; A LUMNI C LASS N EWS 1940S 1950S
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									                                         ALUMNI CLASS NEWS

1940 S                                          of the December 7, 1941 attack
                                                on Pearl Harbor and events that
                                                                                           1950 S
KS ’44s M. Leila Hohu Kiaha and                 followed. The class plans to meet          For Fred Cachola ’53, Roy Cachola
Dawn Anahu Fernandez celebrat-                  again before year’s end. (Class            ’59, Jane Gonsalves Kircher ’59
ed their “39th” birthdays (again).              representative is Dorothea Cobb-           and Gerry Vinta Johansen ’60 it
Classmates gathered in April at Ala             Adams Nary. Phone: 1-808-262-              was a heartwarming reunion of
Moana’s Alan Wong Restaurant to                 5492.)                                     childhood friends and neighbors
toast Leila. Then in May, Dawn                        The “Great ’48” gathered             who grew up in a plantation camp
was honored at Ward Center’s Yum                together for Albert “Cowboy”               and were meeting again after more
Yum Tree Restaurant. Dr. Ione                   Silva’s annual ÿÖhikilolo Ranch            than 50 years. At the North Kohala
Rathburn Ryan and Marian Lake                   round up in May. Lending a hand            Millennium Reunion, June 30-                 By Gerry Vinta Johansen
Boyd hosted the happy occasion                  preparing the food were class              July 4, held at Kamehameha Park              ’60, Alumni Relations
for Leila; Lou Benham Pavich                    members and their spouses Gene             in Käpaÿau many residents of the
hosted Dawn’s gathering. Other                  Naipo, Irwin and Betty Cockett,            area came to “talk story” and re-
classmates and friends in atten-                Rochelle and Edward Wong, Iris             kindle old friendships. Each day
dance included Arline Akina,                    and Ronald Poepoe, Henry and               of the five-day celebration focused
Neva Andrews Wong, Lei Becker                   Mona Silva Cabral, Wond Hart,              on a different era: pre-missionary,
Furtado, Jane Chung, Vesta Parker               Clifford Heu, Stanley Lum, Leilani         missionary, pre-plantation, planta-
Will, Helen Will, Edith Rabideau                and George Kekoÿolani, Sonny               tion, as well as North Kohala’s
Wassman, Kuÿualoha Saffery                      and Lorna Chu Kaeck, Janet                 future. Exhibits depicted the
Callanan, Pearl Souza Cummins,                  AhLeong Holokai, Dolly Manley              various eras and reunion events
and Frances Kupau Schuman.                      Phillips, and Mary and Elmer               centered around the region’s multi-
Frances was also a Mystery Shopper              Manley. The Kamehamehas                    ethnic heritage by way of songs,
winner in May. (Class representa-               (formerly Kamehameha Alumni                dances, foods, crafts, and clothing.
tive is Pearl Souza Cummins.                    Glee Club) provided entertainment.         Fred headed the reunion’s planning
Phone: 1-808-247-1786.)                               Classmates Hiram Ke and              committee from Oÿahu and put
      The women of KS ’47 have                  Homer Kuhns, members of the                together the display depicting the
been meeting quarterly for lunch or             famed 5th Regimental Combat                area’s Hawaiian heritage. Gerry
brunch at various Oÿahu restau-                 Team who were killed in the                was also a member of the reunion’s
rants for the past eight years. In              Korean War, were among those               Oÿahu planning committee. Jane is
April, a potluck for class members              honored at Punchbowl Cemetery              an emergency room nurse at
and spouses was held at the home                in June. More than 20 classmates           Fountain Valley Medical Center in
of William Nary ’50 and Dorothea                attended the service commemorat-           California where she lives with
“Tiny” Cobb-Adams Nary ’47.                     ing the 50th anniversary of the            husband, Charles. Roy is on
With the usual singing and “talking             start of the Korean War. Retired           medical leave from United Airlines
story,” a good portion of the                   General Irwin Cockett is the chair-        and is currently under doctor’s care
evening was devoted to memories                 man of veteran memorial events.            in Virginia.                                 Mystery shopper winner
                                                (Class representative is Elmer                                                          Frances Kupau Schuman
                                                Manley. Phone: 1-808-734-7459.)                                                         ’44

KS ’47 gathers for an evening of nostalgia at William Nary’s home   KS ’48 classmates Gene Naipo (l) and Irwin “Yoka” Cockett at the
                                                                    annual ‘Ohikilolo Ranch round up

