A Letter from the President

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                                A Letter from the President
Dear SFCC family and friends,                   educational organizations from kindergar-        The majority of our graduates go on to
                                                ten through four-year colleges. We already       CMSU; this will simply start that process
When I took office 18 months ago as State       have several wonderful partnerships, but         earlier and provide students on both
Fair Community College’s                                      we need more like these:           campuses with more opportunities.
fourth president, the mantra
for my presidency was,                                         • Our partnership with local      We’d like to see more of these types of
“Shape the Future. Together.”                                  and area hospitals helped us      partnerships, so that they become what we
Living up to that slogan has                                   get our radiologic technology     are about and who we are. We want
required a lot of listening and                                program in place.                 people to think of SFCC as a catalyst for
a lot of learning. What a busy,                                                                  positive growth and development in their
interesting time it’s been!                                    • Our partnership with            communities.
                                                               Whiteman Air Force Base
If I were to change anything                                   enables students there to         In our community meetings, people are
about that mantra now, it                                      earn associate of arts            positive and upbeat about what the college
would be to say, “Shape Our                                    degrees from State Fair           does. However, there is a huge contingent
Future. Together,” with ‘Our’                                  Community College.                that doesn’t know who we are. We have
standing for all the communi-                                                                    recently made two major changes to help
ties in our 14-county area.                                   • The federally funded             get our message across: we’ve adopted a
                                                              Upward Bound program               new logo and created a new Web site.
We started the “listening and       Dr. Marsha Drennon motivates, supports and
learning” process a year ago                                  prepares first-generation         The new logo actually says State Fair
with gatherings in Warsaw,                                    Smith-Cotton High School          Community College, instead of just the
Cole Camp, and Clinton. We have contin-        students to be successful college students.      letters, ‘SFCC.’ The new Web site
ued those conversations in even more                                                            (www.sfccmo.edu) is colorful and user-
communities, meeting with residents, city      • There’s a wonderful partnership develop-       friendly, with information about student
and school administrators, teachers,           ing now                                                                        services, online
parents, students, and business and            between SFCC                                                                   registration,
industry representatives.

Why do we keep asking for input?
                                               and Central
                                               Missouri State
                                               University in
                                                                  ‘ Our work thisact audaciously,
                                                                                   year…is to think                           classes, and
                                                                                                                              everything you
                                                                                                                              need to know
Because our focus has been and always          Warrensburg                                                                    about the
will be on the ‘community’ in State Fair
Community College and how that impacts
our services to these communities. We
                                               that we hope
                                               will become a
                                                                     and communicate aggressively.
                                                                                   —SFCC President Dr. Marsha Drennon
                                                                                                                      ’       college. It’s
                                                                                                                              measure of
don’t want to move forward thinking we         model of how                                                                   how we have
know the answers; we want to truly             two-year and                                                                   made SFCC
understand the needs of our residents.         four-year colleges can work together. It         more accessible to everyone, including
                                               includes dual enrollment for students, who       folks who have difficulty traveling.
Our work this year is clear cut: To think      may then participate in athletic events and
strategically, act audaciously, and commu-     share library resources and other support        These past months have been both
nicate aggressively, both to internal and      services at both schools.                        enjoyable and challenging. We have had to
external communities. Once we have a                                                            make some difficult decisions on behalf of
strong strategic plan, then we can focus on    Our goal is that it also will include joint      the college, but have always focused on
crucial tasks: creating partnerships,          advisement to assist students in making a        serving our students by providing quality,
conducting fund raising, and developing        seamless transition from SFCC to CMSU            cost-effective programs that are sustain-
resources. By thinking outside the box, we     and ensure that they take the appropriate        able in the future. I continue to enjoy
can discover ways to share resources,          course work for their degree programs.           getting to know the college, the students,
expertise, and the cost of educating           There will be sharing of time and                and communities of supportive citizens.
communities of students.                       resources, as well as teaching opportuni-
                                               ties between the two campuses We’re              As we greet 2005 together, remember:
The first key element is to create substan-    constantly needing adjunct faculty here at       Think strategically, act audaciously, and
tial partnerships with economic develop-       SFCC; they have graduate assistants who          communicate aggressively. By doing so,
ment, work force development, and              would be wonderful teachers here.                we can “Shape Our Future. Together.” ■

                           Science/Allied Health Center on Tap
      tate Fair Community College hopes to
      build a new Science and Allied Health
      Center to ease overcrowding and
create new science labs to meet the need
for trained allied health graduates.

The board of trustees has approved part
one of a proposed three-part project to
renovate the Yeater Learning Center and
build a two-story, 42,000-square-foot
Science and Allied Health Center. The new
building will connect the Yeater Learning
Center and the Fielding Technical Center.

Cramped classrooms, outdated science
labs, inadequate storage space and an
antiquated heating and cooling system
signal a long-overdue facelift for Yeater
and a need for more space, says Keith
Swanson, dean of Academic Affairs.

Phase I—Begin Yeater remodeling               An architect’s rendering of the proposed new Science and Allied Health Center.
“The Yeater Center is nearly 30 years old,”
he says. “Its heating/cooling system is       Center are in dire need of upgrading,” he      Drennon. “We could graduate twice the
antiquated. Phase one will be to close        says. “They lack proper ventilation hoods,     number we do if we had adequate facili-
down the instructional halls on the north     incubators for crucial biotechnology           ties. Our ability to recruit faculty into those
and east wings this summer and install        experiments, and even rudimentary              programs also is limited without enough
new heating and cooling. We’ll replace        equipment. Gas lines to the labs don’t         science labs. New, modern classroom
boilers, chillers, and ductwork; give the     work, so it’s impossible to maintain           space will enable SFCC to train and
classrooms and hallways a facelift; and       controlled temperatures for experiments.       graduate students in math, science, allied
install new wiring and cabling to support                                                    health and technology programs.”
multimedia classrooms at a later date.”       “Flexible scheduling is impossible; there’s
                                              inadequate storage, preparation, and lab       Phase III—Complete Yeater remodeling
Renovation on the south and west wings of     space,” says Swanson. “Setting up              Once the science center opens, the rest of
the building can’t be done at the same time   multiple labs at once is futile. A chemistry   Yeater’s occupants—including the library,
because the building can’t be vacated;        lab needs to be dedicated to chemistry;        adult and developmental education
classrooms have a 95 percent occupancy        trying to follow a chemistry lab at 8 a.m.     programs, and others—could be tempo-
rate from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday          with a biology lab at 10 a.m. creates chaos    rarily reassigned to the new building so the
through Friday, says Swanson.                 and frustration. Students are crammed on       south and west wings could be renovated.
                                              top of each other trying to get out of one
“We can’t shut the rest of the building       class into another. There’s no time or room    “That also will allow us to open up the
down because there’s no place on campus       for changeover. When the building was          south side of campus, creating a second
to put those students, and no place to put    built, we had about 1,000 students and few     ‘front door,’” says Swanson.
the additional classes we need,” he says.     science classes. Now we have more than
                                              2,300 students on campus.”                     Cost of the total project is estimated at
Phase II—New science/health center                                                           between $10 and $11 million, says Mary
Construction of a new academic building,      SFCC also must meet the rapidly expand-        McIntosh, vice president for Institutional
complete with up to six state-of-the-art      ing need for more allied health classes        Advancement.
science labs and additional classroom         such as anatomy and physiology, says
space would come next, says Swanson.          SFCC President Dr. Marsha Drennon.             “We’ll be looking at a configuration of
Target date to open is fall 2007.                                                            funding opportunities, both public and
                                              “One of the greatest needs in our commu-       private, to address these needs,” she
“The science labs in the Yeater Learning      nity is for allied health workers,” says       says. ■

                                                 Foundation Marks 20 Years
      he State Fair Community College
      Foundation has come a long way in
      its 20 years of existence, and no one
appreciates it more than the students who
                                                   Scholarship to Honor Memory of Son
continue to benefit from its generosity.          On May 14, 2003,                                                     education at
                                                  the last day of his                                                  SFCC. We
After two decades, the Foundation is              freshman year at                                                     wanted a way
growing strong, says Mary McIntosh, vice          SFCC,                                                                to remember
president for Institutional Advancement.          19-year-old Troy                                                     our son and
Indeed, it all began with a single gift.          Cooley was killed                                                    help other
                                                  in a car accident.                                                   students
In the early 1980s, Sedalian J. Higdon            His parents,                                                         achieve their
Potter and his wife Bernice gave SFCC             Frank and Jane                                                       educational
$2,000. It was a gift from their hearts, and      Cooley, recently                                                     goals at the
it carried with it a pledge and a promise.        donated $10,000         Troy Cooley                                  same time.”
The pledge? To continue supporting                to the SFCC                                                          The family has
SFCC. The promise? To help the college            Foundation to create the Franklin Troy                               asked that
help itself by creating a visionary vehicle       Cooley Memorial Endowed Scholarship        scholarship recipients be enrolled in
for fund raising and development.                 Fund so others will remember their son,    welding or ag-related courses, both
                                                  a special young man who enjoyed            interests of their son, and maintain a
That vehicle became the J. Higdon Potter          people and life.                           2.5 GPA.
Educational Foundation, incorporated in
1981. Today, more than two decades later,         “There was just something about him,”      “Few people knew it, but Troy had a
the SFCC Foundation has almost $6                 says his mom. “He usually had a pretty     learning disability and was still at the top
million in endowed assets.                        upbeat attitude about most things, and     of his class,” says his mom. “If some-
                                                  he could relate to just about anybody.     body else is willing to work that hard, we
“The generosity of the patrons of this            We thought he was getting a good           want to be able to help them.” ■
district has been exceptional,” says
McIntosh. Because of ongoing support, the
Foundation has been able to:                   In 1987, the Foundation expanded the          • In 1995 the Potter-Ewing Agriculture
• Provide scholarships for almost 800          number of seats on the board to 25 and          building was dedicated.
  students. In 2004 alone, students            began fund raising in earnest. Several
  received more than $69,700 in                milestones in its history contributed         “As we look to the future, we will continue
  scholarship funds.                           significantly to its success:                 to try to increase our scholarship endow-
• Facilitate construction of four buildings                                                  ment to enable us aid more students,”
                                               • In 1988, the college received a bequest     says McIntosh. “We also will help garner
• Resurface the walking track
                                                 of $638,000 from the estate of Duane        public and private support for any con-
• Provide $16,000 annually for profes-           and Beulah Ewing to be used for             struction projects that might be planned,
  sional faculty and staff development.          agriculture scholarships.                   such as the Science and Allied Health
                                                                                             Center.” (see page 2)
When Potter died in 1983, he left his wife a   • In 1989, SFCC received an unrestricted
200-acre farm to be given to the Founda-         gift of $400,000 from the estate of         Donations to existing endowed funds and
tion when she died. Mrs. Potter chose to         Mildred Goddard, for whom the               scholarship funds are welcome. Gifts given
give the farm to SFCC immediately to use         Goddard Gallery later was named.            in honor of or in memory of friends and
in the college agriculture program.                                                          loved ones will keep giving in perpetuity.
                                               • In 1992, the college received a
In 1984 SFCC appointed its first director of     $3 million bequest from the estate of Dr.   “Making a planned gift to benefit SFCC or
development. In 1985 an official Office of       C. Gordon and Lucille Stauffacher to        funding an endowed scholarship is one of
Development was established with funds           construct a fine arts center. The           the most important gifts you’ll ever give,”
from a Title III grant awarded by the U.S.       Stauffacher Center for the Fine Arts        she says. ■
Department of Education.                         opened in 1994.

  For more information on planned giving and scholarships, please call Mary McIntosh at (660) 530-5800, ext. 249.

