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									Improving industrial energy efficiency
Thematic factsheet

The EBRD is committed to developing more efficient uses of energy within its countries
of operations. As part of its lending to the corporate sector, the Bank works with
large industrial energy users (in steel, chemicals and other sectors) to promote best
practice and encourage companies to implement energy efficiency investments. Thanks
to its dedicated Energy Efficiency and Climate Change team, the EBRD is uniquely
positioned to provide both financing and free technical support to help its clients
develop and implement energy saving programmes. This is done by screening all
existing and potential projects to identify opportunities for energy savings and providing
free energy audits and energy management training to unlock savings potential.

Advantages of energy                           energy efficiency projects into long-
                                                                                               Typical areas where
efficiency investments                         term investment planning.
                                                                                               savings can be achieved
If energy efficiency investments are           The EBRD works closely with a client’s          include the upgrade
assessed and implemented properly, the         technical specialists to help identify energy   or introduction of:
returns can be high and the technical risks    saving opportunities, select economically
                                                                                               „„ measurement   and
relatively low. Such investments can help      viable projects and develop a long-term
                                                                                                  control systems
reduce energy consumption and may also         investment programme for energy efficiency.
have other positive implications, such as      This programme is then discussed with           „„process   heat recovery
improved product quality. Benefits can         a company’s management and financial                        motors
                                                                                               „„ electrical
also be gained through environmental           decision-makers to raise the priority of           and transformers
improvements and from the demonstration        energy efficiency projects and ensure
effect on the business community.              that viable projects are incorporated into      „„space   heating
                                               the company’s long-term investment plan,           and lighting
More than ever, companies are facing           financed fully or partially by the EBRD.        „„on-site  energy
increased competitive pressures to produce Finally, the EBRD helps a client develop a             generation facilities,
high quality products at comparable or         culture of energy conservation through staff       particularly those that
lower cost. With rising energy prices,         training, and supports the implementation          combine heat and
companies are pressured to bring energy        of energy management systems.                      power generation
costs in line with standards of best practice.
This is where the EBRD can assist.             By providing technical assistance and           „„ energy-intensive
                                               long-term funding the EBRD accelerates             process equipment.
How the EBRD can help realise                  the pace of investments into projects
energy saving potential                        that would otherwise be postponed or not
                                               implemented, thereby helping its clients to
There are many opportunities for saving
                                               fully unlock the potential for energy saving.
energy at almost any industrial company.
However, in most cases those opportunities
                                               Methodology and process
are overlooked or not implemented. First,
companies in the growth phase tend to          The EBRD has a specialised Energy
prioritise revenue-generating investments      Efficiency and Climate Change Team, which
and pay little attention to rational energy    includes engineers dealing exclusively
use. Secondly, although most companies         with industrial energy efficiency. In
are generally characterised by high levels of addition, the EBRD has access to energy
technical expertise, technical departments     efficiency consultants who can provide
often focus on maintenance and operations free support to the Bank’s clients (these
and lack resources to systematically           services are financed through EBRD
explore and assess opportunities for           Technical Cooperation funds contributed

energy efficiency investments. Finally,        by international donors). All Bank clients
the link between technical expertise,          are eligible for this service. The only
business planning and financial decision-      requirements are that there are potential
making needs to be enhanced so as              energy savings and that the client is
to raise the priority and incorporate          committed to realising this potential.
Carbon finance                                 EBRD industrial energy                             Steps to develop an
„„All energy efficiency projects result in the efficiency results (2003–07)                       energy efficiency project
  reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.         „„Since the introduction of the Industrial       with the EBRD:
  This results in the generation of carbon          Energy Efficiency Programme in
  credits, which can then be sold to                2003, the EBRD has conducted 50
  companies and governments to help                 energy audits and arranged 5 energy              Initial assessment
  them meet their own carbon emission               management trainings for its clients.
  reduction targets. The sale of these
                                                 „„This  support led to the development of
  credits also raises project profitability
  and makes investment into energy                  61 projects financed by the EBRD, with
  efficiency projects more attractive.              a total contribution from the Bank of
                                                    more than €750 million (excluding funds            Initial site visit
„„The   EBRD and European Investment                syndicated to commercial banks).
   Bank (EIB) have established the
                                                 „„These  projects resulted in energy
   Multilateral Carbon Credit Fund (MCCF)
   facility, which is capable of providing the     savings equivalent to the electricity
   necessary support for carbon project            produced by a 2,500MW base-load
                                                   power plant, and an estimated annual                  Energy audit
   preparation, as well as purchasing
   carbon credits from energy efficiency           reduction of CO2 of 5.5 million tonnes.
   projects financed by the EBRD or EIB.           This is equal to the emissions of
   For further details see the EBRD web            five base-load, gas-based 400 MW
   site:               combined cycle gas turbine plants.
                                                   or roughly the amount of electricity            Project implementation
                                                   generated in Slovenia each year.
                                                 „„Clientsin Russia include Chelyabinsk
                                                                                                  For a full description of the
                                                   Tube Rolling Plant, Severstal, Power           process, visit:
                                                   Machines Group, Alcoa, and so on.              industrialenergyefficiency

Severstal, Russia (2007)
„„Dedicated   €600 million loan for
                                                 Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant,
                                                 Russia (2007)
   energy efficiency projects, out               „„€205   million loan to finance new             Energy efficiency and
   of which €450 million has been                   investments in steel making                   climate change
   syndicated to commercial banks.                  and energy efficiency                         Tel: +44 20 7338 7478
                                                                                                  Fax: +44 20 7338 6942
„„Eleven     projects, including:                „„Energy  audit identified €50 million           Director: Terry McCallion
                                                    energy efficiency investments at
   f„an    Energy Management System
                                                    two production sites, including:              EBRD Headquarters
   f„ a   new oxygen plant                                                                        EBRD
                                                   f„the    modernisation of reheat               One Exchange Square
   f„the   modernisation of                             furnaces in rolling mills                 London EC2A 2JN
        compressor stations                                                                       United Kingdom
                                                   f„the   modernisation of                       Tel: +44 20 7338 6000
   f„the   construction of a new                        compressed air systems                    Fax: +44 20 7338 6100
        combined cycle gas turbine plant
                                                   f„the   installation of combined               Website
   f„the     reconstruction of                          heat and power units            
        five steam boilers.                                                             
                                                   f„the      upgrade of the electricity system
„„Electricitysavings of more than
                                                   f„new      transformers
   10 per cent, and savings in                                                                    Today the EBRD uses the
   natural gas of 3.5 per cent                     f„automatic      switchgear.                   tools of investment to help
                                                                                                  build market economies and
„„Carbon  savings of 1 million                   „„If implemented, these projects will            democracies in countries from
   tonnes of CO2 a year.                            yield savings of electricity of more          central Europe to central Asia.
                                                    than 25 per cent of and natural
„„ Projectinternal rate of return: 15-
                                                    gas of more than 10 per cent
   90 per cent; payback: 1-6 years.
                                                 „„Carbon savings of more than

                                                    250,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.
                                                          internal rate of return: 23-
                                                 „„ Project
                                                   100 per cent; payback 1-4 years.

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