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					                                                       UPCOMING TRIPS
   Date                 Destination                                       Details                                      Cost

Wed.,                    Twin River                Play the slots, watch the races, enjoy lunch!           $5        per        person,
April 7                                                                                                    transportation only.

Wed.,              Bittersweet Farm      Enjoy this quaint & cozy tavern and some great $5        per        person,
April 21        Restaurant & Vanity Fair shopping.                                      transportation only.
Wed.,                 Sherborn Inn                 A great day featuring a delightful meal & the $23 per                   person,     all
April 28          Swing Jazz Luncheon              fabulous Swing sound of The Dave Whitney Quintet. inclusive!

Wed.,          Cinco De Mayo Festival at Cinco De Mayo Festival with Sigy Moller, a fabulous $34 per person all inclusive
May 5             Whites of Westport     entertainer who lends his voice to the music of
                                         Sinatra, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and more! Dinner
                                         choice is Top Round Beef or Fried Chicken.
Wed.,            Tropical Island Heat at           Enjoy the Caribbean with steel band, calypso, and $49 per person all inclusive.
May 12           Luciano’s, Lake Pearl             Carnival music along with boleros, mambos and cha-
                                                   chas. Lunch choice is Stuffed Chicken Breast or
                                                   Baked Haddock.
Wed.,          Tour of Anheuser Busch, Enjoy this fun, interactive (yes, you can sample) tour $5        per       person;
May 19             Merrimack, N.H.     and lunch at The Lobster Boat Restaurant.              transportation only

May 20-          The Nonantum Resort,              One night with Lobster Bake dinner, Buffet Breakfast $50 deposit; $229 ppdo/to
21st             Kennebunkport, Maine              and three local tours.                               $299 Single occupancy

Wed.,             Tour of Concord &                Visit Walden Pond and the quaint shops downtown, $5        per       person;
May 26           Wayside Inn Luncheon              then on to the Wayside Inn for luncheon.         transportation only

Wed.,              Tour of Plymouth &              Visit Plymouth Rock and winery at the Marketplace $5        per       person;
June 2              Plymouth Winery                with lunch at one of the many restaurants.        transportation only

Wed.,                  Whale Watch                 We’ll travel to the Boston Aquarium and head out to TBA
June 9                                             see these majestic mammals and enjoy lunch in

Wed.,           Jay Siegel & The Tokens The Tokens will sing their Doo Wop hits. Owners of $49 all inclusive; menu
June 16            At Venus DeMilo,     the 2nd longest chart span in the history of Rock & choice   is      Chicken
                     Swansea, MA        Roll & inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.  Parmesan    or    Baked

Wed.,               Yankee Candle &                Enjoy this great trip to the beautiful Bridge of Flowers $5        per       person;
June 30             Bridge of Flowers              and the Yankee Candle Factory. Lunch at a fun            transportation only
                                                   local restaurant.
Wed.,            Spirit of Boston Cruise           Enjoy a sumptuous buffet and the talented singing $43 per               person;     all
July 21                                            waitstaff on a two-hour cruise of Boston Harbor.  inclusive.

Wed.,           Cruise Falmouth Harbor             We are the sole passengers aboard the beautiful $30 per person; includes
Aug, 11             on The Liberte                 schooner, The Liberte. Lunch at the Old Silvers boat & transportation.
 Payment is due upon sign up at the Senior Center. Seventy-two hours notice (3 business days) is required to receive a full refund for day
trips. Conditions vary for overnight trips. For more information, please call 508 520-4945.

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