                                                           ALUMNI CLASS NEWS

                                                                  Temple Chun ‘97, and Ti Chun
DATES FOR                                                         ’00. (Class representative is Donna             KS MEN’S & WOMEN’S GLEE
ALUMNI WEEK                                                       Lei Smythe. Phone: 1-808-595-                   CLUBS FORMING
2001                                                              3983; e-mail: dlsmy@aol.com.)                   Experienced Kamehameha
June 3-10, 2001                                                         Kumu Hula Robert Cazimero                 Schools alumni singers and
                                                                  ’67 & Hälau Nä Kamalei celebrated               musicians are invited to attend
                                                                  their 25th anniversary in a special             a placement session for the
                                                                  two-night concert at the historic               Kamehameha Schools Men’s
                                                                  Hawaiÿi Theatre. Besides the                    and Women’s Alumni Glee
                                                                  Brothers Cazimero’s Robert and                  Clubs.
                                                                  Roland ’68, special guest stars                 Monday, September 11
                  Children of Mike and Joslyn Noa Donlin          included Hoÿokena with Manu
                  ’69 are (l-r) Noelani, Sean and Shea.                                                           6:30-9 p.m.
                                                                  Boyd ’80 and Glen Smith ’74,                    Choral Room –
                                                                  Marlene Sai ’59, Anthony                        Keÿelikölani Performing Arts
                  1960 S                                          Conjugacion ’79 and Kaipo Hale
                                                                  ’68. (Class representative is Kathie
                  Congratulations to Grayce Lua                   Reis. Phone: 1-808-239-6452;                    If you’re a Kamehameha
                  Dean ’60 recently awarded the Boy               e-mail: kareis@ksbe.edu.)                       Schools alumnus interested in
                  Scouts of America’s Silver Order                      Joslyn K. Noa Donlin ’69 is               singing some of the most
                  of the Beaver for outstanding                   a field contracts specialist with the           beautiful and challenging music
                  public service. Grayce has served               high-tech Oracle firm in Bellevue,              ever written, this is for you.
                  as the State of Hawaii’s West Maui              Wash. An attorney by profession,                Contact Randie Fong at
                  District Unit Commissioner for                  Joslyn juggles work and family                  842-8975.
                  more than 15 years. (Class repre-               time with her husband Mike and
                  sentative is Gerry Vinta Johansen.              their three children Sean, 20,
                  Phone: 1-808-842-8445; e-mail:                  Noelani, 16, and Shea 6. (Class                after 26 years in the U.S. Army
                  gejohans@ksbe.edu.)                             representative is Wayne Chang.                 where he was a Chief Master
                        Gwendolyn Moy ’64 works                   Phone: 1-808-842-8802; e-mail:                 Sergeant. His son James entered
                  at the UCLA Medical Center’s                    wachang@ksbe.edu)                              the Air Force in May and is
                  Home Health Department. She is                                                                 stationed in San Antonio, Texas.
                  the education/orientation coordi-
                  nator there and has been listed in              1970 S                                               Honolulu Police Lieutenant
                                                                                                                 Randall Brown ’70 recently turned
                  Who’s Who in America since 1990.                Mark Bender ’70 and wife T.J.                  over administration of the new
                  (Class representative is Patricia               have relocated to Washington,                  Kapolei Police Station to another
                  Blake-Silva. Phone: 1-808-696-                  D.C. for a year. While there, Mark             KS graduate, Moana Heu ’74.
                  3306.)                                          and T.J. will study European                   Randy is now stationed in
                        Clayton Chun ’65 would like               languages in preparation for T.J.’s            Käneÿohe where he works with
                  to think of himself as Hawaii’s                 upcoming two-year assignment in                juveniles participating in the
                  “Father of the Year” since his wife             Budapest. Mark, who was trained                Marimed Foundation’s education
                  Cheryl is Hawaii’s “Mother of the               as a carpenter and built their New             program. Marimed operates from
                  Year.” Clayton and Cheryl have                  Hampshire home, retired in 1996                a 167-ft. ship anchored in Käneÿohe
                  eight children, including Tara                                                                 Bay. Randy and his wife, Shirley,
                  Chun Lucio ’93, Taran Chun ’95,                                                                an HPD crime lab technician, are
                                                                                                                 the parents of two sons, ages 10
                                                                                                                 and 8. Randy has been with HPD
                                                                                                                 for 16 years.
                                                                                                                       Noella Kong ’70 was
                                                                                                                 appointed assistant administrator
                                                                                                                 of the State Health Planning
                                                                                                                 Development Agency that oversees
                                                                                                                 hospitals, health plans, and service
                                                                                                                 providers throughout Hawaiÿi.
                                                                                                                 Noella manages internal opera-
                                                                                                                 tions, including certifications,
                                                                                                                 personnel and budget. She was
                                                                                                                 previously with the Office of

