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									maSter oF SCienCe
in Wealth management
The Master of Science in Wealth Management
is jointly offered by the Wealth Management
Institute (WMI), Singapore Management University
(SMU) and Swiss Finance Institute (SFI).       This is
a unique programme which brings together global
participants, reputed practitioners and eminent
academics to provide a rich forum to discuss
developments in the industry.

The curriculum is designed and developed in close
consultation with the wealth management industry.
This specialised postgraduate programme covers
aspects of asset management, private banking,
processes,   products   and     services   related   to
wealth management.
   programme FeatureS

   •	 Full-time	12-month	programme
   •	 Five	modules	of	two	weeks	each
   •	 Four	modules	are	conducted	at	Singapore	Management	University	(SMU)	and	one	module	at	Swiss	Finance	Institute	
      in Switzerland.
   •	 Opportunity	to	visit	Zurich	to	experience	Swiss-style	wealth	management
   •	 Invaluable	insights	from	senior	industry	leaders	in	wealth	management
   •	 Global	investment	management	with	contextualized	Asian	perspectives
   •	 Cross-cultural	interaction	amongst	faculty,	industry	and	class	participants
   •	 Internship	opportunities	with	leading	fund	management	companies	and	private	banks

   Participants	must	complete	21	courses	including	an	Advanced	Study	Project	to	meet	the	academic	requirements	of	the	
   master degree awarded by SMU.

programme StruCture

    JUL	                 JUL	                  OCT	                    JAN	                      MAR	                    JUN	

 Preparatory	          Module                 Module                 Module                     Module                  Module
  Module        >          I         >           II         >           III             >          IV          >           V
    SMU                  SMU                   SMU                     SMU                        SFI                    SMU

                                    +                       +                          +                      +
                                 Internship             Internship                 Internship              Internship

                                                 Advanced	Study	Project	&	Project	Presentation

                                  internShipS and SCholarShipS

                                  A	unique	feature	of	the	MSc	in	Wealth	Management	is	the	availability	of	internships.	The	
                                  WMI will facilitate the process of placing students in internship positions with prominent
                                  financial	institutions.	The	opportunities	of	these	“on-site”	learning	will	complement	the	
                                  classroom seminars.

                                  Scholarships	sponsored	by	our	industry	partners	are	available	to	qualified	participants.	
                                  Student loans are also available for those who require assistance.

                                                                              For more information, please visit our website at

module i – Building Blocks to managing Wealth
•	 Financial	Statement	Analysis                                             •	 Quantitative	Methods	For	Investment	Analysis
   This course covers key accounting concepts and techniques,                  This course covers basic techniques in data analysis with
   corporate accounting objectives, conventions and standards                  special	 reference	 to	 investment.	 	 A	 practical	 orientation	
   and the rules that govern disclosures. Topics include ratio and             will	 be	 adopted	 focusing	 on	 identification	 of	 appropriate	
   cash	 flow	 analysis,	 off-balance	 sheet	 activities,	 taxation	 and	      techniques,	 execution	 of	 analysis	 and	 sound	 interpretation	
   the different standards of accounting practices in different                of results. Topics include probability theory, decision tree
   parts of the world.                                                         analysis, hypothesis testing, correlation and covariances,
                                                                               regression and time series analysis.
•	 Macroeconomics	for	Financial	Markets
   This course provides participants with a foundation in the               •	 Global	Financial	Markets
   economic concepts and theories necessary to understand                      This course equips participants with the ability to decipher
   and analyse the state and outlook of the global economy                     market	 dynamics.	 	 Participants	 will	 be	 able	 to	 determine	
   and	 their	 impact	 on	 financial	 markets.	 	 Basic	 concepts	 in	         what	 moves	 the	 market	 and	 why;	 how	 to	 stay	 close	 to	 the	
   macroeconomics will be introduced. The role of monetary                     market	 and	 feel	 its	 pulse;	 how	 to	 make	 informed	 decisions	
   policy	and	exchange	rate	policy	in	managing	interest	rates,	                about market movements, and how to make an educated
   inflation	and	trade	competitiveness	will	be	discussed	and	the	              conjecture about evolving trends.
   linkages to strategies for investment management will be

module ii – deepening Wealth Knowledge
•	 Analysis	of	Equities                                                     •	 Corporate	Finance
   This course covers the process of fundamental analysis as a                 This course focuses on decisions affecting corporations in
   tool for security selection. It discusses a number of equity                the	 area	 of	 investment,	 financing	 and	 dividend	 payments,	
   valuation	techniques	appropriate	for	specific	industries	and/               operations and restructuring.
   or	 companies.	 It	 also	 discusses	 discounted	 cash	 flow	 and	
   relative	pricing	models,	financial	ratios,	financial	risk,	efficiency	   •	 Analysis	of	Fixed	Income
   and returns.                                                             	 The	 course	 focuses	 on	 fixed	 income	 markets,	 products	 and	
                                                                               basic analytical tools. Topics include term structure of interest
                                                                               rates,	 yield	 curve	 dynamics,	 duration	 and	 convexity,	 bond	
                                                                               portfolio management strategies and credit rating.

