass and parade were satisfactory. Head count showed 90 in attendance. The
restaurant was filled. The corned beef was considered the best ever.
         NEW BISHOP – Len Byrne said the AOH helped park cars and assist priests into the Cathedral. He had a
chat with Cardinal Egan. On Saturday, April 4, the AOH will attend Mass at 5:15 and have dinner afterwards with
the Bishop.
         CASCADES - Bill Donohue said the visit to The Cascades at Verdae was successful, and he brought
photos and articles to this meeting. Father Longenecker came to the Cascades the following Thursday to talk about

          NEW BUSINESS
          Bill Donohue said the Scottish Highland Games are scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 6, at Furman
University. There will be a parade on Friday evening, June 5.
          Bill suggested we plan to attend a Greenville Drive baseball game this summer, sometime in July.
          Joe Deehan reported on the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day celebration, which will be on Friday, September
18, at the Prince of Peace gym. He is beginning to set up meeting and requests creative ideas from volunteers. The
group agreed to go ahead with a raffle again this year.
          Bill Donohue said there would be a Division picnic in early October at his house.
          Len Byrne spoke of his disapproval of providing funds for Notre Dame University. His issue is the
honorary degree to be conferred on the President by Notre Dame.
          Bob Monahan said that he would be moving to Baton Rouge in the near future. Bill Donohue said Bob
would be missed.
          Tom Bryan asked the members to extend an offer to others in the community who could be AOH members.
He mentioned specifically the two deacons at Prince of Peace and named others that he would like to invite. He said
Ed Harrison should be made an honorary member, and the motion was made and approved by a voice vote to initiate
          Tom Bryan announced the Golden Harp award, to be given to a person for dedication, loyalty, and service
to the AOH Harp and Shamrock division. He wanted to order 12 Golden Harp medallions and a plaque to
permanently display the names of the recipients. The cost would be up to $250. The motion was approved by a voice
vote to go ahead with this project.
          Dave Torlina brought up the question of the reservation of the trailer for AOH meetings on the third
Thursday of each month. Len Byrne said we might need it for a Ladies Auxiliary, so the decision was made to make
no change.
          It was noted that Carl Swanson sold all of the AOH raffle tickets, plus ten extra ones this year that
generated an additional $300 to the Division. The group passed by a voice vote to reward Carl with a $50 gift
certificate for a restaurant.
          Remember prayers for Brian McSharry and Gene Fitzgerald. The dues for Gene Fitzgerald will be waived.
          Hugh O’Neill said that Riverdance would be at the Peace Center on May 21-23, 2010.

        The meeting adjourned at 8:15 P.M.


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