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Twitter 101


									Twitter 101

Twitter is basically a connection. It allows you to connect with other people, in the form of
“followers”, in 160 characters of less using a web browser or your mobile phone.

Twitter was publicly launched in August of 2006. And it is one of the fastest growing social
networking site in the wold!

People use Twitter to connect with their customers, distribution of information, promotion of
products and services, events notice, customer support, lead generation, promoting product as
an affiliate (this is where you earn money), and what not.

Messages as sent as “tweets” and the act of sending or posting the message is called

Question: After I open an account with Twitter, how do I find people, especially the once in my

Answer: There are several Twitter Directory out there

Question: Now that i’m in Twitter, what are ther terminologies commonly used in the word of

Block- block someone that if following you
Direct Message – send an automessage
Follow Friday – people suggest to others on who to follow
Followers – people following you
Following – people you are following
Favorite – a tweeter you like
Handle – your twitter profile
Hastag – # – allows you to easily find or be found on a twitter search
Retweet – retweeting someone else’s or your tweet
Stream – a stream of tweets on a topic
Tweeple – people on twitter
Tweetps – your friends on twitter
Tweet – your post or message
Tweeterer – someone who posts or tweets on twitter

Questions: Ok, enough with the basic, How do I make money with Twitter

1.You can promote your products and services
2.You can promote other people’s products and services through affiliate marketing
3.Master Twitter and set up accounts for companies
4.Sell Twitter applications and products to people on Twitter
5.Allow advertising to your Twitter followers
6.Opening an Account to site that would pay you when you use their services on Twitter (Adjix,
Tweetbucks and many more)

There you have it. I hope this will give you some more information regarding the world of

I will post more about Twitter in the near future.
Meanwhile you can visit me at: and

Thanks for reading!

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