                           New Web Site, Logo Enhance Image
      home page that’s always fresh and      • Download an application
      changing, breaking news, more          • Look up course schedules, search for
      photos, testimonials, and an up-to-      classes, and view their schedules
date calendar of events are just a few of    • Find a list of required courses for each
the features of SFCC’s new user-friendly       academic degree program
Web site, live since Aug. 23.                • Find scholarship applications                  The new logo was designed to provide a
                                                                                               fresh visual identity for SFCC’s Sedalia
                                             • Update contact information
                                                                                                          and extended campus sites.
The site (www.sfccmo.edu), along with a      • Order books from the
new State Fair Community College logo, is      Bookstore
a key element in a marketing initiative
designed to enhance the                                                                                 “This is just a basic list,”
college’s image and boost                                                                                says Kelchner. “There also
recruitment efforts.                                                                                     is information on clubs and
                                                                                                          organizations, the resi-
Dana Kelchner, SFCC’s new                                                                                  dence hall, student
director of Marketing and                                                                                  activities, and what
Communications, says the site                                                                               classes are offered at
is more organized, featuring a                                                                               extended campus sites,
consistent look throughout that                                                                              to name just a few other
makes it easier for students to                                                                               areas.”
find information.
                                                                                                              Global navigation links
“Statistics show Web sites are                                                                                help steer users to the
now the number one way prospec-                                                                                areas in which they’re
tive students search for information                                                                           interested, she says.
on colleges,” says Kelchner. “It’s so
important to have a unified look and                                                                             “People surf sites
feel to draw students in.”                                                                       differently, based on who they are
                                                                                          and what information they’re seeking,”
Although she is proud of the site’s                                                       says Kelchner. “There are different links for
bright, inviting design, the information     Alumni and community members also can        alumni, business and industry, athletics,
that’s now available online and the          find lots of information, such as:           the Foundation, community, and future and
enhanced search capabilities are what                                                     current students.
make the site valuable, says Kelchner.       •   The Artist and Lecturer Series
                                             •   Theatre and Music Arts programs          Work on the new site began in January
“If you need answers to questions,           •   Daum Museum exhibits                     2004. A Web committee chaired by
information about campus events, or want     •   Short courses                            Kelchner included three subcommittees of
to look at next semester’s schedule, just    •   Library resources                        60 total staff members.
go to www.sfccmo.edu and you’ll find what    •   Athletic events and schedules
you need,” she says. For instance,           •   Special community events on campus       Bob Paulson, chief information officer for
students can now go online to:               •   How to update alumni information         SFCC’s Educational Technology Services,
                                                                                          says the biggest improvement in the site is
                                                                                          its consistency.

    Listen to Roadrunner Basketball Games Online                                          “The old site was put together by different
    SFCC basketball fans can now listen to   basketball streaming schedule, go to         people in different pieces; it was not
    Roadrunner basketball games online.      www.sfccmo.edu and click on Athletics,       unified,” he says. “Now, each academic
                                             then Web Radio.                              department posts its own content following
    KDRO 1490 AM Radio is streaming this                                                  specific standards and procedures. It’s well
    season’s games. Some are live, and       A link to listen and the schedule also       laid out, and should go a long way toward
    some are delayed due to other games.     are available at www.kdro.com. ■             helping market the college. Technology
    For the link to listen and a complete                                                 changes rapidly, and now SFCC is ready
                                                                                          to change with it.” ■

                          Teams Walk 22,741 Miles in SFCC’s
F                               Sedalia ‘Fitness Challenge’
     or 12 weeks last winter, the walking
     track in SFCC’s Fred E. Davis
     Multipurpose Center attracted a
strange clientele.
                                                                                            Kevin Bucher, Jim Ellis, Steve Kucynda
The “Energizer Bunnies” were regulars,                                                      and Debbie Vaughan, who walked 1,439.9
along with the “Walking Wonders,” the                                                       miles. The second-place team walked
“Walking Wizards” and the “Prima Donna                                                      1,352.8 miles. First-place “losers” were
Mommas.” The “Relay Queens,” the                                                            team members from Memorial Park
“Queen Bees” and “Dead Weight” hiked                                                        Cemetery, playfully named “Dead Weight.”
the tenth-of-a-mile oval almost daily.                                                      Together they lost 94 pounds. The second-
                                                                                            place team lost almost 83 pounds.
These folks and others—a whopping 364
in all—were participants in the Sedalia                                                     The challenge was such a success that a
Fitness Challenge sponsored by the                                                          sequel is planned for 2005, says Page.
multipurpose staff at SFCC. Its goal? To                                                    “Our second annual Fitness Challenge is
motivate people to be more active—and                                                       set to kick off Jan. 10,” she says. “We’re
to lose weight, if they wanted.                                                             calling it the Supreme Fitness Challenge
                                                                                            because we’re adding lifetime activities—
A total of 110 four-person teams began the                                                  swimming, volleyball, basketball, billiards,
challenge Jan. 20 and 91 teams stuck it                                                     bowling, aerobics, dodge ball, wiffle ball,
out, reporting team mileage and weight                                                      darts, eight-ball pool, a tug of war and a 5K
loss each Monday through April 19.                                                          run/walk—that folks can participate in one
                                                                                            evening a week to earn extra points.”
Participants walked a grand total of
                                             Dana Page, left, and Kevin Bucher, Multipur-
22,741.8 miles and lost 1,079.5 pounds,                                                     Are you up to the challenge? If so, call
                                             pose Center assistant supervisor and direc-
says Dana Page, assistant center             tor, show off a display of photos and news     Page today at (660) 530-5800, ext. 440,
supervisor. First place walkers were the     clippings from the 2004 SFCC Fitness Chal-     for more information. ■
“Bad Boys Plus 1,” the SFCC team of          lenge.

   Craft Show a Success                      Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center Named
   M                                         S
          ore than 1,700 arts and crafts           tate Fair Community College has                             Although a multipur-
          lovers shopped for creative              proudly honored its founding presi-                         pose center was a
          Christmas handmade gifts at              dent, Fred E. Davis, naming for him                         focus of the college’s
   SFCC’s first Holiday Arts & Crafts        the building he always dreamed would be                           first master plan in the
   Show Dec. 4 in the Fred E. Davis          built on the campus he helped create.                             1970s, it remained a
   Multipurpose Center.                                                                                        dream for 30 years.
                                             On July 26 the college’s three-year-old                           Physical education
   Eighty-five vendors from all over the     multipurpose center was christened the                            classes and sports
   state filled both levels of the 57,000-   Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center in an                           activities continued to
   square-foot building when the doors       informal ceremony outside the center.                             be held on the Fair-
   opened at 9 a.m., says Dana Page,                                                         Fred E. Davis
                                                                                                               grounds and wherever
   assistant center supervisor.              Speakers included SFCC Board of                                   space could be found.
                                             Trustees President David Decker; David
   “We had a terrific turnout, with a big    Curry, one of the original Sedalia Jaycees     Thanks to a Foundation capital campaign
   rush right after the Christmas parade     members responsible for helping create         that ended in 1999, the final piece of the
   and steady traffic all day,” she says.    SFCC; and President Emeritus Davis, who        master plan puzzle—now the Fred E.
   “We’re already planning for Dec. 3        was joined by his wife Marge and son Tom       Davis Multipurpose Center—was built in
   next year!” ■                             and family.                                    2001. ■

                           SFCC-Camdenton to Offer A.A. Degree
    ake of the Ozarks residents can now         classes and have 80 to
    earn a degree from State Fair               100 students. We’ve
    Community College right in their own        had several graduate
back yards.                                     from SFCC by taking
                                                the majority of their
Missouri’s Coordinating Board for Higher        classes in Camdenton.
Education in October authorized SFCC to
offer an associate of arts degree in general    “It will be so much
studies at its extended campus site in          easier now to take all
Camdenton.                                      their classes here,” says
                                                Dinsdale. “SFCC is a
Students will be able to complete A.A.          great value for area
degrees in the lake area rather than            students. Classes are
traveling to Sedalia. The 64 credit hours       small; teachers are
required will be available through class-       local; and the prices are
room, ITV and online instruction.               the best in the area.
                                                When the folks at SFCC
SFCC also hopes to move its Camdenton           say, ‘We’re here for          From left, Janice Ganther, SFCC-Camdenton administrative
campus this summer to a new site in a           you!’ they mean it.”          assistant; Jim Dinsdale, SFCC-Camdenton site coordinator;
central location, vacating the space it has                                     Dr. Marsha Drennon, SFCC president; and Dr. John Bell,
                                                                                           SFCC Extended Campus director.
occupied in the Lake Area Career Techni-        Being able to earn an
cal Center on the Camdenton R-III school        A.A. degree from SFCC-
district campus, says Deborah DeGan-            Camdenton doesn’t limit
Dixon, dean of Extended Campus.                 students to taking classes only at that site,   Ron Hendrix, superintendent of the
                                                said DeGan-Dixon; it actually gives             Camdenton R-III school district, said SFCC
Having more classroom space will enable         students even more flexibility.                 has provided great opportunities for
the college to expand its operation, offering                                                   students who couldn’t afford to go to a
more daytime and evening courses.               A combo of classes                              four-year institution or drive long distances
                                                “In the past, students could take all but 12    to further their educations.
 “We’ve always had a great relationship         hours at the Camdenton campus, but had
with the Camdenton school district and          to take the final 12 credits from the Sedalia   DeGan-Dixon said SFCC has experienced
hope to continue our partnership,” she          campus to be granted a degree,” she says.       tremendous support in the area through
says. “We will continue to offer dual credit    “Now they can take credits from one or a        advisory group meetings and conversa-
and college credit in the high school, and      combination of SFCC campuses, but can           tions with area residents.
hope to use the articulation agreements         complete their degrees at SFCC-Sedalia,
we have with the technical center so            SFCC-Camdenton or online. It’s a huge           ‘We continue to listen’
students can have a seamless transition         advantage for folks in the lake area.”          “Early on we invited every individual and
from high school to college and can take                                                        organization who was interested in
credits with them as they come to SFCC.”        Dr. John Bell, director of Extended             assisting us in any way to be a part of the
                                                Campus for SFCC, said the college’s new         planning process as we expand program-
A continuing presence                           degree program and impending move offer         ming over the next year,” she said. “We
Jim Dinsdale, Camdenton site coordinator,       a fantastic opportunity for students.           continue to listen as they give us insight on
said SFCC has had a continuing presence                                                         demographics and needs in the area and
in the Camdenton community for more             “Students from Camdenton, Eldon,                help us determine what our expansion
than 21 years.                                  Versailles and Jefferson City who are part      effort will be.”
                                                of the A+ scholarship program can use
“SFCC began offering classes in                 their scholarships while staying close to       Anyone who would like more information
Camdenton in 1983 through Camdenton             home,” he said. “We look forward to             about SFCC’s lake area expansion efforts
school district’s adult and community           serving not only recent high school             or would like to serve on the advisory
education division, and in 1998 named           graduates, but also the nontraditional adult    committee may contact Mr. Dinsdale or
Camdenton an official extended campus           population looking to upgrade skills in         Janice Ganther, administrative assistant
site,” he says. “Now we offer everything        certain areas once we get more technical        for SFCC-Camdenton, at (573) 317-1300
from general education to technical             programs up and running.”                       or e-mail ganther@sfcc.cc.mo.us. ■

                         SFCC: Economic Impact Adds Up
    tate Fair Community College contrib-        rate of return was 14.5 percent. Every           high school diploma or GED. An invest-
    utes more than $11.4 million annually       dollar of state and local tax money              ment in SFCC is truly an investment in our
    in earnings to the area economy,            invested in SFCC today will return $2.36         surrounding community and in our future.
according to a landmark economic impact         over the next eight and a half years.            What’s more, SFCC continues to repay
study released in 2004.                                                                          taxpayers year after year because our
                                                • For every education dollar a student           graduates continue to live, work and pay
The study was commissioned by SFCC              spends at SFCC, the student gets $7.56           taxes in Missouri.”
and completed by CC                                               back in the form of
Benefits, Inc., as part of an                                     higher earnings over the       SFCC students receive an above-average
examination of all 12 state                                       next 30 years.                 return on their educational investment,
community colleges. It                                                                           adds Drennon, a direct result of the college
shows:                                                             • The college saves the       striving to keep tuition as low as possible.
                                                                   state $2.2 million
• The college pays $11.4                                           annually in reduced           Overall, business sales in the SFCC
million annually in salaries                                       welfare and unemploy-         service area are $191 million greater, and
and benefits, and accounts                                         ment and lowered              labor income is $83 million greater, due to
for an additional $71.3                                            crime.                        the past and present operations of SFCC,
million in off-campus                                                                            according to the study.
earnings throughout its 14-                                        SFCC President Dr.
county service area. That                                          Marsha Drennon says           “SFCC’s economic impact on the commu-
amounts to 3,351 jobs with a total              the college’s economic impact on the             nity is like a three-legged stool,” says
economic impact of $82.7 million.               community—and on each individual                 Drennon. “Our mission is certainly educat-
                                                student’s earning potential—is significant.      ing students, but we also promote eco-
• In what is called a “ripple effect,” SFCC’s                                                    nomic development and train our
payroll generates an additional $15.3           “After leaving college, the majority of          workforce. What we do translates into
million, or 789 more jobs.                      SFCC graduates stay in the area in the           added earning potential for our graduates
                                                work force an average of 35 years,” she          job and investment opportunities, in-
• Local and state governments invested          says. “The study shows that a student who        creased business revenues, greater
$7.5 million in tax dollars in SFCC during      leaves with a two-year college degree will       availability of public funds, and an eased
2003, the year of the study. The taxpayers’     earn $320,819 more than someone with a           tax burden.” ■

Students Help Build Bridge of Memories
      wo SFCC Engineering                                     are completed,” says
      Club members became                                     volunteer Bill Noland, who
      official “Friends of the                                posted photos and a story
Covered Bridge” last May                                      about them on the bridge
when they helped build a                                      Web site. “We thank State
replica of Sedalia’s historical                               Fair Community College for
covered bridge in Centennial                                  introducing us to Jake and
Park.                                                         Brian, two fine young men,
                                                indeed.” The bridge, built primarily by
Sophomores Jake Martin and Brian Allen,         volunteers 60 or older, was dedicated July
both Construction Management majors,            4, 2004. The community project was
donated a day’s labor to the project,           funded by donations. ■
helping with welding and other tasks.
                                                   Above : Jake Martin, left, and Brian Allen.
“Both these young men are graduates of              Top right: Brian makes cuts to resize the
                                                    footbridge’s walkway planks to allow for
Jefferson City High School, and both have            additional space for the replica bridge’s
aspirations of establishing their own                               sides, while Jake assists.
construction companies once their studies                   Bottom right: the finished bridge.