module iii – Specialisation	of	Wealth	Needs
•	 Derivatives                                                              •	 Portfolio	Management	
   Concepts of derivative pricing for instruments such as                      This course focuses on the process of fund management. It
   forwards, futures, options, and swaps will be covered. This                 covers the basic concepts of investments, including risk and
   course	will	also	examine	option	price	sensitivity	and	valuations	           return,	 market	 efficiency,	 portfolio	 diversification,	 special	
   models	such	as	Binomial	and	Black-Scholes	as	well	as	the	use	               strategies and performance evaluation.
   of derivatives in trading, hedging and investment.
                                                                            •	 Tax	and	Estate	Planning
•	 Structured	Products                                                         This course focuses on asset ownership structures and holding
   This course covers the foundations and use of structured                    of assets through individuals, companies and trusts. It will
   products	 by	 banks,	 financial	 institutions	 and	 investment	             address	the	incidence	of	taxes,	tax	planning,	estate	protection,	
   managers. These products include convertible bonds,                         succession	and	distribution.	The	different	categories	of	taxes	
   mortgage-backed	 securities,	 option-embedded	 bonds,	                      relevant to the private investor and their impact on wealth
   equity-linked	 notes,	 dual	 currency	 options,	 reverse	 floaters	         accumulation and distribution will be discussed.
   and	 similar	 forms	 of	 innovative	 financial	 instruments.	     	
   Participants	will	develop	an	understanding	of	the	risk,	return	          •	 Seminars	in	Wealth	Management
   and structuring of some of these products, and their use in              	 This	course	features	topical	issues	affecting	the	Private	Banker	
   investment management.                                                      in today’s wealth management industry.

•	 Hedge	Fund	Strategies
   This course will provide participants with an understanding of
   theoretical and practical aspects of hedge fund investments,
   strategies, products and the risk/return of hedge fund
module iv – Global	Wealth	Management	(conducted	in	Switzerland)	
•	 International	Wealth	Planning                                    •	 Special	Topics	in	Wealth	Mangement
   This course discusses major concepts underlying                     This course covers a number of special topics including
   international laws and regulations related to wealth                Family	Business	and	Family	Office	and	Strategic	Issues	in	
   planning.	 Participants	 will	 be	 taught	 major	 principles	       Private	Banking.
   in	 international	 estate	 and	 tax	 planning	 and	 learn	 to	
   identify opportunities for clients and recommend optimal         •	 Field	Trips	and	Bank	Visits
   solutions.                                                          Field trips and bank visits provide participants with
                                                                       exposure	 to	 Swiss	 banks	 and	 their	 organization	
•	 Investment	Advisory	Process                                         structures.
   This course covers the process of client advisory and
   ethical concepts in wealth management, taking into
   account the need to understand the cultural backgrounds
   of	 high	 net-worth	 clients.	 Participants	 will	 strengthen	
   personal and negotiation skills in handling demanding

module v – Wealth	Expansion	and	Development

•	 Ethics                                                           •	 Private	Equity	and	Real	Estate
	 Participants	 will	 develop	 an	 appreciation	 and	               	 This	course	provides	an	in-depth	analysis	of	private	equity	
   understanding	of	business,	financial	and	personal	ethics.	          (including venture capital and buyouts), and real estate
   This	 course	 will	 explore	 business	 responsibility	 from	        investments. The due diligence process, valuation models
   different theoretical and management perspectives.                  such	 as	 discounted	 cashflow	 models	 and	 alternative	
                                                                       pricing models will be covered.
•	 Risk	Management
	 Participants	will	develop	an	understanding	of	financial	risk	     •	 Advanced	Study	Project
   management as an essential part of wealth management,            	 All	candidates	are	required	to	complete	a	project	which	
   and as a powerful tool to produce enhanced results in               allows them to apply the concepts and principles of
   wealth management.                                                  wealth management in a commercial setting.

•	 Wealth	Management	&	the	Law
   This course covers the essential aspects of the law as it
   affects	financial	advisers.	The	topics	include	the	regulation	
   of	 financial	 advisers,	 negligence	 liability,	 contractual	
   liability and international legal aspects.
Who Should apply

•	 Private	Bankers
•	 Asset	Managers
•	 Fund	Managers
•	 Investment	Professionals
•	 Graduates	who	aspire	to	be	wealth	managers

admiSSionS Criteria

•	 A	good	degree	from	an	institution	of	higher	learning.
•	 Two	or	more	years	of	working	experience,	preferably	related	to	the	wealth	management	
•	 For	those	with	less	than	two	years	of	working	experience,	priority	will	be	given	to	applicants	
    who	pass	Chartered	Financial	Analyst	(CFA)	Level	1.
•	 Good	GMAT	or	GRE	score.
•	 Short-listed	candidates	will	be	interviewed	by	the	Admissions	Committee.	

hoW to apply

Submit your application form together with the application fees and all the required supporting
documents	to	the	Graduates	Programmes	Office,	Lee	Kong	Chian	School	of	Business	at	SMU.	
You may direct any enquiries to:

Graduate	Programmes	Office
Lee	Kong	Chian	School	of	Business
Singapore Management University
50	Stamford	Road	#04-01	Singapore	178899
Tel:	+65	6828	0281
Fax:	+65	6828	0427

We strongly encourage online applications via the website at for
quicker	processing.	All	other	required	supporting	documents	are	to	be	sent	to	the	Graduates	
Programmes	Office,	Lee	Kong	Chian	School	of	Business	at	SMU.	

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.

                                                                                                     Wealth management institute
                                                                                                     pte ltd
      programme FeeS (inCluSive oF gSt)*
                                                                                                     (Regn.	No.	200303588Z)

      •	 Application	Fee	           :		 S$50	(online);	S$75	(by	mail).                               60B	Orchard	Road
      •	 Registration	Fee	 :		 S$400	(Singaporean/P.R.)                                              #06-18	Tower	2
      	    	                        	 S$500	(foreigner)                                              The	Atrium@Orchard
                                                                                                     Singapore	238891
      •	 Tuition	Fee	               :		 S$48,000	payable	in	three	installments
      	    	                        	 (Exclude	meals,	flights,	travel	and	accommodation)             Tel	    :		(65)	6828	6988
                                                                                                     Fax	    :		(65)	6821	1155
      *    Fees are indicative and subject to change.                                                E-mail	 :
                                                                                                     Website :

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