                  Plantation camp friends at the North Kohala Millennium Reunion (l-r), Jane Gonsalves Kircher
                  ’59, Roy Cachola ’59, Gerry Vinta Johansen ’60, KS Trustee Robert Kihune ’55, and Fred
                  Cachola ’53

                                        ALUMNI CLASS NEWS

                                                                                                                                           2000/2001 I MUA
                                                                                                                                           All submissions
                                                                                                                                           (including photos)
                                                                                                                                           must be into PAR by
                                                                                                                                           the dates listed below
                                                                                                                                           in order to appear in
                                                                                                                                           the quarterly issue
                                                                                                                                           indicated. (No elec-
                                                                                                                                           tronic photos, please)

                                                                     KS ’75 proud moms at the President’s Tea with their KS ’00 children   Winter 2000 issue
                                                                     (l-r) Kim Neves Keanini, Jonathan Kaleilanakila Keanini, Susan Lei    Due Sept. 25, 2000
Moku and The Pacific Storm – (l-r) Kalani Smythe, Harris Moku ’72,   Baptista, Tanya Chun Johnson, Dylan Kapunahele Stingert, and
                                                                                                                                           Spring 2001 issue
and Campwood Mahalo – performing in Hawı, Hawai‘i
                                           ¯ ¯                       Susan Oue Stingert
                                                                                                                                           Due January 8, 2000

                                                                                                                                           Summer 2001 issue
                                                                                                                                           Due March 19, 2001
Hawaiian Affairs’ Health and                          KS ’75 classmates Kim Neves-          today’s society.” According to
                                                                                                                                           Fall 2001 issue
Human Services Department for                   Keanini, Susan Oue Stringert, and           author Kristin Holmes’ 1994 book,              Due July 2, 2001
three years, Alu Like for three                 Tanya Chun Johnson celebrated               Under a Maui Roof, traditional
years and Straub Medical Center                 their 25th class reunion in a very          Hawaiian residences consisted of               Winter 2001 issue
for 10 years.                                   special and unique way. Proud               either rock walls or wood frames               Due October 1, 2001
       After 26 years with Tosco                moms of KS ’00 graduates                    for the bottom portion and thatch
(Unocal/Union Oil of California),               Jonathan Kaleilanakila Keanini,             of different native grasses for the
in January David Young ’70 began                Dylan Kapunahele Stringert, and             roof. These dwellings were sturdy,
a new job as operations manager                 Susan Lei Kaimialoha Baptista,              waterproof, and with proper care
for Petrospect – an independent                 they celebrated by attending the            and maintenance, could weather
petroleum inspection service. In                President’s Tea, Baccalaureate and          even the most severe storms. The
his new position, David oversees                Commencement exercises together.            bill is pending.
six inspectors and three dock                   It was a wonderful way for these                   Allen Hanaike ’85 reports
operators who scrutinize refineries,            friends to remember their time              that at the May opening of the
facilities, tankers, and barges                 at Kamehameha – “the good old               second Maui Tacos store in the
throughout the State of Hawaiÿi.                days.”And, thanks to their children,        “Big Apple,” KS graduates in
       Harris Moku ’72 is with the              they now have new memories of               attendance included J. Kalani
band “Moku and The Pacific                      Kamehameha to add to the old.               English ’84, Kaÿohi Yojo ’92, and
Storm.” With Kalani Smythe on                   Jonathan and Susan Lei will attend          David Daniels ’91. Kalani was in
guitar and Campwood Mahalo on                   the University of Nevada-Las                town for consultations at the
bass, Harris is lead singer and                 Vegas in the fall. Puna will attend         United Nations; Allen works for
guitarist of the group. The trio                Honolulu Community College.                 AT&T Solutions in New York as a
entertains at Sheraton Maui in                  (Class representative is Kathy Enos         data networking manager at
Lahaina, The Sportspage in Kïhei,               Thurston. Phone: 1-808-262-2541;            Merrill Lynch; Kaÿohi is pursuing
and Moondoggies in the                          e-mail tpacific@gte.net.)                   her musical theater career (she’s
Kaÿahumanu Shopping Mall. The                                                               “Toni” on future episodes of
band is currently working on a CD
of original island songs, featuring
                                                1980 S                                      Comedy Central’s “Strangers with
                                                                                            Candy”); and, David was fresh off
their signature tune, “Kehaulani,”              Maui County Councilmember                   the plane from Honolulu, vacation-
written and sung by Harris in                   J. Kalani English ’84 has intro-            ing from his paramedic duties on
tribute to his late sister Lianne               duced a landmark bill to recognize          Oÿahu. At the Maui Tacos opening,
Kehaulani Moku Boshard ’78.                     traditional Hawaiian architecture –         Kaÿohi chanted an introductory oli
Music is full-time for the talented             indigenous architecture – into the          and Kalani offered a Hawaiian
Moku who’s also a part-time actor.              County Building Code. Says                  blessing. (Class representative is
His movie credits include parts in              Kalani, “I am attempting to legit-          Troy Shimasaki. Phone: 1-808-677-
the full-length comedy feature                  imize the traditional structures            6962; e-mail: kaloi@lava.net.
Gone to Maui.                                   that my küpuna lived in for
                                                centuries…I would like to allow
                                                for the modern adaptation and use
                                                of this very efficient technology in

