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					New Parent Orientation
   St. Bernard’s School
         June 4, 2008
   Buddy Program
   St. Bernard’s School Staff
   PTC Board Members
   PTC Responsibilities
   Upcoming Events
   Tuition Payment Options
   Parental Obligation
   Profit Obligation
Agenda (Cont)
   Parish Obligation
   Dress Code
   Uniform Shop
   Arrival/Dismissal Procedure
   Adult Religious Education Classes
   Volunteer Training & Finger Printing
   Lunch Program: Grades 1-8
St. Bernard’s School Staff
 Pastor                   Msgr. Ivo Rocha

 School Principal         Gary Abate

 School Secretary         Mary Costa

 School/SCRIP Secretary   Tracy Kriskovich

 School Bookkeeper        Sue Barnes
PTC Board Members

 President         Cynthia Jimenez

 President Elect   Stephanie Palmer

 Treasurer         Alice Schopf

 Secretary         Cathy Fisher

 Past President    Diana Silveira
What Will My “PTC” Do for Me?
   Provide leadership and support for fundraisers
   Publish results of each function, including net profit
    for each event
   Preside over 4 quarterly meetings for parents and
       Wednesday, August 13 & Thursday, August 14, 2008
       Thursday, October 16, 2008
       Thursday, February 11, 2009
       Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Upcoming Events 2008-2009
   Aug. 13             First Day of School
   Aug. 13             Back to School Night K-5
   Aug. 14             Back to School Night 6-8
   TBA                 Golf Tournament*
   TBA                 Sally Foster Gift Wrap*
   Sept.19 – 21        Fall Festival
   Oct. 16             PTC Wine & Cheese Meeting
   Oct. 28             Kindergarten Hosted Lunch for staff
   Oct. 28 – Oct. 30   Fall Book Fair
   TBA                 Sally Foster Distribution
   Nov. 7              Refreshments at 8th Grade Harvest Festival
   Nov. 8              Harvest Dinner*
Upcoming Events 2008-2009 (Cont)
   Dec. 1 – Feb 13     Candy Sale*
   Dec. 17             Christmas Program
   Jan. 25 – Jan. 31   Catholic Schools Week
   Jan. 30             Grandparents/Special People Brunch
   Jan. 31             Italian Dinner and Dance*
   Feb. 11             PTC Meeting
   TBA                 Spell-A-Thon*
   Mar. 23             First Grade Hosted Lunch for Staff
   April 25            Alumni Tuition Assistance Gala
   Mar. 24 – Mar. 26   Spring Book Fair
   May 27              PTC meeting and End of Year BBQ
* PTC Fundraiser
2008/2009 Tuition Payment Options
   Tuition Commitment due at registration
   Full payment with a 3% discount, must be
    postmarked or received by Parish office by July 15
   2 Payments (FACTS – automatic deduction from acct.)
       ½ payment due July
       ½ payment due December
   10-month payment plan (FACTS – automatic deduction
    from acct.)
Parental Obligation
   Parental obligation of 30 volunteer hours per school year
   10 hours required at fall festival
   20 hours required at various school functions
   $50 charge for each hour not worked by a parent by
    April 30, 2009
   Parents must complete all the hours they have
    committed to even if they have already met their
Profit Obligation (Indicates profit
achieved not amount spent)

   One Child = $ 500
   Two Children = $ 550
   Three Children = $ 600
   Four Children = $ 650
   This is achieved by participating in:
       Scrip
       PTC Fundraising
Parish Obligation
   Weekly Obligation
       50% mass attendance tracked by
        envelope usage
   Additional Tuition
       $600 will be added to each student’s
        tuition if his/her family does not meet the
        parish obligation
Dress Code: Boys
   Navy Blue cotton twill dress slacks or walking shorts
   White polo shirt with buttons and collar, white/gray polo
    shirt with school logo, or white turtle neck.
   Navy Blue sweatshirt with or without school logo (No
    hooded sweatshirts)
   Grades 5 - 8 must wear a belt
   Solid white, blue or black socks (no below ankle socks)
   Shoes: solid black or white, or any combination (No
   No earrings
   Hair – natural color, neat and above the collar
Dress Code: Girls
   No make-up
   Stud earrings allowed (one pair only)
   K-4: Regulation jumper (with shorts underneath) or
    navy blue cotton twill dress slacks or walking shorts
   5-8 Regulation skirt with shorts underneath or navy
    blue cotton twill dress slacks or walking shorts with
    must wear belt
   Short-sleeved white blouse, white turtle neck or polo
    with buttons and collar or gray polo with school logo
Dress Code: Girls (Cont)
   Solid white, dark blue or black socks, no below ankle
   Navy Blue sweatshirt with or without school logo,
    white or blue cardigan (No hooded sweatshirts)
   Shoes: solid black or white, or any combination
   No sandals
   Hair – natural color, neat appearance (No messy
Uniform Shop
   St. Bernard’s plaid is available at:
    4833 Hopyard Rd . E-2
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
    925. 924.0360
   Hours: Tues-Fri 10 - 6 Sat 10 - 4
   Available online at:
       Zip code=95376
       School Code=6459
   JC Penny, Mervyns, WalMart, Target and most
    department stores have regulation socks,
    shoes, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts and blue
Arrival/Dismissal Procedure
   School gates open at 8:00 AM and 2:45 PM
    during the regular, full day schedule
   Enter School parking lot from Holly to Eaton
   Make the first right turn into parking lot
   You may not enter from any other direction
    during these two times
   Form 1 Lane for arrival
   Form 2 Lanes for dismissal
Arrival/Dismissal Procedure

     Church      School

              Eaton Ave.
Early Release
   School day ends at 1:45 every Monday
   Morning Kindergarten early release schedule
       8:15 – 10:40
   Afternoon Kindergarten early release schedule
       11:20 – 1:45
   First three days of school are early release days
Adult Religious Education Classes
   Parents/caregivers are required to attend 40 hours of
    religious instruction before a student can receive the
    Sacrament of First Holy Communion
   The commitment can be achieved by one or both
   Each class lasts 1 hour
   There are approximately 22 classes per year
   Classes are offered multiple times each week,
    including weekdays, evenings, and weekends
Volunteer Training & Finger Printing
   The Stockton Diocese requires all adults who have
    unsupervised contact with children be trained in
    Child Abuse/Mandatory Reporting
   Volunteers must also have their finger prints on file
    with the diocese
   You are required to be trained and finger printed if
    you wish to:
       Work at the school
       Assist in the classroom
       Attend classroom parties
       Attend field trips
       No Exceptions
Volunteer Training
   Go to
   Click on 1st Time Diocese Signup tab
   Choose Adult Courses
   Choose Stockton Diocese
   Follow the registration instructions to get your
    personalized ID and password
   Complete training course
   Print your Certificate of Completion
   Bring Certificate of Completion and $5 to the School
   Information letter available at the school office
Finger Printing
   Pick up a Finger Printing form at the School office
   Complete the form and take it to one of the police
    departments listed on the form.
   Tracy Police Department does finger printing on
    Tuesday and Thursday mornings
       They do a fixed number of finger prints on set days
       Arrive early to ensure a spot
   Information available at the school office
Lunch Program: Grades 1-8
   St. Bernard’s offers a lunch program for Grades 1-8
   Hot lunch
       Menu and order form sent home with students several
        weeks in advance
       Orders must be submitted and paid for at least one week
        in advance
   Drinks/Snacks
       Milk, water, juice, and chips sold daily
       Ice cream sold occasionally
      Welcome to the
St. Bernard’s School Family!

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