                                                                                               Music Arts

      ach year through donations to the
      Stauffacher Artist and Lecturer          Artist and Lecturer Series 2004-2005
      Endowment Fund, state grants, and        ticket information:
tuition revenue, SFCC brings quality
performances to the stage in the form of       Admission: $8 for general audience
the Stauffacher Artist & Lecturer Series.      $4 for SFCC students and staff
Now in its 10th season, the annual series
has provided students and the surround-        All performances are held in the theater in
ing communities with more than 38              the Stauffacher Center for the Fine Arts
opportunities to be educated and
entertained.                                   Tickets for each performance go on sale
                                               two weeks prior to the event. For tickets,
Remaining in the 2004-2005 season:             call the Stauffacher Box Office at (660)
                                               530-5814. Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                               Monday through Friday.

                                               Your support of the Stauffacher Artist and
                                               Lecturer Endowment Fund will help bring
                                               quality performances to the community
                                               SFCC serves. For more information on
                                               how to make a gift to this fund, click on the
                                               SFCC Foundation page.

                                                 ■  Stauffacher   Patron Saint
                                                    For contributions of $1000 or more
                                                 ■  Stauffacher Angel
                                                    For contributions of $500 to $999
                                                 ■  Stauffacher Good Fellow
                                                    For contributions of $100 to $490
                                                 ■  Stauffacher Friend
                                                    For contributions up to $99
■ Saint Petersburg Classic
Saturday, February 26, 2005, 7:30 p.m.
                                                  Paris on an Impulse!
The Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet, a 12-
                                                  About 35 lucky travelers have signed
dancer chamber ballet company formed in
                                                  up for the 2005 “Paris on an Im-
1996, is planning its fourth tour of North
                                                  pulse” cultural tour sponsored by the
America in spring 2005. The artists and                                                        The Sounds of Music
                                                  Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.
staff are a cross section of the best of the                                                   Top to bottom: The Almost Famous
                                                  From Feb. 21-28 the group will tour
Russian tradition in classical ballet. Under
                                                  everything from the Eiffel Tower and         Singers, Concert Chorale, Men’s Vocal
the artistic direction of founder and prima
                                                  the Palace of Versailles to a host of        Ensemble and JazzRunners jazz combo
ballerina Marina Medvetskaya, the
                                                  famous museums, like Musee du                presented three beautiful winter concerts
company offers a classical ballet gala
                                                  Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, and the           Dec. 2, 3 and 4. Director Brian Casey, in
program that includes both famous and
                                                  Musee Picasso. A portion of the cost
familiar works. The dancers have per-                                                          his first year at SFCC, invites you to come
                                                  of each trip goes to support the
formed to acclaim throughout Russia, the                                                       hear and see for yourself SFCC’s talented
                                                  Daum Museum.
states of the former Soviet Union,                                                             students:
Scandinavia, and the U.S.                                                                              Spring Concert
                                                  Want to be on the mailing list for the
                                                  next trip? Just call the museum at                   May 4, 5, 6, 7— 7:30 p.m.
                                                  (660) 530-5888. Bon voyage!                          C. Gordon Stauffacher Theatre

Theatre Arts                                          Exhibits
A classic family drama!
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                                                                                  ■Judy Onofrio
• Tennessee Williams                                                                                   Feb. 5 – May 15, 2005
   Feb. 17-19 & 23-25, 2005—7:30 p.m.                                                                   Public Opening—Feb. 5, 1-5 p.m.
   Dinner Theater, Feb. 19, 2005—6 p.m.
                                                                                                        Artist Lecture—Feb. 5, 2 p.m.
   Senior Matinee, Feb. 20, 2005—2 p.m.

Family members are celebrating the 65th                                                                Judy Onofrio • “Mermaid,” 2003,
birthday of “Big Daddy,” as they sentimen-                                                             54”h x 96”w x 18”d, hand-carved wood,
                                                                                                       ceramic, glass beads, shell
tally dub him. Although the tone is gay, the
mood is somber as they ignore the truths
that surround them—sins of the past, and                                                                                             Museum hours:
greedy hopes for the future. This drama is                                                                           11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
an exercise in human communication.
                                                                                                                       1-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
                    * * *
                                                                                                                                     Closed Mondays
A hilarious farce!
Moon Over Buffalo • Ken Ludwig                                       Judy Onofrio • “I See Good
   April 14-16 & 20-22, 2005—7:30 p.m.                               Fortune In Your Future,” 2003,        For more information about the museum
   Dinner Theater, April 16, 2005—6 p.m.                             41”h x 27”w x 12.5”d,                         or how you can become a member,
                                                                     hand-carved wood, glass,
   Senior Matinee, April 17, 2005—2 p.m.                             beads, enamel paint                                            call (660) 530-5888
                                                                                                                        or visit www.daummuseum.org
Acting couple Charlotte and George Hay
are on tour in Buffalo, New York, in 1953,
performing a repertory of Cyrano de                                                                          Financial assistance for these projects
Bergerac and Noel Coward’s Private Lives.                                                                                 has been provided by the
As fate would have it, they get a shot at                                                                     Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.
stardom when Frank Capra considers
them for starring roles in his latest movie.
When Capra attends their matinee in
Buffalo, hilarity and chaos ensue.                                                                                   ■Vera Klement
                    * * *                                                                                            Oct. 2, 2004 – Jan. 16, 2005
Student Theater Showcase
   April 28-29, 2005—7:30 p.m.                                                                                       Vera Klement
Join us for an evening of one-act plays                                                                              “Autumn Swimmer,” 1991,
directed by SFCC theater students!                                                                                   diptych, 84” x 144”,
                                                                                                                     oil on canvas,
                    * * *
                                                                                                                     Collection of Daum Museum
Tickets are $5 for general admission and $13 for
                                                                                                                     of Contemporary Art
dinner theater. For information on becoming a
valuable part of SFCC Theatre Arts by making a
contribution, call (660) 530-5814 today.

                                                      ■  Joyce Jablonski
                                                   Oct. 2, 2004 – Jan. 16,

SFCC student actors portray Bob the Sheep;
Binky, boy genius; and pal Vivian in David
Mamet’s hit children’s show “Revenge of the                                  Joyce Jablonski • “Bakers                Joyce Jablonski • “Catacomb
Space Pandas” performed Nov. 19-20.                                          Dozen,” 2001, 56” x 20” x 18” terra      #1,” 2001, 60” x 18” x 18” terra
                                                                             cotta, slips, glazes, plexiglass,        cotta, slips, glazes, plexiglass,
                                                                             steel, porcelain, insulator              steel, porcelain, insulator
                          More Activities Enrich Campus Life
      uct tape, cans of soup and a desire
      to raise awareness about hunger
      and homelessness brought a
cardboard community to life this fall on the
SFCC campus.

More than 50 students, faculty, and
community members participated in an all-
night event Oct. 15 called “Shanty Town.”
They built shelters out of cardboard,
shared a soup supper, heard speakers,
and collected cash and food donations.
Many then slept outdoors in shelters for
much of the rainy, 40-degree night.

“It was all about the
experience,” says Mindy
Maddux, director of
Residential Life and
Campus Activities and
Student Government
Association sponsor. “We
wanted to stop our busy
world long enough to focus Mindy Maddux
on something as important
as area hunger and homelessness.”

Shanty Town was just one of many
activities last fall designed to enrich         Campus Activities
student life, share information, and have
fun along the way. This year Maddux has        Clockwise, from top: Students build shelters at Shanty Town; a simulated car crash during
help; two graduate assistants are working      Alcohol Awareness Week; Dental Hygiene students staff an information booth at the Stu-
with her part-time to re-energize the          dent Activities Fair.
program and expand activities.

“What’s easy are the really fun, social        • Alcohol Awareness Week—“Put a                • Nontraditional Student Week — The
things,” says Maddux. “When we can do            Cork in It” was the theme of SFCC’s            first-ever SFCC event included informa-
things that are both fun and educational,        second alcohol awareness week Oct.             tion booths, a luncheon with SFCC
it’s an added bonus.” Other activities:          23-29. A car crash simulation, speakers        President Dr. Marsha Drennon, an
                                                 and other daily activities focused on the      essay contest, seminars, focus groups,
• Student Activities Fair—This first-time        dangers of alcohol consumption and             and free tickets to athletic events.
  event Aug. 25 was designed to get new          alternatives to drinking.
  students involved in clubs and organi-                                                      “We’ve had an exciting year,” says
  zations from the beginning. Studies          • Halloween Safe House and Haunted             Maddux. “I’m so impressed at how giving
  show if students feel engaged and part         Hayride—More than 200 elementary-            and supportive this community is toward
  of the institution the first six weeks of      age kids showed up for the Residence         the students and the college. I’m consis-
  school, they’re more likely to complete        Hall Advisory Council’s free Halloween       tently amazed; people call and show up to
  a degree, says Maddux.                         Safe House Oct. 31. The event featured       help without ever being asked.”
                                                 20 trick-or-treat stations, fun activities
• Roadrunner Roast—Music, free lunch,            and snacks. Although hayrides offered        Plans for next semester include a student
  carnival events and entertainment were         by students in the Horticulture, Agricul-    leadership retreat Jan. 21; Homecoming
  on the menu for the annual fall student        ture and CAT Ag clubs were sabotaged         Week Feb. 14-19; Wellness Week March
  appreciation day Oct. 20.                      by mud, the first two rides were great!      7-11; and Spring Fling April 13. ■

                                                                                                  Where is She Now?
                                                                                                  For Barbara
                                                                                                  Schulz, life after