                                          ALUMNI CLASS NEWS

At the opening of Maui Tacos in New York City are (l-r) J. Kalani
English ’84, Ka‘ohi Yojo ’92, David Daniels ’91 and, in back, Allen
Hanaike ’85                                                                   ¯
                                                                      Nicole ‘Anela Lopez ’96 and husband Barrett Ikaika Gueco ’93

1990 S                                           credentials made her extremely
                                                 competitive. She is a terrific role           New Date for ATP Hoÿolauleÿa
Tracy Kaleo Blaisdell ’90 was                    model and an all-around great                 Kamehameha Schools
recently named District Manager of               person.” Donna already knows                  Association of Teacher’s and
the American Diabetes Association-               what she wants to fly: PC-135 fuel            Parents announce Hoÿolauleÿa
Hawaiÿi. In her post, she will coor-             tankers. She feels tankers are essen-         2001, March 3, 2001, from 9 a.m.
dinate fundraising events such as                tial in the Air Force; without them,          to 5 p.m. on the grounds of the
“Team D,” “America’s Walk for                    fighters can’t get anywhere to                Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.
Diabetes,” “Kiss a Pig,” and the                 accomplish their mission. She’ll be           With the theme “E Hoÿi Kealoha
“Partners for a Cure” golf tourna-               entering flight school at Columbus            i Kaÿiwiÿula – Love returns to
ment. For more information about                 AFB in Miss. The daughter of                  Kaÿiwiÿula” (original name for
ADA, call 947-5979 or e-mail                     Donald and Anna Mae Distajo                   the grounds of Kamehameha
kblaisdell@diabetes.org. (Class                  Heath ’62, Donna is married to                School for Boys), Hoÿolauleÿa
representative is Sandy Han.                     Tech. Sgt. James Chun.                        2001 hopes to raise $80,000 in
Phone: 1-808-735-3537; e-mail:                          Nicole ÿÄnela Lopez ’96 is             enrichment grants.
nalani14@hotmail.com.)                           one busy wahine. A dancer at night
      Congratulations to Donna                                                                 Alumni are encouraged to help
                                                 with the “Yes” International Revue
Mae Heath Chun ’90, first female                                                               by donating products for sale in
                                                 Show in Waikïkï, during the day
graduate of the University of                                                                  the silent auction, country store,
                                                 she works part-time at Pünana Leo
Hawaii’s (UH-Mänoa) Air Force                                                                  or various food booths, or by
                                                 ÿO Kawaiahaÿo and attends UH-
ROTC program accepted into pilot                                                               purchasing an ad in the souvenir
                                                 Mänoa full-time majoring in
school in the past 19 years. While                                                             booklet – which will include the
                                                 Hawaiian Studies with a minor in
holding several jobs after high                                                                names of all contributors.
                                                 Hawaiian Language. ‘Änela is
school, Donna joined the Hawaiÿi                 married to Barrett Ikaika Gueco               Interested alumni may contact
Air National Guard where she                     ’93, also a full-time student at UH-          Vernon Nishimura at 366-6275.
worked as an armament systems                    Mänoa. Barrett is a social work
mechanic for three years at Hickam               major as well as a full-time
AFB. Captain Kristina OÿBrien,                   employee at Sam Choy’s. (Class
commandant of cadets in AF-ROTC                  representative is Avis Poai. Phone:
says, “Donna’s outstanding                       1-808-623-4770; e-mail:


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