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									                                           Sunday, January 17, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do I wear?
   Since it is a prom, people usually dress up. Ladies tend to wear dresses or suits while the gentlemen wear
   slacks and dress shirts or suits. Free Prom dresses and wraps are available for the ladies and ties for the
   gentlemen. See question #11.

2. Can I wear jeans?
   You can, and some people might, but most usually don’t.

3. How many guests can I bring?
   Yourself and one guest.

4. What is the age range to go to the prom?
   Remember, it’s a prom; so ages 14-24, as of the Prom date, January 17, 2010.

5. I am below/above the age range, can I still go?
   If above: We’re so sorry, but maybe you can help out this year as a “graduate” of the prom, like driving,
   rounding up prom dresses or any other fundraisers we might have going on.
   If below: Just hang on until you’re 14 and you’ll be able to go!

6. Can I bring my family? If so, can they be part of the event?
   A parent or family member can drive you and your guest to the prom. There is a place for them to wait for
   you at the school. We have a lot of guests and not enough room for everyone in the gym.

7. What time does it start? End?
   From 6-11 pm. The night is full of activities (pictures, limo rides, special guests, etc.) so it’s best to get there
   at 6pm.

8. Which celebrities will be there?
   At this point we are waiting to hear.

9. How much does it cost?
   There is no cost to teens and their guest.

10. Can I get a ride to the event?
    Send a request through, if you haven’t checked the box on your RSVP. Let us know your
    address and whether it is for one or two people. We will do our best to get you transportation.

11. I hear there are dresses given away. Where do I find one?
    Write with your request and contact information. We will bring the dresses to several
    centers for you to choose from.
12. What about shoes to go with the dress?
    Unfortunately we do not have shoes so you need to get those on your own.

13. Can I volunteer? How can I volunteer?
    We definitely need drivers on the day of the event as volunteers. Please send us a copy of your drivers’ license
    and insurance policy.

14. What kind of food will you have? What about desserts?
    The food is renal friendly. There are desserts suitable for diabetics and for non-diabetics.

15. How much are the glamour photos?
    They are paid for by RSN so there is no cost to teens for the complimentary set which is 2 5x7 and 6 wallets.

16. For the glamour photos, how many poses can I have?
    You can have one complimentary pose. If you take more poses, you’ll need to pay for those.

17. How do I get the pictures? Can they be mailed to me?
    Yes they will be mailed to you within a couple of months after the prom. If you move, let us know!

18. I live out of state; will you provide funds for me to travel?
    RSN does not cover the cost of accommodations or travel to Southern California. We can provide you with a
    list of recommended local hotels. If you cannot afford the trip talk to your dialysis unit or ESRD network to
    see if they might be willing to sponsor you or help you raise funds. We can, however, pick you up from your
    hotel and take you to the prom.

19. What if I need dialysis, will you provide that for me?
    There is a room for peritoneal dialysis exchanges, but not for hemodialysis. If you are traveling from out of
    state and need hemo, you should discuss the possibilities with your regular center healthcare professional as
    soon as possible.

20. What if I need first aide?
    Healthcare professionals will be on site.

21. How many people will be at the event?
    There will be between 300-400 guests.

22. Can I come alone or do I have to bring a guest?
    Not everyone who attends the event comes with a guest; they actually meet new people and make new friends
    throughout the night.

23. Will there be limo rides?
    Yes, just remember to sign up for them at registration when you arrive.

24. Will there be alcohol served?
    No, there is no alcohol at this event. We will only have renal friendly drinks, water and juice.

25. Can I bring my own camera/ video recorder?
    Yes you can, but we have had some forgotten and left behind. You are responsible for it.

                              If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:
                           (866) 903-1728 (toll free), or email us at

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