Strauss: Instructor of Year
                                                                                                  retirement has
                                                                                                  been filled with
                                                                                                  volunteer work,
                                                                                                  travel, golf, and a

      oug Strauss has the good                                  advisor to psychology, social     great deal of joy.
      fortune of loving his job                                 work and early childhood
      and enjoying his life—                                    development students. He          Schulz, 67,
whether he’s teaching, hiking                                   was 2003-2004 president of        retired in 1997        Barbara Schulz
the Rocky Mountains, bicycling,                                 the SFCC faculty association      after 27 years at
or cooking vegetarian foods. He                                 and serves on numerous            SFCC after being diagnosed with
appreciates everything he’s                                     committees, councils and          Parkinson’s disease. She vowed to
worked for and been given.                                      teams.                            savor every moment, realizing that
                                                                                                  “the present is a present,” and
“To argue over what you don’t                                      He received a bachelor of      continues to live life to the fullest.
have is to waste what you do                                       educational studies degree
have,” says Dr. Strauss, sharing          Dr. Doug Strauss         in counseling and personnel    She started a Parkinson’s support
a favorite quote. Students say                                     services in 1981 from the      group, which meets monthly for
he shares his zest for learning and life           University of Missouri-Columbia. He            programs and fellowship. She’s on
every day through teaching and advising.           received a master of education degree in       the executive board of the Center for
                                                   educational and counseling psychology in       Human Services, has just gone off
Dr. Strauss, chairman of State Fair                1986 from UMC, and in 1994 received a          the board for Liberty and Tambo
Community College’s Fine Arts,                     doctorate of education degree in behav-        Elderly Housing, and is actively
Humanities and Social Sciences                     ioral studies and developmental processes      involved at First Christian Church.
department, was named 2003-2004                    from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.     She gardens, plays the piano, golfs
Instructor of the Year. He received the                                                           with husband Skip, and delights in
award in April at SFCC’s Honors                    He also has been an adjunct instructor at      spending time with their three
Convocation. He was chosen from nine               St. Louis Community College-Meramec            daughters and four grandchildren.
nominees representing both the Sedalia             and the University of Missouri-St. Louis; a
campus and extended campus sites.                  professional counselor; and a performance      The Schulzes love to travel (“We
                                                   development specialist and trainer.            recommend Venice, the most
On Dec. 1 he received the Governor’s               SFCC psychology/education major                romantic, beautiful city!”) and have
Award for Excellence in Teaching. Missouri         Michelle Schmidgall said in his classes, Dr.   been to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Italy,
Gov. Bob Holden presented the award                Strauss always is “dedicated and passion-      England, Australia, New Zealand,
during a ceremony in Columbia at the               ate, professional, enthusiastic, cheerful,     and Florida, where they spend time
governor’s conference on higher                    and a pleasure to learn from.                  each winter.
                                                   “Because of his positive disposition, his      She has “nothing but good memories
Strauss was one of 73 outstanding faculty          reflective way of operating, his passion       from State Fair. I loved my job,” says
from postsecondary schools, colleges and           and knowledge in the field of psychology,      Schulz, who was head of the
universities in Missouri selected by their         and all of the character traits that make      Information Management Technology
institutions for their effective teaching and      him so special, Dr. Strauss serves as a        department when she retired. She
advising, innovative course design and             model and mentor for others striving for       feels fortunate that she is doing well,
delivery, service to the institutional             goals and dreams of their own.”                and is a staunch supporter of
community, commitment to high standards                                                           Parkinson’s Foundation research.
of excellence, and success in nurturing            “I don’t expect my students to remember
student achievement.                               all that I teach them,” says Dr. Strauss,      “Anybody who had Parkinson’s 15
                                                   who believes enthusiasm is crucial in          years ago didn’t have all the medica-
Dr. Strauss has been department chair at           teaching. “Research clearly indicates that     tions we have now,” she says. “I think
SFCC since 2000. Since 1998 he has                 more than 80 percent of what students          when you have something shake
been a full-time instructor in the Social          learn is lost within two weeks. However, if    you, as I did, you realize how
Science department. He developed new               we teach them how to learn and how to          precious life is. You want to really live
curricula for Web-based classes and                think we are giving them tools that they       every day.” ■
instructional television, and is faculty           can use for the rest of their lives.” ■


       Horton: Alumna of Year                                                                 New Web Site
                                                                                              Helps Alumni
          graduate of State Fair Community     seminar, and a course introducing her
          College who has “stayed con-         to Ebay. She is a member of the First
          nected” to her alma mater for 25
     years was named its 2003-
     2004 Distinguished Alumna.
                                               United Methodist Church and the
                                                           Fellowship of Christian
                                                           Martial Artists, and is
                                                                                              Stay Connected
                                                           working on her black belt               he new SFCC Web site includes a
     Susan G. Horton received                              in martial arts. She rides              number of pages created just for
     the award at the college’s                            her own Harley Davidson                 alumni to make staying connected
     35th commencement                                     and belongs to four                even easier. Just go to www.sfccmo.edu
     ceremony in May, at which                             motorcycle organizations.          and click on Alumni to explore these links:
     she was the featured                                  She also is a member of
     speaker. She has been                                 the Alpha Gamma Delta              • Keeping in Touch. Update your
     clinic administrator for G&R                          chapter of Beta Sigma Phi            personal information online for the
     Health Associates in Sedalia                          and Ladies of the Moose              SFCC directory or for Class Notes.
     since 1991 and owns a                                 Lodge 1242. She is
     business on Ebay.                                     married to Jerry Horton            • Distinguished Alumni Award. Keep
                                        Susan Horton       and has eight grandchil-             up-to-date on who the latest winner is,
     “I’m deeply grateful for the                          dren.                                and download guidelines and a form to
     many ways this college has helped                                                          nominate a deserving graduate for the
     shape my life and my career,” says         During the 25-plus years she has                next award.
     Horton. “SFCC afforded me the chance       managed local medical practices, she
     to change the direction of my life.”       has been regarded as “one of Sedalia’s        • Alumnus Profile. Check out what your
                                                finest,” says coworker Sandy Burleigh.          fellow graduates are doing and let us
     Horton was a 29-year-old divorced          “Her continued determination to                 know about other graduates we can
     mother of two children when she            balance career, education and family            profile on this page.
     entered SFCC’s vocational program in       has earned her the respect of her
     1979. She attended college by day and      peers, family and friends.”                   • Ways to Support SFCC through the
     worked nights to complete her first year                                                   Annual Fund.
     and received a professional clerical       Horton urges other SFCC alumni to
     skills certificate. She later received a   stay connected by donating time,              • Publications. Order your copy of The
     second professional certificate and an     books, or money, and by encouraging             Legacy of Plywood U: A History of State
     associate of applied science degree in     students. “It will enrich your life to be a     Fair Community College 1966-2002.
     medical office administration.             part of their success,” she says. ■             The cost is $20 per book.
                                                                                                E-mail Cathy at
     “We all have a story…we all have                               * * *                       coble@sfcc.cc.mo.us
     advice,” she says. “And the best advice    SFCC is now accepting nominations               to order a copy. Tax
     I can give anyone is to stay connected.”   for the 2004-2005 Distinguished                 and shipping
                                                Alumni Award, given annually at                 charges will be
     Horton has been a member of an SFCC        commencement in May. You may                    added. Books also
     advisory council since 1980. She has       download award guidelines and a                 are available at the
     suggested changes in curriculum,           nomination form at www.sfccmo.edu or            SFCC Bookstore,
     hosted interns, participated in the Job    call Lesli Hill, director of Development        Sedalia Book and Toy, and the Sedalia
     Shadow program, donated used books         and Alumni Relations, at (660) 530-             Area Chamber of Commerce.
     and materials, and recruited business      5800, ext. 375.
     associates to donate free software. She                                                  • Transcript Request. Request a copy of
     has taken dance and art classes,           SFCC’s 2005 commencement is set for             your SFCC transcript, which you may
     computer courses, a motorcycle safety      May 13.                                         need when transferring to other
                                                                                                colleges or applying for jobs. ■

                                                      detention facility since 1995 and influenced the      Wilson Jones, Jr., A.A., 1979, is the public
      CLASS                                           design of the new facility, which has drawn           works director for the city of Buckner, Mo. Jones
                                                      praise as a national model since it opened in         holds a Missouri class A water and wastewater
      NOTES                                           1998. Dixon has been an adjunct professor at          license and is a certified flood plain manager.
                                                      Wayne County Community College in Detroit             He and his wife, Dawne, live in Buckner. They
                                                      and is a consultant for both the U.S. Department      have three children and two grandchildren.
Paul Siron, A.A.S., 1972, is plant manager of a       of Justice and the National Juvenile Detention
chemical company in the state of California. He       Association. While at SFCC, Dixon played              Mark A. Marcum, A.A., 1979, was a social
has three children and four grandchildren.            basketball for Coach Bill Barton. After complet-      studies teacher and coach at Natalia ISD in
                                                      ing his associate of arts degree, Dixon received      Natalia, Tex., from 1982-2003. He also was the
Jennifer S. (Robertson) Maassen, A.A.S.,              a bachelor of science degree in sociology/            athletic director and head basketball coach from
1974, is the president and CEO of McCallie            psychology from Southwest Baptist University,         1996-2001 and golf coach in 2001.
Associates, Inc., headquartered in Bellevue,          Bolivar, Mo., and a master’s degree in child and
Neb. McCallie is primarily an information             youth care administration from Nova University        Richard Nelson, A.A., 1980, was formerly the
technology service provider using fully inte-         in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. In 1992 he received the       president of the Noonday Optimist Club in
grated, self-managed work teams to deliver a          SFCC Distinguished Alumni Award.                      Sedalia and is still an active member. He is a
full range of business innovation-focused                                                                   stay-at-home father to his two children.
services.                                             Anthony (Tony) D. Lynn, A.A., 1977, has been
                                                      elected a board member of the Missouri Society        Jamie (Miller) Steuerwald, certificate, 1981;
Leonard Dixon,                                        of Certified Public Accountants. He will serve a      A.A.S., 1984. Jamie married in 1984 and moved
A.A., 1977, has been                                  three-year term. Lynn is the managing partner         to Germany for three years. She moved back to
named the new                                         with Davis, Lynn & Moots, P.C., a Springfield,        the United States, had a daughter, and worked
director of the Bureau                                Mo., accounting firm. A Sedalia native, Lynn          in various nursing positions in Colorado, New
of Juvenile Justice for                               graduated from South-west Missouri State              Hampshire, and New Mexico. Currently, Jamie
the Michigan Family                                   University in 1979 with a bachelor of science         works for the University of Missouri Hospital in
Independence                                          degree in accounting.                                 Columbia, as a supervisor for the Health
Agency. Dixon                                                                                               Connect 24/Admission Advisors.
previously had been
director of the Wayne County (Mich.) juvenile
                                                                                                                                    (continued on next page)

   SFCC Alumni Information Form                                                                             Date:

   Attention alumni! You can now go online to update your address or submit a class note. Go to www.sfccmo.edu and select
   Alumni. On the left you will find a link called Keeping in Touch. Fill out the online form and you’re done!

   Other options include sending an e-mail to Lesli Hill, director, Development and Alumni Relations, at hill@sfcc.cc.mo.us or mailing this form
   to SFCC Alumni, State Fair Community College, 3201 West 16th, Sedalia, MO 65301.

          Address Change

          Class Notes
          (Include additional degrees, honors and awards, promotions, marriages, births, retirement. Send photographs where appropriate.
          Black and white head shots preferred. Photos will be returned if mailed with self-addressed envelope.)

          I am recommending a student(s) for contact by the Office of Admissions.
          (Please include a separate sheet with contact information, class year, high school, how you know the student, etc.)

   Name                                                                                                   Class of / Degree

   Name at graduation                                                                                     Major


   City                                                          State                         Zip

   Phone (H)                                          (W)                                        E-mail

   Details (job, promotion, marriage, birth, honor, retirement, new address)

                                                     secretary of the Tile Time Corporation. Amy is          a nurse agency doing emergency room relief
       CLASS NOTES                                   married to Derek Jackson and they have three            and lives in Pikesville, Md. He also makes
                                                     children, Blake, 6, Brook, 4, and Briara, 1.            furniture in his spare time.

