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					                                   Suggested Book List
1. How to Win Friends and                       19. Twelve Pillars
          Influence People                                      By: Jim Rohn
          By: Dale Carnegie

2. The Magic of Thinking Big                   20. The Seasons of Life
            By: David Schwartz                                    By: Jim Rohn

3. Think and Grow Rich                          21. 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness
             By: Napoleon Hill                                      By: Jim Rohn

4. How to Have Confidence and Power                  22. Attitude 101
         in Dealing with People                                 By: John Maxwell
                 By: Les Giblin
                                              23. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
5. Skill with People                                            By: John Maxwell
                By: Les Giblin
                                               24. Becoming a Person of Influence
6. The Slight Edge                                                By: John Maxwell
                By: Jeff Olson
                                               25. Failing Forward
7. The Purpose Driven Life                                        By John Maxwell
               By: Rick Warren
                                               26. Developing the Leader Within You
8. The Prayer of Jabez                           .                 By: John Maxwell
             By: Bruce Wilkinson
                                               27. Today Matters
9. The Traveler’s Gift                                            By: John Maxwell
                 By: Andy Andrews
                                               28. Winning With People
10. The Lost Choice                                                By: John Maxwell
              By: Andy Andrews
                                               29. The 360 degree Leader
11. Live the Life, You Always Dream Of!                                 By: John Maxwell
                       By: Chris Widener
                                               30. The Greatest Networker in the World
12. The Image                                                    By: John Milton Fogg
               By: Chris Widener
                                               31. Awaken the Giant Within
13. Above All Else                                               By: Anthony Robbins
               By: Chris Widener
                                               32. Lefthanded Soldiers
14.. Rich Dad, Poor Dad                                            By: Gary Eby
             By: Robert Kiyosaki
                                     33. The Uncommon Leader
15. Your Best Life Now                                By: Mike Murdock
                 By: Joel Olsten
                                     34. God Wants You To Win!
16. How to Handle Tough Times                           By: Jeff Copenhaver
       By: Norman Vincent Peale
                                     35. The Store House Principle
17. Personality Plus                                 By: Al Jandl & Van Crouch
             By: Florence Littauer

18. Wooden on Leadership                36. The No Complaining Rule
               By: John Wooden                        By: Jon Gordon

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