PMEA District 7 Orchestra Festiv by pengxuebo


									                      PMEA District 7 Orchestra Festival
                         January 15th - 16th, 2010
                                 Cumberland Valley High School
                               Karin Hendrickson, Guest Conductor
                               Jennifer L. Anderson, Host Director

                                 General Information
Festival Location:             Cumberland Valley High School
                               6746 Carlisle Pike
                               Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
                               Orchestra Office Phone: 717-506-3575
                               Host Director Cell Phone: 717-439-3592

Registration Fee:              $100 per student. Checks should be made payable to:
                               “Cumberland Valley High School Orchestra”
                               Please put “District 7 Orchestra Festival” in the memo

Registration Forms:            All forms in this packet must be filled out and returned to your
                               orchestra director immediately. Directors must have all forms and
                               fees returned to Cumberland Valley High School by December 18th.
                               You will not be permitted to participate in the festival if the forms
                               are not completed properly and returned by the deadline date.

Housing:        The Hotel Carlisle
                              1700 Harrisburg Pike
                              Carlisle, PA 17015

Concert:                        Saturday, January 16th, 2010. 7:00 pm
                                1500 seats – General Admission $7 – no reserved seating.
         All tickets may be purchased at the door.

Recording:      A professional recording by Tri-Force Pro Audio will be made available for your
                               purchase. Orders may be placed in the PAC lobby before and after
                               the concert.

Music:          All music must be returned at the conclusion of the Saturday afternoon concert.
                               All folders should remain on the music stands on stage. All of this
                               music is borrowed or rented. We must return all music in the same
                               or better condition in which we received it.

Dress:                         For rehearsals: Appropriate school clothes.
                               For Performances: Ladies, All Black Dress or
                               Skirt/pants and Blouse - - Dresses and skirts must be LONG.
                              Short skirts or dresses are inappropriate for this festival.
                              Gentlemen – Tuxedo or Black Suit with white shirt and
                              Black bow tie. Black socks and Black shoes.

Inclement Weather:           In the event of a weather emergency and the phone/email chain fails,
                              please check the CV school district website for further information.
                              CV is NOT in school on January 15th, so there will NOT be
                              information regarding delays or closings on the local news.

Rehearsals:   No students will be excused from missing any rehearsals. If you have a conflict, do
                             not participate in the festival! Students are expected to be on time
                             for all events.

Equipment:    Bring your music and all necessary equipment to all rehearsals! Brass players
                            should supply their own mutes. Flute players should bring piccolos.
                            Woodwind players should bring extra reeds. Percussion players
                            should bring their own sticks and mallets.
                            String players should bring mutes, rock stops, and extra strings.
                            All instruments and luggage should have a nametag.

Insurance:    All District 7 Orchestra participants should have insurance.
                              Neither Cumberland Valley School District nor PMEA carry
                              insurance for you.

Conduct:      While at Cumberland Valley HS, you will not smoke or use alcoholic beverages.
                           By signing the acceptance form, you agree to obey the rules and
                           regulations of Cumberland Valley High School. Unacceptable
                           conduct will result in your dismissal from the festival.

Auditions:    All students will audition for Regional Orchestra and final chair seating. Tryouts
                              will consist of music from the festival program. Wind and Brass
                              players will have an enclosed excerpt in the folders in addition to the
                              festival music.

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