                                                     Celso Doria, A.A., 1992, works for Morgan               Craig Heitman, A.A., 2000, graduated from
                                                     Stanley/Technology and lives in Sao Paolo,              Southeast Missouri State University in May
(continued from page 13)                             Brazil. He is responsible for the technology            2004 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture
                                                     management of all 28 Morgan Stanley branches            business with a horticulture emphasis. He lives
Dawn (Brandt) Porter, A.A.S., 1981, is a buyer       in the United States (except for the New York           in Lodi, Calif., where he works as assistant
and inventory control specialist for Mid-Am          headquarters), Latin America, and Canada.               superintendent of golf course maintenance at
Building Supply in Moberly, Mo., and has been        Celso and his wife, the former Marcelle                 Woodbridge Golf and Country Club.
with the company for 15 years. Dawn is married       Robinson of Sedalia, have three children: twin
and has three sons, Jermyn, 22, Josh, 18, and        boys, Alex and Lucas, 7, and Juliana, 5. At             DJ Walker, A.A., 2000, is the CEO of Bounce
Jaden, 9. While at SFCC, Dawn played                 SFCC, Celso played basketball for Coach Bill            Pass, LLC. Walker has started his own shoe
basketball for the 1979-1980 season.                 Barton.                                                 company and will be ready for business by
                                                                                                             summer 2005.
Vally Kay (Faulconer) Covert, A.A.S., 1984,          Melissa Jennings, certificate, 1993, is the
received a certificate in 1991 as a women’s          director of respiratory therapy for Cass Medical        Lawrie Ann Knox, A.A., 2001, is a radiologic
healthcare practitioner from Texas Women’s           Center in Harrisonville, Mo. She is an ACLS             technologist at Bothwell Regional Health Center
University, Dallas, and a bachelor of science        instructor, a CPR instructor, and is certified as       and a clinical instructor for the SFCC radiologic
degree in nursing in 2001 from the University of     an asthma educator.                                     technology program.
South Florida. She is pursuing a master’s
degree in public health at the University of         Doug D. DePriest, A.A., 1994, is the director of        Emily Bergsieker, A.A., 2002, is the secretary
South Florida and works at the University of         planning and information management at                  to the chief admissions officer at Central
Florida.                                             Eastern Idaho Technical College in Idaho Falls,         Missouri State University. Emily lives in
                                                     Idaho.                                                  Warrensburg.
Brenda Bader, A.A.S., 1986, has been the
owner and accountant for Double B Bookkeep-          Ray J. Ross, A.A., 1986; certificate, 1994;             Rebecca Newman, A.A.S., 2002, is an internal
ing and Tax Service for 10 years. For seven          A.A.S., 1995, worked for 17 years at Bothwell           auditor for Leggett & Platt in Carthage, Mo.
years she was an investment representative and       Regional Health Center in Sedalia and now
controller for Midway Enterprise. She is married     works full time in the emergency room at St.            Melissa L. (Girard) Fontaine, A.A.S., 2003, is
to Bill Bader and they have two children, Hailey,    Mary’s Hospital in Blue Springs. He recently was        an associate at Wal-Mart in Sedalia.
11, and Reed, 6. They also own an 80-acre farm       promoted to Clinician III/RN/ER.
in Pilot Grove, Mo.                                                                                          Carmen Johnson, A.A., 2003, is a senior at
                                                     William H. Paxton, Jr., certificate, 1996,              Emporia State University working toward a
Ronda K. (Ruff) Weinmann, A.A.S., 1987, is a         received a bachelor of science degree in                bachelor’s degree in psychology. She works as
systems coordinator for Central Missouri State       nursing from Kansas University in 2003. He is           a sales and Web consultant for Jeff Reid/Trailer
University, Warrensburg.                             pursuing a master’s degree in nurse anesthesia          Connections LLC.
                                                     at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He
Jackie (Cashell) Penland, A.A., 1987, received       lives in Lee’s Summit with his wife and son.            Mitzi Dawson, A.A., 2003, is the director of the
a master’s degree in social work from Kansas                                                                 Melita Day Preschool and Nursery, Sedalia.
University. Penland is a team leader at a            C. Les Harrison, A.A., 1997, received a
homeless support project through Truman              bachelor of science degree in criminal justice          Jamie Appleberry, A.A., 2004, is pursuing a
Medical Center and works with homeless               from Central Missouri State University. He is a         degree in corporate recreation wellness at
individuals with chronic mental illness.             deputy juvenile officer for the 26th Judicial Circuit   Northwest Missouri State University. She also is
                                                     Court-Juvenile Division.                                an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay.
Howard Hall, A.A., 1988, received a bachelor’s
degree in psychology from Central Missouri           Crissina Buckner, A.A.S., 1998, is a member-            Ashley Barnes, A.A.S., 2004, is an insurance
State University in 1991. He graduated from          ship coordinator at Central Missouri State              agent with American Family Insurance.
Shelby State Community College in Memphis,           University.
Tenn., with a certificate in prosthetics in 1992                                                             Nicole Evans, A.A., 2004, received an
and became a certified prosthetist in 1993. Hall     Josie Doss, certificate, 1998; A.A.S., 1999,            individual achievement award from the
lives in Lee’s Summit and works as the office        graduated with a master’s degree in maternal            Governor’s Council on Workforce Development
manager for the Hanger Orthopedic Group, a           infant nursing education from Troy State                in October 2004. Evans was one of only 14
national provider of orthotics and prosthetics. He   University in Troy, Ala., in December 2002. She         regional winners honored. To be considered for
is married and has two children.                     is an assistant professor of nursing in the ADN         the award, individuals had to be successful in
                                                     program at Macon State College in Macon, Ga.            reaching employment or training goals while
Amy (Dove) Jackson, A.A., 1992, received             Her teaching responsibilities include women’s           overcoming significant obstacles through the
bachelor of science degrees in management            health and pediatrics.                                  use of determination, fortitude and ingenuity in
and marketing from Central Missouri State                                                                    leveraging resources. Evans is majoring in
University. She is director of marketing for Mid-    Christopher Martin, A.A.S., 2000, received the          secondary education and psychology at Central
Missouri Telephone Company and I-Land                Rookie of the Year award while working at               Missouri State University and works part time on
Internet Services. She also serves as the            Boncerores Hospital in Baltimore. He works for          the Upward Bound staff at Smith-Cotton High
                                                                                                             School. ■

                    SFCC Alum Meets With President
                                                             Steve Platt, A.A., 2003, had the chance to visit with President
                                                             George W. Bush Sept. 7, 2004, during Bush’s town hall-style
                                                             campaign stop at the Fairgrounds in Sedalia. President Bush
                                                             questioned Platt about using federal student loans to go back to
                                                             school. Sabrina received a practical nursing certificate in 1998
                                                             from SFCC. Platt, his wife Sabrina, and their children Brianna and
                                                             Riley are shown with the president.

                                                             “It was a moment I’ll never forget,” says Platt. “Meeting President
                                                             Bush was spectacular…it was a very special thing.”

                                                             Platt and his wife attended a holiday reception Dec. 15 at the
                                                             White House as guests of the president and first lady in
                                                             appreciation for his help at the meeting.

                                                             Platt earned a bachelor’s degree in management and human
                                                             resources in May 2004 from MidAmerica Nazarene University in
                                                             Olathe, Kan.

        Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
Gift clubs have been established in order to recognize donors who have made a contribution to the SFCC Foundation
between July 1, 2003, and June 30, 2004. Membership levels are SFCC Builders Club, up to $99; Bronze Century Club,
$100-$249; Silver Century Club, $250-$499; Gold Century Club, $500-$999; and 21st Century Club, $1,000-above.

21st Century Club             Dr. Marsha K. Drennon          Missouri Pressed Metals,            Wal-Mart Foundation
Adco, Inc.                    Randy & Marsha Eaton              Inc.                             Waterloo Industries Inc.
American Compressed           Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding     Drs. Thomas G. Prater &             Bill, Margaret & Teresa Wills
   Steel                      Joe & Susan Fischer               Kimberly                         W-K Chevrolet Buick
Rob & Sally Baird             Carol Rae Fisher               Primavera Systems, Inc.
Sue Barr Parrish              Gardner Denver Company         James M. Rose                       Gold Century Club
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Beach        HAFIF Family Foundation        Ms. Catherine Scott                 Dr. Brent E. Bates
Bryant Motor Company          C.D. Hieronymus Estate         The Sedalia Democrat                Robert & Cathy Berlin
Calvary Episcopal Church      Tuck Higgins                   Septagon Industries, Inc.           Don & Bonnie Brandes
Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Campbell     Insurance & Benefits           Starline Inc.                       Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis
Jerry & Karen Case               Group, LLC                  State Farm Companies                Elliott Management
Community Bank of Pettis      Chuck & Sherry Kempton            Foundation                          Services
   County                     Mark & Krista Kempton          Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Tempel,         Ron & Pat Gillman
Lamy Farms                    Kilby Electric                    Jr.                              Jerry & Kay Greer
County Distributing           Floyd & Geraldine Lively       Third National Bank                 Stuart & Madge Gressley
   Company, Inc.              Lanny & Katy Maness            George & Margaret                   Bob & Virginia Hoskins
D & D Beverage                Jack & Mary McIntosh              Thompson                         Industrial Management
Dr. Harold F. Daum            Mrs. Frances Messerly          Union Savings Bank                     Council
Delta Dental of Missouri      Missouri Arts Council          US Bank
Ditzfeld Transfer, Inc.                                      John P. Walk Estate                        (Continued on next page)

         Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 15)    Bronze Century Club         Dr. Salma Kamal              Lynelle Sommer
                            David & Betty Albrecht      Abe Kropp                    Kenneth & Brenda Sprinkle
Steve & Rhonda Kucynda      Joe & Becky Arbisi          Randy & Boni Lee             Melissa St. Pierre
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Malmo   Steven E. Beck              Jon & Heather Lloyd          Gary & Carolyn Starke
Dr. Doug Strauss            Berry R. & Judy L. Beebe    Glenn A. Longworth II        P. C. & Thankam Thomas
Chip & Pam Thompson         Ross & Joanne               Luper Family                 Rick & Libet Thompson
M. Herman Walters              Blankenship              Davijean Lyles               James E. Trujillo
Westlake Ace Hardware       Steve Bloess                Anthony & Debbie Lynn        Ultrascope
                            Bryan & Margaret Bowles     Lina F. Mahnken              Uniforms & More
Silver Century Club         Duane & Linda Bowman        John Matthews                Nancy Van Dyne
Lisa Adams                  Ken & Martha Brown          Chuck & Tina Mattingly       Vieth Bros. Inc.
Carla McCaghren Allen       Brenda L. Bryan             Cindy McClain                Larry & Toni Walter
Paul & Kim Allen            Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C.       Tom & Katherine Menefee      Bob & Arthea Wasson
Bret & Debbie Appleton         Buchholz                 Robert P. Mock               Diane Watkins
Janet Rae Banks             Bill & Shiela Bunker        James Monroe                 Gary & Renee Weller
Christina, Nicole and       S. Mitchell Callis          Moore’s Greenhouse &         Tim Wells
   Zachery Brandt           Kevin & Marlis Carl            Flower Shop               Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Wesner
Kay Breshears               Central Missouri            Kathy Morris                 Steve & Linda Wheeler
Susan Callis                   Community Credit Union   Don & Deloris Morton         Jennifer Wilbanks
James & Jodi Cole           Rhonda Chalfant             Glenn & Modene Murphy        John Wilferth
Edward C. Robison D.D.S.    John & Sandy Chappell       John & Sherlyn Nail          Charles & Beverly
   L.L.C.                   Gary & Bonnie Christian     Jauhn M. Nash                   Wilkerson
Terry & Marsha Emo          John S. Cook                Bill & Joan Nicely           Dan & Deb Williams
Gerald & Shirley Evans      Roger & Julie Cook          Gary & Debbie Noland         Cathy Wilson
Walter & Joyce Foster       Randy & Julie Crawshaw      Robert & Lisa Oesterle       Thomas M. Wolfe
Doug & Nina Freed           Brenda & Kenneth Dake       Darren & Sara Pannier        Jennifer & Eric Yazell
Mike & Polly Grapes         Deborah Degan-Dixon         Douglas L. Paxton
Kevin & Becky Haulotte      Ronald & Valerie Dent       Elaine Paxton                SFCC Builders Club
Annelise Homan              Kevin Dinsdale              Dr. & Mrs. D.C. Payne        Mary Pat Abele
Ethelene M. Jagels          Leroy Donley                Bobby & Amanda Peeples       Steve K. Abraham
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Keating      Eastgate Middle School      John Pelham                  Lori A. Ackley
Dana & Mark Kelchner        James Ellis                 Bob & Cathy Pierce           Roger & Ronnie Alewel
Dale Kimberling             Gary & Ann Fleming          Dan & Georgia Pilliard       Steven & Amy Alexander
John K. Kumia               Rhonda J. Frazelle          Terri Porter                 Gertraud & Dickie Allgaier
Esther Maxwell              Stephen & Rena Galloway     PPG Industries Foundation    Dr. & Mrs. Alan A. Allmon
Mr. & Mrs. James W.         Steve & Patricia Gardner    Bernard J. Reuter            Jeanette Alpers
   Page III                 Dan Gentges                 Peggy D. Richardson          Jay & Jane Appleton
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Paulson      Golfing Friends at the      Matt Robertson               Kendra K. Arnett
Sharon Peacock                 Sedalia Country Club     Dan & Grace Robinson         Lloyd & Thresa Arvin
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Proctor   Nancy Gordon                Barbara Rohr                 Lou A. Atkinson
Tony & Shirley Sahlfeld     Jason L. Hansen             Frank G. Rouchka, Jr.        Melinda G. Aulenbach
Steve & Marina Scheiner     Matthew S. Heck             Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ryan        Marcia L.M. Azan
Jim & Carol Schibi          Darla Honn                  Mr. & Mrs. Eldor             Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Azan
Janelle Strathman           Kevin Howard                   Schnakenberg              Brenda K. Bader
Dean & Jodi Stucker         Celesta L. Hunt             Polly & Milton (Bud) Scott   Darrell L. Baker
Keith & Valarie Swanson     Allen & Joan Hunter         Edward & Mary Proctor See    Rand & Sandi Bankovich
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley H.        Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hurley       Jim & Lisa Shoemaker         Ethel V. Barnett
   Swift, Jr.               Bill & Becky Imhauser       Wayne A. & Karen M.          Sharon E. Barnett
Laura Taylor                Mr. & Mrs. Cam Jennings        Simon                     Lillian Barrick
Sandy & Murray Whitehead    Michael Jilg                Mrs. Mary Frances Sneed
                            Jerrie & Joyce Jones        Bob & Rose Ann Solomon            (Continued on next page)

         Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 16)     Dana & Frances Christian   Kristen L. Edwards            William A. Hainen
                             Delores R. Claas           Jim Eichler                   Jim Haldiman
Laurie A. Beach              Howard Claas               Mr. & Mrs. Ron Eickhoff       Millicent A. Hale
Tony & Jane Beaudette        Sandra K. Clark            Wesley Eifert                 Howard E. Hall
Carolyn Beaudette            Tony & Evann Clayton       Mr. & Mrs. Steve Elliott      Eric & LuAnn Hammersland
Kyle G. Behm                 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony E.      Esther P. Ellison             Michelle Y. Hammond
Frank O. Bell                   Clayton                 Phil L. English               Connie Hampy
Jill A. Bentch               Mike & Cathy Clements      John M. Ennis                 Kent & Deanna Harbit
David M. Bentley             Joel N. Clements           David E. Esser                Samuel J. Hargrave
Lorie A. Bergman             Helen M. Cline             Virginia Esser                Brent A. Harms
Debora A. Bergmann           Harlan M. Close II         Richard Evans                 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Harter
Shawn K. Bestgen             David M. Coke              Nancy A. Faaborg              John H. Harvey
Dorothy Beykirch             Deedrae R. Colliver        Peter & Clyte Kay Felton      Agnes C. Hausam
Paul & Kathy Beykirch        Larry & Polly Colozza      Jill D. Fields                Benigna Hausam
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Buckley       Community Retired          Kele M. First                 Debra A. Hays
Loretta F. Billingsley          Teachers                Dan & Paula Fischer           Joseph P. G. Hebert
Bruce & Linda Bird           Markie Cook                Nancy H. Fleming              Kim R. Heimsoth
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Blackwell    Kay Covert                 Sue A. Florea                 Charles A. Helphrey
Tommie Bloess                John & Jeana Cox           Linda J. Fluty                Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Herrick
Mrs. Barbara S. Bock                                    Virginia M. Fowler            Debra A. Hesse
                             Mr. & Mrs. George T.
Mr. & Mrs. Russell H.                                   Carol B. Franken              Barbara & Joe Hewett
    Bogard, Jr.                                         Rose Franzen                  Cheryl Hibbard
                             J. Gregory Crane
Cynthia S. Bohn                                         Pamela K. Frerking            Bonnie Hibdon
                             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E.
Courtney Borts                                          Amy L. Frett                  Betty Hickam
                                Crane & Kevin M.J.
Bothwell Regional Health                                Gail & Steve Fritz            John R. Higgins
    Center                                              Linda L. Fry                  Mr. & Mrs. Larry L.
                             Larry D. Crouch
Dana J. Braby                                           Volney V. Gage, Jr.              Hiltabidle
                             Les Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brant                                    Janice Ganther                Jerry & Mildred Hitt
                             Shonna J. Dady
Dick & Leora Bremer                                     Donald C. Garst               Shirley, Pam, Phyllis &
                             Francis & Carolyn Dahm
Ruth Bremer                                             Pauline E. Gausman               Rosie
                             John W. Dale
Diane J. Brockman                                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A.          Joyce A. Hollingsworth
                             Dan Daugherity
Gary W. Brodersen                                           Gerke                     Rick & Betty Holt
                             Michelle A. Day
Rebecca A. Bron                                         Mr. Thomas H. Gerke           Sara J. Hoos
                             Linda L. Decker
Kathleen C. Brown                                       Larry Gerken                  Dorothy Hopkins
                             Lenard A. Dedrick
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Brown                                Catherine Gibbons             Mrs. Mildred Z. Hopkins
                             Robert Travis DeMoss
Mr. & Mrs. Morris L. Brown                              Patricia A. (Trish) Gibbons   Joe Horacek
                             Henry O. Deuschle, Jr.
Mae V. & Charles Bruce                                  Darren L. Goans               Phil & Margie Hornbostel
                             Marvin E. Dieckman
Edward J. Bruehl                                        Elizabeth Gray                Shirley J. Horton
Norman K. Brunkhorst         Gary & Sharon Dodd
                                                        Jody Green                    Jennifer L. Huhmann
Doris A. Burgess             Fred & Barbara J. Doty
                                                        Jennifer A. Gregory           Nancy L. Hunholz
BWIC                         Christopher L. Draffen
                                                        Kelly N. Gregory              Robert R. Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Byrum      Kenneth & Beth Draffen
                                                        Kevin & Barbara Gregory       Frederick W. Irby
Anna Mae Cain                Rodney Drennon             Martha and Michael            Teresa A. Ittner
T. J. Callahan               Larry Drenon                   Gregory                   Julie C. Ives
Jim & Cynthia Callis         Leroy Dulaban              Gary J. Griffith              Delbert L. Jamison
Tyrone & Alice Carter        Jeffrey & Diane Durrill    Timothy L. Grissum            Wayne A. Jansen
Gayle B. Casner              Barbara Ebeling            Fred Gruhn                    Ivan & Kathy Johnson
Sue L. Castaneda             Troy Ebeling               Phillip & Melissa Gudde       Kristy L. Johnson
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth          Dean & Connie Eckhoff      Bill & Kathy Haas             Lucille K. Johnson
    Chaney                   Donya R. Eckhoff           Bonnie R. Hadaller
                             Richard P. Eckhoff                                           (Continued on next page)
Mary C. Childs                                          Rosemary K. Hagen
          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 17)     Carolyn McGarrah          Karen R. Paxton             Elizabeth A. Sharp
                             Pam McGrath               Jamie A. Peace              Heather Shields
Elaine Jones                 John McGraw               Mary S. Pemberton           Kelly L. Shrimpton
Sharon K. Jordan             Otis & Julie McNew        Deborah K. Pena             Melvin L. Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Charles           Connie E. Mefford         Roxanna Pena                Glenn E. Simpson
   Jorgenson                 Phillip D. Mefford        Dena R. Perkins             Janice K. Simpson
Mark R. Kanenbley            Mr. & Mrs. Richard A.     Christopher E. Peterman     Paul S. Singer
Jacqueline Kauffman             Mergen                 Derick D. Petersen          Paul D. Siron
Barbara L. Keele             Charles & Rita Mergen     Deborah E. Phillips         Debra J. Skouby
Mary E. Kehl                 Lela Merrell              Terri L. Phillips           Mr. & Mrs. Duane A. Slagel
Nicki Kelley                 Melissa R. Meyer          Carol E. Pinkston           Janet M. Sloan
Kathy & John Loveland        Rhonda M. Meyer           Donna R. Plummer            Jacqueline A. Smith
Michelle L. Kincaid          Eunice Miller             Mark G. Pottorff            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Kipping   Richard A. Miller         Phyllis J. Prusia           Lisa K. Snell
Tama G. Knipp                Patricia A. Minor         Bill Putnam                 Darla K. Snider
Lori A. Knollmeyer           Max & Debbie Mitchell     Jerry Rank                  Dale & Connie Soendker
Marna J. Koechner            Judy Mitts                Mark Rasmussen              Garry G. Sorrell
Barbara Koeller              Mrs. Colleen Mooney       Neil Rasmussen              Carolyn (Walch) Sperry
Timothy W. Koelling          Charles E. Mooneyhan      Barbara Ratcliff            Sprint Foundation
Dick Koll                    Patricia A. Moore         Roger Readenour             Steven D. Starke
Rick Koll                    Dwayne A. Morrison        Jonathan E. Rear            Sandy Starkebaum
Cynthia C. Kreisel           Tammie A. Morrison        Martha J. Reissen           Christopher D. Staus
Britt Kroenke                William & Nancy Moss      Rick Reno                   Randy Steffens
Lynn Kroenke                 Jean Mowry                Jim Reser                   Nancy L. Steidley
Lola Labus                   Glenn G. Muenks           Kevin H. Reusch             Sarah E. Stephens
Maurine E. Lane              Mary R. Mullins           Michael E. Reynolds         Dennis R. Stevens
Valeri Lane                  Shawn E. Mullins          Alta Richardson             Jessica Stevens
Karen Larson                 Tom & Becky Munson        Sharon Richardson           Nadine A. Stilfield
Hope D. Lecchi               Ronnie L. Murphy          Janet A. Richter            Michael D. Stock
Randal & Holly Lenz          Rhonda L. Myers           John Roberts                Rebekah L. Stone
James D. Lenz                Richard L. Nelson         Jack & Judy Robinson        Melinda S. Strange
Mike Letourneau              Oral Nichols              Mike & Lynn Robinson        David R. Strobel
Bert Levine                  Emily Niebruegge          Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Rodgers   Paul E. Stuart
Barbara J. Little            NKC Elementary Vocal      Ricky W. Rollins            Patsy Sutton
Stephanie J. Louiselle          Music Staff            Doug & Becky Rose           Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D.
Hope R. Lukenbill            Jeffrey S. Nold           Ali Roth                       Swalley
Farand Lutjen                Jennifer L. Nold          Mr. & Mrs. Bryan D.         Kenneth & Vicki Swanson
Vanessa J. Lutton            John Norbury                 Ruckman                  Mr. & Mrs. H. W.
Jennifer S. Maassen          Oakwood Manor             Sarah R. Sarantakos            Swearingen
Mary L. Maples                  Elementary School      Kelly Saunders              Brian P. Sweeney
Dana A. Marcum               Doris E. Odil             Donna K. Sawford            Robert T. Swisher
George & Yvonne Marcum       Jack & Sherri Osborn      Sharon E. Sawford           Ju Ann L. Tankersley
Mark Marcum                  Nancy D. Osborn           David Schlender             Pamela M. Tarr
Greg A. Maring               Marilyn Owen              Mary K. Schnell             Mr. & Mrs. Gerry L. Tavener
Imogene Martensen            Donna S. Owens            Cindy Schroeder             Clifford E. Taylor, Jr.
Turf & JoAnn Martin          P.E.O. Chapter I.P. MO.   Dr. & Ms. Stefan Schuber    Dianne Taylor
Mrs. Emerson Matthews        Rosemary M. Painter       Cindy K. Schuknecht         Regina E. Tebow
Rick McBride                 Eldo & Beth Palmer        Russell K. Schupp           David & Tammy Teeter
Shirley A. McCown            Robert D. Parker          Rhonda & Dennis Scott       Wilma G. Teter
Beverly Y. McCoy             Bette G. Patterson        Sedalia Jolly Elders
                             Terri & Dennis Paul       Janice L. Shanley                (Continued on next page)

          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 18)         Elmer H. Van Dyke                Jack R. Westerhold               Glen E. Wissman, Jr.
                                 Susan M. Van Horn                Debbie K. Wheeler                Mr. & Mrs. Glen E.
Lisa C. Thomas                   Gerald & Angela Vick             Wanda D. Whitaker                   Wissman, Jr.
Richard J. Thomas                DeVeral B. Wagner                Susan E. Whitcomb                Sheri L. Witcher
Mr. & Mrs. P. C. Thomas          Nancy K. Wakley                  Mr. & Mrs. Dave Wiedeman         Derek & Shawna Witt
Hillary Tindle                   Jennifer L. Walker               David C. Wiesing                 Sam A. Wollard
Justin S. Tinney                 Liz Wallenburn Frazier           Deborah J. Wilken                Reva M. Woodward
Janice A. Trautmann              Sandra K. Walsh                  Mary Elizabeth Wilkie            Ann Wright
Bruce W. Traxler                 Carolyn E. Walters               JoAnn L. Williams                Myles S. Yates
Rusty & Myra Tuggle              Ernest E. Walther, Jr.           Merrilyn B. Williams             Angela M. Young
Jeannie C. Tunis                 Brenda K. Ward                   Sarah Williams                   Gloria Young
Linda D. Turley                  Donald R. Warren                 Teri S. Williamson               Maggie M. Young
Bruce Twenter                    Michael D. Watring               Rep. & Mrs. Larry D. Wilson      Sandy Young
Denise M. Twenter                Paul W. Weaver                   Linda L. Wilson                  Aileen Yuille
Herbert Twenter                  Jeffrey A. Wehking               Rick D. Wilson                   Janice L. Zeikle
Robert D. Tylar                  Daniel P. Welpman                George Windsor                   Jacquelyn L. Zellmer
Joan E. Uta                      Brenda West                      Sue Wise                         Matina K. Zimmerman
Carolyne S. Uyeda                Shawn R. West                    Debbi A. Wiskur                  Wendell S. Zimmerman

            Daum Museum of Contemporary Art Memberships
Membership levels have been established to recognize those donors who have joined the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. Member-
ships are valid from September 1, 2004, to August 30, 2005. The membership listing is current as of December 2004.

Membership levels for Daum Museum memberships are: Season Underwriter, $5,000 or more; Exhibition Sponsor, $1,000 or more;
Benefactor, $500-$999; Associate, $250-$499; Friend, $100-$249; Family, $60-99; Individual, $50-59; and Student, $35-49.

Season Underwriter               Jim & Cynthia Callis             Mark & Krista Kempton            Jim & Lisa Shoemaker
Brewer Science Inc.              Maureen & Mark Callis            Mr. & Mrs. David J. Malmo        Ken Sidorowicz
Kelly & Carlene Edwards          Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Campbell        Senator & Mrs. Jim               Robert B. Stanley
                                 Rhonda Chalfant                     Mathewson                     Sullivan Creative
Benefactor                       David & Emma Curry               Jack & Mary McIntosh             George & Margaret
David & Betty Albrecht           Brenda & Kenneth Dake            Jan Walker McNiel                   Thompson
Dr. Harold F. Daum               David Lusk Gallery               David & Vera Menefee             Rick & Libet Thompson
Rod & Becky Hartman              John M. Dawes                    Dorothie M. Miller               Union Savings Bank
Lynn Robinson Interiors          Sidney Dickerson                 Kevin & Melinda Moore            Alan & Vicki Weaver
Tom & Katherine Menefee          Dr. J. Robert Farkas             Moore’s Greenhouse &
                                 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Fischer          Flower Shop                   Family
Associate                        Carol Rae Fisher                 Drs. Thomas G. Prater &          Lee & Teresa Aldrich
Doug & Nina Freed                B. Yvonne Fowler                    Kimberley A. Prater           Paul & Kim Allen
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald W.             Robert & Helena Franke           Queen City Electric              Harry & Sara Antibus
   Spencer                       Justin & Christine Freed            Company                       Marcia & Abraham N. Azan
                                 Jerry & Kay Greer                Reed & Sons Jewelers             Roy & Faith Bemiss
Friend                           Gregory G. Gunn                  Rick Koenig Law Office           Vernon & Marie Bingaman
50 Plus Family Pharmacy          H. Hadley Sleight ASID           Dan & Grace Robinson             Lynne Boone
Dorothy Beykirch                 Gil & Evelyn Haines              Jack & Judy Robinson
Bill Greer Motors Inc.           Sylvia Y. Hopkins                Robert & Sarah Schwartz                (Continued on next page)

          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 19)         Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Kimball        Frankie & Rena Vanderpool         Tavi Karpilow
                                 Barney & Barb Knight              Loren & Betty Sue Viterna         Carol Kennedy
Dave & Ruth Brockmeier           Mr. & Mrs. C.A.                   Nancy, Rodney & Nicholas          Jorge Luis Leyva
Steve & Dee Cain                    Ledgerwood                       Weant                           Sally Lockett-Branson
Lamy Farms                       Mr. & Mrs. Eldon C. Leiter        Gary & Renee Weller               Mary McLaughlin
Avery & Lenore Danziger          Turf & JoAnn Martin               Larry & Chriss Wheeler            Patricia’s Mexican
Downtown Antiques                Mark & Charlyn Mason                                                   Restaurant
Sharon Dyer                      Steve & Cindy Morris              Individual                        Catherine Scott
Vicki Esser                      John & Sherlyn Nail               Donald G. Callis                  Cindy Sell
James R. Estes                   Jack & Sherri Osborn              Charlotte Carter                  Sarena Simpson
Gerald & Shirley Evans           Mark & Ann Pearce                 Century 21-Curry Realty           Smith-Cotton Class of 1959
Clell & Arlene Furnell           Richard & Janet Potter            Linda M. Christle                 Mary Frances Sneed
Robert & Joanne Gardner          Marie C. Prater                   Robert Clark                      Carolyn (Walch) Sperry
Ron & Pat Gillman                Tony & Shirley Sahlfeld           Curry’s Gifts                     Jo Stealey
Stuart & Madge Gressley          Maren Schenewark & Jean           Daniel Pilliard, CPA              Dr. Doug Strauss
Shirley Gunderson                   Eckstein                       Dr. Marsha K. Drennon             Linda Turner
Kyle & Roxanne Herrick           Lisa Schmidt                      Virginia R. Giokaris              Nancy Van Dyne
Lesli & Tom Hill                 Fred Schoell                      Mary Hayden                       Jim Wiseman
Dean & Sofia Hopkins             James Shannon                     Allen Holland                     Priscilla Young
Phil & Margie Hornbostel         Margaret Sneed & Joe              Betty J. Hopkins
Richard & Alice Jacks               Butcher                        Shirley J. Horton                 Student
Van & Betty Bob Jones            Mary Elizabeth Van Dyne           Joyce Jablonski                   Sonna Faith Kates
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kendrick

                                               Memorial Gifts
Gifts were donated in memory of these individuals during the past fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2003, and ending June 30, 2004.

In Memory Of:
Herbert Berlin                   D.R. Edwards                      Donald S. Lamm                    Thomas H. Proctor
Robert & Cathy Berlin            Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis          Gerald & Shirley Evans            Tony & Jane Beaudette
                                                                   Jack & Mary McIntosh              Carolyn Beaudette
Virginia Bloom                   Bertha Fielding                   Bette G. Patterson                Dorothy Beykirch
Elizabeth Gray                   Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding        Sharon Peacock                    Bothwell Regional Health
Mrs. Mary Frances Sneed                                                                                 Center
Mrs. Aileen Yuille               Mattie Greer                      Robert Maxwell                    Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brant
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis          Esther Maxwell                    Dick & Leora Bremer
Mark Jason Brewer                Gerald & Shirley Evans                                              Mrs. Ruth Bremer
Bill, Margaret & Teresa          Joe Horacek                       Pearl McQueen                     Jim & Cynthia Callis
   Wills                         Davijean Lyles                    Anna Mae Cain                     Markie Cook
                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. George T.
Inez Brown                       Tracy Jaynes                      Virginia Moore                       Crafton
Susan Callis                     Ken & Martha Brown                James M. Rose                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E.
Bill & Josephine Dey                                                                                    Crane & Kevin M.J.
                                 Ron Kropp                         Michael C. Proctor                   Crane
Josh Eberting                    Gerald & Shirley Evans            Dr. & Mrs. Donald Proctor         Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis
Calvary Episcopal Church
                                                                                                           (Continued on next page)

          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 20)       Kay Rhoads                     Mr. & Mrs. Larry L.             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith
                               Tom & Katherine Menefee           Hiltabidle                   Bob & Rose Ann Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Elliott       PPG Industries Foundation      Dorothy Hopkins
Gerald & Shirley Evans         Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ryan          Bob & Virginia Hoskins          Lou Scotten
Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding     Sedalia Jolly Elders           Mr. & Mrs. Tom Keating          Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis
Golfing Friends at the                                        Lamy Farms                      Jack & Mary McIntosh
   Sedalia Country Club        Alan Schnakenberg              Kathy & John Loveland           Sharon Peacock
Betty Hickam                   Mr. & Mrs. Eldor               Ms. Maurine E. Lane             Polly & Milton (Bud) Scott
Shirley, Pam, Phyllis &          Schnakenberg                 Davijean Lyles
   Rosie                                                      Mrs. Emerson Matthews           John Sneed
Mrs. Mildred Z. Hopkins        Geraldine Schrader             Jack & Mary McIntosh            Mr. & Mrs. Ron Eickhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Keating         Jay & Jane Appleton            Mrs. Colleen Mooney             Sharon Peacock
Barbara L. Keele               Lillian Barrick                Jean Mowry
Lola Labus                     Paul & Kathy Beykirch          NKC Elementary Vocal            Alice Warner
Pam McGrath                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Blackwell         Music Staff                  Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding
Jack & Mary McIntosh           Mr. & Mrs. Russell H.          Oakwood Manor
Eunice Miller                      Bogard, Jr.                   Elementary School            Edna Wills
Bette G. Patterson             BWIC                           Nancy D. Osborn                 Gerald & Shirley Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Proctor      Mr. & Mrs. Morris Byrum        Eldo & Beth Palmer
Ms. Barbara Ratcliff           Anna Mae Cain                  Sharon Peacock                  Virginia Woodard
Edward & Mary Proctor See      Susan Callis                   Dr. & Mrs. Donald Proctor       Anna Mae Cain
Carolyn E. Walters             Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis       Jack & Judy Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Glen E.             Eastgate Middle School         Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Rodgers
   Wissman, Jr.                Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding
                               Jerry & Kay Greer
                                                              Jim & Lisa Shoemaker
                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Duane A. Slagel
                                                                                              In Honor Of:
Maxine Ramseyer                Barbara & Joe Hewett           Janet M. Sloan                  Donald Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis                                                                      Edward & Mary Proctor See

                           SFCC Foundation Lifetime Giving
                                   ~ The Society of Honorary Trustees ~
Gift clubs have been established in order to recognize donors who have contributed a cumulative amount of $500 or more to
the SFCC Foundation. The membership listing is current as of June 30, 2004.

Membership levels in the Society of Honorary Trustees are: Distinguished Patron, $500,000 or more; Honored Advocate,
$250,000-$499,000; Benefactor, $100,000-$249,000; Associate, $50,000-$99,000; Sustaining Member, $10,000-$49,000;
Member, $5,000-$9,999.

Distinguished Patron             Stauffacher Estate           Benefactor                      Bryant Motor Company
Dr. Harold F. Daum             Charles & Elizabeth Yeater     Gardner Denver Company          HAFIF Family Foundation
Beulah & Duane Ewing             Estate                       C.B. Lueck Jr. Estate           Bill & Nikki Hayden
   Estate                                                     Drs. Antonio & Luz Racela       Sue Heckart
C.D. Hieronymus Estate         Honored Advocate               Sabra Stevens Estate            Kilby Electric
Missouri Arts Council          Mildred Goddard Estate         Tyson Foods                     Sherry Rawson
Richard & Judy Parkhurst       Tuck Higgins Estate                                            Septagon Industries, Inc.
Bernice Potter Estate          Jeff Jarrett                   Associate
C. Gordon & Lucille                                           Steve & Debbie Biermann              (Continued on next page)

          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 21)       Ford Parts & Service            Jack Rader                      David G. Fielding
                               Lester Goldman                  Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Robinson        First National Bank & Trust
Dr. Cynthia Stauffacher        Jerry & Kay Greer               James M. Rose                      Co
Third National Bank            Nellie Helm Estate              Warren Rosser                   Fischer’s Concrete Service,
Union Savings Bank             John Hoffman                    Geraldine Schrader                 Inc.
Waterloo Industries Inc.       Dorothy Hopkins                 Sierra Bullets                  Elizabeth Gray
                               Mrs. Sylvia Hopkins             Mrs. Mary Frances Sneed         Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Hartman
Sustaining Member              Bob & Virginia Hoskins          Starline Inc.                   Shirley J. Horton
Adco, Inc.                     Insurance & Benefits            State Farm Companies            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Keating
Agronomy Service Bureau           Group, LLC                      Foundation                   Floyd & Geraldine Lively
Alcan Cable                    Jan Weiner Gallery              George & Margaret               Karen Lybarger Estate
American Compressed            JC Penney Company                  Thompson                     Mr. & Mrs. David J. Malmo
   Steel                       Chuck & Sherry Kempton          US Bank                         Senator & Mrs. Jim
Scott Andoe                    Mark & Krista Kempton           Web & Sons, Inc.                   Mathewson
Howard Angel                   Kromm Rikimaru &                Bill, Margaret & Teresa         Mrs. Frances Messerly
Anheuser-Busch                    Johansen                        Wills                        Nordyne, Inc.
   Companies, Inc.             Lamy Farms, Inc.                Charlie Woodman & Andrea        Martha Osredker
Marian Anstey Estate           John Loague                        Terri                        Drs. Thomas G. Prater &
Robert & Cathy Berlin          David Malmo Motors Ltd.         Robert Wright                      Kimberly A. Prater
Marjorie Bintner Estate        John Mandelker                  Virginia Zurcher Estate         Rhone-Poulenc
Verna Burger Brown Estate      Lanny & Katy Maness                                             Robert A. Treuner Masonry
Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Campbell       Mazda Motors of America,        Member                             Company
Jerry & Karen Case                Inc.                         Rob & Sally Baird               SBC Foundation
Community Bank of Pettis       Edna McGuire Estate             Sue Barr Parrish                Ms. Catherine Scott
   County                      Jack & Mary McIntosh            Mr. & Mrs. Larry Beach          The Sedalia Democrat
Lamy Farms                     Missouri Pressed Metals,        Brewer Science, Inc.            Southwestern Bell
Marjorie Cunningham               Inc.                         Dorothy Genevieve Bruce            Telephone
   Estate                      Olen Howard Charitable            Estate                        Stenograph Corporation
D & D Beverage                    Foundation                   Susan Callis                    Mr. & Mrs. Louis H.
D & W Leasing Inc.             Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Co.         Calvary Episcopal Church           Tempel, Jr.
Daimler Chrysler               Steve & Donna Poort             Fang-Yi Chu                     John P. Walk Estate
Judy Dalton                    Primavera Systems, Inc.         County Distributing             Alta Welch Estate
Velma Dickman                  Dr. & Mrs. Donald Proctor         Company, Inc.                 Jack Welpott
Ditzfeld Transfer, Inc.        Promed                          Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Davis        Elizabeth A. Woolery
Gerald & Shirley Evans         Ricci Racela & Michael          Mrs. Mary Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Fielding        Bonahan

Other gift clubs include the President’s Network, $2,500-$4,999; the Dean’s Council, $1,000-$2,499; and the Founder’s Club,

President’s Network            Bob & Kay Burke                 Doug & Nina Freed               Kentucky Fried Chicken
Ms. Betty Anderson             Ching-Yuan Chang                Ron & Pam Gerstbauer            Mr. & Mrs. Darrell D.
Bret & Debbie Appleton         Cooper Electric Motors          Gilcrest Manufacturing            Kimball
Janet Rae Banks                Dolphin, Inc.                   Stuart & Madge Gressley         Steve & Rhonda Kucynda
Steve Bloess                   Phyllis Domann                  Harmon Electronics, Inc.        Faith Lovell
Don & Bonnie Brandes           Duke Manufacturing              Martha Sue Holloway             Tony Marsh
Dick & Leora Bremer            Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Farris         Annelise Homan                  Esther Maxwell
Kay Breshears                  First Community Bank            J. A. Lamy Manufacturing        Glenn & Modene Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Brooks         Carol Rae Fisher                   Co.
Brenda L. Bryan                Gary & Ann Fleming              Larry Keisker                        (Continued on next page)

          Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 22)    Gary & Bonnie Christian        Chuck & Tina Mattingly       Charles & Beverly
                            Sandy Comfort                  Virginia McAllister             Wilkerson
Gary & Debbie Noland        Conner Contemporary Art        Alan & Mary McCurdy          Alyce M. Williams
Palmer Tool & Supply        Roger & Julie Cook             Mary McLaughlin              Jack Williams
Sharon Peacock              Dale Crawford                  Tom & Katherine Menefee      Donald Wilson
John Pelham                 David & Emma Curry             James Monroe                 W-K Chevrolet Buick
Vicki Pennell               Maria Jose de la Macorra       Debbie & Gary Noland         Robert & Claudia Wolf
Richard A. Florsheim Art    Sylvia Deitrick                Dorothy Oman Estate          Wolverine World Wide
   Fund                     Delta Dental of Missouri       Orthopaedic Surgeons            Foundation
Steve & Marina Scheiner     Alma & Bill (Chief) Dey        Jim & Dana Page              Robert H. Woolery
Maren Schenewark            Marsha K. Drennon              Frieda Park
Siemens Medical Systems     Mr. & Mrs. Les Duke            Dan & Georgia Pilliard       Founder’s Club
Bob & Rose Ann Solomon      Randy & Marsha Eaton           Preuitt Insurance Services   Joe & Becky Arbisi
Greg & Elizabeth Stewart    Elliot Smith Contemporary      Queen City Electric Co.      Linda Bales
Dean & Jodi Stucker            Art                         R & L Siding                 Dorothy Beykirch
Laura Taylor                Elliott Management             Nancy Rabe                   BJC Health System
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thomas        Services                    Stan & Myrna Ragar           Ross & Joanne
Chip & Pam Thompson         Jim & Marguerite Ellis         Roosevelt Bank                  Blankenship
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Viets     Terry & Marsha Emo             Hank & Rosann Saddler        F.R. & Virginia Bloom
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.       Rhonda Faris                   Tony & Shirley Sahlfeld      M. Dana Branson
Westlake Ace Hardware       First Community Bank           Kirt Salmons                 Anna Mae Cain
Sandy & Murray Whitehead    Joe & Susan Fischer            Jim & Carol Schibi           Central Missouri
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wineinger    Foley Plumbing & Heating       Ken & Wanda Schreiner           Community Credit Union
                            Walter & Joyce Foster          Barbara & Ralph Schulz       Class of 1940
Dean’s Council              Scott & Judy Gardner           Polly & Milton (Bud) Scott   James & Jodi Cole
A T & T Foundation          Dan Gentges                    Jim & Lisa Shoemaker         Laura Coleman
Lisa Adams                  Ron & Pat Gillman              Rogene Smith                 Continental Research &
Paul & Kim Allen            Joe D. Gordon                  Gary & Carolyn Starke           Develop
Jay & Jane Appleton         L. H. Goudy                    Dr. Doug Strauss & Mrs.      Randy Crawshaw
Bill & Janice Barton        Mike & Polly Grapes               Glenna Wentworth          Shonna J. Dady
Dr. Brent E. Bates          Martha Griggs                  Rhonda & Thomas              Dr. & Mrs. David Decker
John & Brenda Baust         Gay Groves                        Summers                   Deborah Degan-Dixon
Greg & Karen Bell           Guier Chemical & Fertilizer,   Keith & Valarie Swanson      Mr. & Mrs. Gail Demand
Paul & Kathy Beykirch          Inc.                        P. C. & Thankam Thomas       Joyce Downing
Binswanger/Harding Glass    Gil & Evelyn Haines            Thompson Hills Investment    Edward C. Robison D.D.S.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of   Gerald & Eunice Harvey            Corp.                        L.L.C
   Kansas City              Ron & Cindy Henke              Rick & Libet Thompson        James Ellis
Margaret & Leland Bock      Larry & June Hieronymus        James E. Trujillo            Gerald & Shirley Evans
Bryan & Margaret Bowles     James Hufferd                  United States Air Force      Fingland Glass Inc
Duane & Linda Bowman        Ethelene M. Jagels             Nancy Van Dyne               Robert M. Flinn
S. E. Boyle                 Mr. & Mrs. Cam Jennings        Debbie S. Vaughan            Eunice Friedly
Mary Brady                  Jerrie & Joyce Jones           W & M Welding &              Stephen & Rena Galloway
Chuck & Sue Branson         Kempton & Russell                 Machining Inc.            Elwood & Juanita Gerke
John & Helen Brazos         Dale Kimberling                Nancy K. Wakley              Barbara Harrison
Broderick & Bascom Rope     Abe Kropp                      Wal-Mart Foundation          Robert & Anne Hassell
   Co .                     Vernon & Sandi Lake            Bob & Arthea Wasson          Kevin & Becky Haulotte
Duane & Cynthia Brodersen   Donald & Connie Lamm           Marguerite Welliver          Hayes Lemmerz
Ken & Martha Brown          Kenneth & Delores Lumpe        Tim Wells                       International, Inc.
Paulena Broyles             Lina F. Mahnken                Wanda D. Whitaker            E. Peter Healey
Monte Cass                  F. E. Manatt                   Virginia Wickliffe
John & Sandy Chappell       Charles & Carolyn Marshall                                      (Continued on next page)

             Honor Roll of Donors ~ 2003-04
(Continued from page 23)                 James M. Lamy                  Douglas L. Paxton               Michael Steffen
                                         James P. Lamy                  Dr. & Mrs. D.C. Payne           Janelle Strathman
Mary Heckart                             Randy & Boni Lee               Frank Pennell                   Ron Stratton
Betty J. Hopkins                         Nola P. Lewellen               Christina Phillips              Mr. & Mrs. Wesley H.
Joe Horacek                              Little Bit of Everything       PPG Industries Foundation          Swift, Jr.
David E Houchen                          Glenn A. Longworth II          Puritan-Bennett                 William Sword
Allen & Joan Hunter                      Anthony & Debbie Lynn          Regina Raetz                    Ron Tatum
IBM International                        Lynn Robinson Interiors        Tom & Judy Ragan                Virgil Ranidae Foundation
   Foundation                            David McCandless               Mrs. Dorothy L. Robertson       Larry & Toni Walter
I-Land Internet Services                 Cindy McClain                  Steve & Marina Scheiner         M. Herman Walters
Independent Colleges &                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry McRoy         Dorothy A. Schroder             Diane Watkins
   Universities                          Glenn Mishler                  Sedalia Electric & Machine      Marty Watkins
Industrial Management                    Don & Deloris Morton              Shop, Inc.                   Gary & Renee Weller
   Council                               John & Sherlyn Nail            Sedalia Outdoor Sports          Western Missouri Medical
Dr. Salma Kamal                          Robert & Lisa Oesterle         Sensor Medics Corporation          Center
Dana & Mark Kelchner                     Noble J. Olson                 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sholly         Dan & Deb Williams
Ken Lake Insurance Center                Darren & Sara Pannier          Roy Simpson                     Robert Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Doug Kiburz                   Patricia’s Mexican             Steve & Kathy Snodgrass         Don & Irma Wood
John & Barbara Knaus                         Restaurant                 Sprint Foundation
Kay Kozak

                                                                    The Yeater Legacy Society
                                            The Yeater Legacy Society was established in 1990 to recognize individuals who
                                            have arranged a planned gift to benefit State Fair Community College either through
                                            life insurance or a bequest in their wills. The SFCC Foundation is pleased to recog-
                                            nize the following members of The Yeater Legacy Society:

                                                    ■   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Beach       ■   Jerry and Kay Greer
In spite of the Advancement staff’s
extensive efforts to avoid errors
                                                    ■   Bryan and Margaret Bowles      ■   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoskins
and omissions in this year’s honor                  ■   Phyllis Domann                 ■   Cindy McClain
roll of donors, mistakes can occur.                 ■   Dr. Marsha Drennon             ■   Harold Ream
If your name was omitted, listed                    ■   Carol R. Fisher                ■   Catherine Scott
incorrectly or misspelled, please
notify us of the error. Gifts received
                                                    ■   Dr. Judith Fisher              ■   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith
after June 30, 2004, the conclusion
of our fiscal year, will be included        Alumni and friends of SFCC who have made similar provisions and wish to be
in the subsequent year’s annual             recognized should contact the Advancement Office at (660) 530-5800, ext. 249.